The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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It is often said that inside each individual, two wolves are scrambling for attention. The wolf that is on display is the wolf of good or evil that is supported inside the hearts of others. When the people are asked to elect a new president, they ignore the obvious signs, the lies, the attacks against others and elect an evil tyrant and dictator that will turn the nation into a dictatorship. Confronting other nations, his actions unleash a barrage of attacks that leave the nation in ruins, allowing secret groups and armies to move from town to town and exterminate the citizens. The fate of mankind rests on the shoulders of the patriots that seek refuge and plan their attack with strategic precision to not only eliminate the forces of evil, but rebuild a nation that stands for truth, justice, and the pursuit of happiness under the constitution and Bill of Rights that everyone should live under. There are often obstacles involved and lives will be put in danger to recreate a nation the citizens can be proud of and protect.

Thriller / Mystery
David Reid
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Chapter One - The Awakening

It is often said if you tell the lie often enough, the people will eventually be open to the lie and it will be accepted. For many years, the people were told that they were safe and they were immune to attack from other nations. That would be echoed from coast-to-coast with each new generation. Many would quote ‘Admiral Yamamoto’ when he said: “Attacking the continental United States would be suicide, because there is a gun behind every blade of grass.”

That is true, but the people were deliberately kept in the dark about what is lying off their coasts in international waters. Unknown to many, there would be Russian and Chinese destroyers, carriers, and nuclear submarines outside the jurisdiction of the Coast Guard. For those with their eyes open, they had seen Russian or Chinese fighter-jets crossing the skies near the Gulf that has separated North America from the Southern hemisphere.

The people would then sound the alarm, but their cries would fall on deaf ears in Washington and even their own states. Politicians would answer fears in the making with excuses that all nations participate in maneuvers that take them into other countries and it was normal - so they have nothing to worry about. That would be the excuse used during ‘Jade Helm’ and foreign troops would arrive to participate in what the government called joint war games on US soil.

It was through the mentality of denial that no one was expecting what will take place Sunday morning at 7:51. It is Easter Sunday and the Christians in the nation were preparing to attend their services to render praise to God for sending his son to atone for all the sins of the world. As men, women, and children were bathed and dressed, many of the military personnel were also preparing to attend church services, leaving a skeletal crew on duty.

It was reminiscent of 1941, December 7th, and it was called ‘a day that will live in infamy’ by ‘Franklin D. Roosevelt.’ It was Pearl Harbor and when the Japanese planes arrived that fateful morning, many ships would be sunk in the harbor. The airfields that are used to launch their planes were destroyed at the same time, leaving the scent of death in the air.

The people would watch the nation enter WW2 and it will lead to the death of many men and women that wore their uniforms of war with pride. Family, love of freedom, and upholding the constitution would send them into harm’s way and death, while cowardly politicians sat in Washington and watched it unfold from the comforts of their own offices.

Before something occurs, there are always steps that precede it and what is to transpire that Sunday morning wasn’t an exception. The people believed it would be a normal day, but nothing could be further from the truth.

It is 7:45 and the sounds of sirens are breaking the silence of the morning. Police are now out in force on the streets, screaming for the citizens to enter the safest area of their homes. It could be their basements, or enter structures that were built as bomb shelters during the ‘Cold’ war with Russia.

The emergency broadcast channel had interrupted the stations that were on their Easter Sunday morning shows and those that were awake were asking a pertinent question - what happened that would throw a nation that the people swore is immune to attack into total chaos? It only took a minute to answer their question and as the people looked out their windows, they could see the large mushroom clouds rising above the mountains in the west and the east.

For those across the nation, other mushroom clouds were also rising and it is now the scene from their worst nightmare. Los Angeles would be reduced to rubble in a heart-beat. Everyone living inside the city would be instantly vaporized. That is also the scene in New York, Washington, Miami, Boston, Chicago, and a nation that would never be attacked is now feeling the effects of their own arrogance and denial.

Planes weren’t able to rise into the air, due to strong winds that are caused by the explosions, and the screams of mothers and children could be heard in the communities that weren’t affected. For those that believe the government lies through a media that is based on lies, propaganda, and twisting the truth, the sad reality that their beloved nation is under attack finally sank into their minds. There is no room any longer for doubt and denying reality.

For many, they were now seeing their decisions becoming reality and there was nowhere to hide or second-guess themselves. They were responsible for electing a man that was a known criminal, pervert, liar, and a man that could change everything he said within minutes of saying it. The people had closed their eyes to his actions and now millions of innocent men, women, and their children were paying for their arrogance and denial of fact. Many felt foolish that they ignored the warnings of others and they now reap what they sow.

The people ignored the warning signs at their own peril and now it would be too late to change their decisions. They have watched their new president for seventy years and his indiscretions were legendary.

There were charges filed in courts that ranged from sexual assault and rape to business acts that would leave contractors on the hook for millions of dollars. Failure to pay for the work performed will push many companies out of business, but those that supported the fraud and con artist didn’t care.

Billions of dollars are involved through multiple bankruptcies, but again, it is irrelevant to voters that believed he was the chosen one that would lead them to the promised land of riches and prosperity. There would always be two sides to every issue and for the people to ignore the dark side, so they can ignore what happened in the past, they have seen the consequences that display what ignorance and gullibility reward them with.

When the president tries to run the nation through executive orders, instead of going through congress that have the authority to write or change laws, it opens the door to abuse and that is what could lead to problems of the people in the modern age. Executive orders that are dealing with immigration were the cause of many attacking the new leader for banning their nations that were known for terrorist activities, but other nations were ignored that were also known as hotbeds of terrorism.

The western media distorted and pushed the lies for their own advantage to woo the public into tuning into their newscasts, regardless if it wasn’t true. It was overlooked that the president’s actions slaughtered innocent women and men in foreign nations, through his desire to bully others into accepting him as the world police force again.

There is no consideration given to the fact that his actions could lead to the deaths of innocent civilians and men that are representing his own military. A situation existed where missiles were launched in Syria that exploded and released the huge cloud of deadly and toxic chemical weapons. Again the media twisted it and they blamed the foreign government for the deaths of hundreds of civilians, including small children.

It led to another missile attack on their airbase to seek retribution against a nation that wasn’t involved in any of the deaths. It will lead to many citizens praising the tyrant in office, stating they he was showing courage to others.

When public support continues to build through illegal actions to start with and the media distort the truth in fiction, it would always lead to even greater attacks, which would then lead to what was called a ‘MOAB’ or mother of all bombs being dropped in Afghanistan. The media call it an attack on enemies tunnels and cave occupations, but it is an exercise to make the president appear to be a hero in the eyes of the people. Why... because it was known that his ratings had dropped to the lowest levels in history.

Actions, regardless of where they will originate, will always lead to serious repercussions and that would be seen in Egypt on the Sunday before Easter. ISIS terrorists took exception to the president and his bully tactics and there would be three explosions recorded by the people in Egypt. Terrorists aren’t intimidated by the puffed-up words of others and seek retribution.

The terrorists waited for men, women, and children to enter their church in the small town of ‘Rakka’ and as they sang hymns to commemorate what is called ‘Palm’ Sunday, bombs killed hundreds of the innocent civilians. There would be explosions in a second Christian church and also at a police station that led to the deaths of many. Attacks would also be reported in Stockholm, Sweden, where many lives were lost.

Instead of accepting the reality of his incompetence, the president shrugged it off as insignificant and traveled to the golf course yet again. He didn’t care that people had died. He was too busy securing deals for his own empire and it had him entertaining the Chinese premier at his golf course.

The president would secure licenses to build new hotels, resorts, many new golf courses, plus the licenses to promote and push their human trafficking and prostitution agreements. Women were seen as stupid, fat, ugly, and there were no doubts that the president saw women as inferior to him. He attacked them constantly through the primaries and many ignored it, often calling it a ‘just boys being boys’ mentality.

The press would be reporting that new trade agreements are discussed, but the president would then use his ‘twitter’ account to send his message that he hoped China will help him defeat the communist leader of North Korea, but if he didn’t, he had the public support to do it himself. He would then discuss his ‘chocolate’ cake and how great it was, as the best cake ever created. That was his childish attitudes, but again, no one cared.

That was a huge mistake and the president would send a fleet of ships to an area that is off the coast of North Korea. The leader of that nation is unstable and the nation had been creating weapons for the past ten years. That would be devastating to opposing nations and their Naval fleets. South Korea could be in danger, where millions could lose their lives, but the people didn’t care.

North Korea had developed what they called ‘Hovercraft’ missile launchers that could send a nuclear-tipped warhead towards their target that skimmed the water. It would be invisible to radar and tracking systems that could pick up approaching missiles, allowing them to be shot down.

This ignorance is often pointed out to many that support a war with North Korea, but the warning fell on deaf ears. Many developed what was called a ‘blood-lust’ and the people didn’t care how many lives would be lost.

They support a man in office that changed his position on every issue. If he said he would do something, the people only had to wait an hour and he was then saying the opposite in total incompetence. His stupidity was ignored for a long time and the people actually believed the military would take out their leader and liberate North Korea within hours of invading the nation.

Obviously the people weren’t using intelligence any longer, because if they paid attention, the televsion show called ‘MASH’ that aired in the seventies discussed the reality of North Korea and their war against the south. North Korea sent 75,000 troops into South Korea and ‘Harry S. Truman’ would be forced to then send soldiers to Korea as a police action in 1950.

When the truce was eventually signed, signalling the end of hostilities, the final totals revealed that over five-million military personnel and civilians in the two nations would be killed. Russia and China were supporting the North and to invade the country would be declaring war on both superpowers. That is the purpose of obtaining allies around the world. When you attack one, the nation is in fact attacking them all, but then again, the people didn’t want the facts, when fiction sounded better.

That was obviously overlooked by the new president. He was now running the United States in a manner that suited him and his democrat ideals. There is no compromise and it was his way or the highway, since he would attack a group of men that are known as the ‘freedom caucus’ over health care or their socialized medicine bill that he created with the assistance of the man that is the leader of the Senate.

There is no doubt the people wanted the government out of their lives, but it was never to be. The government and their incompetence would send their ships into enemy waters and when the president signed off on the invasion, it was going to be his last mistake that would launch massive repercussions for many. He wasn’t handling a company, he was leading a nation to destruction.

Of all the weekends he could have chosen for an invasion of another nation, without approval or authorization of congress, which is blatant contradiction of 50 US code 1542, the president had chosen ‘Good Friday’, which is one of the ‘Holy’ days of Christianity, and is during the Jewish holiday of Passover.

There would be opposition to his abuse of office, since the law states: ”The President in every possible instance shall then consult with Congress before introducing the United States Armed Forces into hostilities, or the situations where their imminent involvement in hostilities is clearly indicated by the circumstances. After every such introduction, he shall consult regularly with Congress until all the United States Armed Forces are no longer engaged in hostilities, or they have been removed from such situations.”

It wasn’t the first time the new president had ignored US laws that were in place and limited his authority. He was in violation of US 5 - 3110, when he would hire family members as his advisors. “The Federal law 3110 generally prohibits a federal official, including a member of congress, from appointing, or recommending for appointment or promotion, any relative of the official to any agency or department over official exercises or authority of control.”

The statute defines the relative for these purposes as an individual who is related to the public official as his father, mother, son, his daughter, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, first cousin, nephew, niece, husband or wife, father-in-law, sister-in-law, stepfather, stepsister, half brother or their half sister. There was a reason for the law in place and it prohibits politicians from creating what is called a tyranny, monarchy, or dictatorship.

For almost two years, millions of citizens were researching the man that is embraced by many and what they found was very concerning. They realized that he was a manipulative con artist, but then again, warnings could only be as effective as those that were willing to listen. When millions of citizens are oblivious to the truth and don’t want to have their illusions shattered, there is nothing that can be done.

Many hoped saner heads would prevail, but that too is an illusion, since the leaders of the party were determined to push him on the people. They fought tooth and nail against his competition, because they didn’t want to see a man on the ballot that could threaten their elite status through incompetence. The people are watching how the party attacked true constitutional conservatives and the politicians were walking a thin line.

Many were living in fear and they were adamant that they didn’t want their new leader being a carbon copy of the past leader that worked hard to create chaos, division, and he pushed the ‘Marxist’ agenda. Even though many said they opposed a ‘leftist’, they had no problems supporting another leftist that is going to put an ‘R’ next to his name for appearances only. That would see a corrupt criminal elected and the events of his first months in power told the story of what and who he is.

In his first week of office, the new president would be eager to sign a flurry of executive orders. He would sign an order that called for an immigration ban of seven nations. It would be ruled illegal and unconstitutional, since the 1965 Immigration and Refugee Act, also called the ‘Hart-Celler Act’ made it illegal for a president to exercise discrimination against other nations. That is to lead to a second executive order and it too was ruled illegal, since there was no doubt that discrimination was intended to only punish seven nations.

Obviously the laws didn’t mean anything to the man that was now residing inside the ‘Oval’ office and as he walked towards the ‘war’ room, he would be joined by his globalist banking buddies and men that had worked for the evil corporations that promoted the New World Order. When it was pointed out to his supporters that the president hadn’t selected even one conservative to his cabinet, again no one cared and they didn’t want to hear it.

With the statement being issued that the president was going to show every nation that he meant business by invading North Korea, the press would be all over it, calling him incompetent and childish in his actions. Since it was going to be a military operation, the people want to know why the Generals, Admirals, and men that are connected with military intelligence wouldn’t be invited into the room.

As the President and a government bureaucracy of globalist-establishment members watched the live feed from the shores of North Korea, it wasn’t an operation that would go unnoticed by the world. Many patriots and those in the nation that had seen the impending disaster looming over the past year weren’t about to let the future control them.

They have taken precautions to safeguard their families and loved ones in advance of the impending disaster. Many were already taking precautions to survive a nuclear holocaust, because their new president often stated during his speeches and rallies that ‘nuclear’ weapons are useless if they aren’t used against others. He had no idea that just the thought of ‘nukes’ had preserved a lasting peace between all the nuclear nations. No one wanted the fallout that would exist if anyone launched one of their weapons.

When authorization was given to launch ‘Tomahawk’ missiles towards the presidential palace of the North Korean dictator and towards their suspected military installations, the men on the ships weren’t prepared when a missile hit the bow of the aircraft carrier, sending a large mushroom cloud rising to the skies above them. The blast had eliminated all the attacking ships and the people of South Korea knew that they would be next.

As they look northward, they could see the vapor trail of smoke and flames of approaching missiles and there was nowhere to hide, there was nowhere to escape, and the peninsula of South Korea would be reduced to a burning shell of rubble. The US military and civilians that work in Seoul had reached 10,000 degrees in the blink of an eye and the horror is noticed by billions of individuals around the world.

The nation had underestimated the motives and actions of a madman and it had now cost the lives of over fifty-million men, women, and the children on the peninsula that believed no one would be stupid enough to launch nuclear weapons at their enemies. The president, who had been so eager to launch a nuclear weapon appeared undisturbed by the events unfolding around them in the war room.

Was it done on purpose to push what would be called ‘Agenda 21’, which is a globalist goal to reduce the world’s population by six-and-a-half billion men and women that lived their own lives. With an administration that could be called a ‘globalist’ force, the president was in league with the ‘NWO’.

The media grabbed the unfolding story within minutes and as the airwaves reported that South Korea ceased to exist, many were mourned as there were many killed through foolishness and failure to obtain many pertinent facts in advance. They had elected a tyrant that had now sent millions to their graves in an effort to satisfy his own arrogance and ego.

Questions were now asked and did Russia and China authorize the actions that day or would they now retaliate against the mainland United States. The question would eventually be answered on ‘Easter’ Sunday and of course the president and his family, the politicians, their families and relatives would be heading for secret government bomb shelters.

Hollywood movie stars, the rich, or the groups of elite millionaires were on the first flights to secret hideaways that are all located in caves under tons of granite in the mountain regions. Billionaires are rushing to take refuse at the same time and they were now entering the abandoned missile silos that were renovated into posh or luxury hotels.

Unfortunately for the peasants that weren’t rich and struggled to survive in a world that was against them each day, they would have to find a way that would ensure they could survive. They had made the mistake of believing a nation’s media that constantly lied to them and ‘Easter’ weekend would be the same. The media’s lies were no different from previous years.

Newscasters are reading government propaganda reports that are designed to fool the gullible and ignorant. The men and women were saying that there is no cause for concern and the United States was immune from attack from other nations. It is all lies, but they want to prevent rioting, violence, death in the streets. If the people panic, it would prevent the rich or the affluent from leaving the cities for their hidden bunkers.

Now that he was inside the under-ground bunker, safe from the nuclear and chemical warfare, everyone in the nation is shocked to hear a familiar voice breaking the airwaves. The president would give the impression that he was still living inside the White House briefing room. He is just reading a script that his advisors have written for him on a teleprompter.

Many had already heard the reports from other nations, but what they now heard is a direct contradiction to all the reports flooding the world internet sites. They could only stand in silence, when they listened to what is said.

“My fellow Americans, contrary to what you may have heard on the net or on ‘twitter’, I want to assure everyone that we were successful in an attack on North Korea. Our missiles reduced every military bunker to ashes, including the ruling party. We have liberated all the citizens of North Korea from the darkest nightmare in their lives. Our losses are minimal and our brave men are returning to the ports of California. It is a time to celebrate our victory.”

Within minutes of the announcement, his supporters were celebrating and a festive atmosphere spread from the east to the west coast of the nation. They are dancing, praising God for deliverance from evil, and there would then be tears of joy shed. Denial of fact is running rampant and they are celebrating the words of a pathological liar. He would leave Washington when he heard that the Korean dictator’s ‘Hovercraft’ missile launchers have sank the fleets that were sent to North Korea.

As the people celebrated, the other citizens that belong to many sites that promote safety from oppression and endorse American freedom through the resistance started leaving their homes. They are traveling to destinations that were created in advance of the election. They knew that it was only a matter-of-time before destruction and death would arrive on the shores of the nation and they had taken the time to prepare for the worst.

Supplies were purchased, guns and ammunition were stockpiled, and there were bunkers designed to withstand the impact of missiles. The patriots were aware that the nation’s enemies would target the large cities, so many of the patriots in the nation would use caves and old mine shafts that are located in many of the rural areas to create their bunkers of safety. There were literally thousands of abandoned coal mines, gold mines, and mines that were used in the past century to obtain diamonds, uranium, and other precious ores.

The people in the major cities are foolish to trust the words of a known liar and their blind loyalty, or kneeling in submission to their false god, would be their own fault, especially when the future destroyed them. They are told and warned of what their blind devotion would create, but they didn’t want truth to distort their delusions. Many had sold their principals, morals, or integrity to support a man that is the epitome of evil and their ignorance and delusion is about to slap them back into reality very quickly.

For the patriots that expected the unexpected, the following day was spent traveling to bunkers of safety. It would surprise them when the expressways weren’t clogged with citizens that would be trying to escape the larger cities. The radio stations play music, ministers of various churches continued their praise of a president that they saw as their redeemer, and it was obvious that the people had crossed the line into total darkness and fiction.

As the darkness of the night arrived, in preparation for ‘Easter’ festivities, a strange silence overtook the nation and even those that hadn’t attended their churches in years are eager to attend in joy and thanksgiving. When the light was extinguished for the serenity of slumber and dreams, the patriots would spend the night filling their generators with fuel, weapons were loaded, food was examined and checked, and the pumps were oiled that would provide all the water they would need to survive from underground springs.

For the men and women that were living north of the border and supported the resistance, since they too knew that the president was evil and vindictive, they also made preparations for the worst. Nothing that happened escaped all their watchful eyes and ears and they too saw the danger proposed. The men and women of the north had always supported their southern neighbors and they would fight at their side for freedom from oppression once again.

As the dawn’s light arrived the next morning, newscasters were still filling the airways with propaganda and lies, telling the people they have nothing at all to be afraid of and they are safe in the perimeters of the nation. Unknown to the newscasters, the people that support the constitution and freedom were aware that when the government says you are safe, that is the time you then run for your life. It is the moment that bad things are about to happen.

The attack would appear early in the morning and the patriots were right. A nuclear weapon would be used against the large cities, leaving missiles to hit the rest of the nation with weapons that are designed to take out airstrips, the airport runways, and suspected military installations. It wasn’t known at the time, but the whole scenario was planned and executed through treason. The president had engaged the leaders of China and Russia to make it appear that the nation was at war with the other super powers.

In reality, the president had another agenda that was sinister and would be so diabolical against their own citizens that it would make Satan proud. That was a scenario that even a writer that dealt in fiction couldn’t envision in his wildest imagination. Before the smoke had cleared, plans were underway for the evil and corrupt individual to launch the second part of his plan.

That wouldn’t occur for many months, because first he had to convince the people in the nation that the US military would emerge victorious over their enemies. He would sign an executive order that authorized the draft, since it was said earlier that he wanted to restore the military to greatness that could be likened to the military of the sixties. Men, women, and veterans are now enlisting to fight the perceived enemy that had attacked their nation.

The corrupt president would continue addressing the nation and he would announce that missiles weren’t returned to Russia or China, because that will escalate into a thermonuclear war that would destroy the planet. He asked all his advisors that represent his government to meet with their foreign nations and it supposedly led to a truce that will restore peace. Of course, there was cheering from the supporters that knelt in submission at his feet.

For the patriots however, they didn’t believe a word out of his mouth and it convinced them to remain hidden from sight. The medias of the world are in operation and the patriots kept their radios and laptops connected to servers and short-wave radio stations that would keep them informed.

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