The Candy Shop

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Audrey heard the door creak open and then she heard several people descending the staircase. “Water?” She begged in a raspy tone, barely able to lift her head to speak.

“Get her up,” a man ordered and she immediately felt two men lift her from beneath her arms. Her head fell forward and her muscles went limp. “Get her some water so she can talk. I need her to make a phone call.”

“Landon?” She said almost inaudibly. “Is that Landon?” She asked the men carrying her, but her question was met with a swift smack to the face.

“You speak when you’re spoken to,” the man seethed. “If you were supposed to see who was talking, you wouldn’t be blindfolded.”

“That was uncalled for,” the other man remarked.

“You got to keep these bitches in line. You got a problem with that?”

“No, but I got a problem with hitting someone who’s already weak and restrained.”

“Then you’re in the wrong business, bro,” the man clucked. “You can’t turn your back, man. You of all people should know that.” They dragged Audrey to the edge of the steps.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Audrey could hear indignation in the man’s tone.

“It ain’t no secret, bro. You turned around for one second and got zapped.” They began dragging her up the staircase. “You’re the whole reason we’re in this mess. If that other bitch hadn’t gotten away, it’d be smooth sailing.”

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