Two Timer-The Harlequin

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Chapter 35

Adam was treated to a breakfast by the two detectives. At first he wasn’t hungry and didn’t order much only coffee and toast but A.J. ordered extra food all of which was Adam’s favorites. When the dishes arrived Adam’s five senses kicked in, and he devoured most of them.

He was full and awake as he sipped on his second coffee. Artie ordered another pot of the dark brew as the waitress cleared dishes."

"Feel better?” asked A.J.

“I actually do,” confessed Adam. “Now what is it that you needed to tell me about the killer?”

“He was a close friend to Patrick,” said Artie, who opened his small notebook with the information. “The killer’s name was Jay Marcel.”

“Patrick called his name out in your apartment when he tried to distract Marcel from killing you,” A.J. said.

“I was there.”

“He’s also the guy in the picture with Patrick. The gloves we found on the scene matched his prints also the mattress had traces of not only his semen but from several different people,” continued Artie.

“Patrick told me he never performed sex acts for Gavin.”

“That’s what he said—his sample is being run now.”

“What—how? He was stab. His parents wouldn’t…wait. Damnit A.J. you took it from my bed?”

“We need this case closed. Without any holes Adam and Patrick’s motive are still in the air.”

“He was fucking stabbed.”

“Yes but the knife never reached his heart that tells us that the killer wasn’t aiming for him. He was trying to kill you, just like Gavin in the graveyard.”

“So it was a coincidence.”

“Or was it staged to look like one?”

“No, Patrick flipped me off of him, he must have seen Marcel coming.”

“Maybe he had a change of heart at the last minute.”

“Shut your mouth A.J.”

“Hey, watch it Potter don’t talk to him like that.”

“Or what Artie, are you going to get mad?”

Artie rose from his seat alerting other dinners as A.J. matched his speed grabbing his shoulders and looking directly at him.

“Artie its’ okay, let me finish.” Artie slowly sat down, and everyone around them seems to calm as well. A.J. focused on Adam again. “Adam, I know this is hard to swallow. But you know it seems strange Patrick knows Cain and he recognized Jay in your apartment with the mask still on, how did he know?”

“I don’t know.”

“That’s what we need to find out. Once his parents leave, his father will most likely restrict anyone but themselves visiting him. That means you. But Artie and I will be allowed visitation since he’s involved in our investigation.”

“I want to be there.”

“And you should go home and shower and change your clothes then come back…”


“Come on Potter.”

“You come on Artie. I’m not leaving so you two can go in questioning him without me. If he’s going to talk, it will be better if I’m there.”

Artie and A.J. glanced at one another thinking of a better reason not to let Adam come with them but thought of none.

“Fine Potter but if you interfere with our questioning I’ll have you arrested. Got it?” said Artie.

Adam rolled his eyes at him and ate another piece of bacon.

“What about Justin did you already interview him?” Adam asked.

“No, we had stopped by his room but he was still asleep.”

“I want to be with him as you questions him.”

“That’s fine, he named you his power of attorney so it would be right to let you be present,” said A.J.

“He did?”

”I thought you knew.”

“I just hired him. Why would he want me to be his power of attorney?”

“You’ll have to ask him.”

“Have you spoken to the doctor?”

“She said besides dehydration, bruising and a few stitches he will make a full recovery.”

“I feel like a prick for not thinking about him.”

“He was unconscious Adam there was nothing you could have done. The killer was after you.”

“…and Patrick.”

“Yes,” corrected A.J. “…and Patrick.”

“We should visit Justin first,” suggested Artie. “Everyone finish I’ll pay the bill?”

“We’ll wait outside for you,” said A.J.

“Do me a favor. Get one blueberry muffin for Justin,” said Adam.

“Sure no problem.”

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