Two Timer-The Harlequin

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Chapter 38

Adam received a call from A.J. He agree to meet him at the dinner. Adam got there first picking his favorite booth. He waved A.J. over as the waitress brought two coffees. Adam still sporting jeans and a clean shirt A.J. looked like a runway model.

“Adam you look well,” he said sitting across from him.

“A.J. you always look great so let’s just get to why you’re here.”

“Thank you. It’s about the Gavin Martin murder.”

“No it’s not. That’s been closed. This is about Patrick Valdez.”

“He lied about his involvement with Jay. He did sleep with him.”

“And you couldn’t wait to tell me. Wow, did you and Artie flip a coin as to who gets to tell me?”

“No Adam. I felt you had the right to know.”

“Why? To prove to me you have a better relationship then me? Or to prove that you were right that I don’t think—I react?”

“I’m not here to hurt you Adam.”

“Patrick not only had relations with Jay Marcel here, but with Cain Rollins when he was overseas. In fact he had several lovers while studying abroad. The longest lasted two years while he was in Japan. But none of it had anything to do with Gavin Martin’s death. Your killers are dead and Patrick’s past is where it should be—in the past.”

“You’re in love with him?”

“That—is none of your concern A.J.”

“I see.” A.J. stood and reached into his pocket and dropped a ten dollar bill on the table. “Take care of yourself Adam.”

“I always do.”

“No…you don’t.” Before Adam could respond A.J. turned and left. The waitress returned.

“Are you ready to order?” she asked. Adam stared at the money on the table and was about to tell the woman he changed his mind. That is until Justin slide into the booth with a big grin on his face.

“We would like two slices of apple pie with a scoop of French vanilla ice cream and a can of whipped cream.” Adam looked at his assistant who couldn’t stop grinning as the young lady wrote down their order.

“Okay anything else?”

“No,” said Adam. “That’s it.” She walked off to fill their order. “Why are you so happy?”

“Because I found an apartment not far from here.”

“That is good news.”

“And I thought you could use some company.”

“Well I sure as hell could use some pie. Thanks Justin.”

“No problem boss.” After their meal Justin took Adam to his new place and Adam bought him a house warming gift, a new bed.

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