The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Two - The Past Is Revealed

Now that the devastation had left many of the larger cities in ruins and the citizens are now dealing with the loss of their loved ones, there was a group of patriots that had taken refuge in a remote area of Colorado. Their goal is to take refuge in an old mine that was discovered by the leader of the group many years earlier.

It was located near a railway line that is no longer used. Now that they are fleeing the actions of a tyrant, another patriot that is an engineer would pull some loaded boxcars to their new home. The four boxcars would be packed with everything they would need to survive and nothing was left to chance, or was overlooked.

The engineer would ensure that small carts were included to transport their supplies into the depths of the mine. It would be too far to carry heavy boxes of food, water, medical supplies, blankets, fuel, and also sleeping bags down the mine shaft without assistance.

After assembling in Denver, which wouldn’t be attacked for some reason, a location was chosen that wouldn’t attract attention. As they watched the train arrive, the group noticed that their friend had four boxcars behind his engine. It took them by surprise when they noticed that he had managed to obtain an old passenger car for the men and women to ride in comfort to the area and a deserted mine that would become their new home.

After traveling many miles, the switch would have to be manually changed, to allow the train to enter a spur line. The handle had rusted with age, but the men were going to change the tracks and it wouldn’t be long before they will arrive at the old mine. It is located near a ghost town that was now deserted, which left the buildings in decay and in need of repairs.

After the train had stopped and the passengers had left the confines of their passenger car, they opened the sliding doors of the boxcars and removed the carts that would be used to transport their supplies. The old railway station is eerie and they could picture the people standing on the platform to welcome those that arrived to visit many years earlier.

In the distance, on top of one of the mountain plateaus, the patriots saw the old house that sent shivers up and down their spines. There is something that they couldn’t pinpoint, but the appearance of the old house appeared to cast a strange sense of evil and darkness through their bodies.

There wasn’t time to take a walk down memory lane and they have work to do. No one knew if the missiles that were launched earlier on the nation will continue and it had them working diligently to transport their supplies to the mine. Everyone was given their assignments to perform and there is no time to waste.

For others that liked to think outside the box, they were trying to devise an agenda that would benefit them, or serve their needs in the future. The mines could protect them from the missiles, if they were seen, but they were also in the area of an old ghost town that could serve their needs at the same time.

With their supplies sitting on the platform, it was suggested that they could take advantage of the old buildings. They could store their supplies inside an old saloon or even the hotel, since it was doubtful that anyone will arrive and ask questions. That idea made sense and it is precisely what they did. Once a boxcar was emptied, they would continue to the next one until they were all emptied.

All of the weapons and ammunitions were taken to the mine, as well as the foods that would be consumed first. The crates and boxes of other foods and non-perishables would be placed in the buildings for future use. With no one living in the ghost town, patriots could sneak down the mountain to the town and obtain what they needed, since no one knew how long they would have to remain in the mine. That left one problem that was also solved.

The engineer didn’t want the train sitting at the old station for satellite and other tracking devices to notice them from orbit, so he would volunteer and the train would then be returned to the junction where the spur line left their main track. He would then use the small pump cart to return, since he could put it on the rails and then use his own energy to power the craft.

The operation was done in cycles or stages and now that the group had the supplies at the entrance of the mine, a remote modem was erected, and that would allow them to remain in touch with the outside world. Each citizen in the group wouldn’t be sure what they would find inside the abandoned mine shafts that were deserted many years earlier.

Using lanterns to light their way deep inside the hardened rock beside them, the group cautiously walked down the shaft until they reached an area that is probably the recreation area, where miner’s rested from their labors in an era that had passed through the sands of time. The dust wasn’t disturbed around the room and furniture adorned the walls for the men to sit and relax.

There were other mine shafts leading from the room and one area would be used to store the supplies they transported down the mine’s corridors. It was a long process and once their task was completed, everyone was ready to sit on benches, chairs, or what they could find to relax and recover.

After checking the small room that would be used to conceal their presence from government or enemy forces, one of the ladies noticed that some rocks moved when she leaned against the wall. Removing them cautiously, since it wasn’t known what they could be hiding, an interesting discovery is made. It was obvious that someone had hidden some books in the wall, so they would be protected and preserved.

The human race is naturally curious and the men and women wanted to see what was contained on the pages that were now turning yellow with age. If it was the genealogy of the families that had once lived in the area, it would be a valuable discovery. It would give them important insights into how others survived in the region, during the days of the wild west.

They would also discover what it was like for the earlier pioneers that had crossed the plains in history. There are many ghost towns in Utah, Nevada, Colorado and California that were once active and thriving with activities in each area. The people took pride in recording their actions that reflected the lives of the men and women that arrived by wagon or handcarts.

Knowing that the records could fall apart from age, one of the women that is in the group and specialized in ancient records would unseal the first book with caution. Once the cover was opened, it appeared that the first book was the private journal of a young woman that lived in the ghost town during her childhood.

From the first entries of the book, the woman noticed that she starts writing a daily journal on the day she arrived with other pioneers that wanted to live and experience the joys and freedom of the west. She also wrote an account of their lives in the east, but only vaguely, prior to their arrival on the wagon train.

The young woman’s name was ‘Abigail Belistrari’ and she had immigrated to the west with her parents after their arrival from Europe. They entered the nation through the port called Ellis Island. After papers were completed, her father heard of work in the mines out west and he could transport his young family to the mountains on the next expedition.

They would join others on a wagon train to the mountains of Colorado and a room is acquired in one of the hotels that welcomed new immigrants to the area. Many arrived for the opportunity to acquire wealth and prosperity.

Everyone is fascinated to hear what she wrote and the opening of the first journal took them by surprise. Abigail would write: “It is said that no one in this world will really know what the future holds for them. Obviously, there are many that would have to taste the bitter to appreciate the sweet. As many realized through history, when a nation fails to learn from the past, many of the same mistakes will continuously repeat themselves through an unending cycle of sorrow and hardship.

After our arrival in this quiet town, we have noticed that it possesses strong conservative values and everything is built on a solid foundation of truth and ethics. Integrity and honor are on display, where strong Christian values are a daily routine. Everyone attends church each Sunday, families pray in their homes and with each other to overcome the burdens of life. I have noticed it and many would be constantly singing and praising each other, because they put others ahead of themselves in everything they do.

Our community cares and looks after their own, even though we know that governments exist in the state and in Washington. As long as they would let us live our own lives in peace, free from oppression and the cruelty that was shown through tyranny in the nations we left behind, the people here would continue to be blessed. We support and hold the nation’s constitution sacred that promises us life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

As the patriots continued to read what Abigail had written in her journal, it was obvious that the traditional family is strong and remained intact for the people. Fathers that led their families would work hard to provide necessities for their families, while wives, mothers, and daughters could tend to many of the household duties each day. Children attend schools that catered to what is called the real education of students - the three ‘R’s’. Reading, writing and arithmetic. It was important for children to receive an education.

The members of the group would discover that crime was unheard of and a town sheriff would spend his time helping others accomplish their goals. If a situation appeared that needed to be addressed, the sheriff would take care of it, so everyone benefited equally. The community stood together against the outlaws that would ride into town to disrupt their lives, so they are banished.

With the arrival of the technology age, unlike the ‘Amish’ communities that exist throughout the nation, the people are given access to radios and electric power would enter their community after the railway was built. A newspaper would report on world news that appeared through the telegraph office. It is going to benefit the citizens over the years.

Every community needed someone in an authority role and they would see a man elected by the people that upheld strong conservative values. He could see where improvements were needed to bless the people and he would lead by example for many years. It ensured that many of the evils of a corrupt or evil world would never show its face in their community.

Unfortunately, as time passed, where many of the small communities want to retain their morals, ethics, principals, and avoid the temptations of evil, it was often harder to do than anyone could imagine. It would only take a man or woman that arrived amongst the people to throw a whole community into total chaos. Their tiny town wouldn’t be exempt from that reality and people were still trying to comprehend what was now happening overseas.

The world war was just ending in Europe and many communities would be eager to welcome veterans back into their midst. The men had witnessed the horrors of war and the sorrow of many up close and personal. The men were emotionally and physically scarred from their experience and they would be thrown into the gaping jaws of ‘hell’ itself during their active service.

As the men worked the mines diligently over the years, their town began to grow and it now boasted a saloon, two hotels, a grocery store, a livery stable, and the people were building new homes to replace the dilapidated homes on the outskirts of the town. Their town prospered and everyone was happy.

Their town wouldn’t be different from other small communities in the state and citizens would also leave their small town to fulfill their dreams in larger cities that would benefit them, which left homes available for immigrants to use that would arrive. The railway would build the railway station and tracks would run through the mountains to the state of California.

As the patriots read the journals, it sounded like Abigail was living her life like a typical girl and she was growing up very quickly. When 1946 arrives, she wrote that a man and his wife have arrived in their small community. It appeared normal at first, but the man was from Germany and he was rude or obnoxious towards everyone. His wife was from Glasgow, Scotland and the couple arrived in the nation earlier that year.

The couple would take one of the run-down homes that were located on the outskirts of town and they would spend many hours inside the saloon. It was there that the citizens would discover that he met his wife when she visited a friend that lived in Berlin. The chemistry had obviously clicked between the young woman and the German citizen, leading to him taking her as his bride.

It will only be the second month of their tenure in the community and there were rumors circulating that she may be expecting. The doctor would have a house call to make and he confirmed their suspicions. Most men would have welcomed the news that they were adding a new child to their family, but the couple weren’t very happy about it.

The husband didn’t want any child of his growing up in what he would call a backward and corrupt community, where citizens didn’t accept change. He was a staunch liberal and he adored ‘Adolph Hitler’ when he lived in the city of Berlin. That is the mentality that he wanted a son or daughter to grow up with and embrace in life. It would lead to their decision to leave and it wasn’t long before they decided on their destination.

They would move east to New York City, and excuses were given for their decision. He blamed their problems on ‘conservatives’ that didn’t welcome a mentality that put him and his wife above others that are seen as inferior. It was noticed that the couple would also complain about the home where they lived, since they are materialistic and wanted to be surrounded with luxury.

They couldn’t understand that the west was still recovering from what they called the ‘great depression’. The war had led to many products disappearing, or they would be rationed for the war effort. Everyone was asked to make do with what they had and sacrifice was now seen across the nation. There were many months when the citizens would assist each other to survive.

Regardless how the community tried to welcome the couple and help them until the train would arrive to transport them, the couple weren’t content. He was very controlling and manipulative, and it is obvious that his wife would be treated like a product, instead of his wife and constant companion.

She would have to walk ten feet behind him, he would yell and chastise her for everything, the bickering in public or in the house is constant, and there would be many accusations made against others that didn’t hesitate to tell the abusive man that he is lying. The running joke that is circulated around their community is that he would probably teach his children to walk through life in his footsteps. If that happened, the people would pity them.

Abigail would write that the man, regardless of the fact that he was married, would try to lure her into the dark alleys for extra-circular activities. He had apparently loved exploiting young women for his own selfishness and when a young lady declined his advances, he would attack her through slander.

The father’s in the community are biting their tongue and biding their time until this spawn of Satan would leave their community. They didn’t want to tolerate his lies, his attacks on their daughters, and his attacks on the men or women that dared to stand up to him. Hearing constantly that he is a member of a superior race, since he was German, it grew old quickly. They saw him as an egomaniac and narcissist that was shallow and obnoxious.

When it was heard that a train would arrive the next morning to pick up a disgruntled citizen of the community, the people rejoiced. The man inside a small telegraph office couldn’t wait to let everyone know that the couple was going to leave their midst within hours. That was perfect for the arrogant and shallow man, since many in the larger cities were able to make a fortune off others and their gullibility or ignorance.

Watching the train leave the platform was a welcomed sight for many and they wouldn’t have to endure the abuse, bickering, and negative attitude any longer in their daily lives. Everyone is proud of their conservative values and seeing what liberalism produced in others reaffirmed why they rejected it for many years. They would call it a disease of the mind that denies reality.

Abigail would write that the couple wouldn’t contact anyone in the area for various reasons, but they would have access to their radios to hear about the actions of others over the years. The man had obviously enjoyed his life now in the city and he had acquired vast amounts of wealth through real estate. It was also learned that he would build a mansion for his new son that is born with a golden spoon in his mouth. The couple had definitely fit in with what is called the social elite and they would benefit in many ways.

The community would enjoy simple lifestyles again for many years, since it is believed that they had seen the end of negative men and women like the German couple that had disrupted their daily lives. Unfortunately, the dream would escalate into a nightmare a mere fifteen years later again. It would be the day that another man and woman decided to move into the area.

For fifteen years, the citizens noticed that other parts of the world are now experiencing changes that weren’t for the better. There were wars and many rumors of wars erupting in foreign nations, famine, earthquakes, volcanoes were erupting that were dormant for centuries, and it appeared that Satan is disrupting the lives of many to win souls for his kingdom. Things would be changing rapidly now and it was noticed that conservative values were lost.

For those that are living inside the United States, they have welcomed the era that would be known as the swinging sixties. It was called that because music was evolving and many new dance crazes had replaced traditional or formal dance styles. The big bands were replaced with British groups and it led to the teenagers of society lowering their standards. Men wore their hair longer and the women’s skirts were getting shorter by many inches.

Now that the first journal had come to an end, with many pages left blank, the patriots were left to ask why and what had happened to Abigail. She had written so thoroughly about their daily lives and about her growing into what they would class as an intelligent young woman. Perhaps their answer would be found in one of the other books that accompanied it behind the stones.

With screams of delight, one of the young women yelled that she looked at the crevice and there was a book hidden at the back of the opening. She then opened it and the first entry was dated June 15th, 1961. As she looked at the first entry and read the first few paragraphs, her joy turned to sorrow and she felt bad that someone she felt close to through her writings wouldn’t be able to continue writing for their benefit.

The entry started: “It is with deep sadness and remorse that I must write the first paragraphs in the journal. My dear sister Abigail has traveled through a veil that has darkened the lives of everyone that knew her. She was loved by everyone that knew her and it is a day that brings tears into our hearts. She is now lying in the arms of our creator for all eternity and she asked me on her deathbed to continue writing about our lives in a new journal. I have decided to honor her request and my name is Charlotte.

I am two years younger than my beautiful sister and she has taught me that we should always seek the positive in others. There are many that belong to a sinister force of darkness and we pray for them daily to repent and see that their lives could be lived in happiness. It is fitting that I should write about a time in our lives that led to my sister’s departure from this world.

It started just over a month earlier and we were dressed in our best dresses, our bonnets covered our heads, and we had just entered the doors of church to praise God and his resurrection from the dead. It was ‘Easter Sunday’ and I always enjoyed singing hymns that made me feel special and warm inside.

It would surprise us when we suddenly heard the shutters on the windows hitting the side of the walls. It was obvious that the strong wind was blowing outside and the skies had darkened within minutes. The air inside the church had cooled and we were shivering from the cold. We knew that a storm was brewing and inside the church we could pray for spiritual guidance.

With the storm escalating in strength, where the winds were howling and it was apparent that we may be in danger, we looked outside through the glass of the windows. Our fear didn’t subside and it actually sent chills through my body. I saw the huge raindrops that resembled a wall of moisture and it was headed directly towards us. Abigail tried to comfort me, but her efforts only reinforced my fear of the unknown.

The pastor tried to encourage us to remain calm and the storm would pass. He had us take our seats again and we would open our hymnbooks to a song that was called ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’. It gave us hope that we wouldn’t be overcome by the darkness of the earth, which brought a certain calmness to our souls again. Storms had appeared and storms subsided again, but there was something really strange about the storm that appeared out of the blue in our small community.

Everyone had seen tornadoes and other unexplained phenomena over many years of our existence in the west, but we had never beheld a storm that was seen or felt as sinister and evil. Perhaps it was merely our imaginations and a moment when the temperature had fallen that chilled us. It had risen quickly and we were then sweating profusely. My parents will say that perhaps there is a reason for it and we needed to repent and humble ourselves each day.

It is something I would never forget, because the moment they said it to us, the winds suddenly went silent without warning. The rain that was crashing against the windows stopped abruptly, and when Abigail and I looked out at the morning sky, it had cleared, leaving no signs that a storm ever existed in the area that morning. That is when we would hear the whistle of a train and it is approaching the station. It had startled us in ways that I couldn’t begin to explain.

Using the excuse that we needed to use the bathroom, Abigail and I would walk outside the church and our attention was focused on the train station we saw. As the train rolled to a stop, two dark and sinister characters stepped off the train and onto the platform. They look around and stare directly at us.

No one was there to greet them and they were each carrying a bag. After it was noticed that they are standing in silence for a few minutes, the couple I saw then walked towards the main street of the town. They were acting very mysteriously and it appeared that they were hoping no one would see them.

They stopped when they arrived at the deeds office and we were curious to know what they wanted, since we had never seen them before. Once they are inside the office, Abigail and I would look through the window and listen to their conversation.

They asked questions and they wanted to obtain a deed to property that is on the outskirts of town. The one thing the man asked that surprised us was his request for properties that were avoided by the town’s citizens. We were curious to know why they would want to know that and we knew it existed.

There is only one area in the region that everyone avoids and it is found on the plateau of ‘Death’ mountain. It was named that because many men would be hanged for their crimes against others there. In the previous century, there was a prison on the plateau and a house would eventually be built on the soil after the prison was destroyed near the turn of the last century.

We wouldn’t climb the mountain to see the house under any conditions. It was haunted by their evil souls of the men that were hanged for horrible acts against others. They were then put in unhallowed ground and salt was put on their graves. The house apparently is built during the era when the mines in the region were productive. The miners would use their new wealth to build, or create the first buildings of their small community.

The mines would eventually close and many of the wealthy citizens left the area for greener pastures in the state of California. They would leave behind the remnants of a ghost town and if the early pioneers didn’t arrive to revive their legacy during the eighteen hundreds on their trek west, the area would have probably remained barren or deserted. It is a pioneer spirit that restored the old buildings and new homes were built to house the families.

After hearing the history surrounding the house on the plateau, the couple that arrived on the train would pay cash for the property. The deeds clerk is a man that wasn’t very religious at all and he spent most of his time watching a small television that kept him amused.

He even volunteered to take them to the house on the plateau, since a horse and buggy would be needed to ascend the embankment on dirt roads. No one had bothered creating a real road to that mountain, since no one wanted to be seen anywhere near the old house and cemetery. When he said that he would be ready in approximately an hour, Abigail suggested that we could take our horses up the mountain and see the area for ourselves.

We would have to go home first and change our clothes. Our parents were strict when it came to our Sunday dresses and we didn’t want to disappoint a couple that we loved dearly. Our parents would remain in church for at least the next hour and we would leave them a note saying we were riding over to the hills, so we could enjoy the beauty of nature. It is our favorite place and we had permission to go there whenever we wanted to relax.

Now that our horses were saddled and ready for the trek up the mountain, I noticed that the proprietor of the deeds office had stopped his buggy in front of his office. He would help the young woman into their seat and we noticed that she had a dark complexion that wasn’t seen before in our area. The man in the buggy would say that she was originally from a small village in Africa and she worked for him.

Now that the horses started their journey up the embankment towards their destination, we tried to remain out of sight of the couple in the buggy. It was a trip we had never taken before and after they arrived at the old house, they stopped and stared at the structure for a few minutes. We have goose bumps on our skin when we saw it for the first time and it scared us.

The wooden shutters were lying on the ground, due to rusted hinges, and it was seen that the windows were either cracked or broken. I noticed that the men would have to use their combined strength to open the door. It creaked when it opened and years of neglect had taken their toll on the building.

After thanking the deeds proprietor for his time and for taking them up the escarpment to their new home, he was told that a train would be arriving and it would contain their furniture and possessions. They wanted to hire men to transport everything to their new home and they would be rewarded for their labors. They then closed the door and the man and his buggy returned to the main street of the town. We weren’t going to stay, so we returned the horses to the stable, and spent the rest of the day reading the ‘bible’ and praying.

When it is time to retire to our beds for the night, my sister Abigail felt ill. My mother noticed that she is running a fever and her hands were numb. Her illness prevented her from the daily task of writing in her journal and all the memories of our day would be remembered in the morning with my help.

When she appeared pale and she couldn’t move her arms the next morning, the doctor was summoned, and he examined her thoroughly. He was lost for an explanation and he had never seen anything like it before. All he could do is prescribe medications and hope the illness would run its course in the next few days. If the fever continued to rise, we are to put ice under her arms and keep her warm.

I wouldn’t leave her side and we would hear that the train arrived the next morning as scheduled. Men were hired to transport crates and trunks on their wagons to the old house on the plateau and once their task was completed, it saw them paid in gold nuggets. What happened then wasn’t relevant, because our attention was focused on my sister that I loved dearly.

For the next few days, I could give her water to drink, read to her, and men and women in our community helped wash her clothes and bed linens. There were signs that she is getting better and she is laughing again. I have noticed that the circulation in her hands had returned and her face wasn’t pale. Color had returned to her rosy cheeks and we thanked God for his blessing.

I didn’t think about it at the moment, but she would tell me something that I wasn’t expecting. She said she felt the presence of God when she was in the bed during the illness. She will also feel an evil presence that frightened her. She had horrible dreams that a voice was calling to her from the darkness of the shadows, so she couldn’t see their face. She prayed diligently to be freed from the presence of evil and God has spoken to her. He said she was special and she would never be alone.

She then asked me to write about what we have seen on the plateau. When I kissed her cheek and said goodnight, I wouldn’t realize that it would be the last time my parents and me would see her alive. It really breaks my heart to write this, but I feel compelled to mention it in the journal. It is the last thing Abigail asked of me and I will continue her legacy. That is the least I can do for her and she is now at rest and singing with the angels in heaven.

With tears streaming down my face, I am compelled to write this, so every person that reads it in the future will know that evil is present in our world. It will manifest itself in many ways and we shall know who serves Satan in the way they will interact with others on a daily basis. I should have noticed that forces of evil were now surrounding us and I can’t change the past now. The writings in this journal will display the anguish and sorrow I felt at the time.

After kissing Abigail goodnight, I would notice a strange sound outside my window. I looked and couldn’t see anything, so I climbed into my bed and it didn’t take long to fall asleep. With the rising sun, I went into Abigail’s room and she wasn’t in her bed. I checked the house and it frightened my parents. I checked the stables, the grounds, the house and we couldn’t find her.

My father would have to ask the community for help to find their daughter and they accepted his request. The town is searched, the mines, fields, and it would take us to the local parks. There was only one location left and that is on top of the plateau that overlooked the town. Knowing they wouldn’t have a choice, the men started up the trail and arrive at the house. It appeared that the house was deserted, but appearances can be deceiving.

Knocking on the door, the mysterious couple answered and they would be surprised by what they heard. They didn’t see my sister on the plateau and it is said that they remembered seeing us outside the church on Sunday. If she appeared, they would personally escort her back to her home, so she will be safe. That is acceptable and the men returned to their homes. They searched the town and surrounding areas and she wasn’t found. Drifters were known to ride through the area and it was possible that she was abducted.

The search would continue each day and our prayers were offered that she is going to be found safe. Men had also visited the old house that was on the plateau during each search and they would return with stories that they heard strange chanting, plus gardens were growing outside the walls. Plants would be visible that weren’t recognized and eerie sounds rekindled the stories that the house is still haunted by the spirits of the criminals from the past.

As the calendar changed to the next month, a strange darkness appeared in the area that signaled a bad storm would hit the town on Friday the 13th. The men would prepare for the impending storm by closing the shutters on their homes and the livestock were put into the barns or stables. Candles were lit, since the power was out and they could only pray nothing bad would happen.

The sound of thunder would be deafening and it shook the ground that was beneath our feet. The walls shook and flashes of lightning accompany sonic booms above us. The torrents of rain had kept everyone inside the house and it was the second time in a month that a storm of that magnitude appeared. It was strange because we didn’t see thunder and lightning during the storm on ‘Easter’ Sunday. The very Earth is now shaking during this storm.

As the people waited anxiously for the storm to subside, they aren’t aware that the couple in the old house on the hill had welcomed it with open arms. It was the sign they expected that it was time for events to unfold that would unleash an evil on the world that many would dread for years to come. They rejoiced and prepared a special room for their ceremony that night. It would be the fulfillment of prophecy and the couple would play a large part in it.

If the citizens knew what the night held in store for them, they would have driven the couple from their midst at gunpoint, then burned the house to the ground, and put salt on the ashes of the remains. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be avoided and we would learn that the events taking place would see armies of righteous men and women take on the armies of darkness.

At the stroke of midnight, a crash of thunder was so loud that we would be shaken in our beds. The storm then vanished without a trace, just as it did in the past. The power came back on suddenly and everything was restored like nothing had happened. Everyone would spend the next day doing their daily chores and preparations were made for Sunday’s service in the church.

That is when we would discover what had happened and I will never forget the image that is burned into my memory when we were the first family that walked through the doors of the church. The sight was so horrible that I had screamed and covered my eyes in disbelief. The pastor heard my screams in his office and rushed into the chapel to see what had happened.

With my parents and other families arriving now to attend our service that Sunday morning, all we could do was mourn the loss of someone special in our lives. The women were asked to remain outside with their children and a very-shaken pastor prayed for guidance, as he looked at the young woman in front of him that was hanging upside down in front of the large cross. It was Abigail and her heart had been cut out of her chest with a large knife.

There were no doubts that it was murder and my sister had been used as an unholy sacrifice by someone living inside our community. Everyone agreed who was responsible and the couple in the old house had deliberately lied to everyone that they hadn’t seen my sister Abigail. It would anger everyone in the town, including the man that was the pastor of the church.

The men agreed that it was time for the scales of justice to be balanced and the horses were prepared for the trek up the hillside. The women would keep their children close to them and behind locked doors. The sheriff of the town would lead the posse to the plateau and the murder of my sister has made the trial by jury unnecessary. A rope was tied into a noose and they are going to demand an explanation before the couple is lynched.

Arriving at the home of the couple that purchased the home earlier, there is silence surrounding the area and a strange stench is coming from the flowers that were growing around the windows. They were in bloom; they were now purple, and they emitted the scent of death or decomposing flesh. One of the men recognized the plant and it is what Botanists called the ‘Corpse’ flower.

Having to hold their breath to enter the home, since no one acknowledged their pounding on the door, the men separated to search the home and that is going to lead them to the interior courtyard that is prepared for the sacrifice. Everyone would rush to the area and their altar was erected in front of dark curtains.

It had the sign of the pentagram painted on the altar and blood had stained the knife that was used in the sacrifice to Satan. Torches could be seen on all the walls to provide light. The men that searched the basement returned and they wouldn’t describe what they had seen, but they were definitely shaken. I would hear one man say that it was the house of Satan himself, but he would go silent after saying it, refusing to elaborate any further on the house of evil.

The sad reality is the couple had escaped. After putting Abigail in front of the cross, they left the area quickly to avoid facing the repercussions of their actions. With the men now standing on the plateau, the sound of helicopters could be heard flying over the house. It explained how the couple managed to escape from facing the wrath of the people. It is strange, but when we saw one of the choppers, it had the markings of the air force on the tail section.

Returning to the church in a mood that was filled with frustration or anger, my parents had prepared my sister for her funeral and many tears were shed for the rest of the day. She will be lowered into her grave that is surrounded by the flowers she loved and saying goodbye to my best friend would be the hardest thing I would ever have to experience.

That would lead me to go into the records department of the town and that is where I discovered documents that were shoved in a drawer and wouldn’t be seen for over a hundred years. I read them all and shook my head at their information that was available if someone had taken the time to research the house on the plateau.

If everyone researched the history surrounding our community, they would know that the house on the plateau was conceived in evil from the beginning. Documents at the office revealed that men had built an old prison on that site in the early eighteen hundreds.

Many men will be hanged for murder, rape, and crimes against others. The government would also send the Indian chiefs to the prison that were upset with corrupt politicians taking their land and putting the various tribes onto reservations. They merely wanted to keep their lands and prosper, but there are many evil men that are greedy and they were driven off their lands. It is called eminent domain and the governments feel they can do what they want.

The criminals would then be buried in unhallowed graves that were cursed by the early pioneers in the region. These scourges of society would often be separated from the men and women that they would victimize. There would be no grave markers put in place, since the people wanted to forget that evil individuals had ever existed there in the first place.

The legends that surrounded the house included an unusual stench that had appeared in the cemetery during each storm and it apparently appeared in the region when a strange flower would bloom. It was believed that the ‘corpse’ flower was growing there as a reminder that men’s souls would never find an eternal rest, due to their crimes against others. They will be forced to live in turmoil forever, trying desperately to receive forgiveness from God.

It was with this memory lingering in the minds of the early pioneers that an early settlement would ignore the atrocities performed. They would promote, or exhibit love and forgiveness towards others, and learn that living in evil is never to be blessed. The records would indicate that as time passed, truths in the area would be replaced by myths, urban legends, and stories of fiction in the minds of those that arrived on their trek west.

I would also find other documents that were written by miners that arrived in the area and created the numerous mines that would be used to create their new millionaires. There was one mine in the area that was near the prison on the plateau and the miners would write about seeing dark clouds hovering in the area of the cemetery on a continuous basis.

The air, regardless if the temperatures were in the nineties, would suddenly go ice cold and send chills up the spines of the men that were working inside the shafts of the mine they created. The miners were working close to the old prison and the cemetery that is creating fear in the hearts of the families that lived at the base of the large hill.

Before the press would erect a newspaper office in the community, there is only one way to communicate with each other and that was through what is called word of mouth. Word would spread quickly when prisoners from the prison escaped, because no one would be safe. Everyone was armed and the families wouldn’t take chances with their own health and welfare. The men would try to leave the area, so they could remain free, but some would walk down the hill to the town, where they would disrupt the lives of others.

With the civil war arriving in the nation, where the northern armies would go against the southern armies, the government had to close the prison and it meant that the prisoners would be transferred to other locations. For the men in the prison that were given the job of guarding everyone, they saw it as an opportunity to eliminate many of the prisoners, which could save them their headache of trying to transfer them with the help of the cavalries.

The records would show that a mine is chosen and the prisoners would be led into the courtyard of the prison. Men would then stand on the walls and open fire, killing everyone they saw, once the order was given. Their bodies would then be taken out to the mine and discarded.

Knowing they are going to dispose of all the inmates, the guards no longer patrolled the walls and the prisoners in the facility were no longer monitored. That created a perfect scenario for the men to escape and create havoc on the small community at the base of the mountain.

During the darkness of the night, men that had escaped from the prison are going to stalk families by looking through the windows of their homes and if a door was left unlocked, they helped themselves to food and other valuables. Women were also attacked and word spread to keep the children inside their homes when darkness descended on the area. No one wanted to experience a scenario where their children would go missing.

After the prisoners were removed from the prison and they are buried deep inside the shafts of the mine they had chosen, the mine was then sealed and a strange mist would form in the cemetery. That led to the citizens feeling like they were being watched all the time and something had to be done. After it was decided that the prison would be destroyed, dynamite is used and all the walls were leveled. No remnant would remain that could prompt memories.

The community would sigh with relief that the issue was solved, but that is going to lead to even greater problems. It is now approaching the end of the century and a man would arrive on the afternoon stage. He wanted to buy the property that previously housed the prison for his new home. He envisioned a home for many years in his mind and he knew that the people will be eager for someone to take the land off their hands.

He was right and the town was eager to see an area of sorrow turned into a place where happy memories could be created. A message is sent and there would be a group of men riding into town near the end of the week. They are going to clear the debris and use the stone that was used for the prison to put up the walls of the main house on the unhallowed ground of the cemetery.

It will take the small army of men almost six months to build a house from blueprints that the man had carried with him. They came from his mind and when the house was completed, it was a home that the people wouldn’t want to live in themselves. It resembled their worst nightmare and it frightened all the children that believed it was a home for the criminally insane.

The house would contain four circular turrets that were like a silhouette in the sunshine. Rain gutters lined the roof and the front door was solid. All of the windows would be barred and shuttered and the plants would be torn out of the earth. They were burned, since they emitted the stench of death. There would be a courtyard in the middle of the home and no one knew what kinds of furniture would adorn each room.

The materials that would create the staircase and the furniture would arrive on wagons from California, but they were sealed inside crates. The men then burned the wood in the fireplace that fed the chimney. No help was asked for and once the house was completed, the men are paid in gold and discharged. When asked what they had done inside the strange house on the plateau, the men would reply no comment and they quickly left the area.

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