Two Timer-The Harlequin

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Chapter 40

Adam navigated his way through the crowed convention. Many different people of all shapes and sizes ventured to and fro, smiling and talking amongst each other. Tables and booths were lined up like a serpentine for buyers of hard to finds, souvenirs or die hard collectors of anything to deal with movies, comics, and video or role playing games.

Adam remember his parents talking him and his brothers to cosplay conventions in there town but realized two of their sons had different interest namely him and his older brother Damien. Paul and Kyle loved going and dressing as their favorite characters.

They loved the attention they received from people who wanted to take their picture. Now that they’re older they are active members in the annual Sci-Fi/fantasy/medieval reenactments done on the family’s property.

“Adam.” A joyous voice sound in Adam’s ears. He turned towards an approaching Cosplayer waving an open fingered gloved hand and wearing a black, wide skirt dress, with a white ruffle apron, thigh high white stockings with ruffles that trimmed black velvet boots. A long black wig framed the painted face that looked like a doll’s.

Adam stared in wonder as the female Goth’s arms wrapped around his neck and the slim body pressed against his tenderly. Adam sniffed heavenly scent that rose from the greeter’s neck and knew right away who it was as he embraced the body in his arms.

“Patrick, you look amazing,” Adam whispered in his lover’s ear. Patrick parted from Adam and twirl once for him.

“Thanks, I’m so glad you came.”

“Well I’m not a stranger to this and any reason to spend time with you is a must.”

“I’m not competing today, so I can leave early if you get bored.”

“I would never get bored of seeing you happy.”

“Oh—you’re going to make me cry.”

“Is you mascara waterproof?”

“No, so I’m going to make my rounds.”

“And I won’t be far behind you. I can look for something for my mother.”

“Is she into all of this? My mother supports me but knows nothing about my world.”

“Yeah, I can say my mother is an expert.”

“I’d love to meet her.”

“Well, once I tell my family about you they will demand that I bring you to the next family dinner.”

“I’d like that. I wish my…” but Patrick stopped himself as he remembered his father’s words forbidding him to see Adam again. Adam noticed the stress he was under and didn’t want to upset him further about something neither could change.

“He’ll warm up to me,” said Adam, Patrick tried to give Adam a smile but it broke off into him shrugging his shoulders. “Okay why don’t we talk about this after the convention?”

“Okay.” Patrick didn’t want to smug his lip stick on Adam’s cheek so instead he just blow him a kiss as he walked off. Adam followed from a distance and watched as Patrick walked around the hall waving at people and stopping to take pictures.

New business, new employee and new boyfriend Adam Potter found everything he’d long for, so why was a heavy dread hanging over his head? His cell phone rang out, and he noticed the number being Patrick’s. He glanced up and saw him looking at him holding a pink cell phone with dangling ornaments he answered it on the second ring.

“Hey, you forget something?”

“Yeah, I forgot to tell you I love you.”

“I love you more.”

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