Two Timer-The Harlequin

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Chapter 39

“They have no tangible evidence to connect Patrick to the crime so they’re closing the case,” said Philip Gomez. A server refilled his coffee cup as he enjoyed breakfast with Raoul, Drusilla and Patrick Valdez.

“That is wonderful. See Raoul, our son is fine. There’s no need to send him away,” said Drusilla as the server removed her barely touched meal.

“Drusilla the media is all over this and they want Patrick to give a statement and that is the last thing he needs right now. Sending him away until this blows over is best,” said Raoul.

“Please father I don’t want to leave.”

“You should have thought of that before causing all this trouble.” His voice boomed in Patrick’s ears who looked away from his father’s disapproving gaze. Raoul watched his son and didn’t mean to hurt him. He only wanted to protect Patrick, mostly from himself. His destructive behavior is going to lead him down a dangerous path that even he will not be able to save him from.

“Perhaps, I should go with him,” said Drusilla.

“That’s impossible Drusilla. I have too much work here. Travel is out of the question,” said Raoul.

“I said, I should go, not you Raoul.” Raoul looked at his wife in utter shock. In all the years they’ve been together. Never once they traveled without the other. She gave him a daring stare. He knew what she was doing and knew she will follow through leaving him on his own. Something he’d loathed. He glanced at Philip, his closest friend and saw him hiding a smirk behind taking a sip from his coffee cup.

“Very well. Patrick can stay…”

“Thank you father…”

“…provided you follow some strict rules.”


“You say that now.” Raoul looked at his wife who pleaded for him to go easy on their son. “First you will move back in here with us. Next sell you condo.”

“My condo…”

“Yes. Having you here gives us the peace of mind that at least we’ll know where you are at night. And last. Adam Potter.”


“Not another word Patrick. Adam Potter’s name will not be mention in this house. You will not seek him out. You will seek a respectable suitor that is in your class. Understood?”

“Father, I’m an adult…”

“Would you like to handle the media? Your wellbeing? Just say the word and you can find your own way in the world. But it won’t be with my money. It will have to be with your own.”

“Raoul, you are being too hard on him,” said Drusilla. But Raoul ignored his loving wife.

“You have trust funds from both sets of your grandparents. But there are rules in place where we can control how much money you can have at one time. If you wish to leave it will be bestowed to you as an allowance. Not as lavished as before but enough for you to live an adequate life.”

“Why do you hate him father? He saved my life twice.”

“He’s beneath you Patrick. He would never fall into our world, he would drag you into his and expect you to conform.”

“But what’s wrong with his world?”

“Nothing but everything. You disappear to that world as if you were on a vacation and come back to your own not missing a beat.”

“Patrick,” said Drusilla, catching her son’s eye. “Your heart is in the right place but you’re looking through rose color glasses. Do you understand?”

“I think so,” said Patrick.

“So you’ll do as I say?” asked Raoul.

“Yes father.”

“Good. Phillip will handle the sale of the condo and deposit the money into your account.”

“Will I have a chaperon?”

“No, you will be trusted to go out on your own with your friends and I know you enjoy those conventions.”

“Thank you father.”

“Patrick. Know this—I love you deeply and I don’t like punishing you, I like spoiling you.” Raoul rose from his seat and walked over to his son and kissed his raised forehead brushing his soft locks and cupping his youthful cheeks. He walked over to his wife and kissed her tenderly on the lips that if alone he would ravish her right there and then. “Phillip, it’s time we left.” Philip wiped his mouth and rose kissing Drusilla goodbye on her cheek.

“Good to see you Philip please come again with Michael, I miss him.”

“He’ll be back in town by next week,” said Philip.

“Good bring him around for tea.”

“I will.” He looked at Patrick and smiled. “Patrick take care of yourself and your parents.”

“I will Uncle Philip say hello to Uncle Michael.”

“I will goodbye.” Raoul and Philip took their leave. Patrick looked at his mother with worry eyes.

“Patrick my time will be engaged for the coming season. I will have to trust that you will follow your father’s rules and not get into any more trouble.”

“I will mother.”

“I know you feel your father is being too hard on you but after all that has happened.”

“I understand.”

“Go say goodbye Patrick. You owe that to Mr. Potter.”

“But father said…”

“He doesn’t need to know. We’ll see you at dinner a six o’clock. Shilo?”

“Yes miss?”

“Call a cab for Patrick please.”

“Yes miss.”

“I won’t be late.” Patrick kissed his mother goodbye and hurried off.

Climbing into a cab Patrick told the driver the address and sat back as they rode in silence. His family’s massive estate past by his window as the cab driver maneuver the forest driveway towards the gate that wasn’t in sight yet. Patrick held his new cell phone, which only recently his father replaced, between his fingers as he thought of his way around his father’s punishment.

He wasn’t going to stop seeing Adam. The first week without his detective’s arms around him caused many sleepless nights that left him crying alone. He resorted to texting Adam explaining his dilemma.

“So you’re breaking up with me through texting?” Patrick could hear the anger in his words.

“No…yes. Adam I’m forbidden to see you what can I do.”

“What do you normally do?”

“Defy my father.”

“Come see me and tell me to my face. Like a man.”

Patrick went to Mia’s apartment that was fifteen minutes away from Adam’s. She not only covered for him but she helped him disguised himself before showing up at Adam’s building wearing tall rider boots with skinny jeans and a tie-dyed poncho with hoodie showing a red wig he borrowed from Mia. He walked into Adam’s reception office and saw Justin typing at his desk. Justin heard him walk in but didn’t look up right away. That is until Patrick cleared his throat.

“Hello, can I…” Then Justin recognized him. “…dear God it’s you,” Patrick smirked as he lowered his hoodie and the bob-cut wig with bangs.

“What yourself Shi,” Patrick whispered. Adam’s office door opened and he walked out holding and reading an opened file.

“Justin where are my notes to the Tanner case?”

“I have them here boss.” Justin picked up Adam’s small notebook to hand over when Patrick snatched it from his fingers and presented it to Adam with a smile. Adam looked up and eyed the redhead with caution.

“Don’t tell me you only remember my ass, Mr. Potter?” Adam’s eyes caught hold of Patrick’s haze orbs and closed the file he was holding. He reached for the notebook but instead grabbed Patrick’s wrist and pulled him into his office.

“Hold my calls Justin.” He didn’t wait for a response as he shut his door with a bang. He turned and saw the door to his apartment was opened and Patrick gone. He raced upstairs to find the aristocrat on his bed with his wig off and taking off his boots. “Patrick stop, we need to talk.” Patrick turned to his detective now barefoot.

“Do you want to remove my jeans? They were a pain in the ass to get on so you’ll have to kneel and tug them down,” Patrick said. Slipping the poncho over his head exposing his clean chest.

Adam watched as his curls bounced around his angelic face. He licked his glossed lips like he did in the mirror when Adam first saw him.

“Patrick, you tried to break up with me through text.”

“Yes and you told me to come to you and face you like a man.”

“That’s right.”

“But I need to get these jeans off to do that; but I can’t take them off alone, I’m too anxious. I need your help.” Adam approached him and knew what he wanted. He grabbed the jean’s waist band and pulled at the button fly releasing them without care of ripping them off. Sliding his thumbs around the fabric to the small of Patrick’s back he eased the denim over the firm round ass only half way as he discovered Patrick wearing no underwear. Adam lips hovered closed to Patrick’s but went Patrick tried to kiss him Adam moved out of reach. When Patrick tried to reach for him Adam grabbed his wrists and forced them to his side.

“Keep them at your side. You don’t get to touch me with your hands or lips not until I say,” Adam said. Patrick obeyed but his growing cock had other ideas. Adam leaned close to his neck and breathed in his heavenly scent of musk. How he wanted to take Patrick right there and then but he needed him to suffer. Dropping to his knees Adam took hold of the waist band again and slowly eased the jeans down the well sculpted thighs and legs stopping at his feet. Patrick tried to raise his leg but Adam stopped him, looking up again past his erection to his hazel eyes. “Don’t move.” Patrick’s lips parted to speak but said nothing as he fell under Adam’s gaze. Then without warning Adam grabbed his legs and tackled him to his bed pinning him beneath his body.

“Tell me what you want?” asked Adam.

“I want you.”

“Prove it.” Patrick tried to kiss him again but was denied again leaving him burning from his heat.

“Then tell me how?” asked Patrick. Still with his hand at his side.

“Defy thy father.” Adam’s words seem to wrap around and squeeze Patrick’s heart. Adam’s quote from a play that ended in tragic didn’t frighten Patrick it deepened the hold on his heart. Patrick nodded his head. “No. Tell me.”

“I defy my father and will refuse my name for your love.”

“No. I can’t let you do that. Not your name.”

“Please Adam, I can’t sleep without having your arms around me, kissing me and telling me that you love me.”

“Then we’ll have to find a way around your father.” Adam lean down and kissed Patrick’s mouth. His hands explored his hair and naked flesh. “You may touch me now.” They held nothing back as Adam allowed Patrick to roll him over and disrobe him.

A few weeks later a coming convention allowed Patrick to send the night over his friend’s Mia’s place to craft their costumes. Mia was also his alibi when he went to see Adam.

The alarm clock screamed for attention as Adam lazily snaked his arm out from under the blanket and searched for its place on the nightstand finding the cord and ripping it out of the wall silencing its cries. His arm returned to the place of warmth around Patrick’s shapely frame.

“You know, you’re going to have to get up and plug it back in for tomorrow right?” said Patrick, who felt Adam’s raging heat as his body spooned his. Adam breathed deeply onto Patrick’s ear and neck as he grinned his privates into his lover’s soft firm arse.

“You’re right, but if it means for me to be able to hold you every morning then, I’m just going to keep right on doing it.” A solid smile broke on Patrick’s face as he held Adam’s muscular arm tighter.

“Do you have to get up?”

“Yeah, I have a case I need to look over.”

“Does it involve—guns or fighting?”

“I hope not, but in this business you never know.”

Patrick shivered from the thought of Adam getting hurt or worst. His own injury has long healed and with some plastic surgery no scar. Adam told him he didn’t care if there were one, but Patrick didn’t want to be reminded of it every time he took off his shirt, so he had the surgery.

“Are you cold, I can get another blanket?” asked Adam.

“No, I’m okay.” He turned over so he could face Adam. “I want to tell you something.”


“Thank you for being so understanding.” Adam pulled him close and kissed him hard on the mouth.

“You didn’t need to say that.”

“Yes I did. If my father’s knew where I was…”

“Let’s not worry about him. Let’s just enjoy what we have.” Patrick kissed Adam this time and hug him tight.

“I promise I’ll try and get him to come around to accepting our relationship.”

“You can always move in with me.”

“Your closet wouldn’t be able to support my clothes.”

“Come on, take a shower with me.”

Patrick allowed Adam to pull him out of bed and into a warm, inviting shower where they both made use of their short time together before Adam needed to go to work. Patrick dressed before Adam and called a cab to his parents.

Justin had already made coffee and placed a box of six blueberry muffins on Adam’s desk. Patrick and Justin exchanged a hello as Patrick snatched one of the muffins and kissed Adam goodbye.

“So what’s the business for today?” Justin retrieved his notepad from his desk and walked into Adam’s office with a cup of coffee for his boss.

“Well, you have a message for a new client by the name of Hugo Copper about a missing Manga collection. He wants you to come by his home around ten a.m. tomorrow”

“Did he leave a number?”

“He did.”

“Call him back and tell him I’ll be there. Oh and did you order the pass for the anime convention Patrick is cosplaying?”

“It’s on my desk.”

“Great I’m meeting him there. I have to show my support.”

“You mean, bodyguard him.”

“Hey, nobody’s putting their grabby hands on him.”

“I’ll call back the client.”

“Also gather as much intel on Hugo for me please.”


“Yeah it’s one of your new job titles. Also take your work home I want to lock up to the shop.”

“Which means you want to bring Patrick back here and you want me gone.”


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