Throne of Blood

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Chapter 53: My Savior, My King

Multiple pairs of boots thudded against the ground, simultaneously. Dust particles coated the air thickly. Yelling, grunting and cursing were all that the ears could pick up. Nothing but disorder and chaos held dominance in the situation, but to me everything was secondary and nothing greater than a faint buzz in the background.

My being was encased in a scent so oddly familiar yet so different; I felt homely while at the same time I felt present in unfamiliar realms. I felt my body encased in a pair of arms, with not a singular hint of threat, being whisked away from the bounds of the castle fast. The foreboding sensation left my existence, but I still felt vary about pushing open my eye lids. I felt the bulge of every muscle with every movement; I felt the vibrations of every singular contact his feet made with the ground as the man ran with my frame lifted in his arms. The swishing sound of his increasingly labored breathing tickled my ear drums.

The disarrayed senses I seemed to own were beginning to come in line with their true potential, when my body was moved with uncaring haste. Instinctively my eyes flew open to witness the rough landing of my body on the shrub covered bedding of the forest. I found no time to gather my bearings, as a hand appearing from behind my back clamped itself against my mouth and another pulled me back into the sheltering shade of a large, weather beaten rock.

My futile attempts at breaking myself free were put to an end with my assailant whispering on my ear,

“Do not be scared, Ms. Black, I will bring you no harm. I offer you nothing but protection.”

My heart skipped a beat, delight threatened to consume me as the silky voice of the man, I had associated my beating heart with, washed over me. In a fraction of a moment I whipped my body around. My eyes landed onto the features etched on my heart, yet never been crossed by my eyes before.

I stared at the wind whipped mess of dark wisps of hair accentuating quite skillfully carved high cheekbones and sharply cut jawbone. Light stubble grazed the skin, reducing slightly the sharpness of the bone structured. Parched lips were set into a grim line, as concern filled hazel orbs took me in. With a mind of their own my fingers found their way to the man in front of me and explored his features with their tips.

“Vincent…” A whisper left my lips.

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