The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Thirteen - Entering the Lion’s Den

Searching for the next hour didn’t yield success, since there are no keys to be found, so all he could do was walk along the street and hope for the best. It was interesting seeing the newspaper boxes and the headlines that said the GOP house had voted to pass the healthcare bill and a trillion-dollar budget, which sent it to the Senate.

Once there, the Senate approved it, and the evil president got his way. The spawn of Satan has now controlled the budget and with total control of their healthcare and the nation’s money, he was able to declare his dictatorship. It was all on display what his intentions were from the beginning, but there are many ignorant and gullible people that didn’t want to accept the inevitable.

Were the people really that foolish, gullible and stupid? The answer is yes and since it had happened months earlier, it gave the middle-aged man a true timeline of when the area was cleansed by government ‘death’ squads. It was obvious and the people were probably taken from the stores, parks, and their homes by force, by government troops that wouldn’t accept excuses.

Either that, or they were supporters of their fraudulent president and that is going to lead to them believing whatever lies they are told to go willingly to their deaths and incarceration. One thing was obvious and the silence around him is deafening. Even the birds were avoiding the area for some reason and it was like his worst nightmare had become a reality.

There was one bright side to his situation and he was standing on the curb of a major shopping and tourist area. Perhaps one of the stores would hold a key to his dilemma and if luck is on his side, there would be a set of keys in the employee area with the buttons to unlock the doors of a car he can use to travel west. All he would have to do is push the unlock button on a pad and the lights would flicker on one of the cars.

He would have to choose a store that would employ the most people and it would give him the best odds of finding a purse, a jacket, or perhaps one of the men or women dropped their keys when the armies of locusts appeared. There was a store fitting the description he needed just ahead of him and the front doors of the building weren’t locked. It would appear no looting of the store had taken place either.

As he walked past the open-air fast-food restaurant, he could picture many citizens sitting under the umbrellas at the tables. They would be eating their hamburgers, fries, drinking their beverages, and from the ashtrays that were now water-logged on the tables, citizens had taken advantage of the fresh air to enjoy their cigarettes.

The garbage was now pressed against the fencing, due to the wind blowing, and it showed that the people weren’t given the time to clear their tables. The men and women must have been surprised when they were herded onto their waiting buses, since toys could also be seen lying on the ground around their tables. Small children would have been frightened, crying, and there couldn’t be any words of comfort to calm their fears.

It was like a scene out of a horror movie that depicted the end of the world, which sent chills rushing down his back. The fear of the unknown made him very uneasy, but there was a mission to fulfill. He couldn’t fail, because there is a nation to save and restore to the constitutional republic of the past. Even if he met resistance, he was well-armed and ready for action.

Now that he arrived at the front doors of the store, he pushed them open to enter and everything was deathly quiet.There is no one seen inside, behind a counter, at the tables, in the washroom, or just loitering near the windows. It was obvious that the power was still on, but the lights were turned off.

There is one thing he noticed and the cash drawers are open at the jewelry booth. The men had obviously helped themselves during the raid and it was surprising that they would do that. It would probably be the same story when it comes to all the other businesses in the region too, since evil men put their faith in material things, selfishness, and greed. Money is easy to dispose of.

Walking through the store to the restaurant area, the grills were still hot, an overhead ventilation fan was still running, and their coolers were filled with salads and other sandwiches which had now spoiled from age. That was one of the last things he would do, is open the glass doors of the cooler. The food is now turning green with mould and he didn’t need penicillin at the moment.

Since the grill was hot, it was apparent that no one is going to complain if a few hamburger patties are removed from the freezer, as well as some fries. It was kept frozen all that time and cheese slices were sealed in their packaging. There are garnishments in the cooler that include ketchup, mustard, and also relish. Some onions could be fried on the grill to make the burger perfect.

It felt strange that he could help himself to anything he wanted and since a licensed bar is in the restaurant area of the store, it allowed him to make one of his favorite drinks. He had his choice of beer, wine, or the other spirits at the tip of his fingertips. He would start with a wine cooler as he cooked and then make his favorite drink before he sat down to enjoy them.

An old-fashioned ‘Pina Colada’ could be enjoyed after the burgers sizzle on the grill to perfection. He also brewed a hot pot of coffee and after it filled a glass pot, he noticed that he could grab a thermos from a shelf near the cash register. That was one item he forgot to include in his pack. He could take a thermos of coffee on his journey and keep refilling it when it was emptied.

Cooking foods came naturally and it was a skill he learned from his mother and baking was learned from his grandmother. They had taught him to be an independent person in many ways, so he wouldn’t have to rely on others for anything that he could do himself in life.

Now that the burgers were made with the fries, his drink was made for him to enjoy with dinner. He also grabbed a couple of coolers and put everything on a tray, so it could be carried to one of the tables that are next to one of the windows. There was a purpose behind his actions and chances aren’t taken.

It would enable him to watch for movement outside the store on the street. He had to expect a scenario where men are patrolling the area and there is a strong possibility that they could surprise him without notice. It was the last thing he wanted, since he is part of the resistance against tyranny.

Sitting at the table, blowing smoke into the air from his cigarette, he could just imagine what happened in the area months earlier. He could picture men and women walking through the store, grabbing various items, and then they would see the unexpected happen.

Men would rush through the front doors with guns blazing, scaring all the little children, which was confirmed by bullet holes in the ceiling tiles, and it saw everyone panic. With screams and tears of sorrow, everyone would then be ordered to the front of the store by the terrorist cells that couldn’t worry if they were responsible for the panic they created.

It was known that terrorist camps exist, but the government would always ignore their camps and training facilities. The secret camps are supported by the corrupt presidencies of the past and once the order was given, they only had to leave their locations of secrecy. They could then walk through towns, states, or all the villages without opposition.

Sitting at the table and enjoying the quiet serenity that is surrounding him, there should have been no reason for him to be there. For most of his life, he watched new presidents elected and the people didn’t feel threatened at all. It was merely a situation where the people would alternate between parties.

It saw many working hard to pay their bills, they would care for children in their families, and young men were taking brides in marriage. Their lives are simple and many happy memories were created in the lives of many. That is in the past and there is now only sadness and sorrow for many. His heart had broken thinking about the women and children that were killed needlessly.

As he reflected on the past, he had kept a close watch on the actions of the politicians elected to office. He watched as prayer and God was taken out of the school system and society as a whole. Months earlier, he watched one of the loony mayors of New Orleans remove statues to confederate heroes. The mayor was trying to change history and it showed that many were now on a slippery trail to their own destruction.

He watched as a conservative Supreme court voted overwhelmingly to give women the right to murder their own children, since they legalized abortion. Millions of infants paid the price for their lunacy and they would never have an opportunity to enjoy blessings that others took for granted. Governments had stopped working for the people and now they are only interested in their own goals and pocket books.

It was seen when the government would give themselves the right to use a procedure known as ‘insider trading’ to invest in companies before any of the citizens heard about them. The husbands or wives of politicians are allowed to bid on government contracts, which lined their own pockets with billions of dollars. Many changes were made without the consent of the people and it was always taking place behind closed doors or in the darkness of the night.

He then watched as the previous government created a healthcare bill that was forced on the people. Many politicians were told they have to pass it, if they want to read it and it was illegal and unconstitutional. What happened? Since the court had ruled it illegal, the president merely changed it to a tax bill, which the Supreme court would then approve, and many suffered as a result of the government tyranny in direct defiance of the constitution.

The stupidity of the judges on the bench had thrown the laws and common sense under a bus and it was now leading to the court ruling through emotion - not based on law. They were ruling on what they felt was right and that has created many unlawful decisions from the Supreme court.

That would then lead to common-core education standards that are pushed by the loonies in Washington. Children were now receiving what they would call ‘participation’ awards, instead of being praised for having intelligence to excel in the classroom. Political correctness had destroyed society and it led to everyone remaining silent, so they wouldn’t offend others.

Then a conservative Supreme court would legalize same-sex marriage and that was met with resistance. No one really cared what ‘gay’ couples did in a bedroom that is located inside their homes. Unfortunately, that didn’t matter any longer and many in the ‘gay’ or lesbian communities wanted more.

They now want to push their agenda and abolish the rights of a traditional family that exists between the husband and wife. It was obvious to many that Godly virtues and ideals were being thrown into the gutter and the actions of society is now reflected in whom the people elected for government offices. Society often elects those that mirror their own lives and their destruction is now taking place all over the nation.

It was obvious that the people are the authors of their own destiny and only the people themselves can make their nation great, or destroy it by their own hand at the same time. It is said that no man is an island unto himself and the nation prospers when the talents of others are utilized. Many are talented and it is those individuals that create new employment, technologies, and invent ways to improve the lives of others.

Many thoughts would go through his mind as he ate his burger. Once it is finished, the patriot finished his coolers and the cigarette he was smoking. It was time to walk through the store and he saw many items that he would be inclined to purchase on a normal shopping spree across the border.

That was on hold though and walking through the heavy curtain, he is now standing in the warehouse area of the store. It is filled with skids of various products that wouldn’t see the store shelves in the near future. Many of their skids contain clothes, hardwares, plumbing supplies, or other items that will attract the shoppers for many reasons.

The patriot was searching for the employee locker room and he had to find the keys to a car that was in the parking lot. He would even consider a truck, if that was his only option. He had driven vans for many years, but he would avoid the eighteen wheelers. They are just too big and they would attract the attention of others.

Standing next to the skids for a moment, the young man started to think of the president’s idea of raising the cost of diesel fuel. He actually stated that it was approved by the truckers themselves and that too was a lie. Did the idiot not realize that if he raised the prices of diesel fuel, it would lead to many of the brokers parking their rigs and they would refuse to ship the products.

Without the truckers driving endless hours every week, their absence could shut down the nation, since they pick up the milk and products at farms, they deliver the products to stores, factories, and the manufacturing plants that are found all over the country. Nothing will move and in addition to companies closing, which creates unemployment, the economy would also crash.

Finding the room where the employees had a locker for their belongings, a set of keys wasn’t seen and it meant that he will have to continue his search. It is a long way to the western states and a car or even a motorcycle will help him cover the miles in the shortest amount of time possible.

His goal is to reach Pahrump, Nevada and that is where he hoped he would see the woman he loved dearly. She owed him an explanation for her actions and after he is satisfied with her response, he would then travel to Utah. The journey would be filled with danger and obstacles, but it was worth the risk to restore the nation to what it was in the past.

It is there that he will put the rebellion into action and the General was his liaison to all the patriot groups that are hidden inside the nation. As a leader, the young man was very careful when it came to who he corresponded with through social media and he had no time for those that made excuses for the actions of the demon that was now declaring himself a dictator.

He had grown close to only a few true patriots that he associated with and he was also wondering if there was the possibility that he could ever find the blessings of romance in his life. He is currently unattached and it would be a nice experience to have someone that he can protect or love with all his heart.

She would have to be kind, honest, have integrity, and when they are going to be together, they would seek to uplift them to new heights and happiness. There was no room for selfishness or ego and she would have to possess the courage to stand for conservative values, without wavering or caving on the things that made her special in his eyes.

Unfortunately, finding a love interest would be the last thing he is going to dwell on or worry about. He had set goals and he would have to arrive at his destination first. If he was killed or apprehended before he reached Nevada, everything he was trying to do would become irrelevant. He would leave the future in God’s hands and whatever happened would be to his glory.

There were a few patriots that he met on social media that had become like family to him now. He felt a certain connection that is unlike anything he is to ever feel before in his life. He couldn’t explain it, but he would do his best to protect his best friend and her husband with his own life. There are people that others will immediate recognize as being a kindred spirit and he would feel that strong bond with them.

He would try to keep them from harm or being killed by an immoral and a corrupt government that didn’t have morals, integrity, or any compassion for others. The strange part of that is he didn’t know where they sought refuge to avoid coming into contact with the invading armies. Since he would drive to their state, enroute to Nevada, perhaps fate would allow them to meet.

Traveling to Nevada was complicated by the fact that the trains and planes weren’t operating any longer for the civilians. Only the military that could be authorized by the president had access to jets, helicopters, or many trucks to transport people or products. They would be forced to swear an oath that the individual would pledge allegience to worship the dictator.

At least he knew where the president is living and a fortress of evil is now surrounding him and the corrupt administration that he put in place to carry out his agenda of death and destruction. That would be an obstacle that he is going to face in the future, but at the moment, he had to focus on obtaining a car. Everything else would fall into place in due time.

Searching the warehouse again for something that could benefit him, there was a radio on the shelf and it was lying next to the shipping dock. Perhaps a radio station could let him know what is currently happening in the nation. It wouldn’t hurt and if he knew current events taking place around him, there is a good chance that he would know where the government ‘death’ squads are.

When he flipped through the AM band on the radio, he would hear a story that left him shaking his head in disgust. The dictator is meeting with many allies from ‘NATO’ and the person describing what happened showed that he was right about the leader of the free world. He was blunt and the tyrant was nothing more than a buffoon and a disrespectful fool that had embarassed all the citizens, the nation, and the patriots that despised him.

It was reported that the president had let his own ego and selfishness take center stage yet again. When the media wanted to take some pictures of the men and women that represent their nations, the dictator had pushed his way through the crowd and then pushed the Prime Minister of another nation out of the way, so he could stand in the spotlight, front and center.

His actions showed disrespect for another nation’s representative that is at the ‘NATO’ summit, but many that idolized the tyrant didn’t care. They were going to make excuses and praise him for being a bully and narcissist that is an embarrassment to the nation. There was no excuse for his behavior, but it was just another day at the office for the man that craved the spotlight.

The patriot could only shake his head, since he knew that the man is a rude, obnoxious, and arrogant fool that has no respect for anyone or anything that doesn’t center on him personally. He could only imagine the press that could publish his actions in the home country of the Prime Minister. It wouldn’t be flattering and the world was watching the clown disrespect others.

There were so many thoughts racing through his mind and after entering a street again that was in front of the store, the young patriot had to ensure his privacy. He had to make sure that he wasn’t being watched by a government troop or law enforcement officers that sold their souls to evil. It was going to be a challenge to remain inconspicuous, but he had a strong faith that he can accomplish the impossible with God’s help.

As he started to walk down the street again, he suddenly felt that things in the area aren’t as they appear. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but he heard a dog start barking in a manner that screamed intruder. Was his imagination in overdrive, reading more into the situation than actually existed? He couldn’t take the chance and he would enter the next building again. It was a clothing store and he would have to move through the buildings for the time being.

It was the only way he could remain invisible in the area and the buildings would provide cover from drones or patrols that may still be in all the areas. He knew that they may appear to be deserted, but that could be an illusion of others that they wanted to present as reality. He wanted to avoid scenarios at the moment that could become confrontational.

Walking through the clothing store to a door that would lead outside again to a back alley, his thoughts were now on what had happened in New York a few years earlier. The people had apparently lost their senses, when it came to distinguishing between right and wrong, truth verses fiction, and freedom from communism. It defied logic and where had the people suddenly lost all their common sense and intelligence?

The new mayor of New York was a communist sympathizer and he would force communism on the citizens that were living there. That was something that didn’t make sense and why would the president order that city destroyed from the nation? Since the people showed how stupid they are, perhaps there was an agenda to have the people suffer for their choice. Many of the people were following evil and it was possible that Satan wanted to destroy them.

It was a question that he couldn’t answer and as he stood in the back alley, the sound of a gunshot broke the silence that surrounded him. The dog that is barking earlier suddenly stopped barking and it told him that he wasn’t alone. There was no excuse to kill an innocent dog that was probably loved by one of the families that had previously lived in the area and questions would now rush through his mind.

Was it a member of a foreign terrorist cell, or perhaps he was right about a law-enforcement patrol. Since the gun shot echoed through the region, there was a strong possibility now that other patrols are in the region and that will complicate things dramatically. Perhaps it was in his best interests that a car wasn’t found earlier. Who knows what he would now be facing?

Everything has a reason behind it, especially when it comes to eliminating a corrupt and evil government. There was one reality facing him now and it was the sound of voices that he could hear, but their voices would have what he noticed is a strong accent. They weren’t native to the nation and why were they walking the streets of that area? One thing is obvious and the men were now walking in his direction.

The young patriot had to think quickly and conceal his presence. Looking around, the walls of the buildings were blocking his path, all of the doors in the back alley couldn’t be opened from the alley, and he was trapped.

Fortunately, he noticed that the various stores and companies would have a truck drive down the alley to pick up their garbage that was thrown into their large bins. That would work and now that he is hiding behind a garbage bin, it didn’t take long for his question to be answered about the men’s origin.

Two men appeared and they were carrying what looked like Russian-made ‘AN-94/Nikonov’ assault rifles. The men were speaking in ‘Russian’ to each other and since the young man is familiar with the language, since he studied the language years earlier, he is able to pick out a few words here and there.

It was understood that the men are to kill everyone they saw that may have stumbled into the area. That wasn’t good and if he killed them, they could be missed when they didn’t report in. On the other hand, if they remain alive, it wouldn’t be hard for them to see him hiding behind the bin. It was time for a decision and he felt strongly that they should be eliminated. With a silencer on his ‘Glock’ in place, he waited for them to walk towards him.

Hitting them in the chest would be an exercise in futility, since both of the men were wearing bullet-proof vests, and helmets protected their heads. The only target he had was right between the eyes and he wouldn’t have a second chance if he missed. The men would open fire on the dumpster and then they would see that he had no escape.

Praying for a steady hand and that his faith in God could eliminate both of the men within a split second, aim was taken, and the trigger is squeezed. It was obvious that the two men were taken by surprise and they had collapsed on the ground in front of him. Taking their weapons and ammunition for his pack, the hand of God had enabled him to make perfect shots.

The bullets had entered the small area under their helmets on their forehead and the bullets had killed them instantly. Now the young patriot was facing a second decision. They couldn’t be left where they had fallen, so throwing the two men into a garbage dumpster would dispose of them. It could also create a window for him to escape before they were found.

As the lid closed above the bodies, it was obvious that they were two of the men that were brought into the nation by the president. They are part of their secret army that had seen fifty-thousand men enter the nation that the tyrant will ask a foreign nation to send for peace-keeping purposes.

One thing was obvious and he can’t trust anyone that he would meet on his journey west. When it comes to supporters of the past and present president, it is known that they are filled with hatred, anger, and they allowed the spirit of evil to enter their souls. They are now kneeling in total submission to their new dictator that was slaughtering millions of innocent men and women.

When the government no longer serves the people and it then seeks to run the lives of the citizens that it is sworn to protect, they were openly inviting men and women to start a revolution to overthrow them. No one wants their families subjected to tyranny, bondage, or slavery, and that was the goal the new dictator was pushing.

The English discovered that in 1774 when they tried to take the guns of the people and ‘King George’ lost America as a British colony. It had started the quest for freedom of the people when they saw oppression entering in many ways and it led to the ‘Boston Tea Party’. Men are taking it upon themselves to rise up in rebellion against others that wanted total control over them.

The young man was now entering uncharted territory and his heart is now beating very rapidly inside his chest. He had never taken a human life before and it is obvious that the adrenalin is now rushing through his veins. That is a wake-up call that caution had to be exercised now at all costs. There wasn’t a way to know how many other Russian troops are in the area and they could eliminate him without giving it a second thought.

One thing is obvious and he had to leave the state of New York as quickly as he could. It was also possible that children were recruited by the dictator, since he idolized ‘Adolph Hitler’ and loved his policies. With every step that he takes now, he knew that even the youth would be against him, since they were often asked to pledge allegience to both the former and the current man that is in the office of president.

Both demanded total loyalty and he had seen it at the man’s rallies, where a hand was raised in a ‘Nazi’ salute, and he demanded they pledge their loyalty to him. He then saw it on social-media, where his ignorant and gullible fools wanted others to pledge their loyalty to him too. There was only one person that the patriot would pledge loyalty to and that was God himself. No man is worthy of the pledge the dictator was demanding of his blind supporters.

The children were in schools that indoctrinated them to embrace the mental disorder of liberalism and they would resemble what they call ‘brown-shirts’ in Germany. That is going to see them watch everyone around them and they are going to report the person, even if it is their own parents, to the agencies of the government that opposed the dictator.

Feeling fortunate that he had now been awakened to the possibility that the streets weren’t safe, the young patriot understood that he couldn’t take things for granted and the main streets weren’t an option any longer. He was forced to walk cautiously down the back alleys, listening for anything that could act as a signal that he wasn’t alone.

His life was in danger and the young patriot started thinking about various reasons he had chosen to cross into New York State. He knew that he would have to avoid Michigan, since the ‘Islamic’ community had taken over what was once ‘Dearborne’ and they instituted ‘Sharia’ law.

No one was exempt to the ‘Islamic’ laws and even the companies that hired employees would have to teach them about their laws and doctrines. That is an example of the asinine agenda of the former president and the people had merely accepted it without opposing it in any way, shape, or form. They are merely going to compromise their own principals and adapt to the culture of another nation that was known for murder, torture, and death.

The politicians were watching what happened and since it was obvious that the people didn’t care any longer, they will allow the people to block traffic, actually breaking federal laws to join the prayers. They are to introduce what is called ‘Islam’ into the schools of the nation, businesses would be forced to build prayer rooms, and it is all done in direct violation of the nation’s laws.

The young patriot had considered crossing the border in ‘Fort Erie’, but the odds of making it into ‘Buffalo’ weren’t as safe as crossing the Niagara gorge. He is now in an abandoned city on the ‘US’ side of the border and he already was forced to eliminate government troops that were patrolling the area. The men were probably searching for citizens that were overlooked previously.

The thoughts that entered his mind, as he moved silently through the alleys of the town, kept him focused and ready for anything. At least many of their back alleys could provide cover. The young man is aware of the government satellites in orbit, drones in the sky, and the tracking devices that are hidden inside phones, cameras, and other electrical equipment.

They also installed many cameras on the main streets of all the major cities and that possibility would exist in every town he enters. If he is successful in his quest to obtain a car, he would have to avoid all of the areas that would have a heavy presence of supporters for the president. He couldn’t trust them under any circumstances and he had also noticed that many were professing that they are conservatives are actually moderate liberals.

Many had sold their souls and they had come out of the closet as liberals in the past year in their attacks on real constitutional conservatives. They were actually under the impression that they could enjoy both worlds. They could support the liberal agenda and attack others that didn’t, or they could then be adamantly against liberal doctrines, saying they are conservatives. It made it obvious which party they followed and it wasn’t conservative values.

The people had watched politicians moving left of center for many years in the nation and the party of ‘Abraham Lincoln’ no longer existed. Both parties are now merged in evil, manipulation, corruption, and it would become rare that someone isn’t corrupted by greed and kickbacks to go against their own principals. It was also known that they use modern technology to blackmail their opposition to surrender in submission to their lunacy. That was seen in the past when the leftists used the ‘IRS’ to target conservatives.

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