Throne of Blood

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Chapter 4: Unexpected Invitation

Mr. Ozera mesmerizingly smiled at me and gave a semi bow while he looked at me with an unfathomable look. His presence at the door step of Carter Manor was nothing less than an utter surprise. I was shocked, but still could not help mirroring his smile. His smile was a contagious one.

He looked by far more handsome this day than the day I had last seen him. His face was fresh and smile radiant. He wore blue pants with a white top tucked in and a matching blue coat. A pair of black leather boots completed his ensemble and gave him an exotic air. He looked nice and smelled even nicer; I noticed when he stepped closer to me offering a bouquet of beautiful white roses, which made an even bigger smile play on my lips, which seemed to make him happy.

“What a pleasant surprise, Mr. Ozera.”

“Call me Andre please.” He insisted.

“I did not expect to come across you again, especially not here Andre.”

“Expect the unexpected, Eleanor.”

Oh we were on first name basis that was certainly unexpected. Wait, how did he knew my first name, I did not recall mentioning it to him anytime throughout the little time we spent together, strange, and how did he know where to find me, I equally do not remember volunteering that information to him either, even more strange.

“I just wanted to come and thank you for saving my life and helping my sister out.”

Such a gentleman he was, I thought forgetting all the strange thoughts and nagging doubts.

“You did not have to come all the way for that, you already thanked me before or so I remember.”

He smiled. “I most certainly had to.”

Most certainly a gentleman, I thought. I could do nothing but smile at him widely, and that was the very moment Genevieve chose to barge in, and save me the embarrassment of not knowing what to say with her own set of theatrics.

“What is taking you so long, Elea.......”

She stopped mid sentence, gapping at Andre. She slowly looked him from head to toe, then looked at me before again tuning her eyes back at him, and smiled devilishly.

“Is this who I think it is, Eleanor?”

I laughed at the look she wore; the look full of pure mischief.

“Genevieve this is Mr. Andre Ozera and Andre this is Genevieve.” I made the necessary introduction.

Judging from the way Genevieve looked at me, said legions. I was dead sure her inviting Andre in for tea had nothing to do with general courtesy, which I might say is not present most of the times, and everything to do with some scheme that just took basis in her head. But to her utter disappointment, Andre had some work to tend to and politely declined the invitation and bid us farewell.

The moment Andre left Genevieve by all means dragged me to her room and gave me her scariest ‘talk or I will rip your insides out’ look and asked me sweetly to divulge to her every detail I had omitted before. Honest warning to everyone, the look can make anyone run for the hills. Sighing I let my body fall back on the bed and told her whatever little she had missed before joining me and Andre few moments ago. She looked at me with suspicious eyes and asked me if I am sure that was all she did not knew. I nodded. She proceeded to sit on the bed right next to me.

“I don’t believe you Eleanor. You called him ANDRE and you were smiling like a fool, additionally he came all the way here to see you. He most certainly likes you, a lot. Is there something you are not telling me?”

I blushed and shook my head in denial to her completely absurd accusations. Genevieve let that topic drop and our life went back to our everyday routine, for a while. But the bliss of cliché of our lives was not to last for much long. Two days after Andre and my short meet up there lay an invitation on the table I and Genevieve stared at.

Ms. Black a dinner party is being hosted at my humble abode. I request for your presence.

Yours truly

Andre Ozera.

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