The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Eleven - Voices From The Past

As the young man walked down the steps and arrived in the stone building, a sense of awe and bewilderment overtook him, and he was able to look out over the valley below him. The building had windows that were cut into the rock and the openings would allow him to see the valley in a way that those in the past had seen it. By moving to a different window, he could envision a moment in history when armies of the past approached on the plains.

Walking around the ancient ruin that is carved in the side of the mountain, the young man noticed that stone tables were in the middle of the room, but it appeared that a tribe of Indians had probably used it previously as a shelter at one time. There are arrowheads, plus a few bows and tomahawks lying on the stone floor. He also noticed that there are small openings in the walls that could be used to conceal items that wouldn’t be in plain sight.

As he looked cautiously inside each opening in the walls of the old shelter, they appeared to be empty, but the last one caught his attention. There were some old plates with markings engraved on them. Knowing that he couldn’t read them, he slipped them inside his pack and traveled to a small town that he called his home across the border in California.

He had to ask his uncle what the symbols meant, since he is well-versed in the languages of the various Indian tribes that once lived in the area. As the elderly man is looking them over, he explained that it was the writings of the Paiute tribesmen. It was the events that had taken place centuries earlier and he was eager to read what the strange markings would tell them. For the man to read the symbols so easily, the young man only had to listen.

“The dry sand was still blowing in the light breeze of the ‘Mojave’ desert, as the lifeless tumbleweeds floated effortlessly across the plains. The sun’s rays are scorching, as temperatures approach 130 degrees in ‘Death’ Valley. There is nothing to be seen in the area for miles and the range of mountains in the distance separated the area from the coastal regions. We have reached the plateau of death that is known to be cursed and everything is quiet.

Taking in the sights in front of him, a young brave was sitting on his horse. They called the area their home for two-thousand years, when their ancestors would sail to the new world from Jerusalem in 600 BC. It was the job of the young braves in each tribe to find food for the other members of their family. They would often have to travel vast distances to find enough food to sustain the lives of the widows and orphans they have left in the village.

As the warriors approached a plateau in the mountains, they discovered an old cemetery that was used to bury evil and perverted men that followed the leader known as ‘Gadianton’. The plateau was cursed by God himself and it was a place where the scent of death filled the air. Poisonous serpents, many scorpions, and deadly spiders roamed the grass of the cemetery and the men would avoid that area, due to the danger it presented.

As the warriors surveyed the area for buffalo and other animals, something that was hurtling across the sky caught his attention. It was burning with fire and a trail behind it is similar to the smoke they saw during their campfires. It kept growing larger in size with each passing second and when it crashed into the sands of the desert, it immediately sent clouds of dust upwards into the atmosphere. It frightened the young warriors and the sudden wind would knock them off their horses.

As everyone stood again and looked at the strange crater that is now in the plateau, curiosity prompted the response that they couldn’t suppress. One of the warriors would have to check it out and see what this strange object was that had originated in the dark void and vacuum of space.

The strange object had hurtled across the sky and it crashed into an area of the desert that isn’t far from an accursed cemetery. A brave warrior is chosen and he would ride to the lip of the crater. The intense heat emerging from the opening in the earth made it impossible to see inside, especially when it was added to the scorching heat he was feeling from the sun’s rays. It is a strange phenomenon that he would have to tell the other members of the tribe about.

As the warriors gather buffalo pelts and returned them to the encampment that the tribe called their home, the elders of the tribe were assembled, which allowed the young warrior to explain what would happen that day. They are fascinated by his strange tale of a rock from space falling into their area and ancient legends spoke of other events that were just like it.

It led to the other warriors wanting to see it for themselves. It wasn’t often that a celestial object appeared and curiosity ran rampant. Leaving all of the women and children behind in the village, the warriors will eventually arrive at the crater and plumes of smoke are rising from the object buried inside.

Disappointment was to be shown in their faces, because no one could get close enough to the crater to examine it that day. They are forced to wait for the rock to cool and that required patience on their part. Since the warriors in the area would have to wait for weeks, they would hunt in the area for pelts.

After creating a small encampment near the cemetery, one of the warriors is going to develop a fever that left his hands numb. A strange mist would be hovering above the area and the warrior told others that he heard strange and unusual voices in his head. He would tell the others about men that had their faces covered in blood, they wore the bones of animals they had killed, and a strange evil was felt inside him.

The strange dreams he saw have frightened him, because the warriors he is seeing in his dreams would take small children, cut their hearts out, and they would put the bodies on a spit that is above a campfire. With dancing and an unusual chanting to the evil force, the men would then eat the dead child like any animal they may have killed.

It was a dream he couldn’t get out of his head and he knew that they would all be in danger if they remained near the ‘cursed’ cemetery of evil. When he appeared to regain feeling in his hands and the fever was broken, the men on the excursion left the area and returned to their village with the other buffalo pelts and food that would nourish the members of the tribe for many days.

The women wouldn’t waste the animals the warriors carried on their horses and the fur would be used in clothes. The thick leather could be used to form moccasins for their feet and the bones would be used to make an instrument for music, tools, and poles in their tee-pees and longhouses. After the meat is cooked, dried, and smoked, it would last for weeks and wouldn’t spoil.

The strange crater on the plateau wouldn’t be mentioned again and life has been normal for the next three days. Things would change on the fourth day and as the tribe’s citizens slept during the night, the sentry that guarded them would feel the earth shaking under his feet. It had worried him because these vibrations didn’t feel like an earthquake. It resembled a heartbeat and he had never felt it before.

The ground would shake in short bursts, stop, and then continue again for a moment, before the cycle repeated itself. The strange glow in the sky would catch his attention and it wasn’t the moon’s rays creating the strange light.

The activities of the night had awakened many from their slumber and after they gathered around the campfire, many of the legends of the past would be flooding their thoughts. Perhaps the spirits of the past warriors were trying to speak to them from beyond the veil of death.

The chief asked to have the elders of the tribe quickly assembled and it was hoped that they are knowledgeable about the events of the previous night. It is known that he wanted to discuss the topics that their ancestors have passed down from one generation to another.

The ‘Aztecs, Toltec’s, and Mayan’ civilizations of South America are now discussed in detail and the south-west regions of the nation had passed down tales of red-haired giants that would invade their land. Wars were fought for many years against the strange giants and many brave warriors were killed.

Their ancestors encountered the giants on expeditions for food and water. It required a joint force of warriors from many tribes to drive them from the area. They weren’t seen again in many generations, extending into the era of the tribe discussing them that night. Were the legends true and the red-haired giants in the region returned to confront the men and women of the tribes?

Men stood guard, hoping the legends of the past were just that – the past. Nothing happened, which put their minds at ease, but they felt the constant tremors under their feet until the sun rose again the next morning. When the men assembled again, their destination was the strange crater in the desert.

It is located in the area where the ancient lake called ‘Lahontan’ was seen, but the heat had now evaporated the water, leaving many of the small caves or caverns lying exposed under the surface. Miners would see the shafts that were left exposed and harvest the vast wealth that was left exposed.

The shafts and tunnels would probably be created by the lakes currents and wave action of the past, when the lake would cover most of the region in the mountains. The area would be known as ‘Lovelock’ and it was known as the ‘Horseshoe’ cave region, long before the ‘white’ men arrived from the east.

It was early in the morning when the warriors arrived at the lip of the crater that was formed four days earlier and the area had cooled dramatically from what they felt earlier. It allowed them to look into the large crater in front of them. The object inside the hole is obviously a rock, but it was also apparent that they were seeing something that wasn’t normal.

Small pieces of the rock were lying beside it, exposing openings or craters that a warrior had to examine to explain. The ‘Paiute’ tribesmen knew all the risks involved and they had carried ropes that are made from leather hides to lower themselves into the crater. Once they reached the bottom, they would see small tunnels in the walls.

The warriors were armed with bows and arrows, knives and tomahawks for their journey inside the tunnels. Torches are lit to see where they are walking. As they approached an opening in the rock, which appeared to be a cavern, a strange chill would be felt in their bodies. It was the red-haired giants sealed inside the wall of ice. The cavern was filled with men and women that would be perfectly preserved from a previous moment in time .

The giants would stand approximately eight-to-ten feet in height and there were plants frozen with them. Judging from vegetation also frozen in time, they named the plants ‘Si-Te-Cah’. It means that the giants are known to be ‘Tule-eaters’ and it is a fibrous water plant. That would be noticed, because stories passed down from generation to generation contradicted what is now in front of them.

The legend described the race of people as being over twelve-feet in height, they are vicious and unapproachable, and it was rumored that they would eat their prisoners. The two groups of people fought many battles over the years and the giants would then be defeated.

When they hunted the few remaining red-haired giants that comprised their enemy to the people, the remaining giants had taken refuge in a cave. When the native Indians demanded that they should come out and fight, the giants refused, which is why the tribal chiefs had their warriors fill the entrance to the cavern with brush and it was set on fire.

When some of the giants emerged, they were slain with a volley of arrows. They hesitated after that and it was believed that the giants were asphyxiated. Before the warriors could confirm their suspicions, an earthquake rocked the region and it would be responsible for lowering the ancient cavern deep into the earth’s interior. The tunnels would remain sealed until the asteroid could plunge into the desert, revealing the location of the giants again.

Now that the warriors are inside a chamber that is shaped like a horseshoe, they placed the torches near the ice to thaw their prey that was sealed inside. It was their plan to release one of the giants and carry it back to their village as a trophy for the tribe to see their accomplishment. That wouldn’t happen though and the warriors noticed something that sent chills through their body.

A strange mist suddenly emerged from the blocks of ice that were in front of them and it surrounded them quickly. They then heard what sounded like horses’ braying and the sound intensified. With the strange mist rising up the bodies of the warriors, they felt their bodies go numb, their heads are now on fire, and they would collapse. The warriors were dead and for the next three-hundred years, other tribes that entered the crater would also perish.

As the years passed, mudslides, rain, and other elements that were natural would fill the crater and remove it from the plateau. The mist wasn’t seen for centuries, but when man arrived and built the prison and the cemetery for the evil individuals that would be executed, no one knew that it is a cemetery for an evil group that often sacrificed others in their rituals of evil.

Other tribes blamed the loss of warriors on wars or the environment. That has occurred centuries before thousands of settlers decided to move west for the precious ores in the mountains of Colorado, Nevada, and California. The records that the young man would have translated would leave them shaking their heads in amazement. It explained the past history of the area that could house the evil dictators the people supported in foolishness.

For the sister that was now with the group of patriots, she wasn’t aware of the news broadcast that was shown as a documentary about the record found. Ginger had found it fascinating and with the last ‘Pina Colada’ consumed for her that night, she walked outside and looking up at the stars, she will blow a smoke kiss to the man that is north of the border.

It is often said that God works in mysterious ways and the strange mystery that would surround the plateau that was now the home for the president had a strange twist. The wife and her husband that were safe in the mines would have their own records that would also shed light on the strange events that happened before the miners created the first buildings in the tiny settlement. That was the reason she encouraged him to drive to Denver in the first place.

Removing the journal of their grandmother’s mother, she was eager to tell them what she had written. Instead of reading what was written, she wanted to paraphrase what happened and it would explain the early roots of an area that is known for evil and death. The patriots are eager to listen and once the men and women were comfortable, she told them about her ancestors.

As the mid-eighteen hundreds arrive, the Indian tribes wouldn’t be the only citizens living in the west and the ‘white’ man was now invading their space. The settlers appeared in small groups at first on wagon trains, horseback, or on a stagecoach to the west. They kept in touch with loved ones through the ‘pony express’ that would deliver mail from the east to the west coast of the nation, linking the territories of the new frontier.

Her ancestors decided to move to the west and they are eager to start their lives in the wilds of the western frontier. Their names would be Annette and Jonathan Dolan and it gave them an opportunity to raise their two daughters in a manner that will help them meet the challenges of life.

There were new challenges to face for the young family, but they would be confident that the God they worship will address their needs and their young daughters named Anna and Bridget would prosper. After seeking advice and looking around the various areas of the west, they decided to settle in a state called Colorado.

After signing for the parcel of five acres on the side of the mountains, they tried to farm crops, but extreme heat would produce failure each year. They had no choice and struggling to survive against the elements would see them explore other regions. It wasn’t unusual for families to move repeatedly from one area to another to seek prosperity and safety.

An unusual mountain pass would be found that will help them to transport all the crafts and blankets that Annette created to the California towns. The stagecoach and pony express for mail would often pass through their pass on a continuous basis and it was perfect for them.

They also noticed that they could get all the water he needed for irrigation, since there are underground springs from the snow melting on the tops of the peaks. It helped him harvest a successful crop that year and his profits were invested in even more seeds, livestock, and improvements to their one-room shack they live in. It would only the beginning of good fortune for the family and a pleasant surprise was waiting to manifest itself that spring.

After opening irrigation gates on the stream, he noticed something shining in the water, and it wasn’t like the other stones or rocks he had often seen. It was gold and there was a lot of it on the bottom of the stream. After bagging some as a surprise for his wife, he returned home and they thanked God for a dream come true. She couldn’t believe that they were blessed in that way and it would allow their daughters to attend schools of higher learning in time.

They started each day with morning prayer, thanking God for their health, the blessings and prosperity they received to survive in the wilderness, and it is followed by an hour reading the ‘bible’ to their daughters. It educated their daughters in English, the art of writing through understanding, manners and the value of literature. A day would never pass that they didn’t thank God in their lives for some blessing they received.

Knowing that most of the larger banks are in the east and they didn’t know what to expect from the state to the west of them, Jonathan knew that a pony express rider passed the home they lived in each month. He would stop him, ask if banks could cash in gold and it would help them grow their little ranch that was located next to the mountain pass. Many prospectors would have to benefit from their claims somehow and it would call for patience on his part.

When the rider appeared a few days later, he was stopped. Annette would show hospitality by offering him food or refreshments and the questions are answered. The rider would agree to take him into a small town in California to deposit his gold when he returned from delivering the mail to Denver.

He wanted a meager share of the findings for himself. He also had a family to support and this is the answer to his prayer. He would deliver the funds to his wife and that would help to meet the needs of his family when he would ride across the states to fulfill his duties. He would check in with others for a rested horse on his journey, so he would be able to ride without interruption.

The rider would reappear after five days and he was ready to take his new friend even further west to the state of California. They would have to cross the mountains and the banks were used to dealing with men that would strike it rich through their claims. They would have to remain alert for what would be called ‘claim-jumpers’ and the outlaws would often ambush the miners.

When the days turn into weeks and Jonathan hadn’t returned yet, Annette and her two daughters prayed for inspiration, to know that he would return to them. Their prayer would be answered the following week and instead of just her husband, she noticed that many wagons of men, supplies, wood, and other items stopped in front of their home.

Jonathan introduced his family to the men and he told them that they were an enterprising team that wanted to create a town in the area. The wood and other supplies would build a saloon, a hotel, a bank, and they were excited to profit from a rich vein of gold they had heard about.

The men agreed that they will be reimbursed through a half claim in mines they would benefit from and the area will prosper in ways they never would have dreamed of before. The family wasn’t greedy and they wouldn’t stop a claim being submitted in the area for others to benefit in the same way. That is the difference between the past and the present. In the past, many worked with others to survive and in the present, many thought only of themselves.

There was one area though that everyone must avoid and never visit It was known as the plateau of death and sorrow. The area will attract thousands of deadly vipers, scorpions, and spiders that would claim the lives of anyone in the new town that goes near it. The area is desolate and the men that ignored the warning would never be heard from or seen again in the area.

For the next six months, Annette and her daughters watched the men build the saloon, hotel, Marshall’s office, plus a school for the children to learn the basics. New mines would be created that made everyone rich. A church was mandatory for their town, since Annette insisted on her daughter’s spiritual growth. It would lead to their new livery stable, a blacksmith’s shop, and a man arrived from the east that is experienced in creating a newspaper.

New homes are built and the homesteads are then stocked with beef cattle, horses, Holstein cows for milk, and chickens for fresh eggs. No one will go hungry in their new community and everyone worked as a team to create the town that they were proud of. No one dared to go near the plateau that was a region of evil and the mist rising at night had reminded them of the cemetery of death.

Unfortunately, when prosperity grows and others become content, it would often lead to complacency, pride, and the influx of others that value greed or crime over honesty. It led to families arriving that wanted to exploit what the town offered them. More saloons are added, a new hotel is built that catered to the world’s oldest profession, and the mentality of their area had changed dramatically.

Outlaws were now arriving in large groups and their actions were meant to instill fear in the minds and hearts of others. Lawlessness led to the creation of town sheriff’s and a jail would have to be built when the innocent suffered. Guns being discharged would be heard and it became normal after awhile.

Satan’s activities had entered their community and men would spend each night in the saloons playing poker, gambling, and gunfights erupted on their main street. Alcohol flowed through the saloons and with drunkenness, it is common to see fights over the game tables. Men are killed that wanted to be courageous and challenge others, and the jail would see many incarcerated.

With an increased demand for hardware supplies that are used in mines, it led to the creation of a general or hardware store. It wasn’t uncommon for a new ‘Overland’ stagecoach company to travel through the area on a regular basis. It was a scheduled stop and the stagecoach delivered mail from loved ones. With their prosperity came new settlers to their small community.

They would take advantage of the kindness and generosity of others. It was now seen as normal for the men to drink all night, gamble, and as the women stood on the balconies above the bars, the men could stagger up the stairs for a quick fling with the women.

It didn’t matter if the men are married or single. When the women offered their body for the taking, men will always throw caution to the wind, where they will then indulge their sexual desires. They would then go home to their wives or girlfriends afterwards.

As the entries in her journal ended, everyone is now familiar with the area that was located below the plateau of evil. The common theme through their journals center on the evil and hatred that the satanic presence on the ridge is going to bring to everyone that called the area their home.

There was a connection to the cemetery and the old house that was now the residence of a president of the nation. The ‘death’ camp sent shivers through their souls and a nation that doesn’t hesitate to slaughter their own citizens is a nation that is going to reap what it sows through total destruction.

After sleeping that night, no one is aware of what was taking place in their neighboring state the next morning. Since she hadn’t heard from the man that is north of the border and was her ‘supposed’ boyfriend, Ginger would notice some old newspapers stacked in a bin when she decided to clean an area that she had ignored for a long time. The newspapers are yellowing with age, but the headlines caught her attention.

As she put the papers in front of her, first she had to watch the news and it was reported that the president is gloating over executive orders that he had overturned. They were signed the last week and they were intended to either reinforce or reject the orders of the former president.

They are just minor adjustments that meant nothing and every president is going to sign the orders after being elected. Now that Ginger put a smile on her face, she noticed that he is reversing many regulations that will appease his supporters, and make it appear that he was actually doing something.

As she listened to his press secretary announce them, she would light one of her cigarettes and the ash tray was put in front of her. Even though it was the morning, she has already taken a ‘Xanax’ to handle the stress she felt and it helped her relax. She felt overjoyed that a man she idolized was helping all the people and it proved that what she read earlier in the letter wasn’t true.

The press secretary had announced that the regulations regarding the coal industry were reversed, meaning the owners of the mines could extract their coal and market it without regulations preventing them from charging what is in a companies best interests. It would also allow state and environmental agencies to impose their own regulations, when it came to protecting many of the economic activities concerning the habitat and water environment.

The next regulation he overturned concerned the handicapped and they are no longer prevented from owning or buying firearms, if they are receiving a social security check from the government. That was a no brainer and it was a last-minute executive order put in place by the previous government, so an order to repeal it would make the new president look good.

The next item on the agenda was the reversal of a rule that dealt with their contracting process for employers seeking government contracts. The repeal would eliminate the delays and competition for federal contracts issued, so a company could be chosen that will benefit politicians and their bank account. It is seen as a move that promotes insider trading, but his supporters couldn’t care less that politicians would reap the benefits, instead of the people.

The press secretary then announced that the previous regimes order that is covering public land would be reversed and the states would again have their say over what happens, when it comes to forming new parks or rezoning the land to benefit the citizens. Of course, the federal government could still use eminent domain tactics to do what they want, regardless of what the state is planning.

The next item concerns reporting standards for the college teachers, which didn’t address the need to abolish common core standards. It would state that university programs would be rated on the basis of effectiveness of teaching graduates. Their effectiveness could continue to be determined by a student’s test scores and achievement gains in elementary and secondary schools. That merely reinforced the program already in place, but no one understood it.

All the repeal did was rescind federal rules that required all of the states to have an accountability system that included school quality and the success of the students. The federal government would continue monitoring the student and their progress through the school system.

The federal law that stated that employers could drug-test employees was overturned, putting regulations in the hands of the states to create rules that mandate their own drug-testing program. It is the same thing, only now their federal government’s mandate will fall on individual states, so backlash from the people wouldn’t affect them and the states would be the bad guys.

The hunting regulations imposed on wildlife in Alaska was also overruled, which would enable hunters to shoot wildlife in the state without restrictions put on them. The new bill would be aimed to control wildlife populations, or dictate which species of animals could be slaughtered for population control. It would open the door for hunters like the president’s sons to enter the state and shoot any animal they chose as trophies.

The next law that is changed concerned internet privacy laws. Instead of a law where the government can force companies to comply with laws that are in place for companies to allow internet privacy of the citizens, it is now put on every citizen to control what is shared in privacy. It will put the blame on citizens if their privacy is compromised, instead of the companies creating a problem through information or data that is obtained without consent.

As Ginger listened and smiled at what she is hearing, she thought it would make her president appear like the champion for deregulation. He was going to reverse the law, so states will now decide if they want to fund or refuse to fund planned parenthood, making state legislatures look bad, instead of their federal government pushing the funding for abortions. It was a move that has the federal government looking like it champions women’s pro-life agendas, but at the same time, the funding is unchanged for the pro-choice crowds.

Once the news ended and she is content with what she heard, she is going to grab a beer from the fridge and look at the newspapers in front of her. The headlines were intriguing and since the papers dated to the last century, there is curiosity about the past. She had a new carton of cigarettes beside her and she knew that it would keep her busy until she talked to her beau again.

She wasn’t alone when it came to denying reality for government lies that she had listened to on a continuous basis. She had heard about bombs on the news, but she believed the stories that casualties were minimal. Many things are negotiated and it was a lie spewed to deceive his followers.

The men on the television station she listened to praised the actions of the president and they were happy that he is showing the world that their nation wouldn’t be bullied or pushed around any longer. The narrative is supported by many that didn’t want to research the truth for themselves.

They were easily led through ignorance and being gullible to what was said around them. Living in denial was now normal for many and if they knew of the truths surrounding the events taking place, they would probably deny the truth for the fiction they are fed on a daily basis. At least the stories she will read in the papers kept her amused.

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