The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Ten- A Plea For Help

With the patriots watching what was happening on the plateau from one of the tunnels that provide protection, they noticed trucks traveling up the side of the embankment with containers on the back of the trucks. They probably contained many luxury items, building materials, furniture or the equipment they need for the restaurant.

They would need all of those items if they were building a new golf course for the rich elite of society that the new tyrant called his friends. They could see constant activity in the area, as each brick and stone will be put in place to the satisfaction of the demon from Hell himself. It is said that respect was earned, not given freely, and the president had never earned anyone’s respect.

It was an area conceived in evil and once the windows and doors were put into the mortar of the first building, dark clouds appeared above the roof that the patriots weren’t expecting. The clouds will then unleash their fury on the area and it washed away loose dirt, roads, it collapsed the concrete walls into the mud, created mud slides from the mountains, and many of the workers in the area would lose their lives, or suffer serious injuries.

The patriots could only watch as many hotels in the ghost town were used to help the injured and the men and women in the mine shaft wanted to help, but that wasn’t possible. If they divulged their presence in the area, it would put other groups in danger, because it would let the dictator know that there are survivors. At least the guilt they felt subsided when they heard the sound of helicopters above them.

It was the president and his administration arriving and once they touched down in front of the house, the area went silent, the storm vanished, and that was too coincidental. Pictures were taken of the men entering the house and they were sent to the General that is overseeing the rebellion from Utah.

A day after the president arrived on the plateau, they noticed that a train is approaching the old station and the engine was pulling many passenger cars. There were no doubts that replacement families were arriving and they will take refuge in the hotels, homes, and saloons that existed from an earlier era.

It was very coincidental that the workers would arrive so quickly for their work to continue, since many of the men were injured. Later that day, there was a convoy of trucks arriving and the trailers were loaded with wood, the pre-made walls of buildings, and large blocks of stone. It was obvious that a new team of workers would be on the plateau longer than they expected.

For the men and women living in the mine, they would watch what would happen in the next month and it wasn’t a golf course being built. There were buildings erected, the stone blocks were used to construct a large chimney in one of the buildings, and everyone believed that it was probably a new office structure. It would be used by the secret-service, politicians, and the dictator would hold his press conferences in one of the rooms.

The missiles had hit Washington and most of the city was reduced to ashes after the attack. For many, they were hoping that the whole government was in session when the attacks commenced, eliminating all the corruption at the same time, but that wasn’t to be. The nation would have rejoiced if they have heard that the ruling ‘Rinos’ and democrats were eliminated, since they were useless when it came to listening to the voice of the people.

When the patriots awakened the next morning and looked towards the new buildings on the plateau, they knew that something sinister was happening. It was noticed that large fences were being erected and guard towers appeared that are reminiscent of a concentration camp.

Everyone had heard of ‘FEMA’ death camps being built around the nation, but why would they need one on the plateau? That would be the question of the day and all they could do was wait for the construction to end. Once they heard silence on the plateau, the sound of a train whistle could be heard and the train with only one passenger car stopped at the old station.

Men in full riot gear poured off the train with their guns ready and what is to take place left the patriots shaking their heads in disgust. The men would capture and then march every worker in the region into the ‘death’ camp. The president obviously didn’t want to pay them for services rendered and he has given the order to have them all killed.

As the patriots shook their heads in disgust, they would hear on their radios that the president was going to make an announcement that would affect the citizens of the nation. As they listened to a speech that someone else wrote, a sick feeling filled their stomachs and it was like someone had punched them.

The president took the microphone and he told the world that he isn’t only a nationalist, but he supported the globalization of the world under a banner of the ‘New world order’. It explained why he would put many globalists and former executives of other globalist companies in his administration. He had lobbyists, billionaires, and others that supported the ‘New World Order’.

Obviously that was just the tip of the iceberg and what he would say next is stabbing every citizen that ever fought for the nation in the back. The evil and vile president would utter the words that his supporters probably wanted to hear since he first entered the presidential race.

He would say: “Today is the greatest moment for the nation and I am from this moment suspending the constitution of the United States and the efforts of men and women that were formerly called congress. From this moment, it is my intentions to rule the United States like many others around the world, so all decisions come from me and no one else. The nation wanted a man for the government that will run the country like a business and this I give you.

With each business, there is a president, a chairman of the board, and that man is given total authority to dictate the actions of everyone under him. It is my duty now to fire everyone that could interfere with my agenda and if the nation needs new ideas, I have the best brain and the most intelligence for it to come from me. I declare that the nation is now a dictatorship and there is no room for opposition.

Citizens will still pay their taxes to the government and I will in return help them work each day. I am going to put in place the same foundation that was established in the companies I own in other nations. Each citizen that lives in the nation will have a job to do and I will dictate what you earn. We are now going to go with new work hours of eighteen hours a day, seven days a week, so everyone doesn’t have time to rebel against me.”

As information continued to flow into the homes and hideouts of many that opposed the new dictator, an interesting scenario is unfolding that caught the attention of the man that was watching north of the border. It appeared that a cleansing was taking place, but it is ignored in areas that boasted they would support the man in total submission.

The dictator needs them to push his propaganda and how they are working again as useful idiots. The world would buy the lie and with the dollar value growing stronger on world markets, the dictator would benefit from profits that his companies gave him. Being a narcissist, he wanted to exploit others for his own gain that he considered his right to wealth and riches.

Outlying areas were seen as insignificant and it had many men and women exterminated or sent to the ‘death’ camps. The people in the larger towns of industry or the cities comprised of leftist citizens were on hold for the time being, since they would be used for propaganda purposes. More importantly, industry needed to continue, so sales to other nations could be met. It would create panic if orders couldn’t be met.

The plan was to eliminate all the patriotic conservatives that believe in the constitution. With their president now declared a dictator, the plan would be to eliminate everyone that stood in opposition to the communist agenda. The same scenario had unfolded in other nations and they all share one thing that is in common with other dictatorships. People always die under dictators.

The patriots would notice that they were wrong about other areas too. They noticed that construction had been altered and regardless if it is a golf course or a new strip mall, trucks were arriving with large cinder blocks. Everyone knew what they were for and it was for incinerating the dead that would now escalate. Yes… jobs were created, but they possessed a sinister purpose.

The building of more concentration camps is their main goal and now that a fence with guard turrets is in place, with buildings that resembled barracks, trucks would start arriving with military artillery, tanks, ammunition, and the men that followed were all wearing the blue helmets of the United Nations.

Following the arrival of the ‘UN’ forces, the men that had worked diligently on the camps would be told to move their families onto the buildings. There were those that were hesitant and their opinions were rendered useless, since they were the first victims for the furnace that reduced them to dust. When a man suddenly doesn’t see his best friend after he enters the camp any longer, it leads to hushed conversations and questions being asked in secrecy.

One man in particular had studied the life of the new president in detail on the internet for many years and he was familiar with his actions. He knew of the hotel in New York, where Polish laborers were imported to build it and it was for minimal wages. He had also watched the dictator being treated like a royal king during his visit to Saudi Arabia and it explains why a whole floor of his hotel was rented to the nation.

When things that often appear are too good to be true - they usually are. It wasn’t broadcast that once the hotel was completed, the men were deported without being paid for their labors. It is in line with properties he owned and his employees were either imported from other nations or they were what he called illegal immigrants. American citizens were always ignored, since they demanded a fair-market wage and benefits, which would cut his profits.

Ethics and honesty were foreign terms to the two tyrants that are currently living in the old house. The only times they are seen by the workers is when they would board a chopper to fly to a resort and play golf. The president is also going to entertain foreign dignitaries in Florida resorts, since he wasn’t able to use the White House any longer. He made sure of that with missiles.

Now that the men were ordered to move their families into the camp, there were reservations shown by the man that didn’t trust the administration and he had told his wife about what was happening. She wanted to contact one of her sisters that lives in Nevada and she would send a message through email that they hoped will safeguard their lives.

Once it was sent, the email was deleted from their computer and the couple are going to try to escape that evening. As they crept through the darkness to the hills, they would then drive as far as their gasoline could take them. They would drive towards Denver, Colorado, and when the gas gauge signaled the tank is empty, they are now facing a decision.

The car would stall next to the spur line that will run parallel with the main track for a short distance. What would they do and the couple could walk up the track or continue to walk up the road. Government troops could find the couple walking on the road, so the husband was going to camoflauge the car after pushing it into a small ravine.

The man’s wife suddenly felt inspired to walk up the railway spur line and she always trusted her instincts. They didn’t know what they would find, but a small town, even if it is a ghost town, would give them a place to stay until it is decided what their next move would be.

The couple only had a flashlight and two bags of provisions they took with them, but they also had lighters and batteries in reserve, if the flashlight died on them. As they walked up the railway line, they aren’t aware that someone had them under surveillance. Binoculars were used to watch their steps and a small group was dispatched to intercept them.

After the couple approached the small ghost town, they would hear what is going to sound like the howl of prairie dogs and it had sent chills down their spine. Moving towards the sound, they would then see the glow of a light in the distance that was flashing red near some bushes that couldn’t be seen by anyone else.

The wife recognized the light and it was flashing in a manner that spelled a SOS distress signal, which was meant to calm their fears. After reaching the light, they were met by two patriots that escorted them to the mine. Chances aren’t taken that could see the authorities finding their location and a couple that mysteriously appeared would be searched. Once they were cleared, they were eager to tell them what her husband had learned.

As the patriots listened to what they said, they learned that the house they saw on the plateau was going to be the new seat of power inside the nation. It is conceived in evil, death, and sacrifices to the master of darkness. With the ‘death’ camp located next to it, the forces of evil through the ‘UN’ would send victims to the camp that could then be sacrificed to Satan.

For the rest of the country, the major ‘liberal’ areas were disintegrated by a Chinese and Russian force off the coasts of the nation, since they aren’t seen as being beneficial to the plan of the two presidents. They are merely useful idiots that would be used to create a situation for the people to elect the new president to office.

With the former president creating a scenario where they would destroy the freedom of the people, they would then put the president’s best friend on the ballot to oppose another globalist that is incompetent. By eliminating people that could stand in opposition to the eminent domain agenda, large tracts can be sold to the highest bidder, regardless of nationality, and they could move in and reap the rewards of their investments with little or no complaints.

Their scheme worked to perfection and the people were gullible to the plan. Millions were now dead and the elite of the world would relocate families of their elitist friends to the U.S., once all the citizens were eliminated. It would enable the rich and powerful to import workers under slavery and they could then live in luxury through exploiting the nation’s resources.

Unfortunately, the email the woman sent may create a problem that would see the terrorist cells converging on Nevada and everyone living there. There were things said that the dictator wouldn’t like and he would have to prevent the email from falling into the hands of patriots that still exist and they could expose the plan to the world.

That could see the nation’s allies combining the armies and troops against their agenda of death and destruction. The couple had made a mistake when they sent it through an email that was being monitored by the ‘NSA’ and the email was immediately flagged for further review. It was determined that a letter that wouldn’t benefit the new dictator would be seen as ‘hate’ speech.

The world still valued freedom and since the U.S. was the beacon of their freedom, if the nation fell into the hands of communists, the people wouldn’t have anywhere to escape torture, imprisonment, and death. The text that was sent exposed the whole plot and it was sent to her sister in Pahrump, Nevada.

After they heard what the email contained, since the woman had written it to her sister, the patriots knew that she is in danger and a plea for help could put others in danger. They needed to know about her sister and if she would be trusted with the information. Hearing that she supported the president was the last thing they needed to hear, but at least she was known for her lies and distortions of the truth by many.

The woman’s sister was in contact with a man that lives north of the border and he was a man that didn’t take deception, lies, and communism lightly. If he could make a significant difference, he wouldn’t hesitate to put his life on the line for those he loves. Allies fight for their friends and freedom, even if they have to use techniques that will spill the blood of their enemies.

What they didn’t know, is the man was the leader that would be behind the resistance and many of the patriot groups knew about him. They wouldn’t be given his identity for obvious reasons, but he was working behind the scenes long before the woman mentioned him.

They didn’t know his name, but the whole world has heard him attack the current president through his comments, just as he exposed their evil regime of the past eight years. When the dust eventually settles and the new dawn is declared for the people, they would celebrate a new independence day from tyranny. There is strength in true constitutional conservatives that would put God first in their lives for their strength. Men come and go, but God is never going to change.

Within days of the concentration camp being completed and the troops are arriving, everyone that was in the area would be taken from their homes and incarcerated in their ‘FEMA’ death camp. There would be no exceptions and the workers and their families were surprised that they wouldn’t be executed for some reason. The people were told that it was merely routine and there is nothing to worry about, since the president had sanctioned the community.

As the sister in Pahrump read the file on her computer, she was shocked by what it contained. She couldn’t believe what she is reading and it was going to contradict everything she had embraced through the media. She had taken the lies and propaganda hook, line, and sinker and was adamant that she was reading falsehoods that surrounded her ‘beloved’ president.

It was a letter on file that detailed the president’s plan and it had to be false, even though it was sent to her by her own family member. The letter said the following:

“My beloved Ginger and I don’t know if you are aware of it, but our nation is under attack. The people have been lied to, or deceived to embrace what is a government plan that is so diabolical that our very existence depends on us sharing this information to the media and world. It is the worst scenario that I could ever be talking about and our own government is behind the nuclear explosions that have destroyed many cities.

My husband was asked to work on a project here in Colorado and there is an atmosphere of pure evil surrounding us here. The citizens of California or New York have been destroyed by secret ‘sleeper’ cells and forces from what we call the ‘UN’.

When you told me about the long trains you saw in Las Vegas, with white ‘UN’ emblems painted on them, I didn’t want to believe that the government would become an ally with the United Nations and other communist nations. They would be working in cahoots with a government we entrusted with our lives, but I was wrong.

The vehicles with the red cross on them are a scam and they will be used to transport the bodies of the dead to the crematoriums. I have learned that they have plans for a deadly virus to be unleashed on the people and it would then be given through ‘flu’ shots that will eliminate many.

That explains why they have the ‘flu’ shots for the people and everyone will actually line up to receive a shot that will destroy their immune systems. It is called their ‘soft’ kill and many are already dead, due to the deadly vaccine in use that was forced on everyone. They pushed a lie from the beginning and I avoided it like the plague after researching what they contain.

My husband and I have been ordered to enter a concentration camp that is built here in ‘Aspen’ and we escaped during the darkness of the night. I want to see you survive and we are going to attempt to escape from this wicked or evil environment. We have friends that can help us fly to Canada. I feel sick that we have to leave a nation we love dearly, but freedom from oppression is now a dream we shared in the past.

I know if this email falls into the wrong hands that we will be killed for my husband and me defying orders, so if you don’t hear from me again, I want a promise from you that you will protect yourself and escape from tyranny. If I don’t hear from you again, please know that I will always love my sister.

Please warn others to the corruption of the tyrant the people elected to the office of president and leave the nation if you can. It isn’t the nation that we grew up in as children and evil forces have taken over the government. If it is possible, can you can warn your friend that lives north of the border about what is happening to everyone and beg him to reconsider his plans to move south of the border.

Perhaps he can also help warn others not to cross the border. I believe that we are now living on borrowed time and the sand in the hour glass is nearly empty. This is my plea for help and I hope your friend will know what every patriot can do to help destroy the evil that now surrounds us like a plague of darkness. I have heard nothing but good things said about him from you and I hope you never let him go, like the other men that entered your life.

He stands for truth, honesty, patriotism, integrity, and he has a strong spirit of God flowing through his veins. It is my prayer that you would escape this sinister nightmare that is now surrounding us and please leave the nation and don’t look back. Don’t trust anyone and I know that you will follow instincts that we share through our mother. Good luck and God bless.”

After Ginger laughed at the letter she received, she really believed that she was reading what she only imagined was a prank that is being played on her. She believed that the president was sent by God, as the savior of their nation, and she worships the ground that he walks on.

She also believed that he had accomplished more in the first hundred days of office than the previous three presidents had accomplished during the past twenty-four years to guide them. She loved watching men praise everything their new president did and she felt that he would never hurt them.

After all, he had put an ‘R’ next to his name and everyone in the nation was now obligated to kneel in submission, so they could support him. Declaring that he was going to rule the nation like the president of his company would prevent the evil men and women from opposing his agenda and the nation is going to be great again. She was happy that he has dissolved congress to rule with an iron hand. He was sent by God to lead them all to the promised land.

She wanted to share the message with the man that she had been with for at least the last four years and she knew that he loved her dearly. He sent many gifts to her over the years, talked to her every day, and he wanted to be part of her life. He had purchased his ticket, but she had postponed him flying to her three times now with flimsy excuses she created.

They had talked about getting married many times and if she had her wish, he would move to Nevada to live with her there. She had no doubts that he is going to make her happy and embrace her thoughts and mentality. He would see the president through her eyes and embrace him like she had. When that was sent to him, she was oblivious to the knowledge that she was the reason that the email is now in the hands of the government intelligence agencies.

After sending a text message to his phone with the message that her sister sent, she smiled in a mischievous way and his reply would then arrive only a few minutes later. After reading what he said, she laughed and believed that it was another joke he is playing on her, since he has a sense of humor.

“Thank you for forwarding the letter that your sister has written and it has confirmed my worst suspicions. What is happening reminds me of the group of people that once lived in the Americas previously. There are no doubts in my mind that the ‘Gadianton’ robbers are back and they are disguised as the president, his administration of crooked politicians, and corporate leaders of the nation that have no regard for the people that work hard in righteousness.

As I have followed what others have said, it was obvious that the president and his administration want to put everyone into a state of slavery and that is leading to bondage that many have never experienced before. I have heard a story told of strange chanting coming from the camp your sister mentioned. I keep in touch with true conservatives and the things they tell me confirms an evil and corrupt dictator has taken control of the nation.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the president was actually created in evil and now he is going to lead many into darkness and destruction. There were too many things he has done so far that scream danger. I don’t believe anyone that was merely repeating the words that come from the White House. I am repeating what your sister said and don’t trust anyone. Please keep me updated.”

After reading his response, Ginger then smiled, shook her head, and she is adamant that she wouldn’t reply to what he had said, since it didn’t really suit a narrative she embraced. After she walked to the fridge and removed a ‘Pina Colada’, she then walked to a cooler she kept for her cigarettes and removed a pack.

She had at least six cartons in the cooler to last her and a cold drink with a ‘Xanax’ would calm her nerves. After she lights a cigarette and took her pill with the ‘Pina Colada’, she relaxed on her chair to watch the news. It would be coming on shortly and if the news didn’t mention what her sister talked to her about, she would know that it was all a joke being played on her.

Since she wasn’t rich and was barely surviving, she had taken a building as a security caretaker to live in. It wasn’t the best of homes, but it would serve her needs. There are mice scurrying around the floor and their presence had indicated that she would never be bored.

When scorpions also entered the building that has been used as a garage by the owner in the past, she knew that she would probably have to move in the future. Mice, scorpions, and rattlesnakes weren’t the best pets to have around her and since she had injured her back through a fall earlier in life, she isn’t a woman that could escape quickly if she was put in danger.

When the news came on, they were talking about the fire that had ravaged the mountains near where she was living. With the fire consuming the trees on the mountains, it exposed many secrets that were hidden for years. There were many firefighters fighting the blaze and they were trying to get it under control again. At least the scent of burning wood disguised the scent from a cigarette she enjoyed with her ‘Xanax’ pills and alcoholic drinks.

After she watched the news, she would find the documentary channel and it was interesting. There is the story of a hiker that would catch her attention and she had heard of it before. Since she had nothing to do, she decided that it would be worth watching. With the pack of cigarettes and her drink on the desk next to her, she would be able to watch the story, drink, and also smoke to her heart’s content.

The hiker had traveled through the mountains and he had often heard tales that men would record what happened in their communities on the plates of brass, gold, or other metals that would survive the test of time. Their records would then be buried or hidden for future generations to learn about history and the mistakes their societies made many times. The hiker had found some of the records in an abandoned cave after a fire had left the area barren.

The cave was actually a building that the former inhabitants carved out of the rock and it was lying for many years on the cliffs that were hidden by the foliage of trees, vines, and weeds. A stone staircase could now be seen and it prompted him to descend the stairs to investigate what was inside the caves. He had to be careful, but he could enter the building carved out of the rocks.

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