The Candy Shop

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Barkley stroked the inside of Audrey’s thighs as she lay motionless on the bed. “First, I will give you love and then we’ll move to the shower so it won’t be messy when I kill you,” he told her, as if he thought they were still actively involved in a conversation. “I’ll slit your throat, cut off your finger and then burn off your prints. Then I’ll wash you off nice and good.” Arching back to slide on a condom, Barkley prepared to violate Audrey when all of a sudden the warehouse door burst open and two men wearing black ski masks and dressed in all black, stormed inside. The man on the right fired off a single shot, which hit Barkley just below the ribs and sent him hurling off the side of the bed. While he walked around the bed and finished Barkley off, the other man lifted Audrey over his shoulder and headed for the door. They never spoke a word and left as quickly as they had arrived.

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