The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Eighteen - The Resistance Is Born

Now that they were entering St. George, Utah, the car turned onto a road to the mountains that wasn’t paved. They would drive into the mountains and it would eventually lead them to a small shack on the left. They would have to park under a camouflaged covering that would hide the car from satellites in orbit. They wanted to avoid being exposed at all costs.

When Natalia saw the shack and the covering, she grew excited and she is eager to see why that location was special. She wouldn’t have to wait long to have her curiosity satisfied and once they left the car and entered the shack, a small screen on the table asked for the password. Once he typed in all their letters and numbers, the red light turned green and a door in the floor opened to give them access.

Now that they were walking down the corridor, the young man noticed that the two ladies are holding his arms in their death grip and they weren’t going to let go of him. That made him smile and after reaching another metal door, he asked to have both arms back, since it would take a moment to restore the circulation. They laughed at his comment and typing in a password again, it was met by a sudden gush of wind that pass them, as an airlock was released.

When the door opened, they were met by four armed men that were told to bring them to the General’s office. They would escort them through the halls, to the large office at the end of the corridor, and they would have to wait for the General to arrive. That was logical and they followed the men without a complaint or problem being seen.

There was a coffee machine in the office with donuts and they were free to help themselves. Since the aroma of cigarette smoke was on their clothing, it led to one of the men telling them that they could smoke in the office. He is aware of the cigars the General enjoyed behind his desk. That was nice and a cigarette would calm the situation for all three of them.

Sitting next to Brianna, she was holding his hand and it was obvious that it would remain that way through the whole meeting. It appeared to take them forever to finally meet the General and all they could do is watch technicians through the glass in their ‘hazmat’ suits.

It would be possible that they are working on any of the toxic or bio-hazard diseases that can kill humans on contact and that is why they were in Utah at the level-four laboratory. The patriot had suggested his idea to the General at an earlier time, before he left Canada, and the General was impressed by the plan that could help the resistance defeat the dictator.

The young man had created the plans for a bio-hazard disease that could be used to neutralize all the terrorist cells and secret armies across the nation in one night. They would have to do it through a window of one hour. If it took longer than that, word could reach the president that there are armies of men and women that are starting a revolution against him.

That would be met by a phone call to Russian or Chinese friends to send in thousands of troops to protect him. That is the last thing they want, which is why they kept silent all this time. Everything had to take place in the order it was designed for and if they are successful, the dictator wouldn’t know what had hit him.

The patriots were waiting for the green light to emerge from their bunkers, which would allow them to attack the armies patrolling the streets and then it would see whole states captured again for the republic. That is the beauty of ‘DNA’ testing and the disease would only affect individuals with the X or Y chromosome. It wouldn’t affect the environment or wildlife across the nation and it includes domestic animals, birds, lizards, and reptiles.

The ladies were fascinated listening to him talk and Natalia was impressed that her new dad had the intelligence of a genius. Brianna was impressed too and she loved a man that was prepared to fight for their freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. She couldn’t wait for the evil dictatorship to end, so she could then marry the man of her dreams.

It was funny as they waited patiently and he was going to receive questions from both of the women that he loved dearly. Brianna asked him if he would marry her and when he said ‘yes’, she kissed him so passionately that Natalia believed the windows would start clouding. Afterwards, Brianna would see a ring removed from his pocket and he slipped it onto her finger.

With tears welling in her eyes, she couldn’t believe that he had the question already in mind and she is now his fiancé that would love her for the rest of his life unconditionally. She felt blessed in many ways and she is so happy.

When it was her turn, Natalia asked if he would be her dad and be a guide for her in life. When he answered ‘yes’, he was shocked when she then threw her arms around him and their kiss wasn’t on the cheek, it was firmly on the lips that was followed by her telling him how much she loved him.

It had taken him by surprise and just after it ended, they saw the General walking towards the office. He was eager to meet them and once he entered the office, he shook their hands and then introduced himself. He was a man in a position of influence and he wanted them to accompany him to an area of the complex that has a conference room.

Once they arrived in the room, the young man was shocked to see four of the men sitting at the table that he had seen in the news many times. That is a pleasure he couldn’t begin to describe and the men were now sitting in the room, waiting to meet and speak to him. He couldn’t believe the excitement that he was feeling to shake their hands and meet their wives in person.

They were part of the resistance now, since congress was dissolved by the new president and he would declare that their nation was now a dictatorship. The men knew exactly what happened in the government up until that time.

Speculation and opinion would be tossed out, since the facts were going to be presented that would answer all his questions. The Senators had what he called first-hand information and answers to his questions. Apparently, most of the propaganda that was displayed in the media was just that - propaganda that was designed to keep the nation in the dark about what they were trying to accomplish. They were fighting for the people and what they wanted.

They could see the corruption in their own conservative party and there are no questions that the party was compromised by the establishment, so there were many that had accepted bribes in the millions to oppose them. They are in Washington to represent the people, but many of their counterparts are in government for a different reason.

They were masquerading as conservatives to get elected, and once they are in office, they would take advantage of the salary, benefits, and pension plan that would line their pockets. They only ran to boost their own wealth at the expense of all the people that trusted them. They knew the real money could come from lobbyists and minority groups that would grease their palms.

They opposed the new president from day one, since they knew what he is, but they were harassed, threatened, and their own party would work against them when it was time to be re-elected. When their wives and family would also be threatened, they could see the writing on the wall and the party was now dead, just like the old ‘WHIG’ party of the past. It would only be what they called a matter-of-time before a dicatorship is declared.

When the General introduced a man that had run for president, everyone is interested in what he had to say. It was obvious that he is well-spoken, very intelligent, and he knew what he was talking about. He loved the nation and he had promised the men and women that elected him as a Senator that he is going to fight on their behalf.

He would start by saying that there are many in the nation that had lost all respect for him, especially when he chose to honor his word and support a man that would win the nomination the previous year. That had shown many that he was a man of his word, regardless what he felt personally. He would tell the people that to support the man on the ballot was a mistake, because it was only a matter-of-time before he betrayed his followers on every issue.

That was so true and the president didn’t waste any time in signing a bunch of executive orders that kept many of the programs in place that were signed by the previous president. The president betrayed his promises by doing that.

Many wanted to attack him and they believed the Senator compromised in many ways, but there were things he had to do in order to protect his seat in the Senate. It was often said that no one can influence the outcome of a sport if they are seated in the bleachers. Yes, they can yell, scream, and voice their outrage, but if they aren’t on the field, it is an exercise in futility. It would be said that you keep your friends close, but you keep your enemies even closer.

If he wanted to know what the president had in his mind, he had to gain his trust first, which explained why he would be seen with the president. That is all for appearances and nothing else, since the party leadership and even the president threatened to put his seat in the Senate on the line. To err is human, but to forgive is divine would be used, since he was still hurt by the attacks and blatant lies that were spread about him and his family.

Since he practiced what he preached, he could endure the attacks he would suffer at the hands of others, and even the attacks his family suffered. There are no excuses for the baseless accusations, but evil men and women will try deception and lies to manipulate the population to the rhetoric and agenda. It was seen nation wide and the people are often tossed to and fro with change.

There are many in the nation that believe whatever they are told. Others in the nation have common sense and the intelligence to never accept things on face value. They will research everything in detail and expose the lies when they appear. The media is responsible for the success or failure of others and it was seen many times in not only politics, but also in the business world.

As they listened to what was said, the young man agreed and he would tell them what he was now thinking. “It appeared that the citizens needed a new course in the schools that would teach what it means to be a conservative. It means the people stand by and fight for those that share the same values we hold sacred. Men and women are human, but no one really knows what they are talking about, because they aren’t walking inthe shoes of the men or the women that are fighting on their behalf.

They don’t know what is happening behind the scenes, because the people that love to complain or attack others weren’t aware of many circumstances behind the decisions made. Before starting his journey through the states to fight for the republic and restore God to the lives and homes of the citizens, a strange thing was read on his social media.

Someone would say that true conservatives should always be prepared to never falter or compromise their values, morals, and integrity. If they have to make decisions that were seen to contradict what they said, they should also be prepared for the repercussions of their decisions, especially when people reject them and try their best to remove them from government.

It would often be a case of playing both sides against the middle, where the people would praise them when they agree with their own fallacies, but they would then see the individuals as their enemy when they would be guilty and make mistakes in judgment. It is a case of ‘catch 22’ and no one is perfect. If individuals aren’t allowed to represent their constituent’s interests through an unpopular decision, they are wasting their time representing them.

Many will scream that it is allowed to have an opinion, as long as it agrees with their opinion, and that is where citizens are walking a dangerous path to their own destruction. Truth is universal, facts never change, but for many, it was easier to embrace illusion and reject the truth for fiction or illusion.

That had now led to a dictatorship through tyranny and there were millions of innocent men, women, and children killed. They are now deceased, due to the people refusing to see what is happening in truth. There are many in the nation that are followers - not leaders, and they will follow anyone that tells them what they want to hear, regardless if they are lying to them.

Everyone will do things that we don’t agree with, but we continue to stand for freedom, liberty, the constitution, and we are shoulder-to-shoulder with a group of men and women that are called constitutional conservatives, even if they are forced into decisions they have no control over. When the people of a nation choose to stop supporting the men and women that have the courage to stand and fight, they are telling others that they are irrelevant and they all should just give up and wave the white flag of surrender.

Why… because if they make a mistake, the people will just toss them aside like yesterday’s newspaper and replace them with a moderate, or someone in the area that tells them what they want to hear. There are many that wouldn’t show the courage to fight, because they are followers - not leaders, which is the reason that evil forces have now attacked and many died.”

After the young man voiced his opinion, everyone had listened closely and that is why he was asked to travel through the nation to Utah. He could have played it safe and traveled across Canada first to the western province that is called Alberta, crossed the border there, and then traveled south through the states of Montana, Idaho, and into Utah that way, which was shorter, but the young man was inspired to risk his life and travel six-thousand miles across the states and enemy territory.

Since Brianna and Natalia were holding onto his arms that were folded on the table, he understood why he was inspired to travel through dangerous or perilous territory. His faith was being tested and he was now blessed with a beautiful woman and her teenaged daughter that he loved dearly.

Before the next Senator spoke that represented Utah, the young man had a question and he was curious to know the answer. He wanted to know if any states remained free from the terrorist cells, or the militant ‘Jihadist’ armies of the president.

A Senator from Texas would answer his question and he appeared to be a little hesitant before he spoke. He would answer that only the states of Utah, Idaho, Texas, Colorado, Maine, and Alaska have escaped the ‘death’ squads. There is a reason for it and they are strong Christian states, where the people were prepared for the unexpected, and they were led by strong leadership.

The people were briefed after the inauguration what could happen and they took precautions. The terrorist armies had entered the states, but they would be fought and destroyed in silence, so attention wouldn’t be focused on them. It was often said that the righteous need not fear and the people are saved by following God’s commandments and heeding the words of inspired men that listened to the warnings they received.

It would also be said that out of the nation of 325 million people, over two-hundred million people were either dead or detained in the ‘death’ camps that the government built for that purpose. It was all part of the plan by men that run the ‘NWO’ and they announced openly that they want to eliminate ninety percent of the world’s population, leaving only the peasants to live in slavery to the wealthy elite.

There is nothing wrong with working hard to obtain riches in life, but what those individuals choose, or decide to do with those riches would dictate for all to see where their loyalty lies. Does it enable them to help the poor, many widows and orphans, the sick, the needy, or does it see them hoard riches to engorge themselves at the expense of others.

The people had elected a man that chose to exploit others for his own greed and total corruption and many innocent citizens have now paid the price for a decision that displayed their stupidity. No one could turn back the hands of time now and the people received what they voted for.

As the Senator finished speaking, the General then stood and he wanted to let his guests know that the technicians in the lab have finished their task to create the biological weapon that would eliminate all the armies and terrorist cells that were around the nation. The weapon would be used against one of the terrorist cells that was camping near the California border, in a town that is called ‘Baker’.

The ‘cell’ believed they were invisible to everyone, since it was located in a remote area that wouldn’t be visited, due to the mountains. They were wrong, since it didn’t stop the surveillance cameras from focusing on the group from orbit. The General was aware of how many men are in the terrorist cell and a map was created that showed where the buildings in the area are located.

It was that secret military group that had moved through the small towns in the area of Pahrump, and then into Las Vegas itself. They merely had to take the expressway over the ‘hump’ or mountains, and the people on the outskirts of ‘Vegas’ wouldn’t know what happened. The main area wasn’t affected for the mission of extermination, since many tourists were there from around the world. The terrorist cell had now returned to ‘Baker’ and they could be killed.

The men had orders to take their prisoners to the ‘death’ camp in Colorado, where they would be exterminated. At least the young man is now aware of what had happened to the woman he wanted to talk to in person. That would now be put into the past and he wanted to know how the General is going to execute his plan against the terrorist group that was located near ‘Baker’.

The technicians in the ‘level-four’ bio-hazard lab had created what they are to call VX-SAR-29394544 and it was lethal for anyone coming into contact with it. Just one drop of the lethal concoction would kill a full-grown man in minutes. It was a combination of the nerve-agent developed by Britain in the 1950′s as a weapon of mass destruction and the technicians knew that ‘VX’ is the most-toxic substance known to man.

After it was combined with ‘Sarin’, the oily liquid is now very lethal. They had synthesized the deadly weapon into a mist that would be sprayed from a crop-dusting plane over the area and everyone wouldn’t have a chance. Even if they wanted to escape, they would be dead within minutes and there was a cure called ‘atropine’.

From research done on the camps, that was one ingredient they didn’t have and without ‘atropine’ to counter-act the deadly poison, the men would have no idea that they even came into contact with it, since it would cover each of the camps like rain. It is colorless, has no odor or taste, and it works fast. It is going to be deployed on the cell near ‘Baker’ as an experiment.

If a person has it touch their skin, or if it is inhaled, they would experience drowsiness, headaches, confusion, blurred vision, eye pain, coughing, runny nose, drooling, plus the victim will experience rapid breathing, tightness in a chest cavity, and it would imitate a heart attack. They sweat profusely, and it will see them experience nausea, vomiting, increased urination or abdominal pain. It will also cause their blood pressure and heart rate to skyrocket.

If the intended target receives a lethal exposure, which would be the case, a mere drop would lead to convulsions, loss of consciousness, paralysis, and it ends their life due to suffocation, where they can’t breathe any longer. There would be a time frame of a minute to an hour, since no one would know how much of the deadly gas they have inhaled.

Once the target is destroyed, there would be a second spraying of the area with SNVX 00498585. That removes the threat to life from the area and it is going to counteract the lethal weapon. Drones will be used to administer the lethal dose, since the terrorists would be alerted by the sound of a plane. The drones that would be used have been altered to muffle the sound of engines.

Everyone wanted to protect the environment and wildlife in the area, which is the reason the antidote would follow the first action over the camps. If the terrorists survived and somehow avoid infection, patriot groups would enter the camps and shoot any survivors. It was now war and the resistance is born. It had to be executed in a way that wouldn’t give the terrorists an opportunity to alert others to what is happening.

The first attack would occur at 0:500 hours and the drones are already built that would carry their pay-load over the area. Every patriot group that went into hiding months earlier was contacted through short-wave radios, what is called CB radios, and also through ‘walkie-talkies’ of the past, if they are in a short distance of the command center.

There were many behind-the-scenes actions taking place that citizens were deliberately kept in the dark about, unless they proved their worthiness as an asset to the constitution and the resistance. The Senators have many workers working with their supporters and the president wasn’t aware of it.

The Senators wanted to let the young man know that every patriot that has sworn allegiance to the conservative movement has seen special emails sent to their inbox. The email would contain orders to copy and paste it into their files. It is instructions that included a signal. There was a reason to save the message, since the internet would be disabled and emails would be useless.

If the internet was ‘blacked-out’, they could still see the message and it will instruct them of the plan. The ‘space station’ was equipped with launch codes that would release a thousand flares above the regions that would be gassed. As the Senator from Texas told the nation: “if the president attempted to rule as a dictator, betraying the people of the nation, there will be pitch-forks and torches unleashed on the government”.

He meant it and they prepared for it to happen. That is why he had to play his part that he would show support for the president. It would separate the true patriots and ‘REAL’ constitutional conservatives from the pretenders. It would also create what he called an illusion of smoke and mirrors.

For those that remained united behind the four Senators, they would then be told where they are to assemble in bunkers and other ‘safe’ areas that were close to terror camps. There was a plan involved that would make it easier to eliminate the ‘death’ squads from existence quietly and without retaliation.

As the fourth Senator stood, he told them that his heart is now breaking in many ways, since others weren’t there to help them. Out of 535 Senators and House members, only four had said they were prepared to fight and die in an attempt to preserve the constitution that the nation’s founding fathers created for everyone.

Every man and woman that is inside the complex demanded loyalty to the cause and treason would be met with dire circumstances. Everyone is given the option months earlier to leave the complex, if that was what they wanted. If they weren’t prepared to die for their freedom from tyranny, they could be released to join the others that had sold their souls for thirty pieces of silver.

Only a few had decided to take their chances with their families, because it sounded like lunacy that a president would ever turn on the people and he is going to turn the nation into a dictatorship. They didn’t want to believe that a nation’s leader would ever turn on them. The people were proven wrong and that man that many called their savior and redeemer had done just that.

The coal miners discovered that the president was a liar when he promised to restore their jobs in their coal mines of Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, but he then turned around and said it wasn’t true. He is going to close all the mines, leaving all the miners out of work. He had now evolved into another global change supporter and he had to protect the environment.

When it was his turn to speak again, the General would announce that the mission had the green light and the patriot groups had reported they would be ready. The large screen behind him showed green dots across the board and it meant that the trucks had delivered the drones to the patriots in every area except one.

The group in Colorado that is hidden inside the mine was deliberately left out of the plan, because that is the fortress of the president. There would be many administration personnel watching the construction of the ‘death’ camp very closely. Every truck that entered the area would then be subjected to the rigorous examination of their contents, making it impossible to ship them the drones, weapons, or other items they needed for a military strike.

Strict confidentiality had to be adhered to without exception, because only a minor mistake could expose not only the mission, but who is behind it. The plan had to succeed and absolute secrecy had to be maintained at all costs. It is life-and-death, since every citizen would be relying on the Resistance 3% group to emerge victorious over the forces of evil.

The General knew that the small group sitting in front of him would need a hot shower, dinner, and they would then need to sleep that evening, since the operation could commence the next morning. If it was a success, the patriots will receive the flares that would start the resistance. Before they were going to be dismissed, it is asked if they have any questions and the young man has one question.

With the operation starting the next morning, he wanted to know if there is someone on the base that could perform a wedding ceremony the next day. It was answered with one word and it was ‘absolutely’. Brianna and Natalia are now smiling in a way that brightened up the whole room.

To add to their joy, the Senator from Texas told the ladies that his wife will help them prepare for the ceremony and his two daughters can act as flower girls. The invitation would be accepted immediately and he could see all the Senators as his best men. Brianna was very excited to show the ladies a new engagement ring she is now wearing and she was absolutely glowing.

Shaking their hands, everyone was now very excited about the events they would witness the next day and they would have two reasons to celebrate. It was going to be a special day for everyone and when the couple left them in the conference room, it was obvious that their dreams were about to become reality. One of the General’s aides would be assigned to assist them.

Holding hands, they were escorted to the dining room and they would have their choice of a ‘smorgasbord’ of foods. All they had to do is choose which meat, vegetable, and potato or rice they wanted. Filling up their plates, there was excitement in the air around them and as they ate, Brianna wasn’t going to take her eyes off her beloved fiancé.

She had waited patiently for many years to meet a man that is considerate, kind, compassionate, and he made her heart skip a beat, just by holding one of his hands. Every time Natalia looked up from eating, a huge smile would appear on her face, and she couldn’t wait to call him ‘dad’ for real.

She noticed how happy he made her mom and that was a prayer come true. It was her dream to see her mom smiling, without having to worry about the abuse, or having someone hurt her again like in the past.

After dinner was completed, the small group was taken to a new room and the complex was equipped with a storehouse that will allow them to choose clothing to change into. The ladies wanted to look through the fashions that would suit their taste and the young man looked at the clothing for men.

The group didn’t take long to choose the outfits that would fit and carrying them to a corridor that resembled the floor of a major hotel, the aide wanted to know if they want to share a room, have two rooms, or do they need three rooms that night?

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