Throne of Blood

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Chapter 49: A King's Queen

Fireworks displays decorated the skies roofing the Estercrest Empire, cheers and prayers for the long reign of the new king erupted from every direction, and the liquor began to flow in the cups of the general public. The air was laced with happiness and celebrations for the empire, but the atmosphere around me was charged with absolute tension.

I stood wrapped in Vincent’s arms, enveloped in his love and protectiveness, in the middle of the extravagance and power expressing throne room, while the male specimens of the Black family stared him down, or at least tried to. Vincent met the gaze of my father and each of my brothers with his own unfaltering gaze. His back was straight and head held high, his aura commanded confidence, power and dominance. He remained unaffected by the deadliest of the stares my father could muster.

“Just because you are the king now, your majesty does not mean you should undermine the power of those who got you the crown,” Came the threatening voice of my father. He was angry. No, it was more suitable to say he was beyond furious.

“General Black, always a pleasure to hold a conversation with you. I am highly aware of the fact that without your support I may not have attained the success I did today, and I possess no wish to undermine yours or anyone else’s power.”

“Then what the bloody hell is that?” yelled Alden, as his finger lifted in my direction.

“That, young man, is no way to address your future queen,” stated Vincent in a calm and casual manner.

What Vincent said with utmost ease left everyone more than a little surprised and speechless. His words were a revelation not only to the men in the room but me as well; a revelation that made my heart race, a revelation that caused a blush to taint my cheeks, a revelation that caused happiness to surge in my being, a revelation that caused fear to take root in me of it being nothing but a way of warding off my family’s anger and shattering my happiness.

My mind was swirling with the array of thoughts Vincent’s words had brought, when I suddenly felt cold. To my dismay, Vincent had stepped away from me, taking along his comforting warmth. Before I could delve into a sea of negative thoughts, Vincent took my hand in his larger one very gently, and got down on his knees. A gasp left my lips as my mind registered what was to come next. His eyes locked onto mine. He held my gaze with his burning one, his fingers moved towards his neck and fumbled with a thread, only to come back with a ring between them.

“Eleanor Black, I knew you were special the very first moment I laid my eyes upon you. I was captivated by your beauty since the start, but it were your eyes and your smile that stole my heart; the compassion and the kindness your soul beholds were reflected in both your eyes and your smile. The moment you danced with me I felt whole. I have never felt so right before. I am always in a spell, even when I am sleeping; you are always on my mind. I hope that I am not dreaming that you are mine. I need to be with you much more; beyond the bounds of forever I wish to be with you. Will you give me the honor of being by your side always, will you give me the honor of being the one to put that beautiful smile on your face, will you give me the honor of calling you mine, will you marry me?”

His eyes screamed that every word he spoke came from the bottom of his heart, and stayed at the bottom of my heart. I could not stop the tears from finding their way down my cheeks. My soul was ready to explode with happiness. I did not trust my voice enough to say yes, so I nodded my yes. With the most beautiful smile on his face, the man who had been dominating my thoughts since I first saw him slipped a ring onto my finger. It was beautiful to say the least, but what it signified was far more beautiful and gave me way too much happiness.

I could hear my family clapping and hooting in the background, but I was in no mood to pay them any mind. Grabbing his collar, I pulled Vincent off his knees and onto his feet, before devouring his mouth like there was no tomorrow.

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