The Candy Shop

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Ian ran his index finger across Audrey’s neck and then drew it up and over her chin, ending by her temples where he ripped the duct tape quickly from her eyes. She cried out and blinked rapidly as her eyes tried to adjust to the light. “What a lovely neck you have,” Ian whispered. “To bad we’re going to have to slice it.”

“Why are you doing this?” Audrey wailed. “Ian, who are you working for? What do you want? I’ll do anything.”

Ian lit a cigarette and dropped the lighter back into pants pocket. “You can’t give us what we want.” He inhaled slowly and exhaled even slower. “Right now you’re the bait and later you’ll become what we like to call collateral damage.”

As Audrey’s eyes adjusted more and more to the light she glanced around the room, trying to take in her surroundings and figure out where she was being held. It must have been an old house because she had been brought up from what she thought was a basement. It had been colder and damper than where she sat now. Ian stood in front of what looked like an old stove and there was an empty space where she surmised a refrigerator used to fit. There was a small folding table in the corner with two chairs and a water bottle sat atop the table. Audrey lusted for the water, but she was too afraid to ask for a drink. Down the hallway which jetted to her right, two men were talking, but Audrey couldn’t see who they were.

“You keep saying ‘we.’ Who is ‘we’? Is Lucas behind this?” Audrey asked Ian and he chuckled, causing a puff of smoke to fill the air around his head.

“This is bigger than Lucas Coronado,” Ian hissed. “Way bigger.”

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