Throne of Blood

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Chapter 7: Tall, Dark and Handsome

Tall, dark and absolutely handsome, he strode elegantly towards our little group. He was unlike everyone present in the vicinity of Andre’s mansion. While every other man present tonight at the gathering wore expensive looking highly formal clothing, he supported skin tight black leather pants accompanied by a similar black leather vest pulled over a white shirt and black boots. He ran a fingerless glove clad index finger over the sleek and expertly carved bow weapon hanging around his chest while he kept walking. His eyes slowly took in every detail around him. In a deft movement he removed the bow from around his chest, allowing it to rest idly in his hand, while with another experienced maneuver he took off the quiver, and handed both the bow and arrows to a random man standing in his path.

Through all this not even a single step of his faltered. He did not stop walking right until the moment he was positioned exactly in front of me. To my sheer astonishment he gave a slight bow in front of me, taking my hand in his he placed a light kiss onto the back of my fingers while his eyes bore into mine with an unwavering intensity. Inside his deep dark eyes was a fire so intense, a storm so powerful and drowning that it sent a chill down my spine, yet I could not find within myself the strength to break the hold his gaze had on mine. My eyes remained transfixed on his until he turned to Genevieve and gave a curt bow. With that all his attention was off us; Caroline was in his arms, hugging him and squealing with delight while he laughed a very masculine, deep, throaty laugh, lifted her off the ground into his arms, and spun her around.

On Caroline’s halfhearted, coated with laughter and happiness, scolding at being late he let her stand on the ground, spun her and made her dance to the faint melody wafting outside from the interior of the house. Their bickering and laughter was audible till the gates, even though dancing he had led Caroline back inside the house.

Andre had to tend to some of the other guests so Caroline had stepped up to see us off, but with her gone with the mystery man Genevieve and I found ourselves walking again along a very charming and gentlemanly Andre. He walked us to our carriage, which I was rather thankful to get in, and we were on our way home, but peace still remained a farfetched notion to me as Genevieve could not stop talking about the evening and especially the mystery man.

My mind was storming with the thoughts; the thoughts of a man I did not even knew the name of, but his eyes, his handsome features, the way he looked at me and his touch were etched on my brain. I could not stop thinking about him even when I wished to.

He and only he dominated my thoughts all the way home and all the while I lay wide awake in my bed, which was wrong at multiple levels.

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