The Candy Shop

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Kira was delivered to The Candy Shop an hour earlier than normal and escorted by Ian to the Living Room to wait for Lucas. When Lucas entered Kira could instantly tell he was not happy. His jaw was tight and his blue eyes were icy.

“You have committed an infraction,” he announced upon entering. “You have given a client information that should have remained confidential, and for that I have no choice but to punish you.”

Kira felt her stomach hollow out. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Did you tell your Mr. Green that you had been drugged?” Lucas stared through her and before she could open her lips to answer, he continued speaking. “Mr. Green doesn’t like to have his women under the influence of any sedatives. He was quite upset by your passing out on him last night, and when my client gets upset, I get upset.”

“I’m sorry,” Kira stuttered. “I didn’t do it on purpose. It was the hot shower and the ….”

Lucas interrupted her by placing his index finger on her lips. “You will be punished and then the matter will be forgotten.” Before Kira could ask what it meant to be punished, Ian opened the doors and Lucas gave him a nod. “Ian will escort you to the punishment room.”

Following Ian down the hall, Kira’s stomach knotted. A million thoughts danced through her mind but in the moment one was most prevalent: What was the punishment room?

At the end of the hall, Ian unlocked a door and led Kira inside. It was a small room, with red plush carpeting and a red velvet couch. “Is this like solitary confinement or something?” Kira sarcastically spewed.

“Not hardly,” Ian rebutted, “but you’ll wish it was in a few moments.”

“What does that mean?” Kira asked.

Ian gave her an exhausted expression. “Just do what you’re told and things will be easier on you.” He left the room and shut the door, locking it behind him.

Kira sank down onto the couch. Her nerves were on end in anticipation of whatever this punishment might be. Whatever it was, she wanted to get it over with. A few moments later, Lucas entered escorted by the big, bald valet. Lucas’s expression appeared less angry and more warm as he sat down on the couch next to Kira and brushed a piece of hair from her face. “I don’t like to punish my girls,” he said with sincerity. “But, as I have told you, my job is to protect you and sometimes that involves protecting you from making mistakes that could inevitably hurt you or us in the long run.”

“Lucas, I was drugged. I don’t even remember what happened with…”

“I have taken that into consideration,” he interrupted, “and your punishment will be lighter because of this, but you will be disciplined for your actions nonetheless.”

Kira glanced at the valet, standing guard at the door. “Is he going to rough me up or something?” She sarcastically quipped.

“No. He will simply assist in restraining you.”

“Restraining me?” Kira guffawed.

“My world is simple, Ms. Sullivan. Good girls get rewarded and bad girls get punished.”

“This is ridiculous,” Kira spewed, but Lucas appeared unaffected by her argument. He looked at the valet and gave a nod, at which time two men, who were equally as large as the valet, entered the room, scooping Kira up as if she were a rag doll. They removed her dress and bound her wrists, fastening them tightly to a looped rope that hung from the ceiling. Standing in nothing more than her bra and panties, she tried to kick as they bound her ankles together, but it was no use. She was no match for even one of them, much less two. She was then blindfolded and left alone for several minutes to anticipate the punishment. Everything felt surreal as fear and anger surged through her body. She wanted to scream and cry at the same time, but more than anything she wanted this entire nightmare to end. She wanted to wake up in her bed next to Frank and realize that the whole thing had been a bad dream. What she wouldn’t have given to go back in time and undo it all.

Kira heard the door open and then felt a hand slither across the small of her back. She jumped and tried to maneuver away but it was useless. Another set of hands grabbed her waist, as if to steady her. “I’m going to be whipping you with a leather strap,” Lucas’s voice came from behind her. “The strap will not leave any long term marks on your body but will sting enough for you to remember that we do not tell our clients we have been drugged nor do we pass out on them. This is your first infraction and so your punishment will be only twenty lashes.”

Without further explanation, Kira felt the first stinging slap across her back, followed by another and another, as Lucas struck her. Each lash made her instinctively jump and yelp, and it felt as if each one came harder and faster than the one before. He hit her shoulders, her back, her bottom and the back of her legs; and she cried out in pain. Twenty lashes with a whip was enough to reduce her to a sobbing mess, and as the valet unbound her wrists and ankles she sank onto the couch with no energy or will left to fight.

“I don’t like having to punish any of my girls and I hope we will not have to do this again,” Lucas said, pulling the blindfold from her eyes. “I want you to remember this and to make sure that Mr. Green has no more complaints about your service. “Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Kira answered quietly, blinking as her eyes tried to adjust to the light. “I understand.”

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