The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Nineteen - A Strange Encounter

After looking at the two ladies, he told him that he would let them answer. Without hesitation, they answered two rooms. It was obvious to the women what they had in mind and after they walked into the first room, the young man walked down the hall to the second room. Would it be a charade for the moment, or would they remain separated for the rest of the night?

After enjoying a hot bath and changing into clean clothes again, the young man relaxed on the chair in his room and lit a cigarette. He would obtain his coffee from the small machine in his room that contained every beverage he could imagine. A large screen was in front of him and he is able to catch up on the latest news.

As he did that, the ladies in the next room had showered and changed into dresses that flattered their hourglass figures. Fastening a belt around a waist that could accentuate their curves, they were now trying on various perfumes on the vanity. They applied their makeup in a way that would help them look gorgeous for the new man in their lives. With their hair done and lipstick has been applied to their lips, they were ready to pick up the phone.

The complex had its own phone system and the room numbers were on the note pad next to the phone. Lifting the receiver and dialing the number of the room next to theirs, they were floating on air when they invited him to come next door. He accepted their invitation and knocking on their door a second later, the door opened, but he couldn’t see anyone.

Walking into the room, he noticed that Natalia looked simply breathtaking in her burgundy dress that was very flattering. She had been hiding behind a door that led into the room and after she closed it, he would watch her walk up to him and she kissed his cheek. She then clapped her hands and he knew his bride wanted to make a grand entrance just for him.

Appearing from the bathroom, he couldn’t believe his eyes and the room in the complex could have been below zero in temperature and he was burning hot. He couldn’t believe that his future wife looked absolutely gorgeous. She was wearing a red dress that showed her curves perfectly. Her long hair had been styled to frame her face, and she had beautiful eyes that had pierced his very soul with a deep love that he had never felt before in his life.

As she walked towards him, their eyes never left each other, and she would wrap her arms around his neck, which was followed by a passionate kiss that he could have enjoyed for hours and hours. He loved kissing her and it is the one thing that he could never grow tired of doing. The passionate kiss would last so long that Natalia would have to clear her throat to let them know that she is still in the room.

It was still early and since they weren’t tired, it was decided that they could watch a movie on the big screen. He knew his dreams were coming true for him when the ladies chose the movie called ‘Six Days and Seven Nights’ that starred ‘Harrison Ford and Anne Heche’. He loved that movie.

Before they sat down, Natalia grabbed their cigarettes and she surprised the young man when she carried a container of popcorn out of the bathroom that they could munch on during the movie. Brianna was carrying three glasses, a bottle of champagne that is cradled in her arm, and a cotton blanket that they could use to snuggle on the couch with. The ladies had thought of everything except ashtrays. He had to grab those off the counter.

Now that the bottle was opened; the glasses were filled; the three members of their new family raised their glasses in the air to toast their new beginning. It was so romantic and as they smiled after drinking some of the liquid, there was a moment when time stood still for all three of them. It felt like they had been brought together to share the rest of their lives in happiness and joy.

With the start of the movie delayed on the television, the young man would walk over to the counter and he picked up a pen and writing pad. The ladies may have believed that they would provide all the surprises that night, but it wouldn’t be accurate.

He had hidden talents that he had never mentioned and it would now be his turn to surprise his fiancé′ and his new daughter. All they could do is watch as he started writing something onto the pad. They would try to sneak a peek at what he was doing, but he hid it from them.

Asking them to be patient for the next few minutes, it didn’t take him long at all to finish his masterpiece that he created just for them. Asking them to sit next to him, he would now read what he had written for their benefit. He told them it was a poem that could show them how much they meant to him and it was called ‘When Paths Cross’.

The first time that you appeared to me

I knew that a family we always would be

When your spirit had touched my heart

I couldn’t bear to think of us being apart.

Your soft lips on mine created a new love

That was sent to me from God up above.

One glance of your eye had pierced me so fine

And I prayed that you would always be mine.

Words couldn’t say how much I love you

Our spirits joined as one, our love so new.

I promise to love, support, and honor my wife

That I have waited to find, for all of my life.

The moment that I felt you lying close to me

I knew that our shared love was meant to be

A wife and a daughter that I will love each day

To enjoy your presence is a price I happily pay.

The unconditional love of my girls cut like a knife.

And I promise no one brings either of you strife.

Thank you for loving me so much at this stage of my life

So we walk now forever as a husband, daughter, and wife.

As he finished speaking, he looked into the eyes of his two girls, and both of them now had tears in their eyes. His poem had touched them deeply and they both slipped their arm around his back at the same time and then it saw them nestle their heads into his shoulders. He knew that they loved him and words wouldn’t be spoken for the next few minutes.

When he received a kiss on the cheek from Natalia, she whispered ‘I love you so much that I am proud to be called your daughter now’. She then put her soft lips on his cheek and kissed him a second time. As she would then snuggle into his shoulder again, Brianna had lifted her head and tears have soaked the cloth of his shirt. She could only look into his eyes and she didn’t have the words that she wanted to say.

She let him know she loved him in her own way and moving her face next to his, her lips met his, and she had kissed him in a way that no one had ever kissed him before. Her kiss was soft, passionate, yet so piercing that he had no doubts that he couldn’t live without her now.

The poem had now awakened a sleeping princess, where the new feelings and emotions she is experiencing were never touched and unlocked during her life. If Natalia wasn’t in the room, she would have taken him there and then and shared the love she felt for him without hesitation or remorse.

She had never known a man that could speak through words and touch her heart so completely that she would devote her life to making him happy. The memories of the past and the other men she had dated now disappeared and her thoughts were focused on the present and the man she would love as her husband until the end of time itself.

Returning the kisses of his beautiful and compassionate bride for the next few minutes, the touch of Natalia’s hand in his would return him to reality. It was nice to feel the kisses of his two girls, but there would be lots of time for them to enjoy his presence. It was now time to watch the movie and turning it on, he lit their cigarettes and felt them snuggle into his side.

With the champagne bottle emptying by the end of the movie, the ashtrays were filled, and the containers of popcorn were almost empty. Knowing that they had time to watch another movie before they would turn in for the night, he let Natalia choose the movie and she chose a love story for him to watch. It was obvious that she would choose ‘Born Free’, and he understood why.

It was fitting, because they were now writing the first chapter of their story and if the test was successful the next morning, their actions could watch the nation renewed in a way that is reminiscent of 1776. They could overthrow a tyranny that wants to enslave them and they would declare with a loud voice that they are free to pursue their own choices in life.

Everyone could then live again without opposition to their nation’s citizens that value their lives, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness with all their heart. It was time to put God and his mercy back in their lives, so a cycle of evil in the nation can be broken and everyone could again receive the blessings and protection of a God that loves them and wants his children to be happy.

As the movie was coming to a close, the young man noticed that Natalia is now sleeping soundly against his arm and the champagne had affected her. It was also noticed that Brianna had also fallen asleep and her arm is tucked in around his head and shoulders.

He doesn’t have the heart to awaken either of them, so he slowly moved his daughter’s head towards the back of a sofa that they used to watch the movie that night. He then had to move Brianna’s arm and he gently moved her head into a position where she wouldn’t be disturbed.

He was now facing a decision and should he carry them to the bedroom, so they would be comfortable, or would he leave them where they are sleeping. He knew the answer and the shoes on their feet were removed without being disturbed. The alcohol in their systems would allow him to move them easily to the bedroom, where they could relax and sleep for the rest of the night.

He then walked to the bedroom and pulled down the blanket, before he has fluffed a pillow for them. He then returned to the room where they were both sleeping and he reached down to lift Natalia in his strong arms. She couldn’t have weighed more than ninety pounds and she was easily carried to her bed. If he tried to put on their nightgowns, he knew they would awaken, so he put her in the bed and then pulled up the blanket over her dress.

She looked like an angel as she slept and as he looked at her for a minute, a feeling of gratitude filled his heart that she would be his daughter very soon. It was then time to walk around the bed and pull down the blanket for a lady that he loved with all his heart. He would now return to the couch and carry his gorgeous bride into the bedroom to join her daughter.

When he arrived at the couch, she looked so peaceful and content and there was a huge smile on her red lips. He knew from the way she is breathing that she was enjoying nice dreams for a change. She kept mumbling ‘I love you’ and it was so cute.

As he leaned down and put his arm around her, she has put her arm around his neck, so he could carry her to the bedroom. After she was on the bed and her head was lying on the pillow, he leaned down and he kissed her tenderly goodnight. Pulling up the blanket, he whispered “I love you honey”.

He knew he had the other room and a soft bed to sleep in that night, but for a strange reason, he felt that he should remain in their room. He felt the need to put a chair up against the door handle, so no one could surprise him, and it wasn’t known why. He trusted his instincts and he would sleep on the couch.

After climbing onto the couch and putting his head on the pillow, he knew it is going to be a busy day for them when they awakened again. The test has everyone wondering if the new weapon will be effective and a main concern was the ‘death’ squads that the president had activated around the nation. He didn’t want opposition and he was put in office to help Russia regain the top position as the super power in the world.

They had already entered the Ukraine and with the president lifting all the sanctions against them, they were primed to enter the Balkan states for their oil. It would mean billions for their economy and the people that helped the foreign power obtain what they wanted the most through ignorance.

That is going to have major repercussions on Europe and the young man is going to connect the dots in advance. From watching the news earlier that is talking about world affairs, there was an election taking place in France and the dictator in the United States had tried to corrupt the election process in a sovereign nation that he had no business interfering with.

Russia had also tried to corrupt the election, but their plans didn’t work. It is revealed that the person both didn’t like would win that represented what is called the opposition party. The new president felt confident that the men of both nations weren’t happy with the result.

Now that he was trying to get some sleep, other events were talking place that the visitors to the complex weren’t aware of. He wasn’t aware that there was a man creeping down the hall where the sleeping quarters were in place. No one knew who he was or why he was acting in a mysterious manner.

The person had come from the stairwell at the other end of the corridor and after stopping in front of the door of the room where the young man entered earlier that night, a computer card was inserted in the scanner and it flashed from red to green.

Opening the door and stepping inside, he could see the bags and towels he used earlier for his shower lying under the exit sign by the bathroom, but the towels didn’t concern him. He had a small flashlight that could help him see what is directly in front of him and he used it to guide his footsteps down the hall.

Once he arrived at the door of the bedroom, a light would show him where the bed was located. Raising a gun that contained a silencer, there were shots fired at the bed in the darkness. He couldn’t see his target, but he had enough light to make out the outline of the bed with his small flashlight.

It was obvious that the strange intruder that night wanted to eliminate what he saw as a threat to the dictator and more shots were fired, just to be sure he was successful on his mission. Feeling satisfied that no one could survive the barrage of bullets penetrating the bed, the intruder walked slowly back to the door and it was time to launch phase two of his plan.

He closed the door behind him and walked towards the next door, where he believed the two ladies were sleeping. Inserting his card again, he watched a light change from red to green and the handle of the door was turned. His act that night didn’t receive the same result, because when he pushed the door, it didn’t move. He will then have to use more force to open it and the sound of the chair moving had awakened the young man.

It didn’t take him long to grab the gun he had in his coat and he would walk in silence to the area behind the door. Natalia had stood there earlier when it was apparent that she wanted to surprise him.

When the door opened enough for the strange intruder to remove the chair with his hand, the young man had watched the door open. It is dark enough that he couldn’t be seen and there was a reason why he blocked the door with the chair. It was to alert him if someone tried to enter and he was right.

The intruder wasn’t aware of it and the moment he entered the room, a shot was silenced when it left the barrel of the gun and the man would drop dead on the floor of the small sleeping quarters. His plan to kill everyone was his downfall and the young man didn’t want the ladies in the bed to know what had just happened.

Grabbing the flashlight that he kept in his coat, the light revealed that there is a person dressed completely in black, with a ski-mask covering their face. He wanted to know who it was and once the mask was lifted, he noticed the face of a man that he had never seen before.

Questions went through his mind and why would someone try to kill them that night, unless they felt threatened that the young man was going to have influence in the overthrow of the dictator. One thing was obvious and a body couldn’t be left on the floor of the room. He would have to dispose of it that night in a way that wouldn’t attract attention. That was easy to accomplish.

Since the shot had entered his skull, through his forehead, blood was going to be minimal, and the mask was pulled down again over his face to trap the blood that would seep out of the wound. After opening the door, he dragged the body down the hall to the next room and the light was still green. That is going to allow him to push the door open and then put the body on the bed.

It was harder to do, since the man weighed over two-hundred pounds, but the act was achieved. The mask is then removed and everything the man had with him was confiscated, including his identification, the gun, and items he had inside his wallet.

He had a plan and walking back to the room of the ladies, he would grab a small packet from his bag. Removing one of the fake identification cards and slipping it inside the man’s wallet, when the body was found eventually, they would believe that the man’s name was the name on the identification. When they ran his fingerprints, the young man and the ladies wouldn’t be inside the complex any longer and it would buy them some time to escape.

Now that the deception was completed, everything he had was gathered for him to take next door to the ladies room. Questions weren’t answered though and who was this man and why did he want to kill them? He could see many bullet holes in his bed and it was obvious that the man wanted to exterminate him first, before disposing of Brianna and Natalia. Why would he want them killed, since they hadn’t harmed anyone in their lives?

Now that he was back in the room of the ladies, after locking his own door again, the young man lit a cigarette and stared at the door he had locked with the turn of the knob. Where did the man get the access card and how would he know which room to enter first? There were now more questions than the patriot had answers for. At least he didn’t have to clean up any blood and the carpet wasn’t stained.

Once his cigarette was finished, he walked into the bedroom and the ladies were still sleeping peacefully. Having to kill an intruder inside the complex was something he didn’t anticipate, but it proved that men or women were in over their heads when it came to the dictator. When they would kill others in cold blood to protect him, it showed that satanic forces were at work and the citizens weren’t thinking clearly any longer.

Knowing that he couldn’t get any sleep now, since the ordeal had forced an increase of adrenalin through his veins, he figured that he may as well watch the news stations again. He was interested in hearing what they were saying to deceive many that weren’t facing a life-or-death situation yet.

It would appear strange that the stations were merely showing the president giving a speech from the campaign, where he promised many things. That is odd and the same thing has been shown on every channel. It was obvious to him that it was a form of mind control and their stations were trying to cover for his incompetence.

Since it is a waste of time to leave the television turned on, he will turn the set off and he made a coffee. After that was completed, he cleaned up a mess they made earlier that night and the garbage is thrown away with their empty champagne bottle. The glasses were washed and returned to the cupboard, so his new bride wouldn’t have to do it the next morning.

Now that there was nothing to do, since everything is done, he would sit on the couch again, where he started to think about the activities of the next day. It had been almost thirty years since he was married and the divorce hurt the young man in many ways. He knew it wouldn’t last, but that was now in the past. He could now embrace the thought of awakening each morning with a beautiful woman at his side, which made him smile.

Thinking about that brought a renewed peace to his soul and he welcomed the opportunity to stand next to her and say the vows he would honor for the rest of eternity. He loved Brianna deeply and having a beautiful daughter has been his dream since his teenaged years. He had often wondered what it was going to be like to walk his daughter down the aisle to get married and it had now become possible.

Perhaps it was fate that brought them together and as he took a sip from the coffee cup, he heard a noise beside him. It is Natalia and she had a big smile on her face. She had obviously awakened and used the bathroom. When that was finished, she walked to the other room to see if he was ok.

Noticing that he is awake, she sat beside him, and then removed one of the cigarettes from the pack on the table. Blowing a cloud of smoke above her, a strange smile appeared on her lips, and there is obviously something that she wanted to talk to him about.

He had nothing else to do, so he would listen to everything she said, and he found it fascinating. She wanted him to know about her mom and a hard life she was forced to endure. He knew about her ex husband, but that could only scratch the surface. He had eliminated that threat, but Natalia wanted to tell a story that would give him new information about the woman he loved.

It was just after her mom arrived in the nation that she would discover that evil men exist all around the world. She had obtained her job at the company that is owned by the dictator. She was the receptionist and whenever the man is going to arrive to have a meeting with a CEO of the company, he tried his best to humiliate her through his comments. It was obvious that he despised women and saw them as mere toys to exploit, use, and then throw away.

She had to endure the same thing in Romania and that is why she left their country to move to the United States. She had been sexually-abused by their men and now she was experiencing the same thing again. The men will ask a question that disgusted her and they would ask her to go to a hotel room with them. She was always beautiful and she had kept her body in the best shape she could, which men noticed and wanted to exploit for their own selfishness.

She arrived when she was nineteen and men were always asking her out on dates, due to her youth, figure, and her beautiful face. One night when she is walking to the bus stop, a corporate executive from the company saw her. It was a man that she didn’t really know that well, but he had a reputation that followed him everywhere and it wasn’t a good reputation.

He offered to drive her home, since the bus wouldn’t arrive in the next half hour and she was very hesitant, but he offered to put in a good word that she could use to obtain a promotion inside the company. It would give her more money each month, so being young and naïve, she accepted the ride. That is going to be a mistake and he tried to rape her inside the car.

She managed to escape and she ran to the first building she saw. He didn’t follow her, but the next morning rumors started around the company that he had dated the quiet girl on the reception desk and she is actually a prostitute that demanded money for sex at the end of the night. It was unbelievable and no one wanted to talk to her any longer, except the men that would offer her money to go to a hotel room. No one wanted to hear her side of it.

It hurt her deeply and women would refuse to speak to her, men would try hitting on her, and when the man that was now president arrived, she would tell him about it. He assured her that he would take care of it and he sure did! He is promoting the man that attacked and tried to rape her to a management position. That was the lowest thing from the gutter she had ever seen.

She hated him after that and when he ran for president, she noticed that the men that were fired from their news network for sexual harassment, he was hiring them. They would go to work for him, which disgusted her and she is going to say that a man like that would be trouble for everyone in the nation.

When he won the election and women were ignoring their charges of rape, perversion, and disgusting exploitation of many women through his personal attacks on them, it was déjà vu again. She would see the same thing happen in Romania, when the man professed the same thing and he was elected. The people suffered and they had only themselves to blame.

She refused to trust anyone again after her ex husband abused her and that is what made the young man so special in their eyes. He wouldn’t try to take advantage of her at the house. Her faith in humanity was restored and that is why she is so deeply in love with him now.

She is looking forward to the wedding at the complex and she watched him from their first meeting at the gas bar. The example that the person will often display when they aren’t under the pressure to lie or act in a way that others expect will speak volumes about their true character and personality.

He won their trust because he didn’t take advantage of them. Her mom has other stories about her past and she didn’t come to the nation alone. She had an aunt that immigrated at the same time and the red tape was unbelievable.

The animosity and bitterness of the system was only amplified when she is going to watch the government bring thousands of foreign immigrants to the nation. There is no red tape, no obstacles to overcome and they were handed everything they needed to survive from the moment they arrived.

Her aunt’s story was so sad and after she arrived, she was in her thirties. It would see her attacked and raped a year later and she is pregnant. There are organizations created to help women like her, but they offered a solution and it wasn’t what she had in mind.

They would abort the pregnancy and that was something she didn’t want to do, since she didn’t believe in murdering the unborn. She believed that life is sacred and it should always be cherished. The child wasn’t the victim of the rape - she was, so why should the child have to be killed for the actions of a man that had committed the crime?

She would give birth to a beautiful daughter and it was only a month later that another corrupt government agency would enter the picture yet again. It was called a ‘children’s-aid’ society and they took the baby from her mother and put her in the home of others.

They didn’t check them out at all and they would have to tell my aunt that the father brutally attacked and killed her in their home through a drunken rage. The agency had taken a beautiful child and sentenced her to death, due to their belief that a single mother wasn’t capable of raising her on her own.

It devastated her aunt and she would suffer from bouts of depression until the day she couldn’t handle it any longer. She would take her own life and it had hurt her mother deeply. That left her on her own and that is when she is going to get involved with men that abused her, leading to her marrying the jerk that he had killed back at the house.

Trust is earned and isn’t a free gift to be given to everyone that wants it. If a man wants the respect and trust of a woman, he must show her constantly that he wants to work hard to keep her trust. Love should never be taken for granted and now that he was going to marry her mother, she wanted him to know that he has earned their respect and they will support his decisions. It was so nice to hear that and putting his arms out, she gave him a big hug.

Now that she explained what he was going to enjoy as her new father, she wanted him to go through to the other room and hold her mom close to him. She would sleep on the couch and give them privacy for the rest of the night. She wasn’t going to take no for an answer and giving him a kiss on the cheek again, she had him stand and she pushed him up the hall. She had won and it must have been funny watching it take place.

His instincts told him that they would be safe now for the remainder of the night and as he entered the bedroom, he saw his beautiful bride sleeping on a pillow that made her look like an angel. She was so beautiful and after he is lying next to her, he felt her arm reach out, and she snuggled in close to him. That had made his whole night worthwhile and he would protect her from a cruel world that had created many bad memories for her in the past.

The next morning, when they awakened, Brianna was surprised to see him lying next to her, but she wasn’t complaining. She awakened him with many passionate kisses and she could have snuggled into him forever.

He had felt the same way and feeling her next to him is a dream come true. Unfortunately, all things had to come to an end eventually and they will hear a knock on the door. It was obvious that someone wanted their attention and since she is already dressed, Brianna started up the hall. Natalia had already opened the door and let their visitors into the room.

It was the four wives of the Senator’s and they were kicking out the young man, so they could make his bride’s day a moment that she would treasure in life forever. They wanted to help her try on gowns, do her hair, makeup, and he had his own schedule for the day. They also had some news for him.

The drones were going to be launched all over the nation the following day. The test was a success earlier at 5 am, which meant that the signal would be given for the resistance to begin.

The news that the test was successful and they would now exterminate the terrorist cells all over the nation is something he wanted to hear. That could create a new question though and what about the troops that weren’t seen as enemies of the nation, but they are still stationed at the military installations in each state?

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