The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Fifteen - The Night of the Long Knives

After saying goodnight to the couple and their children, the young patriot told them that if they heard the sound of gunshots that night, they would go to the shower and huddle as a family. They would have to remain silent and it wouldn’t be easy with small children, but remain calm, and he would solve the problem for them.

Now that he was inside his own room, a cigarette was lit, and the patriot is pondering the information he had just received from the couple. If the troops and terrorist cells are moving in their direction, they may arrive that night. It would be hectic, but he gave his word and he planned to honor it. At least it was quiet in the present and his thoughts started to wander to Nevada and if the woman he was going to see was safe.

What wasn’t known at the time, but the young man’s former fiancé wasn’t having much fun in Pahrump, Nevada. She was definitely growing bored in life, since she was confined to her small residence. She wouldn’t worry about the silence she saw from Canada, because she had hinted that it was over and she needs a few weeks to think about their relationship. She is calling herself a lone wolf and she had other plans and goals now.

What she wasn’t expecting is to fall and that is going to aggravate the back injury she suffered that had occurred a few years earlier. It is going to make walking difficult. The injury was sustained after she had fallen to the ground off the back of a truck. She was moving out of the home of a man that she is having an affair with and he was married at the time.

Apparently, that would be her way of dealing with relationships in her life. When they became serious, she would make excuses, or just run away from them. The patriot knew most of her past history and about the men she had married and then divorced again. He really wanted to believe in her, but if it wasn’t meant to be, there was nothing he could do about it.

There wasn’t much to do and she would babysit the daughter of the man in the town that she was cheating on her fiancé with on many occasions. That appeared to be normal for her. It was ironic because she would divorce the first husband for having a roving eye and having affairs on her.

Sitting on a chair that supported her back, Ginger would light her cigarette and look at the pile of newspapers in front of her. It will give her something to do, since she was cut off from the world around her. She had everything a woman would need in her home, when it came to ‘Xanax’, alcohol, and many cartons of cigarettes. They were her only comforts now to deal with reality.

After sorting through the papers, she would see the article that caught her attention. She lived near what is called ‘Area 51’ and she had often seen odd, or strange things over the mountains through the years. This article however talked about ‘jihad’ terror-training compounds that were found in many states of the nation.

The story was from eight years earlier and it appeared that the president of the nation had put the foreign men on local police forces, the ‘FBI’ and other agencies. It was done to ensure that nothing is done to stop or monitor what happens inside the camps.

It was known that there were at least twenty-two camps in the nation. The ‘FBI’ was concerned about them, but orders came from the brass inside their nation’s White House to ignore them. It appeared that the government would plan on unleashing these demons when the moment was right and that would be seen in the past month. Ginger didn’t want to acknowledge that however.

There was a compound in the ‘Brazonia County’ of Texas and it was called ‘Mahmoudberg’. It was near the small town of Sweeny, which could prevent the camp from attracting attention. Ginger knew about the camps in the state of New York, because her fiancé was a patriot and nothing was overlooked when it put others in danger.

The article was talking about how ‘Jamaat ul-Fuqra’ was an organization of terror that had murdered a journalist named ‘Daniel Pearl’ in cold blood. The crime he was killed for didn’t make sense and all he did is travel to the camp to interview their leader. The police wanted to shut down the camp, but they were stopped by the unexpected intervention of the ‘FBI’.

Apparently the death of the journalist wasn’t the first altercation and death on the compound. Another man was shot and county officers were called for the shooting. The ‘EMS’ were also called, but when they arrived, they faced a hostile crowd and members of the compound wouldn’t let them inside. The scenario that day would then take a strange twist that no one is expecting.

As an officer at the scene reported to his superior, while the confrontation is taking place, a constable from the neighboring county of ‘Fort Bend’ came speeding in his car and he began rebuking the officers that were there. There was no excuse for his actions that included anger and hatred towards men of the ‘EMS’ and local police. When he too prevented the officers from entering the compound, a background search revealed that he belonged to the group.

He would be fired and the state troopers would be called to the scene. The officers had no difficulty entering the compound that was made up of many mobile buildings that were rearranged periodically. It is done to set up what could be a tactical advantage against anyone that wants to storm the ‘Jihadist’ complex. It could make the approaching officers sitting ducks.

What made the story she read in the paper unbelievable is a statement that police officials issued. They said that there is no law against a group of men living in their small community. It wouldn’t make sense that officers would be hired for a job protecting the citizens that are trained as terrorist ‘Jihadists’. Were the men vetted by the authorities before they were hired, or did men in the counties see a situation where they might be accused of ‘Islamophobia’ if they refused to hire them?

That was a good question and just as Ginger lit another cigarette and took a drink of her vodka and orange juice, she would suddenly be surprised by the strange sound that was outside the door. It sounded like the motor of a small aircraft and it appeared to be hovering above the garage where she lived. Is it a model airplane that the neighbors had purchased and they were seeing if it works?

There was only one way to find out the answer and even though her back is throbbing in pain, she walked to the door and opened it a few inches. That is when she noticed that it was a small drone and there were trucks traveling in the area that resembled military vehicles.

They were carrying artillery and men wearing full-battle fatigues. That was the type of scenario she hadn’t seen before and she asked herself why drones would be flying in the skies to protect them? The trucks were stopping at the fence where she lived and a bus painted black would then arrive after she is about to close the door, to prevent them from seeing her.

That was just the start of her nightmare and before she could close a door that is only open a few inches, two men would suddenly force it open. They grab her by the arms and she would be taken to the bus that was parked in a lane-way that is next to the property. She was in extreme pain in her back on the forced walk to the bus, but the men didn’t care.

It was accompanied by a truck that had a red-cross emblem on the side and it also had the white initials ‘UN’ in plain sight. Ginger wasn’t aware of it and the truck had her other sister in the back. It is the same sister that ordered the woman to break off the relationship with the man that is north of the border.

The men told her that she had to be evacuated from the area and relocated to Colorado. There is a camp on the plateau that would provide housing for the citizens of ‘Pahrump’ and it is done due to an outbreak of ‘Ebola’ that was diagnosed at the ‘Desert View’ hospital.

As that was taking place, the patriots in the area that were hidden from the prying eyes of the government knew what was happening. They knew of the scheme by the government to cleanse whole states and various men had now figured out why the people had to be eliminated.

The evil dictator that was now located inside the house of evil in Colorado loved the thought of eminent domain. He had often evicted the elderly from their homes for his golf resorts, hotels, casinos, and many of his business or personal interests around the world. His actions weren’t appreciated by many citizens that lived in foreign countries and they saw him as a tyrant.

Since he was a corrupt and criminal manipulator of others, after he would eliminate the people from the equation, he could sell off large chunks of the nation to the highest bidder. He had actually told the people his intentions to do exactly that, but the people didn’t listen, and now millions are dead. They had actually signed their own death warrants without knowing it.

When the nation falls into the gutter of depravity, immorality, and they are going to bask in abomination, they will no longer enjoy the blessings of God to protect them. They will feel his wrath in many ways, in an effort to help a fallen people repent of their evil, but many are blinded to the truth. They are going to call good - evil and evil - good through their own ignorance.

What no one knew, is their evil dictator was meeting with his Generals in a house that was born in perversion, death and evil. He had selected them from a list provided by the former president and they include atheists, communist sympathizers, and men that were known for treason, corruption, tax evasion, murder, and perversion.

It is obvious that if men or women are evil and it is known that they would create scenarios where others suffer, they were going to receive a promotion, and they would then work for the president. That is how many received their appointments to his inner cabinet. As long as they knelt in blind obedience, a position of power over others existed. If they weren’t loyal, they would often be thrown to the wolves and destroyed.

As Ginger and her sister were being transported to the plateau in Colorado, they could hear the men actually gloating that they had cleansed New York, Nevada, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia or the other states like New Mexico in the south. Washington State and Oregon are also cleansed. The armies of darkness are now concentrating on the state of California and the Carolina states.

They would also overhear that many communities in the mountains would be ignored, since these are the communities of miner’s. Many precious and valuable ores they extract are important to the president and they would be used to pad his own wealth.

Their plan was unfolding perfectly and since many of the men and women have applied for welfare, unemployment, or they signed up for healthcare in the various states that is pushed by the government, it made it easy to target those citizens first. The ‘death’ squads would merely knock on their doors in the middle of the night, regardless which state they are living in, and using a law called the ‘Patriot Act’, everyone is taken by trucks to the ‘death’ camps.

If the people were stupid enough to support the man that openly professed to being evil, a criminal, a perverted abuser of women, they were now going to pay the price. They didn’t want to know the truth, since the government is seeing them as merely ‘useful’ idiots. Like every other evil regime in history, it is always the ignorant and gullible fools that are eliminated first.

As the men were plotting their next course-of-action for their nation, there were a few things happening in the other states of the country. The men in a ‘terrorist’ cell that is stationed in an underground bunker of Arkansas would be activated a few days earlier and it is their objective to eliminate everyone they encountered.

Their orders are very clear. They are to start with the smaller communities and then move into the larger cities, where militant armies of the president would join them. It was this terrorist cell that had exterminated everyone in the small town of the families parents. They were taught to murder others at a young age and they had zero conscience when it came to entering hospitals and slaughtering everyone they found inside.

The young man was aware that the ‘death’ squads would be eliminating the citizens and after talking to the man behind the bar at the restaurant, before a young family arrived, he discovered that one of the ladies that often entered on the weekends knew a woman that had the same first name as his friend.

It sounded like she knew his best friend, since her husband was an ‘Army Ranger’ or paratrooper, and they lived in one of the neighboring towns. That was helpful information, but the woman wasn’t in the bar that night, so there was no way of knowing where they lived.

When he purchased another coffee, and then sat again at the table, he could see that many of the men at the bar had had a few too many. It was obvious a new round wouldn’t benefit him. Of course, for everyone that drank on what he saw as excessive, it would lead to a major headache the next morning, but that was expected. At least the young man only had a couple of drinks and it saw the disappearance of a couple of packs of cigarettes during the night.

After learning that his best friend Diana and her husband were close to the area where he is going to stay the night, and ensuring the young couple and their children were taken care of, it is now time to turn in and there is the hot shower waiting with his name on it.

He had an opportunity to sit and relax for at least an hour and after taking a change of clothes out of his pack, he turned on the nozzle of the shower. The water was hot and with the water splashing off his skin, it was an experience he cherished. It would be his first opportunity for a shower, since he was on the road for a couple of days and he had to take advantage of it whenever he could. He didn’t know when the next opportunity would present itself.

Now that he was ready to climb into his bed, the young man would hear a sound that sent shivers rushing up and down his back. It would definitely be a sound that he wasn’t expecting and he would have to act quickly if he was going to save his life. Fortunately, the young patriot was ready to bolt out of the door at the first sign of danger, including tying his boots.

Grabbing his belongings and sneaking out the door of his motel room, he rushed into the small woods that was seen behind the motel. A large rock is behind some cars and that would provide cover. All he could do is watch and listen to what was going to happen.

Shots had disturbed the serenity of their night and there were many trucks parked in the lot. Men in battle fatigues were shooting everyone they saw in the buildings and they were now walking towards the motel. Watching them shoot the men and women inside the bar made his blood run cold, but he was aware of the young family in the end room.

Knowing that he couldn’t eliminate a whole garrison of men that were now in the area without help, the young man fell to his knees and prayed that his life would be spared. The men were now forcing the doors open of the motel and they were shooting everyone inside the rooms. He had to stop them from reaching the end room and he would need a miracle to accomplish that task.

Kneeling in prayer, one thought kept going through his mind and what he is watching reminded him of the ‘night of the long knives’ that took place in Germany in 1934. That is when ‘Hitler’ ordered his Nazi regime to carry out a series of executions that were meant to consolidate his power over all their citizens and political foes. Many killed were leaders of the Nazi’s own army of brown-shirts, establishment conservatives, and those that opposed him.

When the people fail to learn from history - they were doomed to repeat it. If he was going to survive that night, he would have to pray like he has never prayed before for deliverance from evil. Lifting his eyes towards the heavens and praising God for his life, he then noticed something that sounded like an approaching storm in the distance.

The sky was clear above him and he could see the stars shining around the full moon. The sound continued to get louder and it was ignored by the men that continued breaking into the rooms of the motel. When it was noticed by the men that it was the sound of motorcycles, they ran around the building to see what was happening. Screams of anger and hatred filled the air when the men looked at the sight in front of them.

There were at least ten-thousand motorcycles headed in their direction and once it was known that they were leaving the expressway for the gas station and the restaurants, the men had nowhere to hide. It had only taken seconds for the motorcycles to approach the parking lots and they were met with the sound of bullets ricocheting around them.

That was a major mistake on the part of the government army and that was going to see the bikers return their fire with not only ’AK-47’s′, but they were prepared with missile launchers that sent bodies flying through the air like a puppet thrown onto the ground. The bikers showed no mercy and when they noticed that all the men they confronted were dead, they filled the area like a swarm of locusts.

They were wearing their colors and they will represent ‘Hell’s Angels, the Losers, Satan’s Choice, and the Bandinos’. Every rider was packing with an AK- 47 rifle in their hands and they weren’t leaving anything to chance. The men surrounded the whole area and walked towards the buildings like walls were collapsing around them. Killing everyone they saw in battle fatigues at the bar, since they were cowards and went into hiding, the men emerged and they were carrying a beer to drink.

The whole area was now secured and it only left one man standing that was still behind the rock that night. His prayer had been answered, but he is now worried about the family. He knew that the bikers may see him and a young family as a threat too.

He is turning white in fear and he knew that the men were former veterans of the wars, current military personnel, or they were criminals that joined the gangs to enjoy their lives without worrying about any establishment cronies in Washington. The colorful tattoos on their arms told him that they all stood for liberty, freedom, patriotism, truth, and honor. They are on the mission to preserve the freedom of others in the nation.

Leaving the shadows of the trees, the young man walked towards an army of men on ‘Harley-Davidson’ motorcycles and he had walked with his hands in the air. After reaching the men, he introduced himself and they were eager to listen to his story about why he is in the nation. They were fascinated with his knowledge about the northern states and they were impressed that he was willing to put his life on the line for his friends in the United States.

He also told told them about the young family that would be terrified by an outburst of guns around them and they had three small children. That is fine and the bikers have a soft spot for children. They are innocent and they were the victims of a government that was guilty of treason. They wanted to meet them and when he called into their room from outside the door, the locked is taken off the door.

It was explained that the bikers may look intimidating, but they were there to help them remain alive. The bad men wouldn’t hurt anyone else now and they were safe. A couple of female riders would take the children to the bar area and give them some ice cream to calm them down. Their mother would accompany them, so the children weren’t afraid.

Standing in the parking lot, the leader of the pack told the two men that the appearance of government troops didn’t surprise them. They were fortunate that they came along when they did. They were attending a large conference of bikers in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina when trucks of soldiers would be arriving. The men actually had the audacity to flash their hardware after the biker conference was surrounded.

One of the men was foolish enough to tell them they represent government agencies and they were there to put an end to the conference that the men or women had attended every year. They could either board the buses without retaliation or they would be shot where they stood.

They asked by whose authority it was ordered and when the agents at the beach told them that it was by order of the president, they laughed out loud and told the men that the president is a joke in office. He has absolutely no authority over their lives. They are patriots and they are never weak sheep that are told what to do by a corrupt demon from Hell.

The men grew angry and what they didn’t realize is bikers had surrounded them from the back. They had heard them coming and hid inside one of the buildings until the government troops played their card. Once the leader has raised his hand, the sound of gunshots was deafening and every member of the government ‘death’ squad was dead, gunned down before they could ever retaliate against them.

It solved the problem, but the government had ruined the quiet conference near the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. It was decided that they would ride to the west coast and attend the ‘Monterey Pop Festival’ that was held every year in California. That is why they arrived when they did and it was now a second time that they were forced to gun down government troops that were sent to exterminate the citizens.

Many of the bikers had fought in ‘Vietnam’, they went to war in the ‘Gulf’ conflict, they served terms in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, and they knew who their enemy was when they took up arms to defend the country. Now though, the men were fighting against a domestic enemy that they didn’t know.

The two men could empathize and when a government turns on their own citizens, that is a government that is unfit for office and they are removed or hanged for treason against the people. Now that new friendships are created, many of the men and women walked into the bar with the two men and they were eager to discuss what was happening in their nation.

The only drawback though, came when they walked into the restaurant and the bar. The men that lean on the end of the bar until it closes, due to alcohol addiction, were now slumped over the bar with bullet holes in their backs. It was obvious that no one had a chance to escape and there was blood on most of the walls and large pools were forming on the floor.

It must have been horrible for the children to see that after they entered for their ice cream, but it didn’t take long to clean the area. The men were buried in the woods behind the motel. Now that they had entered again, everyone is now ready to listen to the patriot’s story.

As they talked about his mission and how he was going to unite everyone in an open revolution against the tyrant and dictator that was living on a hill that was cursed for evil, they knew that it wasn’t going to be easy to defeat a man that had the support of Satan himself. The bikers were going to ignore a ‘martial’ law decree and they didn’t care if they would be shot or arrested for being on the roads after six pm each day.

They had made up their minds and the government would be foolish if they were going to engage ten-thousand angry patriots in a battle against them. It would be suicide and many of the men were skilled snipers, they are known for demolition, and for throwing caution to the wind when confronted. There was nothing they weren’t capable of and perhaps that is why the government wanted them taken out in South Carolina.

The bikers were adamant that they would fight fire with fire and they aren’t strangers to murder, drugs, murder, bombs, engaging in human trafficking, a prostitution ring in many cities, gun running, and they definitely wouldn’t be afraid when it came to the assassination of political figures. They would see all politicians as an enemy of the constitution and if they had to die for their nation to honor it again, then so be it.

They are perfect mercenaries to fight against the evil, corrupt government, because they didn’t care about individuals and their goals of delusion. These men and the women that traveled with them love the nation first and there is no doubt that everyone was expendable that stood against their freedom. The bikers had eliminated the men that opposed them and they would rest for the rest of the night in the area.

As the family told them about what they saw at the hospital, they could see the disappointment and anger appearing on the faces of those around them. It would take an evil and vindictive animal of darkness to destroy children, but many women continue to slaughter their unborn infants every day, without a care in the world, or giving their actions a second thought.

In the mind of the young man, these same women that were slaughtering a child that is still in their womb, were no different from the armies of Satan in the nation that were also slaughtering men, women, and small children. Evil has many faces, regardless how it shows itself in the actions of others. When people try to justify their actions of darkness, they will have to account for it with someone that doesn’t support the evil actions of men or women.

Now that the clock was nearing midnight, the small children were sleeping on the laps of their parents and it was time to put them to bed. After a family that hadn’t done anything wrong retired to their motel room, the patriot and a group of bikers would talk for another hour over a few beers. At least there wouldn’t be a bar tab, since the proprietor was dead.

There was a silver lining to having his prayer answered that night and the bikers agreed to give them an escort through Texas and Arizona the next day. They would sleep that night and they could resume their journey after there is a hearty breakfast served. It was a fortunate meeting that night and bikers were the perfect army to ride in front and behind them on their journey.

Knowing he was safe that night, the young man slept like a baby in a crib, and everyone is active when the sun rose the next morning. The bikes were refueled, the oil was checked, and the aroma of bacon and eggs now filled an area of the buildings that had everyone smacking their lips in eagerness. The wives and girlfriends accompanying the men were excellent cooks and there was more than enough for everyone.

The breakfast served would fill them up and they could travel many miles once it was time to depart from the area. The smell of freshly-brewed coffee is just what they needed to awaken their senses. There was milk for the little children and small portions of whatever they wanted was placed on the table in front of them.

Unfortunately, they weren’t expecting that the government wasn’t going to take their previous actions without a response. The men that were serving as sentry’s could hear the engines of drones approaching in the skies and every biker knew that they weren’t there to welcome them. Looking at the drones, it was obvious that they were there to eliminate them.

The drones were armed and that was in direct violation of Federal laws that prohibit drones from being used as weapons against the people. The dictator didn’t care about laws and he has decreed that he is now the law of the nation. He had apparently heard from one of the men that the bikers had arrived and killed everyone, after he sent out a distress call for help.

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