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"Those who cannot obtain heaven will choose the Devil instead." When the school's most popular boy falls in love with the quiet wallflower...bad things happen. . . . What starts out as a few sweet words and the occasional gift leads to the downward spiral of one unfortunate girl's sanity as she finds herself trapped inside the confines of one person's endless obsession; now with only a group of fellow outcasts and a couple missing posters, Maria Fenway must seek out justice herself and stop what she can only assume is a monster in disguise.

Thriller / Mystery
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At first I thought it was nothing more than a harmless crush and so that’s how I treated it, I figured that if I just ignored it and stated how I felt that it’d be fine and that he’d go back to his adoring fangirls as though nothing had ever happened; but he never did.

I took solace in what I had seen on TV and what I had read in books that maybe, just maybe he would get spooked and run off like most lovestruck boys do when they see they’ve taken it too far but….I didn’t realize that someone could be so relentless, that someone as ‘perfect’ as him would risk throwing all of his precious reputation away for one girl who didn’t even return his feelings.

I couldn’t take it. My locker was filled with love letters and with them were disgustingly expensive gifts that I always returned only to find them back in my possession. I went to teacher after teacher, friend after friend and they all said the same thing:

“You’re so lucky, every girl in this school would kill for Chase’s affection, something must be wrong with you.”

“You shouldn’t be so selfish, he’s clearly putting his heart and soul into you.”

“Do you have any actual evidence that proves your statement, Ms.Fenway?”

I was nearing the edge of my sanity, it must have been obvious too because as if overnight all my friends had left me and my own parents had begun discussing coping methods for my crippling anxiety. He was ruining my life with his crooked love.

I hated him and his sickly sweet words the ones he wrote and texted to me nonstop

“I love you, sweet Miri.”

“Won’t you be mine?”

Day in and day out he was there…..he said he knew everything about me and to be honest…..he probably did.

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