The Candy Shop

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Several tiny drops of water ran across her lips, jolting Audrey awake. She opened her mouth, begging for more, and was met with a ladle full that ran down her throat and the front of her dress. She sputtered to swallow without choking. “Thank you,” she uttered. “Thank you so much.”

“Don’t thank me,” he sneered. “If it were up to me you’d be dead already.”

“Who is it up to then? Who should I thank?” Audrey pried for information. She didn’t understand why this was happening or what her captor wanted from her. At this point she would give anything to be freed. “What do you want?” She begged.

“What do you think?” He chided.

“I don’t know,” Audrey cried. “I don’t know what you want but I’ll give you anything you ask, just please let me go.”

He chuckled aloud. “Let you go,” he repeated. “Whether or not we let you go depends on your friend.”

Audrey’s mind raced, trying to assign relevance to what he was saying. “I don’t understand,” she muttered. “Which friend? Kira? Is this because of Kira?”

“You were warned.” Though she was still blindfolded, she turned her head, following the sound of his footsteps as he moved back and forth in front of her. She tried desperately to peek through the sides of the tape and see if she could make out even his shoes, but the tape was too tight against her skin. “This is what happens when you can’t follow the simplest of instructions.” He chuckled a raspy laugh as he ascended the staircase, opened the door and then slammed it shut.

She heard the creaking of footsteps above her and Audrey’s whole body began to tremble. This wasn’t her fault. She had done everything she was told. Where was Kira? Audrey curled into a ball on the concrete floor and tried to stay warm. She felt weak, hungry and was uncertain if her body was trembling from the cold or fear. Either way, the shaking was uncontrollable.

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