Two Timer-The Harlequin

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Chapter 30

Adam stood at the back door. The note said to knock hard, twice and wait. Waiting was something Adam couldn’t do if Patrick had already given himself up to the Harlequin. He needed to see inside undetected. He glared up and saw a window that might be his entrance point.

The climb was easy up the vine fence and surprisingly quiet as Adam peered into the room and found it empty. He checked the give in the frame and lifted the window with ease. He started to climb in when he noticed on his left two hundred feet from the house a small shed with the door opened.

Wondering if he should investigate Adam had another problem when he heard movement on the other side of the door.

Adam held his breath as he leaned against the outside wall. Hoping the vine ladder held his weight. The door flung opened, and someone was moving things inside the room. Thankfully they didn’t seem to notice the window half open as they dragged something heavy out of the room then shutting the door a moment later.

With caution, Adam looked in the window and saw a bed against the right wall and a wooden chair by the window and a chest at the foot of the bed. He reached to open the window again when the door opened. He turned away just in time as he waited again for the door to close but instead the window was shoved closed and locked.

There was nothing Adam could do, but climb back down. Slowly he descended but stopped halfway when the back door opened. He froze in fear as a man in all black came out of the house holding what look to be a rolled up rug. He dropped it beside the house and was about to go back in when he looked over and saw the open shed door.

“What the fuck,” Adam heard the man in black say. He locked the back door and bolted towards the shed.

“What the hell got him all upset?” thought Adam, who suddenly had the worst case scenario manifest in his head. “Could Patrick be in there?” the thought sent adrenaline racing through his body as he raced down the ladder and sprinted in pursuit towards the shed.


The climb was tedious for Justin, who needed to rest after the first landing.

“Please Justin, you can rest once we get out of here. I’m sure Adam will be here soon. He’ll take you someplace safe,” said Patrick, who didn’t count on Adam wanting anything to do with him after leaving him and stealing his car.

When they started up the second flight, a sound at the top of the stairs scared both men.

“Who’s down here?” screamed Cain. Patrick and Justin, who was more motivated to move faster turned and headed back down the stairs and the hallway but not towards the room instead they reached the turn when Cain reached the bottom.

Another flight of stairs was waiting, and all they could do was climb. Patrick reached into his coat pocket, which Justin now wore, to retrieve the taser, but it wasn’t there. He remembered he forgot it back in the room. He helped Justin, who seem more alert now that he was being pursued.

They reached the door and tried to open it when Cain’s hand reached out and shoved the door closed. The two turned in fear as Cain grabbed Justin and yanked him from Patrick’s arm and pushed him down the cement stairs. Justin cried out as he tried to grasp the railing to slow himself down only to hit a wall. Patrick stood stun staring at Cain’s icy stare who focused his attention on him.

“Patrick, so good to see you again. It’s been a long time.”

“Cain stop this, please. Let me take Justin and go.”

“Go—go where, you just got here? We need to catch up.”

“Please Cain I can’t do this.”

“How’s Poe doing?” Cain reached out and touched Patrick’s cheek and soft curls.

“Poe’s fine. Now can I go see if Justin is alright from that fall?”

“Shh, no we have so much to do still.”

“I don’t want to do anything with you Cain,” Patrick snapped pushing his hand away.

“But why, I know we ended on a sore note, but we can fix this.”

“No we can’t.”

“Yes baby we can, we just need to pick up where we left off.”

“You mean after you killed Gavin and abduction Justin?”

“Wait killed who?” but before Patrick could answer Adam grabbed Cain by the shirt and tossed him down the stair. He barreled rolled into the wall...Justin was thrown against earlier.

“Adam no Justin…”

“It’s okay he’s safe and now so are you.”

But Cain rose to his feet and reached into his pocket and pulled out the taser Patrick had left in the room. He turned it on high as he climbed the stairs back to Adam.

Adam had enough the man who already killed once, tried to rape Patrick, nearly strangle him and kidnaped Justin. He lunged at the man and caught his wrist just as Cain tried to hit him with the electrical device. They slammed into the wall and wrestled down the stairs struggling to gain control of the other. Adam thrust his knee into Cain gut twice before grabbing his head and slamming it into a solid wall.

Cain didn’t give much of a defense as Adam pushed him in the face then a forward flip onto his back. The stun weapon dropped to the ground sliding a few inches away, and Adam picked it up. The setting was still set on high as he smashed it into the man’s chest sending him into convolutions. Once he pulled the device away the man laid unconscious on the floor. Adam turned it off and watched him for a moment making sure he wasn’t getting up anytime soon.

Patrick hurried down the stairs when he heard silence.

“Adam,” he called franticly.

“It’s alright—I’m alright,” said Adam. Patrick raced down the rest of the steps as Adam turned to him. He jumped into his arms and hugged him tight.

“Thank God, I thought he might have…wait—Justin?”

“He’s fine.” Adam looked towards the room Justin was held captive. “Justin it’s alright you can come out,” Adam called. Justin limped out of the room holding a cell phone, as Adam and Patrick went to him. Patrick helped Justin onto Adam’s back. “Come on we’re leaving, Justin did you call the police?”

“Yeah boss,” he said slowly.

“Good, I’m taking you both to the car.”

“But what about Cain?” Patrick asked.

“He’s not getting up anytime soon, beside my priority is the both of you, now get in front of me and start climbing.”

They emerged from the shed just as sirens were coming close to the cemetery. Adam wasn’t going to let Justin walk as he piggyback him. None of them said a word as the squad cars came up with an ambulance. The EMTs took Justin from Adam and helped him on a gurney.

“Is there anyone else hurt?” asked one EMT.

“Only the suspect, from a fall and a hit from a stun gun.” He informed them as a police car approached. Adam told them about Cain and where they left him the car took off in the direction of the shed.

Another car came up to them and this time Artie and A.J. climbed out. Adam braced himself for what was to come as he stepped in front of Patrick, who was facing in the direction of the shed.

“So Potter, you defeated the killer, saved the guy and now you’re the big hero?” said Artie.

“He’s back there underground; the entrance is through the shed,” Adam answered ignoring Detective Cutter’s comment.

“You also stole a police car and used an officer’s badge,” said A.J. walking past him to confront Patrick.

“You two were out cold, I needed to get to Justin and Patrick,” Adam acknowledged turning his gaze to where A.J. was going.

“Oh really,” chimed A.J. “And what made you think Mr. Valdez would be here?” he asked watching Patrick ignore them as he continued to watch the shed.

“A hunch,” said Adam.

“A hunch—that’s it?”

“Well, it was true.”

“What proof do you have that Patrick didn’t have connections with the killer?”

“He was trying to save Justin.”

“Trying or was he just pretending to keep the focus off of him because he knew we were coming?”

“A.J. do you know how crazy that sounds?”

“It’s alright Adam,” Patrick cut in, turning to face them. “The detectives have their reasons to doubt me.”

“You did nothing wrong Patrick.”

“I’m not so sure of that.” He said feeling a knot in his throat. Adam moved to him grabbing his shoulders.

“Patrick don’t blame yourself. Cain was a crazy stoker.”

“Who—because of me lost control and started hurting people.”

“No…” But Adam was interrupted by the sounds of gunfire ringing out from the direction of the shed. Artie and A.J. were going check it out when headlights appeared coming toward them. An out of control police cruiser barreled towards them destroying headstones in the process.

“It’s Cain,” said Patrick as A.J. and Artie drew their guns and aimed to fire. Adam grabbed Patrick by the hand and started running. The driver saw who he wanted as Adam tried to make distance between them and the oncoming car. Cain veered the car to follow Adam and Patrick as A.J. and Artie opened fire. A bullet hit Cain in the shoulder but didn’t slow his pursuit as he smashed through more grave markings towards his victims.

Adam knew they couldn’t outrun him as the lights came closer then he saw it; an open grave with a digger still there. If with luck, the soil will still be soft and the concrete foundation not placed. Adam pulled Patrick close.

“Patrick, go limp!” Adam yelled, praying he listened as he leaped into the hole and turned so that he lands on his back and Patrick on top of him. The soil was there but not as soft as he hoped Patrick laid on top of him shocked from the fall but all right. “We’ll be okay now,” Adam said, prematurely, when Cain tried to drive the police car into the grave after them. The burning wheels kicked up dirt that showered down on the two. They did their best to cover their faces when the earth started to bury them. Light from above seem to go dim as Adam felt Patrick’s forehead touching his own.

Shots rang out again and this time the car stopped.

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