Throne of Blood

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Chapter 40: One Beast Down

He kicked the doors to his chambers close, before moving towards me in a drunken stupor, his steps shaky. Lust shone bright in his eyes like a polar star, as his eyes raked over my body. I could witness the beast taking over his being, piece by piece, as the liquor grew roots into further depths of his system.

Sense of dread nagging on the back of my mind grew rapidly, trying to take over my existence, as the man, now my husband, looked at me with eyes hooded by the darkness of desire. My feet shuffled backwards as he came closer to me one step at a time.

“Wh-what a-are you d-d-doing, Al-lonzo?” I let out a shaky whisper.

A smirk grew on his face, the kind that gave him purely a monstrous quality.

“Why, I am going to have a taste of all that is wrapped in the dress, all that that belongs to me now.”

Alarm bells rang in my head as the words left his mouth. Gathering all the courage I could, I squared my shoulders and stared him in the eyes.

“You are under the influence of alcohol, you should sleep.”

Instead of complying with my suggestion, he began to inch closer towards me. My stomach was in knots; formed of strands of fear. He took a step closer to my frame, which I reciprocated by taking a similar step away from him. We played the game of cat and mouse till my back hit the cold stones of the wall. I had nowhere left to run to. He plated the palms of both of his hands on the wall; one on each side of my face.

“So my slutty wife, what are you playing at?”

Stench of stale liquor overwhelmed my senses, causing dread to settle in the pit of my stomach. My overly sensitive stomach recoiled and wanted to empty all its contents then and there. I took in deep breaths in the hopes of settling my stomach, but it was a mistake on my part. Not only did the god awful smell assaulted my senses further, also did Alonzo find an opportunity to do what he wished for.

As I parted my lips in order to let in large gusts of air to fill my lungs, he shoved his tongue inside my mouth. I was overwhelmed by the sensations of utter disgust, and wanted to do nothing but puke. His fingers tugged onto my hair, as he groaned enjoying the sensation of forcefully thrusting his tongue into my mouth. I bit down on his tongue hard enough to draw blood, simultaneously pushing his drunken body away from mine, with my hands on his chest.

Anger shimmered in his eyes as I spat out his blood that lingered over my tongue. I frantically looked around for anything that I could use as a weapon in my defense. No longer with liquor caused uncertain steps, but with strong determined steps Alonzo closed the distance between our bodies.

I groaned in pain as he fisted my hair in his right hand, and used my hair to pull my head back and slap it hard on the wall. Intense pain burst through the right half of my skull. Thick, sticky liquid began to trickle down my temple onto my cheek and lower, drop by drop. Dizziness hungrily took me into its grip.

“You bloody whore, you will bite me away hunh, you will push me away uh?”

My ears could barely pick up the sound of Alonzo speaking. Darkness was delivering its sweet call to me, and I would be lying if I said I was not tempted to let myself slip into the warm embrace of darkness, but I fought the pain, the dizziness, and the alluring darkness. I made a weak effort of pushing the monster away from me but to no avail. The remnants of fight I put up did not appeal him at all. A sharp sound erupted out of nowhere, echoing within the four walls of the bedchamber. Stars danced in front of my eyes as the back of his huge hand made contact with my already hurting cheek. I moaned in pain, as tears trailed down my cheeks.

“You stupid slut, you refuse me huh. You only suck the cocks of the princes, do you not, you cheap whore? Today I will take every inch of you for my pleasure and you will not be able to refuse.” he more or less yelled in my face.

My brain had barely found the time to register his words, before once again my hair were grabbed painfully. My scalp burned with pain, but I could not seem to find the strength enough to scream or fight back. Another hard slap was delivered to my other cheek causing my skull to ring. I was hardly over the pain of the slap, when pain ten folds more than I was already bearing blasted in the back of my head, as my head connected with the floor.

I was grabbed roughly and thrown unceremoniously onto the gigantic bed. I landed harshly on my back. The bed was soft but the quick movements caused my vision to swirl. Using his hand, Alonzo grabbed my face causing my lips to pucker up due to the force his fingers and thumb exerted on my cheeks. His cold lips collided with mine; with not an ounce of gentleness. He bit on my lower lip hard enough to pierce the sensitive skin.

He kissed me till the point of his satisfaction while I remained still and absolutely unresponsive. He grabbed my thighs hard enough that I was certain my skin would be supporting bruises later on. With his cold hands on my thighs he forced apart my legs, and positioned himself in between my legs. He hovered over me, his hands pinning my arms supported his complete weight, nearly crushing my bones.

Pulling back slightly he supported himself on his knees. A sneer was plastered on his face, as he ripped to pieces the voluminous wedding gown. His eyes feasted hungrily upon my bare skin. He pushed out of his way the small pieces of initially white, but now reddened fabric due to absorption of my blood. His hands ran all over my skin, making me choke on disgust.

Green orbs blended into black ones. Black holes of unending hatred and cruelty stared at me. The heartless pirate laughed at my state as he reveled in the glory of forcing his body upon mine. He laughed at my helplessness. He taunted me; emphasizing the fact that women may it be me or else were just a piece of meat existing to sate the hunger of men.

“I am not a victim. I am a survivor. I am not going to let anyone put me down.”

The familiar mantra chanted in my mind causing a ray of hope and determination take root in me. I was taken advantage of once. I was unconscious then and had no chance of protecting myself, but I am awake now and I will not let anyone take advantage of me again. I am a woman and it is not my weakness but strength. My child survived once, but I do not think it would be able to stick around if I am raped again. I will not let any harm come to my child.

With a new found strength surging through my body, I snapped open my eyes to find my husband fighting to get rid of his clothing while still keeping my body captured beneath his. I rammed my head with great force into his face starting a shower of blood from his nose. The shock and pain of what just happened made Alonzo sit back. I saw the opening and acted fast. I kicked his face hard as I could manage, sending his head backwards. His head collided with the wood of the bed post. The time he took to gather his bearings was enough for me to get off the bed, and run around in search of a weapon.

Excessive blood loss, and repeated blows to my head slowed me down and made me weak, but I refused to give up. I grabbed the wooden sitting chair, and used it to strike hard the man on his head. With grunts of pain Alonzo fell to his knees. He attempted to scramble to his feet, but before he succeeded I slammed the chair on top of his head again. I hit him repeatedly, enough times that his body fell back limply. Throwing the chair down, I cautiously stepped closer to the man down on my feet. I kicked his feet only to find no response. I got down on my knees slowly and placed my ear on his chest. There was no heart beat; just silence. Good. Senor Alonzo Gritti was dead.

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