Two Timer-The Harlequin

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Chapter 12

The hot shower spray tapped at Adam’s skin, soothing his tired body. Since before dawn, he’d moved up and down stairs with boxes, lamps, and chairs. His family saved him again when they showed up and helped finish setting up his office and apartment. He wanted to do something special for them.

For right now his mind was on the man next door, who, he’d hoped, was taking his shower at that moment. He saw through the long, dark curtains, which parted in the middle, the bathroom light across the way glowing. Adam had a fair view of the bathroom sink and door, but not the shower. Which was best, considering earlier, he never wanted Patrick to think he was a perv.

But Patrick could get an eyeful of him if he’d open the curtains wider. His hand touched his hard cock and slid back and forth; thinking of Patrick’s lips on him as he focused on the other bathroom when something caught his eye.

The dark figure walked past the window and faced the door. Adam’s heart thundered in his chest as he realized who came in focus.

If asked how he got dressed in jeans, leather jacket, no shirt, and biker boots so fast after being under a shower Adam couldn’t say. He only knew he needed to reach Patrick before it was too late. Taking the stairs proved to be an obstacle, knowing the front doors to his and the building next door had reinforced double steel shielding. He needed a shortcut.

Adam opened his bathroom window and judged the distant between his and the other bathroom across the alley. He walked out his bathroom turned and zoomed his focus on the closed window in front of him. His start was instant: he ran through his window, his foot caught the rail of the fire escape which he used to leap off and crashed through Gavin’s window. With his knees tucked and his arms protecting his face he hit the floor, feet first, and did a barrel roll out the bathroom.

“Patrick!” Adam called out. Surprising both the Harlequin and his victim. The killer raised off of Patrick, who slumped to the floor. Adam took note that Patrick’s pants were hanging off of him when the killer gripped his neck with one hand and raised him off his feet.

Adam threw a punch to his ribs that showed no effect. The Harlequin tossed Adam backward into a nearby dresser cracking the wall behind it. Adam through more punches but the killer thwart his blows and tossed the detective into a nearby wall. Patrick wanted to help and remembered his cell. He looked around to where he left it on the bed and located it by Gavin’s foot. With a tug, he got his pants back up and fastened and scramble towards his phone. He snatched it up and dialed the police.

He glanced back and watched the Harlequin drag Adam into the bathroom.

Adam had underestimated how strong the Harlequin was. He dragged Adam back into the bathroom and threw him out the damaged window. Adam gripped the edge of the landing and held on, dangling over the alley. The Harlequin just glared at him, then the sound of Patrick’s voice caught the killer’s attention, causing him to walk away.

The dispatcher answered on the first ring.

“Emergency,” said a male voice.

“Yes. I need help! There’s an intruder in my home!”

“What is the address, sir?”

As Patrick gave the dispatcher the address, a hand grabbed his arm and twisted him around. The Harlequin smacked the cell from his hand, sending it flying across the room, then seized his neck, pushing him back onto the mattress, blocking his air flow. Patrick clawed at the vice-grip choking him. The Harlequin’s sleeve cuff had shifted exposing a tattoo of two dark figures on the inside of his wrist.

Patrick’s vision became blurred as his body relaxed in the powerful grip. Once satisfied the fight was out of Patrick, he left him lying limp on the bed. Half conscious and half dazed, Patrick took deep breaths, watching through hazy eyes as the Harlequin returned to the bathroom.

“He’s going back for Patrick,” Adam thought as he used his upper body to pull himself back inside. But once he got a leg into the room, the Harlequin rushed towards him, shoving him back out the window. Adam grasped the sides of the window frame and held tighter. The Harlequin gripped Adam’s neck. He leaned on Adam as he grabbed one of his wrists, wrenching it free from the frame. Adam was losing his hold when the Harlequin’s grip on his neck and arm lightened as Adam witnessed Patrick jumping on the killer’s back, tearing at the mask.

The Harlequin released Adam and backed away carrying Patrick out of the bathroom. Adam regained his hold, climbed through the window, and rushed into the bedroom. Patrick wasn’t there. He saw a naked dead man on the bed. Relieved it wasn’t Patrick as he rushed into the hall, finding the apartment door open.


Patrick had enough of being shoved around as he jumped on the Harlequin’s back, trying to stop Adam from falling to his death. But his efforts were in vain as the masked man backed him out of the room and spun him around, putting Patrick’s wrists in a firm hold. He tugged him out of the bedroom towards the front door.

“Let me go, you bastard!” Patrick tried to break free as his attacker dragged him down the stairs and out of the apartment. Once the Harlequin reached the street, police sirens echoed in the distance, moving closer.

“The cops are coming; you will not get away with killing Gavin,” Patrick snapped. The Harlequin stared back with his cracked face and laughed at Patrick, who found the broken voice chilling as the killer pulled him towards his masked face. His chilled breath mixed with Patrick’s who wanted to look away, but the killer grabbed his chin and held his gaze.

“No matter how you whore yourself. You’ll never belong to anyone but me,” said the Harlequin before shoving Patrick to the hard ground and running off.

Adam appeared through the door and found Patrick sitting dazed on the sidewalk watching the killer sprint away. He started to chases him, but didn’t want to leave Patrick unattended again.

He returned to his side and gathered Patrick in his arms helping him to stand just as the police cars pulled up.

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