Two Timer-The Harlequin

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Chapter 24

Patrick poured himself another drink as Adam just enjoyed the flavored water the Droid Poe brought them. He watched Patrick drinking habit and noticed—the just turned twenty-one-year-old, was an experienced drinker because he showed no signs of drunkenness. Patrick sat beside Adam setting his drink down as he continued talking.

“The door you mentioned? I didn’t know about it. The room which it led to was always locked. One night when I dressed for a cabaret theme I noticed people going behind the curtain where I and two others went to change. The stairs that lead to the room was blocked off by a false wall. Gavin said it was an unfinished part of the room.”

“There were pictures.”

“Yeah, Gavin charged his friends for a photo with me. I told him some of the men kept touching me when I posed with them, so he stood in the photo with me. It kept the other men in check.”

“Where the men all his hipster friends?”

“At first they were. Then Gavin invited men outside his circle. I don’t believe Gavin knew them very well. When at first when it was just me dressing up as a female two others joined me. Those new men Gavin allowed in were coming dressed in costumes and mask.”

“What about the room upstairs?”

“He was renting it out to those men too…” he closed his eyes and swallowed trying not to cry. Adam grabbed his glass and held it out for him. Patrick seized it and swallowed the brown liquid placing the glass down craving for another. Once the liquid hit his stomach, he continued. “Fantasies was what those men wanted and Gavin was granting their wish for profit.

“Did you grant any of their wishes?”

“Are you judging me like Detective Cutter,” he snapped, rising and walking towards the water view hugging himself. “Because if you are you can go now.”

“Patrick,” Adam remained in his seat. “I had to ask…you could have gone to your father, he is a powerful man.”

“I know the power my father has…But I wanted to find my own way out. If my father knew what I let Gavin, do to me he would have sent me out of the country.”

“So, now Gavin’s dead.” Patrick looked at Adam then over at the bar. His dry throat craved a drink but decided against it as he walked back over and sat beside Adam.

“You think it’s my fault?” Patrick said clasping his thumbs between his fingers into a mock fist. Adam placed his palm on one of Patrick’s shaking hands.

“I think things got out of hand and someone is trying to help you even if you don’t want his help.” Patrick glanced at Adam.

“The police think different. They believed I mastermind everything,” he said into Adam’s arm.

“They’re only speculating. They’re looking for some guy in a picture you poised with; you were dressed as a geisha?” Patrick stepped back and thought about the photo he remembered.

“Yeah, I know that guy. He was one of the nice guys who had manners.”

“He seems to fit the profile of the Harlequin.”

“He works at the convention hall in the food court. He comes to all the Cosplays dressed from head to toe as some solider or knight either from fantasy or Sci-Fi always in a mask, but it’s not him.”

“How do you know?”

“I know him. He was, a bit clingy but…the killer? Not possible.”

“Was he at every one of Gavin’s events?”

“Yeah, but he just watched and got his picture with me and the others.”

“What’s his name?”

“Jay Marcel.”

“You wouldn’t happen to know his address?”

“No. But it’s not him I just saw him...”

“Wait—why did you go see him?”

“Well, I wanted to…” But Patrick stopped himself from telling Adam about the killer’s tattoo on the count of him not telling the police. “…talk to him.”

“You thought he was the killer?”

“I just…needed to be sure.”

“And what if you were right?”

“But I wasn’t.”

“But what if you were? Damn Patrick, you put yourself in a dangerous position.”

“I realize that now. But Jay’s harmless.”

“Did you tell Detective Cutter about this?”


“Listen the police need to know this information. They need to talk to Jay, to see if he has an alibi.”

“Are they going to arrested me?”

“I’m sure your father’s lawyer will prevent that.”

“Yeah, father is well…”


“I was going to say assertive.” Patrick gave Adam a raised eyebrow.

“That’s what I meant,” smiled Adam wrapping his arms around Patrick’s waist. Patrick looked surprised as Adam leaned in for a kiss but denied when Patrick leaned back from the hug.

“So I take it that you’re done, questioning me?” asked Patrick.

“Well, yes unless there is something else you’re not telling me?”

“No. So you’re going to take my case and help clear my name?”

“Yes, now give me your mouth.”

Patrick smiled as he obeyed Adam and surrendered his lips. They kissed as if their lives depended on it. Patrick ran his finger through Adam soft locks as he enjoyed kneading Patrick’s arse through his jeans. Adam slipped his hand in easily and felt naked flesh. He broke their kiss still holding Patrick.

“We have too many clothes on.”

“Well then,” said Patrick, breaking free of Adam’s grip and walked over to the stairs. He tugged off the tee and tossed it aside. As he scaled a few steps stopping he yanked his jeans down to his ankles and kicked them away. He stood bare to Adam, who watched with lust in his mind. “Do you want me Adam?”

“Yes.” Adam began tugging at his clothes as his cock throb for attention.

Patrick climbed the remaining steps, not taking his eyes off the detective, who was naked moving towards him.

“Well, you protect—all of this?” he waved at his slim and fit body.

“All of that and more,” Adam promised, following him up the stairs. Patrick saw that he was getting closer and hurried down the hallway towards his bedroom. Adam moved fast catching up with him as Patrick opened his double doors and reviled his arousing bedroom. Wall to wall carpeting, a raised king size bed whose post resembled pillars, which rested against the far wall with an ocean view. A black chandelier hung in the middle of the ceiling just about an over side round ottoman.

Adam caught Patrick and held him close as he ravished his neck with bites and kisses. He leaned close to Patrick’s ear breathing his breath into it.

“Tell me what you want?” Adam demanded. Patrick answered right away.

“I want you to fuck me Adam. I want you to do whatever you want with me. I now belong only to you.”

“Are you sure this is what you want?”

“Yes please Adam…don’t stop,” Patrick begged.

Adam turned him and pushed his chest down onto the ottoman, positioning him to kneel. He parted Patrick’s legs with his own as he leaned down spreading his freshly washed arse cheeks and shoved his face into them. He lapped at his velvet hole nibbling on the sensitive flesh near it causing Patrick to flinch and wiggle.

Adam held his hips as he continue to enjoy the taste of his rump sliding his tongue in and out of the chamber.

Patrick’s body trembled from the sensation Adam’s mouth was causing. He clenched the sides of the ottoman as his cock grew between the cushion and his legs. Adam raised his arse up, so he was able to grasp the growing organ and tasted the heavenly nectar leaking from its eye. Patrick’s body tingled, as Adam polished his cock with his hot mouth and used his fingers to work open Patrick’s constricted arse-hole.

“Adam please; it’s too much you’re going to make me cum too soon.”

Adam paused to respond to his companions concern.

“Cum now if you want, I’ll just make you cum again later.”

He returned to his fun as Patrick fought to hold his release. As Adam entered four fingers into him causing him to cry out when the digits worked like a jackhammer bring him over the edge and down Adam’s throat.

Adam accepted the gift swallowing every drop. Patrick went limp breathing deeply as his heart rate slowed. Adam rose and helped Patrick to his feet. Patrick rested his head against Adam’s chest. Adam enjoyed Patrick weight against his body as he walked him to the bed.

He laid him down gently and looked longingly at him. Patrick never deemed he might ever feel this safe with anyone. He wanted Adam, and he believed Adam wanted him.

“This is going to sound crazy but I think I’m falling in love with you?” Patrick confessed. Adam leaned down and kissed his soft, inviting lips. Patrick tensed as Adam said nothing in return and started to regret his childish outburst.

“Adam—please I just meant…”

“You love me,” he repeated, kissing Patrick again. “And here I thought I was crazy to think the same thing.”


“I…” Mwuuh. “…love…” Mwuuh. “…you…” this time the caress continued for a moment as Patrick ran his fingers through Adam’s hair and Adam gathered Patrick in his arms pushing his tongue further into Patrick’s mouth. They parted and took in needed air, as Adam’s eye wondered to Patrick once limp cock that now stood ready for another round.

“I see you’re ready for more.”

“I want to suck you now.”

“As much as I would love to feel these lips sliding up and down on me. My cock wants deeper attention right now.”

Adam released Patrick and climbed between his legs. He pushed then up and back, raising Patrick’s bottom off the mattress. He used his spit to lube Patrick’s hole rubbing his cock around until it slid in past the ring with ease.

Patrick arched his back but didn’t clench his arse as he welcomed Adam in him. Once he buried his cock inside him, and his ball touched Patrick’s smooth arse, Adam kissed him hard as he slowly pulled out then slammed back inside. Patrick reached down and grasped one of Adam’s legs helping to add to the thrust. Patrick broke the kiss to beg to his lover.

“Adam please don’t hold back—fuck me hard so I can feel you for days.”

Patrick’s words seem to make Adams cock even harder and hungrier as he jabbed him with increase force. Patrick moaned his delight as Adam kissed, licked and bit the tender flesh below him.

Adam shifted him to his side placing one leg on his shoulder and scissor him. Patrick’s head tossed side to side as the new position was increasing his moans. As he thrust he also fisted his willing partner’s cock bring the blood back to the lovely area.

“Yes Adam like that fuck me,” Patrick moaned as Adam reached his tolerance and released into his tight space. Patrick felt the rush inside him as Adam milked his cock dry. When he slipped free, Patrick wanted to taste Adam. He raised up and turned dropping his mouth onto the semi hard cock and tasting Adam’s essences. Adam laid down and watched Patrick’s experienced tongue and lips work his cock. He placed his hand on the back of Patrick’s head pushing it further down to feel the back of his throat.

Adam wasn’t going to cum for a while so he just laid enjoying the hot mouth nursing the cock that was just inside him. That is until his cell rang. Patrick continued to suck as the cell went to voicemail. Then it sounded again. Adam had a strange feeling that he should answer it, but Patrick was clouding his judgment as again it went to voicemail. But when the third time came even Patrick stopped to look towards the sound. Sadly Adam’s cock responded by relaxing to the interruption.

“Okay, I better get that.”

“But what if it’s the police?”

“Why would it be them?”

“Maybe they followed you?”

“No one followed me here; you’re safe. I’ll be right back.” Adam climbed off the bed and left Patrick kneeling with a look of concern on his face.

He walked out of the bedroom towards the stairs trying to remember where he got rid of his coat. He saw it at the bottom of the stairs. He hurried down and picked it up fishing his cell from the inside pocket. The caller ID was from Justin.

“Hey, sorry what’s up?”

“Adam?” said Justin who’s voice sounded lifeless.

“Yeah, Justin you got something or me?” a muffle song alarmed Adam as Justin never answered. “Justin what’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong?” said a harsh voice Adam didn’t know. “What the fuck are you doing with him when he belongs to me?” he snapped. “You’ve got no right to fuck him.”

“Who the hell is this?”

“Come on detective, you figure it out.”

“Where’s Justin?”

“Justin’s not who’s important to me detective. You had your filthy hands on my Patrick. Now you’re standing there, ass naked worrying about another man?”

“Are you that Harlequin?” Adam asked wondering why he didn’t disguise his voice this time.

“What do you think?”

Adam dropped his coat and grabbed his jeans turning to go back upstairs to Patrick.

“Don’t fucking move you prick!” he screeched. “If you tell Patrick it's me I’ll do nasty things to Justin.”

“No,” Adam blurted out.

“Then shut up and listen. You’re going to get Patrick and bring him to me. Or say goodbye to your employee. And I promise…he will not die quick. I will take my time listening to him scream, begging me to finish him.”

“Don’t hurt him,” Adam said in a calm voice.

“I don’t want to but you best not give me a reason. Go get that slut and once it’s dark bring him back to the graveyard. There’ll be a note attached to the north gate by the grave with a headstone of a sleeping dog. Follow it, and we’ll do an exchange. I see any cops, or if you want to play hero, I will cut Justin’s throat. Understand?”

“Understood.” The line went dead. Adam walked back to the room where Patrick was waiting.

“Was it bad news?” asked Patrick, seeing the concern look on Adam’s face. He climbed off the bed and closed the gap between him and Adam.

“I need you to come with me,” Adam was screaming inside as he spoke to Patrick.

“To where, the police?”

“Do you trust me?”

“Of course I do.”

“Then get dressed and come with me.”

“Alright are the clothes I had on earlier okay?”

“Yeah, go on and get dressed.”

Patrick walked out as Adam tugged on his pants. Adam came to realized they were being watched and that Patrick lied to him about being the only one he ever let in this place. As he fastened his jeans, he left the room to gather the rest of his belongings.

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