The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Seventeen - Danger Looms In The Night

After kissing her again and whispering ‘I love you’, she walked slowly to a cupboard and she removed a pillow and blanket for him to use. Her eyes are never to leave his eyes and when he took them from her, she said I love you with such conviction that he knew it came from her heart and a soul that was filled with kindness and compassion for others.

He had never met someone that turned his knees to jello, or made his hands sweat with moisture. He felt at peace and just picturing her face in his mind is making his body tremble in excitement. It was a night that awakened what he believed he would never be able to experience again in his life. He was in love with a beautiful woman that exhibited everything he wanted in a wife.

After slipping onto the couch and removing his shoes, he would now listen for any unexplained noises outside the house. The risk was real that the men from the militant camps would move through the area, killing everyone they encountered.

The dictator didn’t want the people to be happy - he wanted all the citizens exterminated, so he could then sell their land for his own profit. He is seeing the men and women as an infestation of insects that are expendable and that was overlooked by many that still praised him.

With the lights turned off, leaving only a night-light burning on a wall plug near the stairs, the young man kept thinking about the young woman that has gone to bed in her upstairs chamber. When the chimes signaled that it turned the clock to one am, he heard what sounded like footsteps coming down the stairs. He could see the stairs clearly and it was Brianna. She was dressed in a sexy nightgown and she walked directly towards him.

Pretending that he was asleep, he felt her slip on top of him and she started kissing his neck. Her hands moved across his chest and when he opened his eyes, she kissed him in a way that melted the rest of his inhibitions. She was eager to show him how much she loved him and unbuttoning his shirt, she is going to kiss his chest and run her hands down his thighs.

As his hands moved up her legs, it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a garment under her nightgown and she heaved a sigh as his hands reached a region that made her quiver in delight. Once that happened, she helped him remove her nightgown and she helped him out of his clothes.

Now that they are lying as one on the couch, she moved forward and raised her hips, before lowering them again, so she could now feel him in ways that made her coo with delight. Moving as one on the couch, it was the first time since his divorce that he had felt a woman making love to him. It would then continue and he hoped that the sounds they made wouldn’t disturb Natalia.

As their passion built to a climax and exploded, the couple was exhausted from showing their love to each other and she snuggled in close to him. That was an experience he wouldn’t trade for anything in the world and he is now determined that he wanted to marry her, even if he had to fight the narcissist dictator to the death to make it happen.

When the clock chimes signaled that another hour had passed, it was now his turn to show the new love of his life that he loved her the same way. By merely reversing their positions on the couch, he started making love to her in ways that she hadn’t experienced before in her life. He wanted her to take pleasure in ways that let her know that the bad experiences she endured over the years would be in the past.

He started with her toes and as he moved slowly up her body, he could see that each action made her love him even more. He took his time and he had covered every inch of her body with kisses and a gentle touch that had hands that are soft starting to stroke his hair.

When she again felt him inside her, she now felt that she is in heaven and they continuously move in harmony with each other. Unfortunately, making love to each other would be disrupted and they were both aware of what has caught their attention outside the window. From the moment the sound was heard, they scurried to slip on their clothes again, so they were prepared.

They were enjoying their actions, but the sound of doors closing and men’s voices would end their activities in a rude manner. Asking her to go upstairs and awaken Natalia, the young man crept to the window and looked outside. What he saw made his blood run cold and he knew that he would have to be aware of their situation at all costs.

There were men dressed in black clothing, complete with helmets and their vests that were issued to the military. The vests could withstand an impact of bullets and they were walking towards a house that was only a few doors up the street. He knew who they are and a bus had stopped in front of Brianna’s home. They would abduct the citizens and take them on the bus to one of the ‘death’ camps for extermination.

He wasn’t going to allow that to happen and seeing his two girls standing at the bottom of the stairs, they noticed that he is dressed but his shirt wouldn’t be buttoned, due to obvious reasons. Brianna was motioning for him to join them and she had slid a panel open that was in the wall. Grabbing his shoes, the three of them quickly entered a tunnel that led downwards and the panel was closed behind them.

The tunnel wasn’t very big and it allowed them to reach a metal door that is open. Once it was closed behind them, Natalia turned on the lights and there were many monitors on one of the walls. When all the monitors were turned on, they could see what was happening outside the house. If the men are able to enter the house, they could be watched, regardless which room they enter.

Lighting a cigarette for the two women and himself, they watched the men dragging men, women, and children from the homes by force. They were put on the bus and the men had now arrived at their front door. The sound of the men pounding on the door startled them, but they were safe in a room that is created for that purpose. It was obvious that God was protecting him and this was the second time that divine intervention had saved his life.

As Brianna watched the monitors, to ensure the hidden panel isn’t found, it was time for Natalia to change her clothes, since she had a nice selection on hangers on the far wall. Unfortunately, she couldn’t enjoy privacy, but that is irrelevant to them now. Once she was dressed in boots, jeans, a shirt and the jacket that matched, she took over the console and Brianna changed into her outfit that resembled her daughters. They were ready if they had to run.

The panic room was definitely equipped to handle any emergency, since it contained another room that is stocked with everything imaginable. The tiny fortress even had a well for water, so they could live there for months, and it wouldn’t be a disadvantage to them. With provisions and medical supplies at their fingertips, the only thing it didn’t contain was men’s clothing. They are still in the car that is parked in the driveway.

The men were now inside the home and they weren’t very happy. With the screams of profanity, they had searched every room for the girls and all their efforts were in vain. What the young man didn’t know, is Natalia had opened the back door of the house with a button on the console, so it would lead the men on a wild-goose chase.

When the couple had heard that, the young lady was given a huge hug and kisses for being so ingenious. They watched the men rush out the back door and the plan had worked perfectly. The men would believe that the girls had left the home and they would waste time searching the neighborhood.

Just like in Germany, the were now referring to the men arriving by a name that was called the night of the long knives. They now understood how their fellow citizens are rounded up and then transported to the ‘death’ camps that the government denied for many years.

Judging by the language they are to hear spoken, the men that entered their home that night were from nations of the middle east. The word ‘Jihad’ was mentioned many times and they are from one of the secret ‘Islamic’ terrorist camps. They would be imported by the former president to wreak havoc on the nation and its citizens.

Fortunately, none of the homes were set on fire, because without their fire department in service, fires could destroy the nation and that is something a man on the plateau didn’t want to see. He wanted everything left intact, so it would enable him to merely import sheep that would kneel at his feet. There was definitely a diabolical plot in motion and the young man had seen it live and in person that night.

At least he had a carton of cigarettes in his bag and handing a pack to two women that he now loved dearly, they couldn’t do anything else now except wait for the men to leave the area. Brianna surprised them when she walked to the storeroom and then emerged a few minutes later with two six packs of beer in her hands. She hadn’t overlooked anything when she built the rooms.

Sitting on a mattress that was placed on the floor, the two ladies snuggled in next to him and he knew they were tired. They hadn’t even finished one of the cans of beer before they were both asleep and nestled into his chest. That was a moment he would cherish forever.

With his arms now wrapped around their small waist, it is obvious that he would have to remain awake for the next few hours. He would have to watch the monitors closely, to ensure that the men didn’t find the hidden panel that would bring them down the tunnel to their panic room of safety.

In a way, he felt fortunate that his two girls were sleeping, because he was going to watch young children run off the bus and they are shot instantly. It kindled anger inside him and he wanted to shoot the men in the same way. A small child should never have to endure the abuse and terror that they would be subjected to that night.

For the next few hours, the young man wondered how the people could be so stupid to elect a man like the president to the highest office in the nation. It was proven beyond all doubt that he wasn’t the lesser of two evils at all. It was a fact that he was pure evil intensified.

All he could do is pray for safety and guidance to fulfill a mission he is on. His goal was to return the nation to the people, reinstate the constitution for everyone, and remove the plague that now existed on a plateau in Colorado.

Praying for inspiration, the young man would visualize the old house that is the new home of the president. He could see the ‘death’ camp that is built on the old cemetery, the ‘corpse’ flowers in bloom outside the windows, and he was surprised when he saw a tunnel that ran under the fortress above it in his mind. Is this how they would gain access to the evil house and dispose of the tyrant?

He would also see shields, swords, spears, and some metal breastplates that are worn by the warriors of the past. Knowledge is always a key to defeating an enemy and he now understood the diary entries of Abigail, her sister, and others that lived in the previous century at the base of the plateau. They were provided to educate everyone about the demons of evil that they would have to face, and it showed them how to accomplish their task.

As the young man was dozing with the ladies cuddled into him, something suddenly caught his attention and he was now watching two men standing in the living room. It was obvious that they weren’t going to leave the house on their own and they were probably waiting for them to return.

They assumed that the owners of the house would watch all the trucks and the bus leave the area and it would be safe to return to the house. They have underestimated a man that was watching their actions on a monitor.

There is one thing that wasn’t understood and why would they hang around in a home that was obviously empty. Do they know something that everyone else didn’t know about Brianna and Natalia?

Knowing that they couldn’t leave the panic room until the men grew bored and left on their own, various scenarios were considered to solve a problem they faced. If the young man had a true talent, it was solving problems that are facing him, where others would spend hours trying to find the solution.

The first scenario is to wait. The second is to decoy himself, so the women could escape. The third scenario would be direct and he had to open a panel a few inches and shoot them where they stood, since they weren’t aware that the group was still inside the house.

The clock on the wall was telling him that morning was approaching and it appeared that the men weren’t going to leave on their own. At least the ladies are starting to stir and Natalia awakened first. The moment she could see the man next to her, she whispered ‘good morning dad, I love you’, which is then followed by a kiss on his cheek.

It was a beautiful way to start the day and Brianna is also starting to stir in his arms. As she opened her eyes and looked at him, she leaned forward and she pressed her lips to his in the way that caused them both to tremble in joy. It was obvious that they love each other and Natalia was overjoyed by their actions.

The young lady hadn’t known a real father in many years, since she is only five when her mother divorced her father. Many years passed and she would grow to hate him for what he did to her mother. Now that the two ladies are awake and they have lit a cigarette to calm their nerves, Brianna looked at a monitor and she then froze in terror. Natalia looked at the monitor and weird expressions appear immediately on her face. It is like she had seen a ghost.

Knowing something is wrong, the young man wanted to know what would create fear in their minds, since they are safe in the panic room. Brianna was hesitant to say it, but she then blurted out the words “That is my ex husband and how did he get out of prison?” She then rushed into the arms of her new love and started crying. Natalia heard what she said and she didn’t know how to react to the news.

Assuring the ladies that he wasn’t going to hurt them ever again, the young man knew what he had to do. First he would have to know if her ex was with her when she built the panic room. The answer was no, which answered that question. The next question asked if the tunnel had portholes that will allow him to walk up the tunnel and see the men without opening the panel. There was a slight hesitation for a moment and the answer is again No.

That would complicate things, but he promised he would protect them and he would keep his word. Before leaving Canada, he put some toys inside the bag he was carrying and one of the toys was a ‘Chloroform’ grenade.

Once he has rolled it into a room, after pulling the pin, an invisible gas will quickly overpower anyone that is inside the room, unless a window is open. It would knock them out for an hour or two and they would be awakening to a major headache.

He would have to ensure that the windows were closed first and that would be accomplished if he could turn on the air conditioning. He would make the house so cold that the men would close the windows and turn on the electric heaters that he saw at the base of the front windows. They will then close the doors to warm themselves. Now the question is asked if he could control the temperature from the panic room.

At least the two ladies are smiling again and that meant the answer was yes. Brianna wanted the pleasure of blasting the air conditioning, which would be instrumental in dropping the temperature below forty degrees. It could take a temperature drop like that at least an hour to cool the whole house. They will have to wait patiently and see what happens.

Brianna knew what she wanted to do for the hour and having Natalia there with her prevented that from happening. All they could do is wait and watch the men on the monitors, as they smoked cigarettes and told jokes. At least a man was now in their lives that made them laugh and they felt special.

As they watched, Natalia noticed that the men were following the script to close the windows and the heaters were turned on. They also made sure that all the doors were closed, so they could get warm again. That was the signal for the young man to open the metal door and walk up the tunnel. He slipped off his shoes, just in case they squeaked on the concrete floor.

After reaching the secret panel in the wall, he listened and watched Natalia at the bottom of the tunnel. Brianna was watching the monitors and with the men turning their backs to the panel to look out a window, Natalia motioned that it was safe to open the panel and slide the ‘chlorform’ grenade through a slightly opened panel. That would knock them out and then he would merely dispose of them both while they are unconscious.

Pulling the pin and opening the panel, the grenade was slid towards a chair that would hide it from sight. The panel was then closed again and he could return to the ladies inside the room. How long it would take to work would be a learning experience for them, since he never used one before. If it was effective and knocked them out quickly, it would give him a time frame for the future.

Watching the monitors with interest, the men started to stagger only a few minutes after the gas filled the room and they collapsed where they are now standing. The idea had worked perfectly and there were hugs and kisses for everyone. The men were lying on the ground and it was time to put the next part of the plan into action.

They made a great team and it was now time to ensure that a man from the past would never harm anyone again in the future. It was discussed earlier in detail that the former president had released many murderers, rapists, and a multitude of illegals back into society the previous year. Many of them were now walking the streets again, where they could commit crimes, and then be sheltered in sanctuary cities that wouldn’t prosecute them.

After another monitor check to make sure no one was going to ambush the group if they left the house, and no drones are in the area, they walked up a tunnel and emerged through the hidden panel. They had to be cautious, just in case the men were playing possom, to get them to reveal themselves. That was easy to confirm and they were sleeping like a baby.

Brianna helped him drag the first body outside, where he deposited a bullet in her ex’s forehead. There would be no harassing the ladies any longer and a bullet had stopped him from ever hurting them again in the future. The same fate awaited the second man and once they were disposed of, the ladies have packed a suitcase of clothing and other items to put in the car.

He wasn’t going to let them out of his sight now and they will accompany him now to Nevada. They would have to make one stop first and he wanted to retrieve an item that was sold earlier. He knew where the man lived from information Brianna provided and since everyone was exterminated in their town the night before, they shouldn’t encounter opposition. They could only hope and pray that he hadn’t disposed of it yet.

After entering the car, Brianna confessed that she wanted the honors of the bullet in the head of her ex husband, but the young patriot didn’t want her to lower herself to his level. That is why he did the honors of eliminating him, so his two girls would never see him again.

Since the men remained, it was obvious that they could be expecting others to return, especially when the men didn’t report in, which would put them in danger again. They would be leaving the house behind, but they felt safe and secure now that they had someone that would protect them with his own life.

Driving through the deserted streets reminded the young man of New York State and it resembled a ghost town. The silence was deafening and there are no children, no adults, no cars on the roads, and the only living creatures the small group saw were large rattlesnakes slithering across the hot pavement.

Brianna was his navigator now and she directed him to the street where she had sold her mother’s ring. Stopping in front of the small building that looks like a pawn shop, they walked to the front door and it was locked. Obviously the owner would be exterminated before he can open the door that morning.

There was only one option and a small suction cup and glass cutter would be removed from his bag. As the ladies watched in silence, a glass cutter was used to cut a circular hole in the glass and the suction cup would prevent the glass falling to the ground.

Once it is pulled outwards after being tapped a few times, he would then be able to reach through the opening and unlock the dead bolt that was in place. It went according to plan and they could now enter the premises. Once they are inside the shop, Brianna could then search the drawers of rings, bracelets, watches, and other items for the ring she has treasured for many years.

Natalia knew what it looked like and it didn’t take them long to search their drawers for the heirloom. When Brianna started to cry and she held up a ring that she thought she would never see again, she rushed over and gave him a big hug to say thank you. That was the easy part and now they would have to escape from Arizona alive and in one piece.

What Brianna and Natalia didn’t realize is the young patriot had a reason to ask what their ring sizes were. Unknown to the young ladies, he had looked at the rings and necklaces too and seeing the biggest engagement ring with a matching wedding band in Brianna’s size, he slipped it into his pocket. There was a beautiful diamond and emerald ring with a matching necklace and ear rings that he wanted to give Natalia for her birthday.

He kept that secret too and no one would miss the items, since the owner is now exterminated with everyone else that lived in the town. Telling them to look around and see if there is anything else that caught their attention, there is a reason behind it and the young patriot was now at the gun cabinet.

At least he was able to add a multitude of weapons to his collection and the guns would be useful. A crate of ammunition was also needed for his toys to be effective and the owner of the shop wouldn’t need them any longer. There is the element of the unknown facing them and he wanted to be prepared for the obstacles they would face.

One item would catch his attention and it was a small snake-like camera in one of the racks. He could slide it under a door and see everything inside the room on the small monitor he would hold. That was definitely one item that is going into his pack for future use, since he didn’t know why he felt a need to add it to his collection.

The ladies could have filled a truck with the items they wanted, but that is an impossibility. What he didn’t know, is Brianna would be thinking about a future scenario without his knowledge, and she slipped a ring for him inside her purse. It was gold and had little diamonds surrounding a black stone that would look awesome on his ring finger.

Now that they had what they wanted from the pawn shop, everything could be carried to the car and the weapons and ammo were placed in the trunk. It felt strange leaving a store without paying for anything, but there was no one around to receive payment.

Returning to the expressway, the small group noticed the absence of traffic on their journey and they were now entering the state of Nevada. It wouldn’t be long before they arrived in Pahrump and Brianna wanted to know what is special about that town. She didn’t even know the town existed, but she now got to see it in person.

When she heard that he is checking on his friend he had known, she agreed that he should check on them. He had now crossed the whole country and he had arrived at his destination safely. The young man didn’t want to hurt her, so he didn’t want her to know that it was a former fiancé that had broken off the relationship earlier. He didn’t want to create stress for her.

Once they entered the city limits of their destination, he followed a map of the area that he had created years earlier. He would be looking for the casino called the ‘Nugget’ and the house wasn’t far from the main roadway or ‘160’. When the street named ‘Blagg Street’ came into view, he turned right and the street would take him to the property he was seeking. Following it for a mile, he was finally seeing the property for the first time.

The gate was open and the car was parked next to the building. They could see why it was called a garage and it was an old automotive building that has been turned into an apartment. He would park in front of the fifth wheel that he had seen on his webcam many times in the past. It was obvious that many of the weeds were still growing around the property.

Walking around to the front door, he noticed that it is open and no one was inside. He had seen the interior in the past on his webcam, but this is the first time he was seeing the interior in person. He could see her bed and a double bed was against the wall. The mice had taken over the building and he could understand why they were such a nuisance for her all those years.

It was obvious what had happened and he wouldn’t be receiving answers to his questions. She is either deceased or sent to a ‘death’ camp. Where that is would be anyone’s guess. At least he wasn’t alone and Brianna could sense a certain disappointment that he was feeling. Holding him close to her, she has helped him realize that the past has already been written. It can’t be changed and it is the present where lives are changed in many ways.

At least he could now drive to Utah, where his friend was waiting for them to arrive. He was one of the Generals that their former president had relieved of duty. He is now helping the patriots that were going to form the resistance against the dictator in office.

Having access to their ‘level-four’ bio-hazard lab is going to help the patriot groups defeat the evil presence that is destroying the nation. If all of the men and women in the lab have done what was asked, the secret cells and armies of the president will be neutralized through their revolution. The weapon the lab is creating will play a huge role between victory and defeat.

The young patriot had always wondered why they called it the ‘hump’ that would take them to Pahrump, and it was the mountain that separated a town they had just driven through, from the larger city of Las Vegas. The ladies in the car couldn’t believe that the town was deserted and it resembled a ghost town.

They enjoyed seeing the old stage-coaches and the other remnants of a past era in the old west. They could see signs that could take them to many of the other real ghost towns that included ‘Tonopah, Gold Town and Rhyolite’.

Once on top of the ridge, they could look at the valley below them and the bright lights of Vegas were inviting. He had to resist the temptation of all the casinos and the wedding chapels, since there is uncertainty surrounding their government that could show itself at any time.

As they drove towards Utah, the young man told the ladies that the General had infiltrated the government through his former position. He is then able to obtain pertinent information that will help all the groups focus on the enemy within the nation. It helped that the evil demon that is running the nation was also ignorant of many things, since he believed he knew it all. That would be his downfall and it would work to their advantage.

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