Two Timer-The Harlequin

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Chapter 26

Justin traveled to his Townhouse Complexes that his generous and handsome Professor Rollins allowed Justin to stay after gaining his tenure and buying another home closer to his job. Justin had the run of the place most of the time and enjoyed when the Professor did his annual check in to make sure everything was in working order.

He entered through the guarded gate showing ID then drove to his unit with reserved parking. Right away he saw his Fiat, with its freshly painted red body. As much as he loved driving the muscle car he missed his car. It was a gift from himself after moving away from home.

He parked and walked over to it inspecting the interior through the driver side window and saw it’s been detailed.

“Are you satisfied with the result?” vocal Cain Rollin, strolling towards Justin with his arms crossed over his chest in casual wear and black biking boots. His shoulder-length blonde locks framed his face as he smiled down at Justin, who was three feet shorter.

“Very satisfied,” responded Justin, who accepted a sweet kiss from the man. The taller and stockier male leaned to Justin’s ear and spoke.

“How shall you show me?” Justin was familiar with their game and won’t deny that he didn’t enjoy performing.

“Take your pet inside Master and use me.”

“Very good. But I think I prefer to take you out in the back yard today.”

“But…the weather…”

“Are you refusing me?”

“No…as you wish.”

He took Justin’s hand and walked him into the house. Cain customized the back yard with high bushes and fence with a tinted retractable ceiling lowered that concealed their exploring whenever he wanted to play with Justin outside.

They would have never met if it hadn’t been for Justin running late again because of a power outage at his small apartment that took out his alarm clock. The Professor was just stepping inside the elevator as Justin called out to hold the door. He ran in and thanked the man, who at first glance, looked like a model, not a Professor, but his ID proved who he was. They stood silent until the elevator bounced to a halt breaking down. Justin missed his class but was given a note by the man who, for the hour of being stuck in there, was a great conversationalist and an unbelievable kisser. He even knew all the best hiding places on campus where they explored each other’s bodies.

As the Professor prepared the yard, Justin went to the bedroom and stripped down to his black jocks. He fastened on his leather retractable collar and leather biker boots that Cain insisted on him wearing at all times during their play. Cain also enjoyed peeling off Justin’s underwear and riding him with his boot heels up in the air.

Justin fisted his cock with the aid of lube that heated once it connected with his skin. Once his cock was hard and ready for his performance, Justin lowered to his knees and waited for his Master Cain to come for him.

Some time had passed, and Justin was getting concern but dare no move…that would be breaking the rules. The bedroom door opened, and the Professor stormed in—holding Justin’s computer from work.

“What the fuck is this?” he demanded holding the laptop open reviling Adam’s detective agency’s desktop. Justin wasn’t surprised that Cain cracked the password--he was an expert in computers. His peeved that he was asking about something that was none of his business. He didn’t want to escalate the situation, so he answered.

“It’s my boss’s computer. He wanted me to work from home.”


“Why…does it matter?”

“Don’t answer me with a question,” he said through gritted teeth. Justin saw something he hadn’t seen before in Cain—fury. Sure they played rough Justin was an active Masochist but Cain never looked at him as if he would—kill him.

“There was an intruder today at the office and until the cops catch him my boss doesn’t want me to go back there.”

“Where’s your boss now?”

“I don’t know.”

“You’re lying to me. I don’t like liars.”

“Okay…I’m not sure what’s happening here…but I’m going to get dressed and leave.” Justin’s erection relaxed, and so did his mood.

“Leave to where?”

“I have friends who’ll let me crash on their couch until I find a new place.” Justin went to stand, but the Professor pushed him back to the floor on his arse.

“You’re not going anywhere until you tell me where that bastard went.”

“Come on…this is getting weird,” he said sliding on his arse backing into a wall. “I want to leave or I’ll…”

“You’ll what, scream? Go ahead, the walls are sound proof no one will hear you.”

“Look—I just want to go.”

“Is he fucking you—or are you fucking him?”

“No…it’s not like that. He’s just my boss.”

“Where is he?”

“He went…to see a client, okay.”


“Patrick, how do you know him?” the man just looked at him and smiled as he grasped the screen of the laptop and snapped it off dropping the two detached pieces onto the floor. Justin realized what was happening and who Cain was. “Holy shit, you’re the Harlequin.”

The Professor crouched down to be eye leave with Justin.

“I did like you Justin, we had fun together. It’s a shame this will be our last ta-ta-ta. Or maybe not...but I will make the best of it.”

“Best of what?”

“I’m still your Master; I haven’t released you.”

“Fuck no—no I won’t…”

“What makes you think you have a choice? You’re no better than Patrick. He tried to say the same thing and started fucking that hipster prick. Well, I handled him the same way I’m going to handled Adam Potter. And then, maybe I’ll have two pets.”

“Please,” Justin begged. “…please I don’t want to.” But the man ignored him as he rose and pulled from his back pocket a thin leather leash.

“You both need to understand who’s in charge. And I need to release some stress—into you. Then we’re going to arrange a playdate for Patrick and Adam Potter at the graveyard.”

“I won’t help you.”

“Won’t--should not be in your vocabulary Justin.” He moved fast grabbing Justin and forcing him onto his stomach binding his wrists. Justin called out for help as the leather bit into his skin. The Professor took no notice to his cries as he forced himself onto Justin without any regards to his pleads.


Cain watched his flat screen TV in his living room, holding a knife that could be a twin to the one that killed Gavin; as Adam took liberties with his Patrick. Cain couldn’t wait to pierce Adam’s flesh and watch the blood stain the gravestone. He needed to teach his Patrick a lesson and bring him home for proper training.

He glared towards the floor at Justin, who laid unconscious, bound and now with a gagged ball in his mouth. His back, arse, and thighs blistered in welts. His punishment for trying to bite and talking back to his Master. The beating had rendered him exhausted.

He held Justin’s cell, who was so kind to give him the password, and found Adam’s cell number. He looked back at the screen and saw Adam still fucking Patrick and turned the knife stabbing the arm of the chair breaking the fabric again and again.

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