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Chapter 16

A repetitive sound slowly awoke Adam to the generic ring of his cell. He ignored it letting it go to voicemail only for it to sound off again. He let out a sigh when a hand nudged his arm. He opened his eyes to see whose hand was rousing him. Patrick laid beside him his hair a mess, dried drool on his chin, and his face scrunched up from the intruding sound. Adam watched him in awe as he climbed out of bed and located the cell in his coat pocket that laid on the floor at the foot of his bed. He answered on the fifth ring.

“Hello?” he said in the middle of a deep yawn.

“Boss?” The voice sounded familiar but for some reason, Adam could not make the connection.

“Um yeah,” was all he could think of saying.

“I was wondering if you were ever coming down for work or should I come back tomorrow?”

“Wait, what?”

“Work. You do know who this is?”

“Of course, I do—Justin. Okay, first what time is it?”



“That’s right.”

“Oh man, I’ll be right down.”

“I’ll make a new pot of coffee.”

“Yes, coffee would be nice, thanks.”

“No problem Boss.”

Adam hung up and turned back to the bed. Patrick had changed his position rotating his back to Adam pulling the blanket along with him exposing his smooth firm ass that Adam tilted his head too.

“Yes, I would love some of that.” Adam took a breath and forced his limbs to move towards the shower. Sadly, he washed off Patrick’s lovely scent. He picked a long-sleeved button up top and jeans to cover his battle scars with black boots.

Patrick shifted again positioning himself on his stomach with his legs spread shoulder length. The sheet shifted covering his midsection and exposing one leg. Adam remembered holding Patrick’s lean leg was on his shoulder a few hours ago and walked over to glide his fingers down the soft skin but changed his mind not wanting to wake him.

Leaving him to rest Adam ventured down the stairs to his office. When he reached his door at the bottom of the stairs, he stopped when something occurred to him.

How did Patrick know how to open the door to his apartment? He turned to go back up to ask Patrick when voices erupted on the other side of the door. He heard the voices of Justin’s and another male with a Spanish accent.

He entered the outer office closing the door behind him and found Justin blocking the way of an older but handsome features of a man in his late forties. Full auburn hair combed back from his face and a square jaw with added dimpled chin. His suit was handcrafted, and his watch could buy a trip around the world. His soft eyes latched onto to Adam’s, which stared daggers at him. The light brown eyes resembled the same pair of eyes he was looking into early that morning.

“May I interrupt,” asked Adam. Justin turned relieved Adam arrived and stepped out of the way he started to introduce the irate man to his boss.

“Adam Potter this is…”

“I am Raoul Cyprus Valdez, and I’ve come for my son.”

Did he just snarl at me? Thought Adam, who stepped to the man who stood 6’2 to his 5’8 ft.

“I’m not sure why you think your son is here Mr. Valdez?”

“He called late last night asking a servant to send a car for him. Then another call from him canceling the car. I obtained an address to this—office,” he said looking around scrutinizing Adam’s place of business.

Adam stared back speechless wondering how he was going to explain his son was arse naked upstairs in his bed. Just then his door opened, and Patrick fully dressed stepped out and walked over to his father not making eye contact with Adam.

“Father it’s alright I can explain this later.”

Raoul saw his son and his indignant melted away as he went to him and cradled his only son’s face in his palms kissing his cheek.

“You worried us,” he spoke to his son tenderly and unashamed.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

“Were you here all night?” he asked perplexed.

“Well—yes. Detective Potter allowed me to sleep on his couch after problems next door.”

“Problems?” Mr. Valdez said releasing his son. “You mean the police tape on the building next door has something to do with you?”

“Well—that’s what I need to talk to you about.” Raoul grabbed Patrick’s arm and steered him towards the door. “Wait, father, you don’t understand…”

“Don’t say another word until we talk to Philip,” he said moving Patrick into the hallway.

“Mr. Valdez, Patrick had nothing to do with what happened…” Adam started but stopped in mid-speech when Raoul turned to him as he hurried his son to the staircase.

“Your services are no longer needed, Mr. Potter.”

“Services—but—he didn’t…” they were already rounding the landing before Adam was able to finish. Blown away at what occurred. He turned to Justin and scrunched his brow holding his palms up.

“You do know who that was?” said Justin leaning on the door frame with a huge grin.

“Please enlighten me.” Adam waved him back into the office and shut the door.

“Raoul Cyprus Valdez is one of the top five wealthiest men in the world. Old money that goes as far back as five hundred years,” Justin said returning to his desk.

“Wealthy you say?”

“Yep and you say his young heir was sleeping on your—couch?”

Adam wasn’t going to give his smirking assistant an answer as he changed the subject.

“Is the coffee ready?”

“Sure is Boss. Want me to get you a cup?”

“No. I can do it. Thank you.”

“So what happened last night?”

“I need coffee and food first. Then I’ll update you.”


Patrick sat quietly in the car while his father talked on his cell to their family lawyer Philip Gomez.

“I want this dealt with Philip. I don’t want any media on my doorstep upsetting Drusilla.”

“Judge Faith had already issued a gag order on the media. Things should quiet down by the time you get home.” Philip assured Raoul. “The police are still searching for the killer and what my sources tell me, Patrick—is a possible suspect.

Raoul’s voice rose crossing into Spanish as Patrick listened to the threats his father made towards the police commissioner and the mayor.

“I’ll handle everything Raoul.” said Philip.

“Keep me informed.”

“I will.” They disconnected, and Raoul returned his cell to the inside of his tailored coat pocket sighing heavily.

The car stopped in front of one of Raoul’s office buildings. A valet was waiting to open Raoul’s door on his cue.

“We’re not going home?” asked Patrick.

“You are. I have some business to attend to. Philip will meet you at the house, and I want you to tell him everything that’s happened.”

“The police are handling it.”

“That’s why you should tell him everything. Promise me you will?”

“I will father.”

“Also—are you having a relation with that detective?”

“No.” Patricks’ response came swift as his father studied his son hiding his thumb with his four fingers. A nervous habit whenever Patrick was trying to hide something from him.

“Then why did he lie about you being there?”

“I asked him to, knowing how you would react.”

“You’re involved in a murder investigation. That gives me a reason to react. Maybe you should take a trip to Barcelona to visit family? They would love to see you again; or perhaps Madrid?”

“No father. I want to stay here close you and mother. I promise to tell Philip everything, and I’ll keep a low profile until the case is settled.”

“I suppose you’ll be staying at your condo?”

“I can stay the night at the house if you want?”

“Your mother and I would like that. Alright. I’ll put the travel plans on hold for now. Go home and reassure your mother, and I’ll see you both later tonight.”

His father cues his valet to open his door by tapping on the glass. As his orders were being followed he kissed Patrick’s forehead and smiled his goodbye. Concealing his worries for his troubled son before stepping out of the car and walking towards his building. Patrick knew there was no point in arguing with him as the valet shut the door. He stretched out on the seat and closed his eyes remembering that tattoo on the killer’s wrist. It’s not like its unique. Lots of people get tattoos of their birth sign drawn on different parts of their bodies.

“It can’t be him,” he said out loud alerting the driver.

“Did you say something, Mr. Valdez?” Patrick’s eyes shoot open looking towards the female driver.

“Yeah Penny, I need to get a new cell phone before we go home.”

“But, your father’s orders were to take you home Sir.”

“I know—and you will. But I really need to get a replacement for the one I lost.”

“Where would you like to go?”

“You’re familiar with the new store by the convention center?”

“Yes, Sir.” Penny switched on the turn single and headed in the opposite direction of Patrick’s family home. Patrick closed his eyes again trying to remember his precious time with Adam Potter.

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