The Candy Shop

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Kira sat at a table in a small, white room, waiting to be questioned. She couldn’t believe what was happening. On the way to the station she had text Frank three more times, letting him know that it was urgent that she speak with him; but he had not responded. Was Frank okay? Had something happened to him? It was unusual for him not to respond. Thankfully, both Michael and Mallory text her that they were fine, busy with school, that they loved her and would call tonight. This at least gave her some peace of mind. Still, she sat motionless in the chair consumed with worry and fear.

The steel door opened abruptly, startling Kira from her thoughts. In stepped a tall, slender man with gray hair cut short and silver rimmed glasses. His lips were thin, his eyes were green and his jaw line very pronounced. “Mrs. Sullivan, I am detective Connor Downing of the St. Louis Police Department. You’re not under arrest so I’m not going to read you your Miranda rights.” He pulled out a chair across from Kira and sank into it, setting a recording device in the middle of the table and then folding his hands. “I just want to ask you a few questions and then you’ll be free to go.” He smiled and Kira noticed the prominent smile lines jetting from the corners of both eyes. She guessed him to be in his mid-fifties.

She licked her lips and nodded.

“This conversation will be recorded,” Connor said, reaching over and placing the device into recording mode. He then looked Kira directly in the eyes. “Please state your name, age and occupation.”

She cleared her throat and spoke softly. “Kira Sullivan. Forty. Homemaker.”

“Have you ever worked outside of the home?” Connor asked and Kira’s heart was pounding so hard she felt like she couldn’t breathe. It seemed like an odd question unless he knew about The Candy Shop and was just testing her, to see if she would tell the truth. Kira could feel her body temperature rising.

She opened her mouth to answer when the door burst open and Landon Parker strode in arrogantly. How did he know where to find me? Does Frank know I’m here? Kira’s pulse quickened and she felt like her heart was going to pound right out of her chest.

Landon made a loud clicking sound with his tongue and shook his head. “Detective Downing, you’re not questioning my client without her attorney present, are you? Because I’m pretty sure Captain Jameson considers that to be a big no-no.” A sinister smile spread across his lips.

Downing stood up. “I was unaware that Mrs. Sullivan had an attorney. As I informed her, she is not under arrest and therefore doesn’t need representation.”

“Well, then, if there are no charges, we will be going,” Landon said and motioned for Kira to get up. She stood, albeit hesitantly. Leaving with Landon felt like walking into the arms of the enemy, and yet, what choice did she have?

As Landon ushered her through the door, Downing handed her his card. “If you think of anything you want to tell us, give me a call.”

Landon snatched the card from her fingers and shoved it back into Downing’s hand. “My client has nothing to say.”

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