Two Timer-The Harlequin

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Chapter 32

They entered Adam’s apartment neither male wanted to do anything but sleep. Only Patrick didn’t want to go to bed covered in dirt.

“We’re still taking a shower before going to sleep?”

After thinking it over Adam, wasn’t thrill with the idea of his sheets covered with fresh earth.

“Okay, but we’re doing it together. If I have to wait for you, I’ll be asleep.”

Adam started the shower and allowed the hot water to heat up while he helped Patrick out of his clothes. They discarded their clothes into the hamper.

The water pressure was just right as the two bodies drenched themselves in water and soapy lather. Each tried to help the other wash his hair. Adam messaged the scented soap throughout Patrick’s scalp using his fingertips to awaken the nerves and bring calmness to his damaged soul. Patrick closed his eyes as his lover eased his fears and doubts, with just his touch.

Being shorter than Adam, Patrick had a tougher time washing Adam’s hair and when he lift his left shoulder higher the hidden pain that finally surfaced, hit him hard. He let out a cry as he dropped his arm and clenched his shoulder. Adam spun around reaching out to him.

“Are you hurt?" The words sounded stupid after saying them.

”Of course you’re hurt I pulled you into an opened grave,” said Adam.

“It’s okay I’m just sore. It was bound to happen. You’re probably sore too, and it hasn’t hit you yet.”

That’s when Patrick’s eye dropped downward. Adam smiled at the curious man and didn’t disappoint.

“That is caused by the adrenaline. Remember, we were almost killed tonight?”

“Well, since I couldn’t wash your hair can I help you with that?”


“No,” Patrick said disappointedly.

“No, because I’m going to help you relax—so deep, that you’ll sleep without dreaming.”

“That would be nice.” Adam kissed his clean neck from his jawline down to his collar bone as he pulled his wet body close to his. He squeezed the bruised flesh as he smothered Patrick’s neck with kisses. “Oh God, I want you,” Patrick said in his ear as his body fashioned against Adam’s.

“Anything you want tonight, baby I will give.” The water was shut off, and Adam carried Patrick’s dripping wet body to his bed.

“Shouldn’t we dry off first?” Patrick asked giggling in Adam’s arms, whom laid him on the bed and climbed between his slim legs.

“Do you want me to dry us off?” asked Adam. Patrick saw nothing but a desire in Adam’s eyes as he took back his words.

“No, I don’t.”

“Then tell me what you want from me?”

“I want—no need you inside me.”

“As you wish but not until I prepared you.”

“Then hurry.”

Adam gave an opened mouth kiss that took Patrick’s breath away. As their bodies grind together. Breaking their embrace was hard for Patrick as Adam caressed and sucked his way down his neck to his chest biting the hard nipples that sent shivers throughout Patrick’s body.

Patrick held on as Adam moved to his privates and buried his cock in his mouth. Adam didn't want to harm Patrick’s shoulder, so he grasped his torso and held on as Patrick rode the wave of ecstasy. Adam tasted the clean muscle as it slid down his throat releasing droplets of seed onto his tongue.

“Adam please—I don’t want to cum without you, fuck me.”

Adam slipped his cock from his mouth and looked at his pleading face. He glided his hands to his legs that he lifted off the bed raising his arse off the mattress. He parted his firm cheeks and lapped at the entrance sending Patrick into more spasms. He needed to be sure he would not cause any more pain than he had. He raised his head and remembered he had lube and scrambled to his nightstand drawer, leaving Patrick in shocked at what he was doing.

“You don’t need it Adam just takes me.”

“No, I won’t inflict you with any more pain.” He found a small bottle and retook his position between Patrick’s legs. He poured lube on his cock and Patrick’s entry and tossed the bottle aside as he positioned himself to breach him. Patrick relaxed and wanted Adam to fill his body to the hilt. Adam lunged forward, Patrick’s head fell back as Adam’s forehead rest against Patrick’s chest. The confined space sent ripples of endorphin's running through their heads.

Patrick reached up as Adam held his legs on his broad shoulders and pulled Adam down for another open mouth kiss. Adam’s hip responded as thrust of desire pumped into Patrick’s willing body causing them to moan in each other’s mouth. Patrick’s fingers dug into Adam’s shoulders as he plunged his body in time with Adam’s making the momentum more profound.

The kiss stopped as Patrick closed his eyes and savored his lover's closeness. He could feel his climax approach as Adam increased his motion, slamming into Patrick with determination and lust. They ejected together milking the others body as Patrick slowly opened his eyes and focused on a knife poised in the air.

Patrick needed to react as he ripped his leg from Adams's shoulder and dug it into his side flipping his detective off him and onto the floor. Just as the knife came down.

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