The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Sixteen - An Unexpected Meeting

It was going to be a showdown between the military veterans and an army of drones that were built with technology. What the government didn’t know is one of the bikers that was attending the convention in Myrtle Beach was a man that helped with the creation of the drones in the first place. He knew of their capabilities, but more importantly, he understood their weaknesses too, since he had worked for the ‘NSA’ agency.

Rushing to one of the saddlebags on his ‘Harley’, he would remove a black box and it was activated. By adjusting the dials in front of him, everyone has noticed that nothing is happening concerning the drones. The mechanical or deadly creations should have been firing on everyone, but they remain silent.

When the man is asked what the box was for, the answer was given and he had jammed their firing pins, so they couldn’t fire any of their bullets or their other weapons. Knowledge can be a powerful tool for the citizens when it is in the hands of the right person.

The bikers would then shoot them out of the skies without worrying about losing any of their friends in the attack. They were sure that the military that is under the dictator weren’t happy, but technology can be used to create the benefits of safety in a nation or it can be used to destroy a nation. In the case of the large group that day, it only took the skills of one individual to protect everyone from becoming a statistic through their death.

Now that everyone was ready to roll on down the expressway to their next destination, it was going to look funny to see hundreds of bikers in front of a light-blue car that was followed by the young family that are sandwiched by thousands of other bikers. The sound would be deafening, but for the young man, he felt safe that he wasn’t alone now. It was nice to be surrounded and he knew that the men and women believe in freedom.

After the group arrived in Amarillo, Texas, things were very quiet and the group wanted to enjoy the scenery that was surrounding them. There weren’t any cars, trucks, buses, or people seen anywhere and it was obvious that the ‘death’ troops had gone through the area recently. At least the troops weren’t going to destroy the livestock near the Auction house and a railway museum was worth their time seeing in the town.

If a group of patriots had sought refuge from the invading armies, they can seek shelter in the ‘Palo Duro’ Canyon. It provided them with a breath-taking view of the beauty of nature that is often overlooked by evil, vile, or corrupt individuals that are only interested in greed and their own egos.

For the parents of the young children, the bikers made sure that they were able to find a suitable home that could offer protection again. The area was already visited by the terrorist armies of darkness and it made sense that the men wouldn’t return a second time. The family would have everything they need, since the house was next to a small store and some of the bikers were content to remain in the area with them.

Since many of the bikers from the southern states didn’t have anyone that they had once called friends in their home state, starting over in a home that was located in a scenic and peaceful area appealed to them. They would be able to enjoy the serenity that Amarillo offered and they were surprised that the government had exterminated citizens in Texas. Being a northern region probably had everything to do with their decision.

Saying goodbye to his new friends, since they would be parting company at that point would be hard, but his destination was Nevada. The bikers are traveling to California and they had now crossed most of the nation on their journey. They were carrying what they called a ‘ham or CB’ radio and if the patriot needed their help in the future, he would only need to use the channel on the radio that is used by trucker’s to communicate with them.

He had the opportunity to meet men and women that were now friends and they believed in the constitution, freedom, and they opposed the tyranny that was now occupying the government they had fought for. Many hugs would be shared and everyone wished him luck on his pursuit for freedom and truth. The bikers would continue the same goal in their own way to restore what is known as their constitutional republic.

Now that the patriot was traveling on his own again, he missed the convoy of motorcycles in front and behind him. As he arrived in a small town that is in the state of Arizona, it appeared that the people didn’t have a chance when it came to protecting themselves. He needed gasoline and pulling into one of the service stations will open his eyes to just how evil the armies of darkness can be.

When he walked cautiously through the glass doors to activate the pumps, the sight in front of him made his stomach churn in disgust. It appeared that the men representing the dictator weren’t content to just kill their victims. It was obvious that the men had beaten and raped the women and their teenage daughters. Even the girls that hadn’t reached their teenage years were raped. It told him that he was dealing with the lowest scum on the face of the planet and they had no respect for others.

The pools of blood surrounding the bodies were now decomposing and the scent filled the room with the stench of death. He had to walk carefully again to a panel behind the counter, but before he could turn on the pump, he heard the sound of voices coming from the back of the building. It is obvious that a man was taunting someone and then laughing about it.

Creeping through the hallway that led to the back of the building, trying to remain silent and out of sight, the young patriot noticed that two men are on the hood of a car and they had a woman and what appeared to be a daughter tied to the fence.

The appearance of their torn clothing indicated that the two ladies were in distress, since their clothes were ripped and they are now lying beside them on the ground. It left them clothed in their under-garments and that wasn’t a way to respect them.

Without hesitation, the young man reached under his jacket, and he would remove the gun he had used earlier in New York. The silencer is attached to the end of the barrel, and it only took a second to deposit two bullets into the skulls of the men. As they both fell lifeless to the ground, another voice was heard and he was obviously intoxicated.

As the man rushed to the side of the men that were now lying in a pool of blood, it actually looked comical when he tried to remove his gun that is on the belt on his blue jeans. He is stumbling and yelling profanity at the same time. It was obvious that he wanted to kill the women, so another shot would be fired and he joined his friends.

Emerging from the doorway, the young man searched their area for anyone else that may surprise him. Knowing that the situation was handled, he could then untie the woman and her daughter from the fence. They felt grateful for their deliverance from evil and with constant sobbing, they gave him a hug. He wanted to ask what had happened, but they were crying, and he wouldn’t push them for an explanation until they were ready to tell him.

Since it was obvious that they were exposed in areas that wasn’t modest, it didn’t take the young man to take them to the front of the building. He would then ask them to wait while he checked out the rest of the building. He wants to find some women’s clothes they could wear and he only had men’s clothes in the car. The gas station had a separate apartment for the owner.

Returning from his exploration of the house with two skirts and blouses, it was time for him to give the ladies privacy to get dressed. Even though he is aware that the ladies weren’t modest when he found them, he would respect that they are still women. Once they were dressed again, they would explain what happened as he filled the tank with fuel. Their story wasn’t unlike many others that the young women were being forced to experience.

The mother and her daughter were sitting inside their homes reading about the corruption in the government when they heard a knock on the front door. It was the sheriff and two of his deputies standing on their porch and that is a situation that wasn’t seen very often. They created a false story about seeing a predator in the area, so they didn’t suspect anything.

They didn’t hesitate to let them enter and before they could say anything, it was noticed that the deputies he had with him started to ransack their home. The mother wanted to know why and that is when the sheriff removed a gun from his belt. Waving it in front of them, he had threatened to kill them for a reason they weren’t aware of.

These were law-enforcement officers that should have been trusted, but it was obvious that they are acting under orders to find incriminating evidence against them. When a deputy returned with her laptop, he opened it, and she had many messages and notes saved on the hard drive of her computer. She was obviously against the present and the former presidents and saw both of the men as evil and manipulative fools.

That angered the sheriff and his deputies and after threatening to kill them, she announced calmly that her husband would be returning from his job and he wouldn’t hesitate to defend them. That is when the sheriff grabbed her by the throat and his deputies grabbed her daughter. They were then driven to a service station, where they are forced to look at the dead bodies for an hour.

The sheriff kept repeating that they will end up like the women on the floor if they didn’t do everything they were ordered to do. It sent chills down their spines. They knew what the sheriff meant and nothing could be seen as more degrading to a woman than to have men force themselves on them. No one is safe when men are drunk and they want to satisfy their own carnal desires.

When they tried to fight back, the men took them outside and tied them to the fence, where they took turns ripping at their clothes. Once a bottle would enter the equation that was presumed to be whiskey, it wouldn’t be long and the men would attempt to force themselves on them. They were kissing and licking their faces, which made them want to vomit in disgust.

When the men ripped off their clothes, leaving only their bra and panties in sight, the men tried to tear them off too, but they were told by the sheriff that they shouldn’t rush. The women weren’t going anywhere and they wanted to oogle their prize later that night. The men were reluctant to agree, so they go to the roof of the car to torment and mock them.

They had given up hope that there would be a solution to their problem and they prayed that someone would enter the gas station and stop the men from hurting them. That is when they heard the men gasp, they fell backwards on the hood of the car, and they then fell to the ground. The sheriff was looking for another bottle in the supplies hut when he walked back and saw them on the ground.

The three men he killed were the sheriff and his two deputies. During their tears and endless sobbing, the young patriot asked what is happening to their nation? It appeared that evil had now overtaken everyone in a way that could relieve them of their common sense and intelligence?

At least the two ladies were safe now and they were calming down, having regained their composure. They felt grateful that he arrived when he did and a nightmare they were forced to participate in was now over. Since the ladies were stranded at the gas station, the young man offered to take them home.

As they drove along the road, to an area of the community that contained a row of nice homes, the women were eager to share some information that he would appreciate about them. He listened and he was happy to hear that she is divorced. Her name is Brianna Setazolonev and that was a last name he is going to have trouble with.

She has immigrated to the country from Romania only fifteen years earlier with her daughter Natalia and they wanted to forget the life they experienced under the rule of communism. They desire a life that is free from the system of government that embraced oppression and tyranny.

She understood that communism doesn’t equal freedom and she is grateful that the United States allowed her to live her own life. Her daughter could be home-schooled, since she had studied the government education system and it reminded her of the schools she attended in her youth.

Her daughter was now seventeen and she wanted to protect her at all costs from men that see others as mere possessions that they can abuse. Natalia is taught that words mean nothing and she should judge others based on what she described as actions. Never take anything for granted, because that gives others an advantage to abuse them.

Brianna then laughed, because she had betrayed her own statement when it was seen earlier that she took the sheriff for granted and he was there to help and protect them from harm. She had obviously learned from the experience and others will now have to earn her trust. She was willing to let the patriot show by his example and actions that he was worthy of their respect.

As they pulled into the driveway of her home, Brianna led him inside their home and she was a gracious hostess. She would have her daughter bring the refreshments from the kitchen for them to drink.

Natalia would then prepare some snacking foods for them to eat, as they sit on the sofa talked about their lives. It is a learning experience for the patriot, because he had never tasted the foods he is now trying for the first time that are based on their native culture of Romania.

He loved smoked bacon on crackers that Brianna called ‘Slanina afumata’, a corn meal with salty cheese and sour cream that she called ‘Mamaliga cu branza dulce’, fried dough with sweet cheese she called ‘Placinte cu branza dulce’, and his favorite was a bean paste with smoked meat that he could dip his crackers in and she called it ‘Ianhnie de fasoli cu afumatura’.

He could get used to being spoiled like that and his limited Russian would come in handy around the two ladies, since they were both fluent in what is their native language. As they continued to snack on the foods, he wanted to know what the sheriff had seen that prompted him to remove his gun.

Brianna was a true constitutional conservative and he was happy to hear it. She had opposed the former and the present president and they share almost the same agenda. Both are egotistical narcissists that want to rule the citizens like a dictator would. Since she had seen tyranny in person, it wasn’t hard to see the same traits displayed in others.

The sheriff had opened her laptop and he saw the emails and posts that are exposing both presidents for what they are and he got angry, since he voted for the jerk that she was condemning. One story caught his attention and that was the breaking point in his mind. The story was written by a columnist and it was straight forward. She wanted to read it to him, so she could hear what the young man thought about it.

The article was dated in January, just after the inauguration would be held and it proved that the people were manipulated by the establishment through controlled opposition. They had an agenda and it didn’t matter which one of the candidates won the election, because both were going to push their same agenda on the nation. The article was merely detailing information that they had received from proven sources.

“My fellow Americans and this is an article that is meant to educate those that seek truth to prepare for the worst. The election was a sham and there is a ‘shadow’ government working behind the scenes that don’t have the nation or the citizen’s best interests in mind.

The people are insignificant to our new administration and I want all of my readers to keep an open mind when I explain a diabolical plot that could see the elimination of millions of innocent citizens. The government has had the secret agenda brewing for many years, through various administrations.

The information crossed my desk only a few days after the president made an oath to uphold and sustain our constitution. That was a lie and it was only a few days later that he would be investigated by the government for having connections to fraud and Russian connections.

They have been confirmed to the news networks, but for some reason, they are willfully withholding their information from the people. If anyone started breaking the blatant scandals, it could see the president impeached for illegal activities and the establishment, or the shadow government, wants to sweep it under the carpet.

They have a hidden agenda that could force the people to focus on what is going to be a missile hit on Syria. It will kill hundreds, but the president will merely blame it on the government for killing the children. That allows these parasites to continue aiding Russia and Saudi Arabia interests through a new pipeline, once the old regime is removed and replaced.

The president now has the men that he personally picked leading a military that wouldn’t hesitate to leave American soldiers stranded on the battlefields, having them served up to the enemy as appetizers. That is why he wanted a draft and many men and women were shipped to other nation’s ‘hot-spots’ for his own incompetence.

The man the people have elected has a low-intelligence level and he wants to launch nuclear weapons, since he confessed that having weapons that are capable of mass destruction are useless, if they aren’t launched against other nations of the world. It has led to the president authorizing nuclear nations to place their fleets off both coasts of our nation and they are ready when there is an order to launch against us.

There has been many insinuations about ‘EMP’ missiles being launched to disrupt our power grid and that is the element of fear the government wants. If the people are afraid of losing everything, they will approve of everything he pushes to keep them safe. It is a scam to lead the people down the path to destruction and tyranny.

My advice to my readers is to prepare for the worst, but rejoice when they aren’t submitted to events that could push our civilization back a hundred or even more years. Have generators, if an ‘EMP’ attack occurs. Have at least a year’s supply of food, water, clothing, medicines, blankets, candles, and the other necessities of life. Remember what happened in Venezuela, and people are starving now, because they weren’t prepared for socialism.

We walked to the edge of death under the former president and his agenda of evil, but believing we are now safe would be foolishness. We need to tell our new president NO and let him throw tantrums when he pushes what will benefit him and no one else.

Please research how to survive without benefits we take for granted in this day and age, but at the same time, remember that the ‘Amish or Mennonites’ have continued to survive by shunning what they see as modern society. The world has survived without the luxuries of modern society before and it will survive the foolishness of men yet again.

As we are jumping from the frying pan and into the flames, I encourage a nation of patriots to enjoy every day like it will be your last. Never trust the men and women that will look you in the eye and lie through their teeth. The men and women that do that are owned by the shadow government and their goal is to put everyone into slavery and bondage to the rich elite.

If I can encourage even one of my readers to question what they hear, see, or are told by others, please research a topic they are shown to distinguish all truth from fiction, this article is worth it. Please be careful patriots and don’t take anything you see or hear at what has been presented at face value.”

It appeared that the sheriff had reacted to the article and the only people in the world that will get offended by the truth are those that are comfortable in living the lie. The shadow government is real and it isn’t working for anyone except those that are rich, powerful, they are seen as celebrities, and they are members of the one percent elite of the world’s societies.

At least the two ladies were safe now, but no one knew if that was going to last. They are still living inside the middle of an area that could see their evil army that is known as Satan’s army of terrorists when they aren’t expected. If that happened, they would be defenseless and he didn’t want them hurt.

Brianna was prepared and she had heeded the advice she received from an article she had just let him read. She wasn’t rich by any stretch, but she knew what her priorities are. She saw the danger as being real, so she would sell a ring that was passed down from mother to daughter in each new generation.

The money was spent installing a panic room in the basement. It would be a good investment and it could protect her and Natalia if they were in danger. It was stocked with items the article described, including many guns that she learned how to use.

She doubted that the ring could be retrieved now, but it was an heirloom of great value that she wanted to give to Natalia on her eighteenth birthday, so a tradition that spanned many centuries wouldn’t end. That touched his heart deeply and he knew that he could put his trip on hold for one day. He is now growing very fond of the young woman and her daughter and they would be alone if he suddenly left their house.

When he told them that he would put his trip on hold, the two ladies were overcome with gratitude and appreciation again. They were actually having fun, which was something they weren’t able to enjoy in a long time. She has grown very fond of him too and it rekindled memories of the years she could spend in Romania with her own parents.

As the evening started to pass, the young man, Brianna, and Natalia would laugh and play various board games. He didn’t want them to be offended and he would ask if he had to go outside for a cigarette. He hadn’t seen what will look like an ashtray and he is relieved when Natalia removed it from a desk drawer.

The ladies were trying to quit smoking, but knowing they were alive due to the heroism of the man sitting next to them, they both decided that he could indulge his habit in their presence. In fact, they would then ask for cigarettes from him too, since they didn’t have any in the house that could tempt them.

That way, no one would feel left out or offended. Natalia, even though she was only seventeen, would be permitted to drink beer with them and there is now an atmosphere surrounding them that resembled a loving family. That is what the young patriot missed in his life, since he too was divorced.

They laughed and joked with each other and the young man felt special for the opportunity he had to grow close to the two women in a short period. He didn’t mind at all when Brianna would put her arm around him and then give him hugs and kisses. Of course, he let one of the ladies win every game they played, because they would laugh and act giddy. It was something they were never to enjoy before that night.

Brianna told him about her ex-husband and how he came home in an angry mood and he would slap Natalia if she didn’t do what he ordered. He would then turn his anger on his wife, leaving her beaten and bruised. He would be hurting her badly and it left her emotionally scarred. She would suffer from flashbacks and anxiety as a result and things couldn’t continue like that.

When she heard that her husband had just beaten one of his co-workers so badly that they died, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back and she had filed for a divorce. He was found guilty of manslaughter and he was going to be put into a federal prison for the next twenty years. It was news that would be welcomed, because she didn’t really want to see his face any longer. She was worried about Natalia and the emotional stress he had caused her too.

The young man could empathize with her and after he heard what she had endured, he wanted to be supportive and boost their self confidence. He will then ask permission if he could give the ladies hugs or a kiss to show them a sensitive side that let them see how much they are loved.

Even though Brianna was twenty years younger, she felt safe in his arms, and she turned kisses on the cheek into kisses on her full and pouting lips. It sent chills rushing through her body and she also felt butterflies dancing in a heart that hadn’t known true love in a long time. Had her dream come true in a moment that wasn’t expected? Was it fate or had God blessed her now with a man that she could love and adore for the rest of her life?

When the chimes on the hall clock signaled that it is now midnight, the two ladies are growing tired and it was time for them to call it a day. They had a wonderful time and Natalia would give him a big kiss goodnight, which was followed by her saying ‘Goodnight dad - I love you’.

The sound of her words melted his heart and he hadn’t heard anyone say it in almost thirty years. Has his dream come true for him at this juncture of his life and he was now looking at a woman and her daughter that he could love forever as a husband and father?

Regardless what he felt now, as he felt his body trembling, he wouldn’t put their trust in jeopardy by pushing for an advantage of the situation. Now that his beloved new daughter had walked up the stairs to her room, he noticed it and Brianna’s eyes had never left him. She kept looking at him and she now had a smile on her lips that said words that wouldn’t have to be spoken.

When she then stood and walked towards him, he didn’t know what she has on her mind. His question was answered a moment later when she sat on his lap, put her arms around his neck, and kissed him in a way that a loving wife is going to show her new husband on their wedding night.

When their lips had parted, she whispered ‘I love you’ and he couldn’t hold back any longer. The words were returned and the glow that would now be exhibited on her face said volumes. He had obviously earned their trust and a respect that he was hoping for, but he had also earned their love, which is something that made it very special to him.

Now he had done it and there was no way he could leave them now under any circumstances. He would protect them, love them with all his heart, and if anyone threatened their lives or safety, they would have to go through him first to do it.

He couldn’t explain it, but his chest was now burning with desire and love for a woman he had only met earlier that day. God often works in ways that man can’t understand or comprehend and if they survived, he wanted to ask Brianna if she would consent to be his wife that he could love forever. It was shown that Natalia had also accepted him as a father and that made him cry.

It was obvious that Brianna didn’t want their kisses to end and he was now feeling the same way. When she whispered that she was going to go upstairs and get ready for bed, her statement would be met with his statement that he would sleep on the couch downstairs.

His answer would obviously impress her in a special way and it made her kiss him passionately yet again. Was it possible in that day and age to meet a man that didn’t only have morals, but he wouldn’t take advantage of her? She had often been hit on at the stores, walking down the street, or any time that she decided to go out in public.

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