Two Timer-The Harlequin

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Chapter 25

They drove in silence as Adam focused on the road. Patrick glanced every now than at him, but Adam refused to acknowledge him.

“Where are we going?” Patrick asked feeling annoyed with Adam’s sudden coldness towards him. Adam wonders what was happening to Justin alone with the Harlequin. His stomach knotted at the thought of him being raped or tortured. His hands clenched the steering wheel trying to control the anger that flourished inside him.

“Adam,” said Patrick but Adam only heard a whisper as he tried to figure a way of getting this guy without exchanging Patrick for Justin. “Adam!” Patrick’s voice came louder this time snapping Adam back.

“What is it,” he barked.

“Slow the fuck down you’re doing 70,” Patrick shouted pointing at the Mile gauge. Adam checked and saw that he was right. He adjusted his speed slowing down. “Pull over please,” Patrick said shaking his head in disbelief. Adam pulled into the parking lot to a movie theater. Once the car stopped Patrick jumped out walking away.

“Patrick, wait,” Adam shouted following. Patrick wasn’t moving in any hurry as Adam walked up matching his pace. “I need to ask you about the killer.” Patrick shoots him an ‘are you kidding me’, look.

“Adam, I don’t know what went wrong back at my place but you’re acting like someone with a split personality. One minute you have your tongue in my mouth the next you can’t even look at me. So you know what, I’ll take my chances with the cops.” He started to walk faster when Adam grabbed his arm and stopped him in his tracks.

“You lied to me,” said Adam watching his reaction.

“About what?”

“About me being the only man you had in your place.”

“Okay, now you’re acting like a controlling bastard.” He tried again to pull away, but Adam held firm tugging him towards him.

“He’s watching you.”


“I believe the killer. That’s who called me back at your place. And who paid me a visit at my office and tried to strangle me in my elevator.”

“Tried to strangle you, when?”

“Today, after I found out about the door from Gavin’s apartment to the store below.”

Patrick examined Adam’s neck and what he thought was marks from the first fight Adam had with the Harlequin, and possible love bites Patrick made when he spent the night in Adam’s bed.

“Are you…Well, I can see you’re alright but…this is because of me?”

“Patrick has anyone other than me or family been in your condo?”

“Only Shilo, my mother’s butler, and the cleaning staff. But they only n cleaning and restocking need to be done I swear. You were the only one I invited."

“What about a repairman?”

“No, Poe can fix anything that’s wrong with the place. A hole in the wall, a dripping faucet, ordering food even signing for a package.”

“How did you get Poe?”

“An old friend created him for me, so I have someone around. I wanted my own place, but I don’t like being alone.”

“Could this friend have rigged Poe to spy on you?”

“No—at least I hope not.”

“Who gave him to you?”

“An old college professor from when I spent time in Germany. He’s working here in town at a local college.” Patrick glanced away not wanting to add too much to his past relationship with his professor.

“Is there anything else you can tell me about him?”

“Why Adam, what’s the point?”

“The Harlequin kidnaped my assistant Justin and he wants me to exchange you for him.”

Patrick took a step back feeling a cold chill shoot up his spine. Adam started to reach for him but feared he flinch and bolt.

“Patrick I’m not planning to hand you over but…”

“Do it.”

“Wait what?”

“Do it Adam you have to, or he might hurt Justin.”

“No Patrick.”

“You have no choice.” He reached out and grabbed Adams coat. “I won’t let him hurt anyone else.”

“Okay, we have time. I don’t have to have you there until sundown.”

“Do you have a plan?”

“I think so but I need you to tell me everything about this professor.”

“He’s a sadist. He likes full control over another person.”

“So he practices in S&M?”


“So do you know where he lives?”

“Well, when he gave Poe to me he was living on the college campus but he told me it was only temporary.”

“How long ago?”

“A year.”

“So did you…”

“Did I let him whip and fuck me? No.”

“Look Patrick I know that was none of my business.”

“He was twenty years older than me. I’m not into men as old as my dad.”

“I need to call A.J.”


“To give him the heads up, now what’s his name?”

“So the police can still arrest me? No way.”

“Patrick, someone’s life is in danger.”

“Adam you’re a detective you can investigate this yourself without me, your client, going to jail.”

“Okay then tell me his name.”

“Not yet.”


“How can I trust you won’t just call that detective?” Adam stared at Patrick in complete astonishment.

“Patrick, I need his name.”

“Not true. You’re going exchange me for Justin. Then arrest the Harlequin and become a hero. My father will respect you and be happy that his only child is with someone who can and will protect him.”

“I can’t put you in that danger.”

“You have to…Justin is depending on you.”

“Okay, first…let’s get out of this cold.” Adam walked Patrick back to his rental car and opened the door for him. Patrick started to climb in when Adam grabbed his waist and pulled him in for a kiss that Patrick did not refuse only this cleared Adam’s mind that triggered his memory. He broke free and looked at Patrick. “Holy shit, I think Justin knows your guy.”


“You said he built robots?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Because I think Justin is driving his car.”

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