Family Honor

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Journey through hell caused bad decisions made by two young teenagers. Experience wild hallucinations and horror. You decide who's really to blame. See firsthand the impact those bad decisions .... The quiet life of a successful family man in his early 40's is suddenly turned into an inferno of unspeakable hell and horror by a "ghost from the past". He enters into a life and death fight for his life and to protect and preserve those he loves the most. Travel back to the 70's to discover just what happened back on that dark and dreadful day. Experience horror and madness from inside the mind of a kid fighting his way through hallucinations and horror. Witness the tragedy first hand and the devastation wreaked upon two familys. See how one bad decision can destroy the lives of so many and the effect it can have on the very young. This story encompasses two generations and spans over four decades and has unexpected twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This one is definitely a must read and won't leave you disappointed. You have never read or heard a story like this one. Promise!

Thriller / Drama
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Family Honor


By Dan Graham

This book is intended to get the attention of at risk youth and facilitate caring adults in having those all important but so difficult discussions.

Help me change the course of a life today. Read and share. It may make a life and death difference in the future of someone you know?

There thought questions to facilitate life changing discussions for each chapter. Read them or skip them. That’s up to you.

But the best part is the story you are about to read.

So fasten your seat belts and prepare yourself. You will be entering into a world of insanity and journeying back to the drug crazed madness of the 70′s and beyond.


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