Two Timer-The Harlequin

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Chapter 33

Patrick laid motionless, but aware, as the knife’s handle protruded from his chest. The same person who killed Gavin. He saw the inside of his wrist and the tattoo of two dark figures that he knew as the horoscope Gemini.

The Harlequin released the knife’s handle that he tried to slow its’ downfall hoping it didn’t puncture Patrick’s heart and staggered back as he stared at Patrick who glared back in tremor. The Harlequin shook his head in disbelief at what he’d done.

“No…it wasn’t mean for you,” he yelled, not see Adam lung at him, full force, knocking him away from the bed and onto his back.

“You bastard, you stabbed him,” screamed Adam, kneeling above him, naked and pounding his fist into the ceramic mask that shattered into bits cutting his fist repeatedly.

The Harlequin felt Adam’s blows, but as the mask fell in pieces from his ski mask, he knowledge Adam, by flipping him overhead onto his back and rolled away. He quickly reached into his pocket and removed a switch blade. But Adam was ready, as he took a baseball size statue of an elephant his mother must have bought to brighten up the room and threw it at the man’s head hitting his target and stunning him.

Adam grabbed his wrist with the weapon and backed him into the wall with his shoulder slamming his hand against the wall trying to make him drop it. But even with his mask in pieces and his vision obscure the man had the upper hand in strength. He head-butted Adam in the face and gripped his throat with his empty hand turning and slamming him against the wall. He pulled his wrist with the knife free from Adam’s grip as his fingers enclosed around his windpipe. He raised the weapon again to not making the mistake in ending Adam life when a voice stopped him.

“Jay…don’t,” Patrick shouted through the discomfort of the knife. He stood on shaking legs holding onto the bed frame. Blood seeped between the knife-edges and pooled down his chest. “Please, I’ll do whatever you want—just no more…” Patrick dropped to his knees.

Adam couldn’t believe the grip the man had on him as Jay looked back at Patrick. With his free hand, he pulled off his ski mask. Jay’s blue eyes stared at Patrick, his brown hair buzzed close to his scalp, his hard features tight and serious.

“You understand why I need to do this?” said Jay.

“No…Jay…please…” Patrick held onto Adam’s bed frame as his head grew dizzy from the pain and bleeding.

“He has to die! He doesn’t deserve you!” Adam clawed at the large hand around his neck that relaxed enough to let him breathe, but freedom was hopeless.

“Jay…” Patrick was losing consciousness when he heard a familiar voice.

“Drop the weapon and put him down!” ordered A.J., Artie was right behind him both holding a weapon pointed at the killer.

Jay said nothing as he turned back to Adam raised his knife and was about to deliver the killing blow when the shots rang out.

The Harlequin dropped Adam, who landed on his knees gasping his neck. Then turned to Patrick, who sat on the floor leaning against the bed frame unconscious. A bullet to the head and neck hemorrhaged blood as Jay’s knees bulked, and he dropped face down dead.


“Here Potter, put these on before the EMTs get here,” Artie said, holding out a tee shirt and jeans for Adam, who A.J. covered with a blanket. Adam ignored Artie as he held Patrick’s hand and brushed his warm forehead. Patrick had passed out but was breathing as more of blood pooled at the hilt of the knife. They laid him on his back on the rug. A.J. retrieved a quilt and covered him without disturbing the knife trying to keep him from going into shock.

“Here Artie, give them to me I’ll get him dressed,” said A.J.

“I got to get it out him,” said Adam staring at the knife in Patrick’s chest.

“Adam you of all people know that is a mistake. Let the doctors handle this,” said A.J. leaning in close to holding Adam’s upper shoulders to prevent him from reaching for the knife.

They heard the sirens. The neighborhood swarmed with police cars and two ambulances.

“I’ll go make sure they can make it up. Adam I need your key for the elevator,” Artie said. Adam wasn’t paying attention. All his concern was on Patrick.

“Adam, the key to the elevator for the EMTs.” Adam heard that time jumping from the sound of A.J.’s voice.

“By the stairs in a bowl, it’s the fat one,” he said falling back into his trance. Artie.

“Adam get dressed so you can go with Patrick to the hospital.”

Adam tugged on the tee, jeans and a pair of sneakers A.J. grabbed for him.

Patrick turned his head slightly from side to side then stopped when Adam took his hand again.

“Where the hell are they?”

“They’re coming. I can hear Artie yelling at them.”

The EMTs arrived and prepared Patrick for transport to the hospital by packing first aid gauze around the knife wound. They lifted him onto the gurney and carefully carried him down the steep steps and into the elevator. Adam was close behind with A.J. forcing a coat on him.

“Adam we’ll lock up your place. You just worry about Patrick, okay?” Adam didn’t answer as he climbed into the ambulance and took Patrick’s hand while the EMT worked on him. A.J. stepped back feeling a bit hurt that Adam didn’t answer but brushed it off as he slowly returned to the building.

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