The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Twelve - The Truth is Hard to Accept

One of the stories that made the rounds in the community talked about the lone highwayman. It is a story that caught everyone’s attention and it would leave her wondering who the man is, for the newspaper to include him in the old editions that were printed many years earlier. No one would know who he is, or his identity for many years, but it made for interesting reading and it would become a western legend.

The story in their newspaper began with the words ‘Throw up your hands’ as a lone gunman will stop the stage going through the pass in the mountains. ‘I want you to hand over the purse’ is his next command to one of the ladies on the stage. With a gun aimed at them, the woman obliged his command.

The gunman could have taken whatever he wants, since he doesn’t have a mask, but he was carrying a gun that is menacing. In the old west, it would be safer to do what the bandits or outlaws asked. They would then hope that no one decided to interfere, since it would put their lives in danger.

As the men and women watched his actions, the highwayman looked at the contents of the woman’s purse that contains a large supply of bills. As he has kept one eye on the victims and went through the purse, he surprisingly only removed a single dollar. He handed the purse back to the woman that gave it to him and he then ordered them to move along to their destination.

The passengers on the stage did as he instructed and they wouldn’t see the reason for his actions. Perhaps he merely collected tolls to use the pass in the mountain range they travel through. It was an interesting situation and when the stage arrived at its destination, one of the men went into the local saloon for breakfast. As the man ordered and started to read his paper, he was aware that someone sat at the table directly in front of him.

When breakfast is served and he began eating, the man was surprised that the highwayman is seated directly across from him. He was eating breakfast and the look of contentment on his face with each forkful he consumed was amusing. Neither of them spoke and they enjoyed their meal at their leisure.

They would both appear at the counter at the same time to settle their debt and the same dollar the man had taken from the woman on the stage would be placed on the bar. The meal is seventy-five cents and he asked for a cigar in the box for the other quarter.

After lighting it, the man stepped out onto the sidewalk and looked around at the buildings that are surrounding him in their small community. When an elderly man that was on the stage noticed how calm he appeared, he decided that it is an issue to address. He calmly walked up to the man that had taken the dollar and he said: ‘Excuse me, but haven’t we met this morning?’ To his question that morning, the man answered ‘yes we have’.

Since he was still confused by the attitude displayed, the man asked again, ‘Will you explain the liberty you took with us this morning? Certainly’ was his reply. ‘I am broke and can’t get work. I refuse to beg, so I simply helped myself to an old dollar that was in the woman’s purse’.

The explanation is sincere and the man would then remove his wallet and a five-dollar bill. After handing it to the highwayman, he then said: ‘Take this and it is for you to live on. When it is gone, if you still haven’t found work, come to me again to get more’.

It was a kind and generous offer. He took the money with his polite thanks, hunted for work, secured it, and he is a successful citizen in the town for the rest of his life. It showed everyone that an act of charity can alter someone’s life and help them eventually succeed.

As Ginger laughed at the stories of the men that contributed to the history of their area, she came across another story that caught her attention. As she read what it said, she would stop and reflect on how the nation had changed for the worst with the passing of time.

The story is describing the old west and it wasn’t much different in modern times. She would read about prospectors that are always trying to obtain the wealth they desired in many ways. If her eyes are open, she would know that the president she adored had acted in the same way for most of his life.

After blowing a cloud of smoke into the air above her, the elderly woman would hear a sound that caught her attention immediately. The building she is living in didn’t have windows and if an intruder was in the area, since they were often looking for houses they could exploit for material gain, she could be in danger. She was often counseled by her boyfriend to seek safety ahead of confrontation, so she would hide in the other room of the garage.

Extinguishing her cigarette quickly and rushing into the other room, she is going to hear a knock on the door. How the person entered the property was a mystery, since there was a high fence surrounding it and the gate is locked. If it was her son or someone she knew, they would phone first, so she could unlock the gate for them to enter. There was no phone call and as she would hide under a black tarp behind some old machinery, the door opened.

She had a ‘Colt 45’ pistol in her possession and it was loaded for occasions when someone may put her life in danger. It was obvious that uninvited men were now standing in the other room of her home and with what she called a ‘swamp’ cooler turned off, she could hear what the men were saying clearly. It had her heart beating rapidly and the sight of some mice scurrying around her feet made it difficult to remain silent.

She could hear the men talking and they had helped themselves to the beer in her fridge and also the cigarettes she left on the table. At least with men in the house smoking too, they wouldn’t notice the strong odor of smoke that is from Ginger blowing smoke around her only a few minutes earlier.

It would appear that the men were looking for someone and she lived there with her son that was with his girlfriend that day. Believing the home is now empty, they weren’t happy and they decided to look around for awhile. There were newspapers lying on the table and the bottle of beer next to the chair is still half full.

When they walked into the room where she hiding, Ginger could see them clearly and it was one of the deputies that worked for the sheriff of the town. Why he is in her home created questions and when his partner yelled that her computer contained a letter from Colorado that was warning her of what was happening, names were taken of everyone mentioned in her emails. They are going to contact the ‘NSA’ and any future correspondence would now see an employee of the government monitoring everything said.

The deputy would tell him that the man she contacted is living north of the border and he could be a thorn in the president’s side, especially if he knows what the president has planned for the nation under the flag of oppression or slavery. They would have to check the flights to ensure that he couldn’t enter the nation to see her.

The men then talked a little about their plans to repeal the first amendment, so the president could sue and imprison the journalists of the press and it is a wake-up call for Ginger, since she wouldn’t believe what she is hearing. The truth is hard to accept at times and was it possible that she is deceived?

She could hear the men going through the drawers of her desk, they would search boxes, and they would even search the fifth-wheel that is parked next to the building when they left the building. When she could hear the car start that was parked near the gate, she slowly stood and walked immediately to a door that had been forced open with a crowbar.

She could still hear the words of the deputy ringing in her ears as they are walking out the door. He said that one of the secret ‘cells’ of men that were flown into the nation on a ‘UPS’ cargo flight had scheduled Pahrump as their next target to cleanse. Thousands of terrorists from ‘middle eastern’ nations are aligning with the secret army of the former president to eliminate many.

She would hear them talking as they walked to their car and what she heard frightened her. For a reason that was known only to him, the president wants all the citizens taken to the plateau in Colorado and interred inside the fences of the ‘death’ camp.

Anyone that opposed them would be shot, hanged, or burned alive, which was common in the middle east. It upset Ginger and now that she was alone inside her home again, she rushed to the medicine chest to take at least four ‘Xanax’ tablets. She then walked to the liquor cabinet and poured the shot of vodka into a glass.

The remaining liquid in the bottle and glass were taken to her chair and the air was going to turn into a thick cloud of cigarette smoke, as she thought of the words the sheriff and his deputy discussed, and about what happened. It couldn’t be possible, because the news didn’t mention anything that concerns ‘death’ camps, millions being killed, or ‘death’ squads transporting citizens to the state of Colorado.

For the next two hours, as the liquid inside the bottle quickly disappeared, she is now drunk and the last thing she expected was her phone to ring. It is a call from her boyfriend that lives north of the border and she clicked refuse call with a flick of her finger. She had always answered before, but now she was having doubts about their relationship.

It was easier for her to deny reality than accept it and when the call showed to be from her sister, she answered it immediately. Her sister was controlling in many ways and she agreed that it would be in her best interests to kick the young man to the curb. Since she is hurt when her live-in boyfriend left their home and married someone else, her sister felt that no man is good enough.

Her sister would see him as a bad influence on her, since it was known that he opposed the new president in many ways. He wanted her to have faith or confidence in herself and he didn’t hide the fact that he didn’t like the man in the White House now. He would continuously try to expose him for what he is, which was evil, morally corrupt, and an embarassment to the nation..

What they didn’t realize is they weren’t dealing with an idiot. He called her again and the calls made during their conversation went straight to her voice mail. He knew she is home and it worried him that something had happened. He would notice a scenario unfolding during the previous year and her sister had driven over to her home suffering from a heart attack.

He understood when she couldn’t talk to him, because that took priority. It would cause him concern though, when he would hear that a friend that she swore she isn’t attracted to in any way, is at the hospital and they are seen on the couch in the waiting room kissing.

It shocked him, but he would be forgiving and believed her when she said that her niece was lying about what had happened. She didn’t realize that he is aware that it only takes one contradiction and he would then listen with an open ear and watch her carefully now.

He would catch her now in many lies and it would disappoint him. He had always tried to open and honest, but now it didn’t really matter, since she is going to write him a message that she needed space and he is part of her life that no longer matters. She wanted her freedom and it was like her sister was now speaking through her. It hurt, but he would move on.

For the past year, she would repeat that she wasn’t the same woman he has fallen in love with and as her sister demanded her time and attention that has her doing everything for her, the young man noticed that every time he is to dial her number, it would ring and then go to voicemail.

Other times it had a long series of rings with no response. Something was going on and that was a good reason to put the plan to restore the nation to a previous time under constitutional rule in place. If she didn’t really want him any longer, she would have to tell him face-to-face, and he wants her to give him a valid reason for throwing away their years together.

When patriot groups in Nevada reported that the terrorist cells were on the move in Pahrump and they were going door-to-door, arresting everyone they encountered, many people were concerned that their friends and family were now silent. The same government that the people supported was now taking an active role in exterminating everyone that opposed them, but they were in agreement that it should be done quietly.

The evil dictators in power realized that the people would want answers to their questions about the media blackout, so excuses were devised. They are going to instruct the various medias around the nation that the state has what scientists are calling a temporary communications breakdown that is caused by sun spots.

A solar flare had affected the communications towers and their crews were working around the clock to solve the problem. It wasn’t what is feared and an ‘EMP’ attack didn’t take place. They were working on the problem, since Las Vegas was one city that was mafia-controlled, and the mafia Czars could eliminate the dictator if he shut down their operations. They owned him and they weren’t going to see their businesses affected by his dictatorship.

People aren’t stupid, even if the liberal leftist’s think they are, and citizens would drive to the mountains to see what happened for themselves, through telescopes that are equipped with high-power lens. They saw foreign soldiers living in the towns and the absence of civilians created concern. Now that it is obvious what had happened, a communications blackout wouldn’t let them report what they saw. There was something else that terrified them.

When the citizens drove into the mountains and look at the small towns in the valleys below them, everything is quiet, but they would notice the sound of drones above their heads. Before they could escape, the drones attacked in force and the citizens were killed. They couldn’t let anyone know what could take place, since it would start a panic in the casinos and major hotels.

That was something the previous governments vowed would never happen and it was just another lie to silence opposition to the agenda of the tyrant in power. When the patriots couldn’t report what is happening in their state any longer, many of the other groups were becoming concerned for their safety that are living in seclusion in other states.

There was no excuse for the government’s actions against the people and it was time that the resistance prepared for their counter-offensive against their own government. There was no point in worrying about the major cities that were destroyed through the missile attacks. Millions had perished that live in Boston, Portland, New Orleans, Atlanta, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, and it also saw Washington and Detroit removed from the map of the nation.

What the patriots wouldn’t understand is how their president could remain silent when his own mail-order bride and children could be killed, since they had remained in New York. Even before the president attacked North Korea, the people were talking about the incestuous relationship he enjoyed with his daughter and with his wife out of the picture, his daughter had moved into an old house on the plateau with her husband.

There were no doubts that the president is evil, immoral, is a bully, and he wouldn’t hesitate to keep his daughter at his side every day. She is fulfilling the role of his daughter-wife. Of course his supporters will continue to deny that he would stoop to such depths, because they have made excuses for him.

When he is attacking the constitution, calling it useless and archaic, there is either silence from the members of his cult or his supporters didn’t care what he did. Nothing he would do could be seen as a stumbling block to his power over them.

When the press secretary for the president announced that congress would be dissolved and the president would rule the nation through his advisors or a group of globalists that were appointed, many would report that supporters of the president were rejoicing and celebrating in the streets. It was obvious to many that the nation they knew was now in the past.

Men and women had given their lives to preserve the nation from enemies of the state and with one stroke of his pen, the nation was changed into what the people had obviously supported. There is no excuse for stupidity and the ignorance of the people had stomped on the flag, slapped every serviceman or woman in the face, and even the civil war of 1861 - 65 didn’t destroy their nation that many loved.

As the border states are cleansed of citizens, it has now paved the way for many terrorists, illegals, and atheists to enter the nation. The actions of their tyrant is going to anger many true patriots that live north of the border, since they are aware that a dictatorship would impact their lives too. They weren’t going to let the constitutional republic fade into the archives of history and if it meant they had to fight and die for their friend’s liberty - so be it.

Now that everything is in place for the resistance to make their move, they knew that they would have to keep their actions quiet. It would only require one misstep for the whole revolution to come crashing down around them. If they were successful through small victories, it would lead to the biggest and greatest victory that would ever be seen in the history of the nation.

The best time to spring their trap is when those that believe they have won let their guard down. Unlike those that supported the president and they were called followers of evil, the patriots are guided by true leaders that believe it is victory first. Failure isn’t seen as an option and the various groups around the nation were prepared to succeed.

It is known that the best defense is also the best offense and a plan exists to use the governments own incompetence against them. For years, it was seen that many illegals are repeatedly crossing the border of Mexico and it could be used against the government. No one in the administration will anticipate that men would cross the border from other nations that are briefed and they are prepared to fight for freedom and the nation.

It was the government’s intention to let many Muslim terrorists enter from Mexico in the south and they disguise them as immigrants. The government would grant them amnesty, which would decimate the capitalist system and destroy the economy.

When an evil and sadistic criminal has the office of president over the last bastion of hope and freedom in the world, there are going to be many illegal activities performed to destroy that nation. Investigations could be launched every day, but if the men or women weren’t willing to hold them accountable for their illegal actions, it is merely an exercise in futility.

That is now seen and as the men walk across the southern border, there has been no border guards posted to stop them. Security doesn’t exist any longer and it allowed them to carry in whatever weapons they would need to defend their friends from extermination. The patriots from other nations would then align with various groups that would launch the first wave.

Apparently the tyrant feared Canada more than anyone else and it would be obvious that the northern border was closed to anyone wanting to cross into the United States. He wanted to ensure that the Prime Minister of Canada is willing to support him and a meeting was arranged between the two nations. The former president agreed to handle the task of forming an alliance, since the man in Ottawa was following the same script he employed in office.

That would present a challenge for the young man that was now ready for his adventure to begin south of the border. Armed with guns on his hips and silencers that would allow him to remove targets quietly, he also has guns on his ankles and in a backpack he is carrying. Canisters of chloroform were his choice of a weapon that could incapacitate groups of men that opposed him.

It wouldn’t be hard to cross the border, since it was the longest unprotected border in the world and his entry point was already planned in advance. He’s ready and after arriving at the tourist resort called Niagara Falls, there would be tourists everywhere. With the mist in the air from the horseshoe falls, it is normal to see men and women wearing raincoats that would conceal what he is carrying under the coat.

The Rainbow and Lewiston Bridges couldn’t be used, because there would be border guards that are authorized to search him, thanks to stupid people in the nation that elected an incompetent fool as the prime minister. There was another point of entry chosen and a motorboat would have to be used that is docked on the shore of the gorge. It would be used to fight the rapids.

Now that the boat had crossed the Niagara River, the young man will walk up the embankment and he was officially inside the United States, uninvited by the dictator. He is now in enemy territory and his intelligence, plus what is called the guidance of God are his only defenses.

His destination would be Nevada to confront his former girlfriend and hear what her excuses are for breaking off their engagement. Why was she acting strange and why did she change so dramatically in the past few months. The situation didn’t make sense and he wants to hear why she didn’t want him in her life any longer, as said from her own lips.

Once he had his explanation, he would help the citizens by providing their leadership in a crisis situation. They would need his knowledge to combat a government that wouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone that opposed them. It is the time to restore the republic that many loved and fought for, removing every evil and corrupt man and woman that are responsible for destroying what he had called the greatest country in the world.

It wouldn’t be easy and now that he is in New York State, the young man noticed the eerie silence that surrounded him. Cars that would appear on the roads weren’t visible and the streets were quiet. The barking of dogs couldn’t be heard, and the stores that were once bristling with activity are silent. It is a scenario he expected, but he hoped he was wrong, and the streets could see thousands of eager shoppers walking through the stores for their bargains.

It was the first time in his life that fear overcame him and it was like he has walked through one of the deserted ghost towns of the old west. His research was in depth before undertaking his journey and the absence of life wouldn’t be surprising. It is something a normal person wouldn’t expect in an area that was known for an abundance of various scents that are constantly filling the air with different foods to eat.

The young man had crossed the border many times in the past and he was always impressed with the stores, food outlets, and how everyone treated his visit with respect. He had also lived in the nation earlier in his life and there were many good and honest people that he would put his own life in danger to protect from an immoral narcissist and dictator that craved power over the nation and its people.

Now that he was creeping through the back alleys, surveying the situations in front of him, the streets were deserted and the silence felt like he entered a tomb that he would find in a cemetery. After reaching one of the streets that should have been bustling with activity, no one could be seen and that could be beneficial to him. At least he couldn’t see or hear security patrols and that would allow him to move freely in the area.

Knowing that his journey and goals couldn’t be accomplished on his own, a place is chosen to drop to his knees in prayer that God would now guide his footsteps to victory. He would pray to receive inspiration and revelation that is necessary to travel across the nation. The enemy would be everywhere and if he made even a single mistake, it could be catastrophic for the patriots.

After uttering his humble prayer for guidance, the young man took a deep breath and walked along the deserted street until he felt the car beside him is the answer to his prayer. No one could explain the strange situation he finds himself in and the risk of danger could manifest itself at any second. He was praying that his journey wouldn’t end before it began.

He was also aware that security cameras were posted everywhere and if the cameras are monitored, it could only be minutes before the men in blue or an army of terrorist mercenaries approach him. They wouldn’t be taking him as a prisoner, since they would see him as a spy, which allows them to kill him.

He knew that he would need a car to travel west, since four-thousand miles on his feet would take months to walk it. There was only one option in mind and he would have to check the cars that were parked on the streets. If he is lucky, the doors would be unlocked and the keys would be hidden behind a visor above the driver’s seat.

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