The Candy Shop

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Rocco’s paranoia was rubbing off on Peters. He drove home after work peering out his rearview mirror making sure he wasn’t being followed. Upon arriving home, he walked through his apartment with his gun drawn, checking under the bed, behind the shower curtain and in every closet. “I’m losing my cool,” he commented to Freddie, his big black Persian cat that was cleaning himself on the sofa. “Totally losing my cool.”

Popping a frozen burrito in the microwave, Peters opened a bottle of Bud Light and sat down in front of his computer. He plugged in the flash drive and pulled up the emails he had downloaded from Audrey’s computer. It didn’t take long for the harsh facts to expose themselves. Frank was the one who told Audrey about The Candy Shop and encouraged her, even pressured her to take Kira on an interview. But that wasn’t all. It was obvious by the context of their email correspondence that Audrey and Frank were sexually involved.

“The plot thickens,” Peters muttered to himself as he got up and retrieved the burrito from the microwave. “You want some?” He asked Freddie, who sat up, sniffed into the air and then rushed over.

The sound of the explosion made Peters drop the burrito plate. It flipped out of Peters’ hand, slammed to the floor and shattered into pieces. Peters grabbed his 9mm from the table and raced to the window. He looked down just as the second explosion erupted, turning his car into an inferno of flames. 

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