Two Timer-The Harlequin

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Chapter 29

Time was moving fast as Patrick had to help Adam by, not getting him killed because of a crazy stalker. But first Patrick had to keep himself from getting killed as he merged into traffic, not knowing the rules of driving. He remembered how to get to the cemetery and made sure to take the back streets to avoid any cops and other cars. But the Viper suffered a few dings from turning to close to a light pole, scratching the side of a parked moving delivery van and misjudging a pothole.

He parked the rental car three blocks away in an empty driveway leaving the keys in the ignition and walked to the graveyard. He saw his opportunity to get in without question when an elderly man stepping off a bus was having trouble carrying a potted plant and holding his cane. Patrick walked up with his signature smile.

“Please allow me to help Sir,” he said catching the plant before it hit the ground.

“Thank you so much,” he said with a cracked voice and a big smile on his grey bearded face. Delighted the man handed over the plant and accepted Patrick’s arm. The guard at the gate didn’t question either male as Patrick helped the man to his wife’s grave.

“Thank you for your help young man, can I give you something for your trouble?”

“That won’t be necessary I’m here to visit my grandfather he’s on the north side.”

“Well, you better hurry the cemetery closes soon.”

“Thank you. Well, you be alright?”

“Yes I’ll be fine take care.” Patrick hurried off as the sun was almost down when he arrived at the north side of the hells gate. He saw the tombstone of the sleeping dog in the distance, and before he could look for a note—he saw him.

Cain Rollins dressed in all black but no mask. Patrick ducked behind a tree and watched as Cain placed the note on the stone name mark and walked away. Patrick saw his chance to help. He decided to follow Cain hoping he would lead him to Justin. He checked his coat pocket and removed a small flashlight and Stun Gun he brought, from a Pawnshop he saw, on his way to the cemetery. He had to double park, but a nice guy watched the car while he ran in so long as he promised to give him a nice tip. Patrick kept his promise and gave the man a hundred dollars before driving away. He wasn’t big on guns, but he would sure stun the hell out Cain at least long enough for him and Justin to get away.

Cain surveyed his surroundings and head back the way he came. Patrick kept a close but safe distance of the man as he followed which was towards a small house.


Adam drove above the speed limit towards the cemetery. He had a sick feeling that’s where Patrick went and was walking into a trap. He drove up to the front gate and waited while the guard took his time to come out the guard house. It amazes Adam how the wealthy residence, still paid, for security to scrutinize anyone coming into the place.

Did they really believe the afterlife was going to be better for them than a guy buried in an unmarked grave? Something caught Adam’s eye sitting in one of the drink holders in front of the gear shift. Detective Cutter’s metal badge that fastens on his belt loop.

The guard walked up with a clipboard and pen.

“Good evening Sir we’re about to lock up, in an hour would that be enough time for you?” Adam needed to get in and be undisturbed as he confronted Rollins.

“I'm with the county,” he flashed a badge at the man who straighten up.”

“Oh yes, hello, I thought the police had finished with that unfortunate incident.”

“New leads,” said Adam.

“I see, would you like me keep anyone else from coming in?”

“If you could. And is there anyone else here at the moment?”

“Just Mr. Wyatt, oh and I believe his grandson.”

“Is that Mr. Wyatt?” asked Adam eyeing an elderly gentlemen walking slowly towards them. The guard looked and hurried over to the man helping him up the incline with his cane by holding his arm. Adam got out of his car and walked over to assist.

“Thank you, both gentlemen,” Mr. Wyatt said.

“Where’s the young man who came in with you Mr. Wyatt?” asked the guard.”

“Who? Oh…he went to pay his respect to his grandfather.”

“He wasn’t with you?” asked the guard.

“No he was just helping me with my plant for my wife.”

“Can you remember which why he went?” asked Adam suspecting it was Patrick.

“Yes he said he had to go to the north side, but he didn’t give a name.”

“Thank you, Mr. Wyatt.” Adam turned his attention back to the guard. “Make sure no one else enters and are you sure there is no one else here?”

“No one. Even the groundskeeper has the day off.”

“Good. I’ll make sure the young man gets out alright.”

Adam climbed back into his car and drove off, following a path towards the scene where Gavin died. He stopped the car, so it was obstructed from view. He walked to the north side of the gate and saw the statue of a sleeping dog with the note just below on the name mark.

The note was directions to a house on the property. The night sky was overhead. Thankfully the moon was full and provided some visibility. Adam saw the house that looked abandon. Overgrowth vegetation and fallen shingles gave the impression of a haunted house as he walked towards the back entrance as instructed by the note.


Patrick watched as Cain walked past the house and continued on to a smaller building that resembled a shed. Cain continued to walk, not once looking back as he unlocked the padlocked wooden door and walked in closing it behind him. Patrick raced to the side of the house and kept low in the overgrown weeds watching the shed, to see if Cain would come out.

The night sky eased over the skyline as the temperature doped. Patrick was freezing and hungry as he decided to go to the shed. He was there to save Justin and if trading himself would appease Cain’s anger then so be it. Cain wanted to possess him not kill him. At least that’s what Patrick hoped Cain still wanted. He stood at the door shivering. Unsure if it was from the cold—or fear. He held his breath as he reached for the handle that was brass turned green from the weather. He carefully pulled the door open, taking a peek inside.

It was dark, and a strange hollowing sound was coming from it like a breeze. He opened it more and with the help of his eyes adjusting he saw not a room, but stairs going down.

Patrick’s natural response was fear of the unknown, but the thought, of Justin being held against his well because of a mad man's obsession for him, pushed his feet forward and downward.

Patrick walked with care holding the stun device in his right hand and slid his left along the concrete wall. The steps counted eight down then squared off to the right for another eight. The decent ended on the third flight where a hallway with string lights running down it. Patrick noticed a door on the left and a turn at the end of the hall.

He clinched the weapon tighter as he walked up to the door. He put his ear to the steel entry and listened but was unable to hear anything. He reached for the knob and braced himself turning it to the right and feeling it give.

He shoved the door opened and readied the weapon in front of him. Inside on a single chair held the trembling body of Justin. Barefoot he wore only a pair of sweatpants and a tee shirt. The room was freezing, with his hands tied behind his back and his ankles to the legs of the chair. His mouth gagged and his face bruised near his right eye, he was in and out of consciousness.

‘He’s been beaten,’ thought Patrick, who walked into the room that had a dirt floor and brick walls. No windows or lights. Thankfully the hallway gave him enough visibility to untie Justin.

“Justin?” he said sitting the stun gun on the floor then loosening his knots. “I’m going to get you out of here okay?” Justin had a hard time focusing on the voice as Patrick removed his gag. Taking off his coat, he helped get it on Justin “Lean on me Justin, I’ll get you somewhere safe.” Patrick hauled Justin to his feet with him leaning on his shoulder. Thankfully they were the same height as Patrick held on tight as they staggered out the door.

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