Two Timer-The Harlequin

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Chapter 36

Justin laid still as a strapping nurse named Tobey takes his vitals. Long straight black hair, honey skin and a firm body, as far as Justin was concern. He was still too sore from being with Cain and wanted to forget about him. But the nurse whose hand was brushing his bare chest as he checked the seal of the sensors taped to his chest to track his heart rate. Or when he held his wrist as his timed his pulse, Justin so wanted his next job to be sponge bath.

“So, how am I?” asked Justin, looking up at the brown jewel eyes that looked back at him. A soft smile came across Nurse Tobey’s face.

“Your vitals are normal. Next I’ll need to check your stitches.”

“If you must,” Justin said with a sigh rolling onto his side as the nurse investigates the injury to his sore bottom.

“Everything seems to be fine. Are you in any discomfort Mr. Shi?”

“Sore, very sore.”

“Then I’ll go get you a pain killer.”

“That would be nice, Nurse Tobey.”

Tobey fixed Justin’s blanket as they locked eyes when he pulled the sheet and blanket up higher on his chest. At that moment, Justin’s soreness went away turning into a hungry ache. Slowly they leaned in to kiss when a knock came at the door, and Adam’s voice rang out.

“Hello, Justin are you awake?”

Tobey jerked back, but Justin grabbed his arm.

“Don’t worry he’s only my boss,” he whispered and Tobey flashed another smile his way.

“I’ll go get that painkiller for you.”

“Thank you.”

Tobey opened the door and greeted the three men.

“You can go in; Mr. Shi is awoke.” The three detectives stepped aside and eyeballed the attractive nurse. Adam raised his eyebrows as he turned to walk in holding a small cake box and A.J. started to follow when he realized Artie was stilling staring at the handsome nurse.

“Did you want him to get you something?” A.J. asked his boyfriend. Artie snapped his head around and smiled his guilt at his lover and partner.

“Nothing you haven’t already perfected.”

“Good save. We’ll talk later.”

Artie was about to speak when A.J. turned heel and walked into the room.

Adam presented Justin with his sweet treat and watched as he opened it.

“Blueberry muffin, thank you, I hate hospital food.”

“I’ll go pick you something up for lunch after I see Patrick.”

“Patrick, he’s here?”

“Yeah—wow that’s right you don’t know. The real Harlequin broke into my place again and stabbed Patrick.”

“What—is he…?”

“He’s fine, he’s recovering in ICU.”

“So Cain wasn’t acting alone?”

“No. Jay Marcel was the one who killed Gavin Martin. Cain was working with him.”

“Did Patrick know him?”

“He knew both men.”

“I’m glad to see you’re alright.”

“Just sore,” Adam said. Rubbing his neck.

“So the killers—are in jail?”

“No. Cain and Jay are dead, both shot.”

“Cain too—I thought…”

“He stole a police car and tried to run me and Patrick down at the graveyard.”

“Wow, I missed all the excitement.”

“I’ll tell you all the crazy details when you get back to work. For now how are you?”

“I’m fine—well—I will be when the stitches dissolve.”

“Patrick, me and Detective Cutter would like to ask you some questions if you’re up to it?” asked A.J.

“Well, okay.”

“We come to learn you knew Cain.”

“Yeah, he was a professor at my school.”

“You were living with him?”

“No—not really. He allowed me to live in his townhouse because he moved in with his boyfriend.”

“So you two weren’t having a sexual relationship?”

“Oh, sure we were. His new boyfriend didn’t like S&M, but I loved it. Cain would come over when he was—frustrated and I took care of his needs.” Justin’s response came off so nonchalant that Adam wondered, what else his under twenty-one, assistant was involving himself in, when off duty.

“So you were fine with him having a boyfriend?”

“Sure, I didn’t want a boyfriend I wanted to have fun.”

“Did you know a Jay Marcel?”

“I knew Cain’s boyfriend’s name was Jay. I didn’t know his last name.”

“You’ve met him?”

“No, not face to face, Cain would talk about him or I’d hear a phone conversation between them.”

“Do you know if Jay was fine with Cain going to you for—rougher sex?”

“Not sure. Whenever I ask, Cain would pretend he didn’t hear me. So I dropped it.”

“Did Cain ever mention Patrick Valdez?”


“Have you ever met Patrick before all of this?”


“What happened the last day you went to the townhouse?”

“Everything was normal at first. Cain was there to surprise me with my car fixed and detailed. I wanted to thank him so I went to get ready.”

“Ready?” asked Artie.

“Yeah, chaps, boots and my collar—ready,” Justin said with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Okay, then what happened?” A.J. said envisioning Justin in those very items.

“Well, he was taking a while. Then he barged into the room yelling at me about having the computer from work showing Adam’s web site.” He glanced at Adam, who stood by him. “Cain never flipped out on me like that before. He was piss to find out I worked for Adam, he even broke the laptop in two. Sorry boss.”

“Don’t apologize, you didn’t know he was a lunatic,” said Adam. Justin he stopped, thinking over his next words. “Do you want me to tell you what we did?”

“That won’t be necessary,” said A.J. “What happened after that Justin?”

“Well, he tied me up and fucked me. Then he whipped me with a riding crop I guess until I passed out. I woke up in that room.”

“Did Cain speak to you when he held you in that room?” asked Artie.

“No, but he did talk on his cell a lot.”

“Do you know to whom?”

“No, but he was yelling a lot about being left to do all the work and something about finishing him. I don’t who he was talking about.”

“Who freed you?”


The room door opened, and Nurse Tobey entered holding a tray with a small paper cup holding two pain killers and cup of water. The three men standing turned to him as he crosses the room to Justin’s bed.

“I’m sorry, but Mr. Shi needs his rest now,” he said setting the tray down on the rollaway table and sliding it towards the bed.

“Alright, we’ll let you get your rest,” said A.J., who turned to Artie, and both left the room.

Adam walked over to Justin and took his hand squeezing it gently.

“Justin. Why did you make me, your power of attorney?”

“My parents live overseas and after meeting your family I just wanted someone who would look out for me. If you want me to take you off I’ll understand.” Adam ignored his statement to remove him.

“Don’t worry about a place to stay. You’re staying with me until you’re better and I’ll help you find a new place.”

“Thanks boss.” Adam placed a soft kiss to Justin’s forehead fighting back his thoughts of what could have happened.

“I’ll see you later, with a good meal.”

“And another muffin?”

“Sure?” he looked toward Tobey. “Take care of him.”

“That’s what I’m here for,” replied Tobey with a smile.

Adam walked out and saw A.J. and Artie talking amongst themselves. Artie turned to Adam, who seemed calmer.

“Now, when we see Valdez you’re to stay out of the questioning.”



“Yes, I only want to see Patrick, not to interfere with your investigation.”

“Fare enough so long as we’re clear.”

“Oh, we’re clear.”

“Because if we catch him on a lie…”

“Cain and Jay tried to kill him…”

“Correction both men tried to kill you,” said Artie. “Patrick, was collateral damage.”

“Fine, they were his stalkers.”

“Or his co-conspirators.”

“Where’s innocent until proven guilty Artie?”

“We’ll find out the true once we talk to Patrick,” said A.J.

“Then what are we waiting for,” said Adam stepping aside. “…I follow you detectives.”

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