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"He's free! The bastards free. He killed my parents and now he's after me." She thought it was over, little did she know it was just the beginning. "I will find you, And when i do, i will kill you." Blaire comes from a higher class family of a mom, dad, and a brother that cant seem to stay out of prison for drug use. Kevin comes from a wealthy family that struggles day by day to live. Kevin and Blaire met in high school and have been best friends and in love ever since. That is until Blaire found out Kevin didn't love her, just her body and money. Blaire broke it off between them. Kevin raged with furry of anger and decided that he wanted them dead. Kevin tried to kill Blaire and her family but only succeeding in neutralizing her parents. Kevin who is now in prison told Blaire that his job is not finished, that when he does get out he will find her and he will kill her. The book takes place five (5) years after the incident, read to find out what happens to Blaire

Thriller / Romance
Mandii Watson
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Chapter 1

I lay on top of him as we laid on the bed, he grabs my ass and starts to bite my neck. A small moan escapes my lips. I quickly sit up, and look down at him “Baby please, not now, just hold me.” He looks at me with an upsetting face. “I’m sorry baby, I thought maybe it would help release some tension and help you relax.” He speaks as he kisses my cheek pulling me back down to lay on his chest. As I lay there he rubs my back and whispers sweet and soothing things in my ear.

“You’re my precious, baby girl. I Love you sweetheart.”

I coo in comfort letting him know that what he is doing feels good. “Is this helping baby?” He questioned as he rubbed my back right where a huge knot stowed beneath my upper right shoulder blade. I nod reassuring him. We finally fell asleep, but was awoken by the distraught sound of the doorbell. I groaned as I sat up. I looked down at Preston. He was still sound asleep. I climbed off him, and the doorbell rings again. I grunted with irritation. Headed downstairs and answered the door to see who the abrupt person was.

When I reached the bottom of the steps, the doorbell rang for a third time. I lash open the door and with a disturbed voice I Hollered “What!?” There was no one there, I walked out the door and looked around. No one was there. I walked back inside, closed the door behind me and locked it. I walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water. As I headed for the kitchen, I passed by our back door, not noticing at first. After I had grabbed my glass of water and turned to head back upstairs, I glanced up at the backdoor and realized it was wide open. I walk over to the back door, slowly opening it up. Tiptoeing outside I look around to see if anyone was there. I walked around the whole yard, and found nothing. I headed towards the back door to head inside.

When I got inside I closed the door and locked it, turned around and headed upstairs. Finally reaching the top of the stairs, I silently headed back over to the bed where Preston still slept. I sat on the edge of the bed thinking about the doorbell and the backyard. Was it all in my head?? Was I just imagining these things? I asked myself.

I rub my eyes and head to my side of the bed. I climb in to where my chest is facing Preston’s back I wrap one arm around him. Something warm covers my hand. I pull my hand from under the covers as it drips with blood. My heart drops in the pit of my stomach. I sit up in the bed and turn over to Preston and start shaking him.

“Preston, baby.” I say frantically I shake him harder. “Preston please wake up.” I get no response so I remove the blanket and notice a huge knife plowed in the middle of his chest.

I let out a loud screechy scream.

“Oh Preston, oh my!!” I scream and holler as I hold my lifeless man in my arms.

“Preston” I continue to sob.

Right then I hear our bedroom door open slowly err I whip my head towards the door and see before my very eyes. I sit there stiff trying to catch my breath as I see my ex standing in the doorway.

“K...k...Kevin...” I gasp.

“It’s been a long time Blaire, glad to finally see that beautiful face of yours.” Kevin implies

“What did you do to Preston!?” I scream at him looking back towards Preston as a tear falls down my face.

“Oh Blaire, he never loved you like I did. You didn’t need him.” says Kevin as he started walking towards the bed.

“Stop, don’t come near me.” I shouted.

He ignore my demand and got closer by the second.

“Blaire, baby. I know you missed me my darling you can’t deny It.” he responded as he sat on the edge of the bed next to Blaire.

I scooted away from him, he just scooted closer towards me. He reached out a hand and touched my leg. I pulled away from him.

“Don’t touch me!” I told him.

“Blaire baby, you know I’d never hurt you. I just want to make things right between us to. I want us to be happy together.”

“Bullshit!” I respond as I scowl at him.

“Oh... now that’s no way for a pretty lady to speak now it is.” He replied as he scoots closer to the bed.

I glance over to my phone sitting on the dresser not too far from where I am.

Kevin scoots up closer and starts to touch my leg again. He runs his hands up my legs, as he gets closer to my inner thigh.

“I told you not to touch me!” I holler kicking him in the face.

He falls to the floor, and I pick myself off the bed and run towards the dresser.

Kevin grabs ahold of my ankle and pulls me down. I fall to the ground squirming, trying to loosen his grip on my ankle.

“Let me go!” I exclaimed.

Kevin drug me down towards him, climbed on top of me pinned me down and held me there.

“Get off me!” I screamed at him

“That’s wasn’t a very lady like thing to do!” He exclaimed “Now I’m going to have to punish you.” He replied

I started to scream. “Help! someone please!!” I shouted and hollered.

Kevin pulled a gag ball out of his coat pocket, stuck it in my mouth and tied it.I tried screaming but there was no use.I struggled and fought, but that didn’t work either.He put my hands over my head and in the other pocket he pulled out two strands of rope. He used one strand and tied my hands and he used the other strands and tied my feet together. I laid on the floor screaming and crying.

“Feisty.” He said when he finished tying me up. “Just how I like it.” He continued

He started to rub his hand up my leg. I struggled, twist and turned. Trying to get him to stop, but nothing worked. When he reached my inner thigh. Tears ran down my face. He pulled down my pajama shorts, down as far as they would go. Then he started to kiss up my legs. I start kicking my feet as they are tied together, trying to loosen the rope. Kevin slapped my outer thigh and I stopped kicking, and more tears ran down my face. I became weak. Is this what I wanted? No. But there was nothing I could do. He kissed from my inner thighs all the way up to my panties. He kissed the top of my panties and I loosened up. He stopped and looked up at me.

“Do you like that princess?

I nod my head and a tear slides down my cheek.

“I knew you would baby girl. If I take that out of your mouth will you promise not to scream or holler” He whispers.I nod my head again. He leans behind me and unties the ball gag, and removes it from my mouth. I let out a huge gasp of air.Kevin looks at me admiringly as he speaks his next words.

“Now, just lay back, relax and enjoy this.” He speaks as he looks into my eyes.Kevin sits up and starts undoing his pants and he starts to take them off, before he can get them off, I take a deep breath and I start screaming as loud as I can.

“Help! Help me, please anyone. Please. HELP!!!”

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