The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Fourteen - The Journey Begins

Corruption is seen on every level of government and that would be one of the objectives that the people would have to overcome before they could say they live again in a constitutional republic. The resistance of 1775 would be victorious and there is no reason that the resistance can’t emerge in victory in the modern age. In a way, the dictator made things easier for patriots, since it is known that he had eliminated many people from the nation.

That is what the young patriot was hoping for in the future, but he was now facing reality in the present. He had heard the sound of helicopters and there was no way of knowing if they were searching for him, or just travelling to a previous destination. He couldn’t remain out in the open in a back alley, so it was imperative that he could find an open door that he could use.

He was also needing to use their facilities and the back alley wouldn’t be a solid option at that point. Asking for help through prayer again, the patriot is going to see a building in the distance that had a door propped open. One of their employees had used a brick to prevent the door from closing. It would be irrelevant when it came to what the building contained, because he was in need of the bathroom.

There was only one problem facing him now and he would have to cross a main street that would leave him exposed to any of the patrols in the area. It would be a challenge, but he was up to the task of arriving safely at the door. At least the sky was now overcast and it wouldn’t be long before the sun will go down, leaving the area in darkness.

It would have been beneficial and he could use a pair of infrared lenses that could be slipped over his glasses, which could then give him an ability to see things in the darkness. It is only a dream though for him in the present, since they weren’t really the type of item that he could buy for his journey. He had to use what is at his disposal and do the best he could.

Now that he is standing in the alley that is beside the main road, there were no sounds echoing around him, and he couldn’t see anyone on the street that could present him with a life-or-death situation. All he could do now is pray that no one sees him, since he would have to move cautiously now across the street. At least he couldn’t see any cameras and that was a blessing.

Waiting for the prompting of the spirit of God, the young patriot entered a street that was usually bustling with traffic, hookers, and drug dealers. They were nowhere to be seen and when he arrived at the open door, it is opened and he entered the building, locking the door behind him. He had arrived at the building safely, but he wanted a bathroom ahead of anything else.

It was funny and there was one right in front of him. As the young patriot removed a cigarette and lit it inside the small room, so none of the smoke is going to give away his location, he sat and relaxed. He didn’t know where he is and he was experiencing everything for the first time. He would check out the building and perhaps it would have a map that could help him.

Now that he had the opportunity to walk towards the front of the building, a huge smile appeared on his face and he was led to a store that contains the supplies for the military. It was an ‘Army - Navy’ store and it contains every item his heart desired.

He now had infrared googles, a new pair of boots with a solid tread, a few new handguns and ammunition, plus he was able to grab some ‘MRE’s’ that could fit in his pack. They are ready-made meals that will be great to snack on when he is on the road. The military men often used them when they are out in the regions where meals couldn’t be cooked.

There were maps and after looking at one that could help him, something is going to jump off the page for him. It appeared that he was close to one of a car dealerships and it can offer any car or truck of his choosing. If he can see the dealership and arrive safely, he could take a car that would have a full or almost full tank of gasoline and it would help him achieve his goal.

Lighting another cigarette and turning on the radio that he brought from the store, the young patriot would listen to the radio say that the president was at his best again, when he insulted the nations that comprise ‘NATO’. He didn’t hesitate to call them deadbeats and his supporters were celebrating.

For the man on the radio, he wouldn’t be surprised now if the nation’s allies would be hesitant to offer help in the future again, especially after they were insulted by an egomaniac and narcissist that wouldn’t know diplomacy if the word bit him. It was like every day was the center ring of the circus and they only had to allow the president to open his mouth in stupidity.

It would have been nice to have a cell phone or laptop, but those items can be traced and they have a built-in ‘GPS’ system. He will have to travel south at first, since Chicago was destroyed and the interstate highway is in ruins. It would see him having to travel through Pennsylvania to West Virginia. Then he could swing west through Kentucky to Arkansas, which then takes him to Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and then north to Nevada.

From listening to the reports of patriot groups before he had left Canada, it is reported that government troops or a terrorist cell had already eliminated a large number of people in the southern states. Perhaps he could see some of the patriot groups he had spoken to in the states and they will be able to help him accomplish his goals.

He is eager to see Arkansas and it is where his best friend and her husband live. He didn’t know the town where they live and the state is large. It could be a challenge and he knew that it can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Since the southern states were already cleansed, he would drive through the states that the troops had already occupied. It was the path of least resistance.

The goal now though was to reach the dealership and obtain his car. That is going to help him dramatically and then the real journey begins. Stepping on the butt of the second cigarette to extinguish it, the young man walked to the front of the building.

Looking up and down the street and seeing no one in either direction, he is going to step outside to see what is within sight. Fortunately, there would be a convenience store next to the ‘Army-Navy’ outlet and he could grab a few cartons of cigarettes. They would last until it was time for a refill of the gas tank and he would have to travel during the daylight hours.

The lights of a car will illuminate the road in front of him during the night and it could be spotted from orbit. He would stand out like a sore thumb and that is the last thing he wanted to do. He would also have to make sure their gas pumps are operational, since he couldn’t let the gas tank get low enough that it would leave him stranded in the middle of nowhere. There would also be snacks to munch on each time he stopped, so hunger wouldn’t be an issue.

Looking out the window of the building again, to ensure he wasn’t going to be seen, the young patriot walked next door. It appeared that the doors were unlocked and it allowed him to enter. The store had everything he needed for his journey and grabbing a few cartons of ‘Now’ cigarettes, chocolate bars or gum was also slipped into his pack. He liked the economy size of the gum.

He was ready now to find the car dealership and it would require that he is walking down the street in full view for at least the next block. As he looked up the street, he noticed that another pair of men were walking towards him.

It isn’t known if they would enter the building, but he couldn’t take chances or anything for granted. All he can do is slip inside one of the coolers where milk is on the shelves. He would then hope and pray that he isn’t seen and he could watch the actions of the men that way. Hopefully they could walk past the store and his fears weren’t warranted. He was wrong yet again.

Just as the door of the cooler closed and he crouched behind the crates that contain the containers of milk, the men entered and they weren’t happy. The men were talking about the other team of men that had disappeared and they were sent to find them. They had failed to report in for a few hours and there was concern about their whereabouts.

After grabbing chocolate bars and pop, which would be accompanied by a few packs of cigarettes and cigars being slipped into their vests, the men will mention that they were going to walk up the street to the large store that they noticed on the next block. It was a fast-food restaurant and they could grab a hamburger from the grill. They could also knock back some beer, before the search resumed for their buddies.

They were the only patrol in the area with the other team and they felt like having a hot dinner that day. They believed that the other team of men were probably sitting in the restaurant and their phones were turned off. They hate the idea that they have to babysit the Russian troops, but they have orders to find them. The men then left the store and walked up the street.

That is just what the doctored ordered and the young man eliminated their Russian team earlier in the back alley. If they are the only patrol in the area, the goal of reaching the dealership safely had just improved dramatically. He wouldn’t have to worry about being confronted by any of the enemy troops.

Leaving the cooler and then walking to the back door of the building, it is now time to walk swiftly to the dealership that is on the next block. It wasn’t far and he would have time to find the keys to the car of his choice. With the help of God, things were unfolding perfectly and it is like his footsteps were guided by an unseen force that he believed strongly in.

He didn’t know what the future holds, but he understood that he is going to encounter some interesting obstacles on his journey. At least he has his faith that isn’t shaken and he knew he would succeed on his quest. Once he could arrive at the dealership, his life would be in the hands of God’s angels that he knew would keep him safe from harm.

Walking in the darkness with his new infrared googles covering his glasses, the young patriot would arrive at the dealership. When one of their overhead doors was left open, he breathed a sigh of relief, and entered. He would have to find an office that has all the keys and there are many new cars and trucks on the lot.

There was only one problem and it wasn’t like the buildings and the stores he had seen earlier. There were red pools of blood that told him that the men or women inside the dealership weren’t going to leave without a fight. There was evidence that they rebelled against being a prisoner. They were shot and they fell where they were standing. Their bodies were then disposed of.

Walking around the pools was a challenge, since he didn’t want footprints appearing if blood got on his new boots. It was like walking a tightrope, but there was a path to the office. It was imagined that the pools of blood would be left as a sign for the patrol troops. If they were disturbed, they would then know that an intruder is present and they would probably call out a garrison of men to search the area. Their goal would be to apprehend him.

Taking the first set of keys that were visible and pressing an unlock button, the lights flashed on a small car that would serve his needs. It is blue and the young man knew it was his favorite color. After opening the door and seeing that it is full of gasoline, the door closed, the ignition is started, and he could be on his way south.

Obtaining the car was the easy part and now driving the main roads would leave him exposed to anyone that was traveling the roads that represented a group of terrorists or even the dictator and his evil regime. At least he knew it was safe to drive at night in the state, since the men told him through their conversation that they were the only patrols that day.

At least he had a plan worked out ahead of time for just that situation. The dictator had gone to great lengths to keep the truth from the other nations in the world and he was merely repeating the same actions of other tyrants and dictators. With a radio in the car, the patriot was able to hear what everyone had to say, especially when it came to the government.

He had his press secretary lie from the podium that everything was running smoothly in the nation. It is a communication glitch that had knocked out the internet in many states. He also reported that other areas were quarantined to prevent an outbreak of ‘Ebola’ virus from infecting others. It allowed his evil regime to execute their plan.

Politicians would appear in front of the cameras and it was their job to tell others that they were working hard in the best interests of the nation. It was a lie, because congress had been dissolved after the declaration of tyranny was announced. Anyone that refused to support the president and his evil regime is killed or sent to a ‘death’ camp.

The patriot knew that the government wouldn’t want to be involved with an international incident, since their lies would be presented to cover up what is really happening. With that in mind, the young man would merely state that he rented a car and he is visiting the nation from Canada. He had been inside the nation for over a week and he will have to return at the end of the week.

He had a passport, plus other documentation with him. The nation wouldn’t want someone that can expose the lies, so chances are good that he wouldn’t be detained. He is aware that there would be checkpoints put in place and he is convincing when it comes to manipulating others to believe what he said.

He would merely tell them that he was going to visit a friend that had just received the bad news that they have cancer. He had pictures to support the charade for their benefit and pictures of children that he would care for when he arrived. He is taking the southern route to see the beauty of the nation and he was going to plead ignorance when it came to what had happened.

Nothing is overlooked in his plan and everything was prepared in advance of his crossing the border. When he left the state of New York and he would enter Pennsylvania, he noticed detour signs, since Pittsburgh had been hit by missiles during the first attack on the nation since 9 - 11. The views of many mountains as silhouettes against the darkened sky displayed how a presence of evil could distort the beauty of individuals, so only a silhouette remains.

Entering West Virginia, at least there were cars on the road again that were driving past him and it was a state that wasn’t invaded yet. He would fill the tank again with gas and grab something to eat, since he would pretend that a vacation was his purpose for being in the area.

He wanted to see ‘Richmond’, Virginia and that was the government seat of the old ‘Confederate States of America’. Fort Sumtar was the location of the first shot of the Civil war in 1861 and just as true patriots existed that wanted to fight against the federal government in that era, there were many rising up in rebellion against the tyranny of the federal government yet again.

Sitting in the restaurant of the gas station, it was funny when he listened to everyone talking. They were praising the president and saying he was doing a great job. They listened to the news media and they couldn’t believe that he had the courage to take on the world leaders of ‘NATO’, so they will accept responsibility for their own nations.

That was ironic, since the same people praising the dictator for his actions against other nations had failed in their own responsibility to hold their own president responsible for his actions. When they talked about a southern wall, how he was going to insure everyone under healthcare, women will receive a paid maternity leave, and how millions of jobs were created for the citizens, it was too much and the patriot almost laughed out loud.

It was all a lie, but he didn’t want to burst their bubble. It was obvious that they were the president’s supporters and they were lacking in the intelligence department. They bought the lies hook, line, and sinker. If they only knew of the plan to exterminate three-hundred million citizens, he was sure that they would be singing a different tune.

What surprised him is people were overheard talking about administrator’s of a group that had supported the freedom caucus. He had heard their names mentioned and since the caucus had now caved on their opposition to the bill for healthcare, the group merely changed their name to promote freedom.

They had copied the talking points of other groups and the administrators were vindictive and rude towards other groups that fought for America and its freedom. After attacking those they had offended in various ways, they then had the audacity to scream that the groups should unite for a common goal, which is to preserve the rights of the people against tyranny.

If they only knew that they had compromised their own principals and the nation down the river through shortsightedness, perhaps they would then be prepared for the harsh reality of a dictator. Trying to play both sides against the middle never works and it makes the person look hypocritical.

When the internet went dark through a tyrant’s decree, they weren’t warned in advance to take shelter, because they had cut themselves off from many of the true patriots that they fought against. They were left to the same fate that others were subjected to and they only had themselves to blame for it.

Many that believed in conservative ideals, principals, and moral eithics had blinded themselves to the truths others were trying to educate them with, and it led to their eventual demise. It is said that actions have repercussions and a group that chose to attack others, instead of listening, will then reap what the people have sowed.

It appeared that many are gullible and foolish and after paying for his fuel and meal inside the small restaurant, it was time to enter the expressway for the next state. It was nice seeing cars and trucks rushing past him and there would be many opportunities for food and lodging.

It felt like he had re-entered the real nation again, having departed the evil cloud of darkness or satanic influence. Many special memories returned for him, especially once he entered a state where he had lived previously. He is wondering how many of the men and women that he met would still be alive and if they embraced truth or the fiction they heard constantly over many of the airwaves.

Kentucky was filled with mountains and valleys and he loved the scenery that passed him, as he drove up the expressway. New York State resembled a barrage of ghost towns that were located around Nevada and Arizona and he is eager to see one from the old west.

Entering the city limits of towns that were once bristling with excitement, a sense of sorrow and remorse filled his heart that many professing God in the revivals and churches could become so gullible to the darkness of illusion or evil that was presented. Many would profess their religious belief’s, but they wouldn’t stand for them the moment they were asked to make a choice.

What good is it to profess God for years, when they would then bow to evil and kneel to others that push the evils of immorality, perversion, corruption, and abominations that they were taught to stand against through their faith? It didn’t make sense and driving past empty schools, playgrounds, and parks broke his heart. The children were the victims through the ignorance of their parents.

Once he crossed the line into a state called Arkansas, he knew that is where his best friend lives. He hoped that it wasn’t cleansed yet and she had found somewhere safe to live with her dogs that she loved dearly. He wouldn’t see anyone in the town that bordered Kentucky and the troops of evil must have already walked through the town he was now seeing.

Since her husband is a former ‘Marine’ that knew how to defend himself, it gave him peace of mind that he wouldn’t let anyone hurt her. Perhaps he will have the pleasure of meeting them, since God will often work in mysterious ways to bless him. He would let the spirit direct and follow the promptings.

Traveling through the state gave him time to reflect on what he would see. New York was like ghost towns and cities that were hit by missiles are now rubble and decimated. It was funny that Detroit was hit by missiles, but that could have looked the same way without missiles hitting it. The city has the misfortune of seeing many businesses leave the city, due to the leadership in place for decades that were supporting the lunacy of the left.

The city was ruled by leftist politicians for fifty years and they bankrupted the city through their stupidity. It resembled a war zone and that is without a single bomb hitting it. Gangs, criminals, and evil individuals had taken over the streets, just as they had decimated Chicago in the same way.

They would be a prime example of the left’s infatuation with a gun control law. They are oblivious to the fact that criminals don’t obey the laws and all their laws did is put targets on the backs of the responsible gun owners and innocent civilians. Many died of all races, due to the stupidity of politicians.

That is always the goal of tyrants and if they can strip the guns from many patriots that will fight corruption and evil men, it makes their jobs easier for exterminating the citizens. That was the first topic on the agenda and even if the new president said he was against it, he outlawed guns in in every state.

Now that the young man was in Arkansas, he knew that he had managed to escape the government forces for now, but he is also entering regions of the nation that probably hadn’t seen the terrorist cells and the former president’s army destroy the lives of millions of people yet.

It was obvious that the government was working their way north from the Gulf of Mexico, so citizens in the north wouldn’t know what was waiting for them. Without the use of phones, the internet, or access to patriot groups, he felt like he was on his own and he couldn’t warn them about the future.

Seeing a sign ahead of him for ‘Little Rock’, it would be a welcomed sight to finally get to sleep in the soft beds of a motel. He had just passed the sign that would advertise gasoline, food, and lodgings. He could see the motels in the distance and they would serve his needs that night. He would take the off ramp from the expressway and see if the motel had any vacancies.

He would love a nice shower, a hot meal, and he could refill the car again with gasoline at the same time. It would also give him an opportunity to put all his trash in the bins, since the ‘MRE’s’ he consumed on his journey are on the floor. Ashtrays would also need to be emptied again into bags, so the car is nice and clean again. An air freshener could be attached to the mirror, so it would eliminate the scent of smoke around him.

Now that he had left the expressway, the road that took him to a strip mall of restaurants and motels was welcomed. The ‘vacancy’ sign on the motel is just what the doctor ordered and after dinner, he would be able to crash on a soft bed. It would be nice to forget about the government and the death of a civililiation for awhile. The next day would see him follow the interstate into Texas and that is one state the government had avoided so far in every way.

The people of Texas are known for their tenacity against the government and their corruption. Even when the state joined the union, they are adamant that they could exercise their right to leave again if the government showed a total irreverance for the state and the people. Many would welcome the right of succession in a heartbeat, if they felt that the state, people, and freedom to live their own lives is challenged.

The young patriot had nothing but respect for the Senators that the people of Texas elected to represent them in Washington. It was these Senators that stand for conservative values and they wouldn’t hesitate to denounce actions that they saw were infringing on the constitution. Both democrats and ‘Rinos’ in the government hated the Texas and Utah Senators, because they were the men that repeatedly stood with the people, even if it meant they stood alone.

Arkansas though was a different story and after parking the car, the young patriot entered the office of a motel and booked his room for the night. After that, he wanted dinner, which would take him into a building that had a bar. The room was filled with some elderly men and women that were sitting at tables, and they were talking over their beer.

It didn’t take him long to order a ‘Pina Colada’ and it was taken to a table in the corner of the room. He could overhear what they are talking about at the table next to him and there are no doubts that the couple supported the man that was now the president. They were excited that he had declared himself a dictator over the nation and that congress was dissolved. They are obviously the low-intelligence and gullible citizens that the president said he loved.

They are praising his actions and talking about how he had accomplished more in a few months than the last four presidents combined. That is funny and he wanted to ask them exactly what he had accomplished, but he would remain silent.

A confrontation with men and women like that was seen as a waste of time and effort. Even if they were told the facts, it was like water running off the back of a duck. They would just deny it and contention would be created. It was the last thing he wanted or needed at that time, so he remained silent for the next hour.

What was interesting is the people were happy that the president and their former president were spending so much time together in the old house that is found in Colorado on the plateau. For a normal person, especially after the nation suffered for the past eight years, it would appear strange that they are so chummy now.

The people were talking about how the government had allowed four men to be slaughtered in ‘Benghazi’. They were oblivious to reality and they were kept in ignorance by the media that was bribed to conceal the truth. If these same individuals knew that millions of citizens had been murdered inside the nation, at the hands of a man they were praising in delusion and ignorance, it probably wouldn’t make any difference.

As the patriot sat in the corner of the bar, he noticed that a young couple in their twenties entered and they had three small children with them. They are obviously upset and the children were tired from travelling. It would be very interesting to watch and when they sat at the table next to him, there was the presense of caution that something had happened, and it made them uneasy.

Sensing that the couple needed a friendly presence to calm their fears, they were surprised when the patriot asked the father if he could buy their dinner for them and their young children. They didn’t have to worry about cost and they could order anything they wanted from the menu. If they want to order a drink to calm their nerves, he would cover that too.

His act of kindness appeared to calm the atmosphere around them and they thanked him for what he offered. Their funds were low, since they had been travelling, and they were only going to get some fries for the kids to eat. The couple was exhausted and they would have to sleep in their car that night. It was a situation that touched his heart and they could spend the night inside a motel room that night at his expense. It was the least he could do for them.

The couple would enjoy a full meal and the beer they consumed helped the parents open up about many things. The children were well-behaved and the hamburger and fries filled their small tummies. The way they wolfed it down told him that they hadn’t eaten in a few days, which wasn’t good.

As they talked, the patriot heard from the father that they had driven to one of the small towns to visit the parents of his wife and their house was empty. Her parents were expecting them and they had traveled from ‘Little Rock’. It wasn’t normal, because her mother is an invalid that couldn’t leave her home for any reason, other than to go by ambulance to the hospital.

They would drive to the hospital and that is when they would see a strange sight unfolding in front of them. There were trucks with a ‘red cross’ painted on the side with the initals ‘UN’ beside it in large, white lettering. They enter the parking lot from the back of the hospital and the father stopped when he saw men in full battle fatigues pushing men and women out the door.

When they heard the sound of guns inside the hospital, they knew that they were in danger, so they remained hidden until the trucks and men had left in buses and other vehicles. It scared them and their hearts were breaking. That should never happen in a nation that is free from oppression, but many died that day.

The father wanted to see if their worst suspicions were true and when he is going to enter the hospital, the sight in front of him turned his blood cold. He could see blood everywhere and even the citizens in hospital beds would be shot or killed for no reason. Guerney’s were tipped over, intravenous bags in the rooms were lying on the ground, and the nurses were lying dead in pools of their own blood.

He would rush out and when he told his wife of their physical carnage, she knew that they would have to flee for their lives. It explained what happened to her parents and the absence of people on the streets scared them. It was a scene out of their worst nightmare and the small town was deserted. Why is that happening in the land of the free and the home of the brave?

They just started driving and when they saw the cars in the parking lot, the young lady wasn’t sure if it was safe for them to enter the parking lot. There was a presence of caution created, but when they saw him sitting next to the window, they decided to take the chance for the benefit of their children. He understood and when he told them what was happening, they knew they had met someone that wouldn’t hurt them.

After ordering some ice cream for the kids, the patriot told them that he is travelling to Nevada and they were welcome to accompany him. They didn’t have to give him an answer immediately and he was there for the night. The couple and their children could get a motel room and he would ensure that it is safe for them to travel the next morning.

Now that they are ready to turn in for the night, the patriot walked them to the motel office and they were given a double room, so the kids would have their own bed. He then promised that he wouldn’t let anything happen to the family that night and he honored his word. They had the room next to his at the far end of the motel, so if anyone threatened them, he would be there.

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