The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Twenty - Tragedy Strikes

Were they going to be safe from the drone attacks and many lives would be put in danger from the weapons they launched? The General had planned on it and he had taken care of that problem earlier. According to a military oath that each person takes, they swear to uphold the constitution and what is also known as a code of military justice. No service personnel would at any time be required to obey unconstitutional orders from the president.

Since seventy percent of the nation’s troops are in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and the other nations of the world as peacekeepers, the thirty percent that remain would be joining their veterans and state militia’s that are part of the resistance. Nothing is overlooked and it is going to take place right under the nose of a man that is more concerned with building his own wealth than the nation.

Others are also involved in the resistance, since the dictator fired their ‘FBI’ director, when he was too close to exposing him for his Russian connection. It was funny reading about the public’s response and many were praising that move, but others saw it for what it was.

The president knew that he would eventually be exposed, since there were so many of his staff and appointments under investigation for fraud and their role in the cover-up of Russian interference. He wanted to remove a problem before he has to admit his role in the scandal. That should have enlightened a group of people that supported him, but they ignored it.

Since the ladies were assisting his bride and new daughter to prepare for an unexpected wedding that day, there was a problem that the young man wants to discuss with the General. It concerned the assassination attempt on his life earlier that morning and he wanted to know how the assassin was able to get past security.

That was a good question and the General didn’t want anyone hearing what he was going to say, so the young man would be taken into his office for the briefing. There would be things said that confirmed everyone’s suspicions. It appeared that he wasn’t the first person in the past week to approach him and it was about the same circumstances he explained.

It appeared that they weren’t only fighting against a man that declared their nation a dictatorship. They were also fighting against a force that could be so diabolical and evil that it could turn freedom-loving patriots into a hate-filled murderer. It is seen when others arrived that will be assigned to the team that would travel to Colorado and remove the dictator from power.

That is why the test was kept under wraps and wasn’t shared with everyone that was working on the new weapon. The security breach would see an evil individual sneak through the hallways and using a master key-card that was stolen, they could enter any room they wanted. The intruder had used a card to enter the rooms of two ‘special-forces’ men and they were killed two days earlier.

The mysterious intruder had access to the private rooms of everyone and it was decided that precautions would be put in place to trap whoever is behind the two deaths. The patriot was known to be a target and ‘special-forces’ men would be watching everything from a secure location. Two members of their strike force were already dead that would accompany him to Colorado.

Somehow, a mysterious assassin had infiltrated the complex and it isn’t the type of scenario they expected, since many precautions were in place. Once inside the room, the terrorist would merely shoot the target they were told to exterminate through a supernatural force, since no communication is sent or received anywhere in the complex.

Special agents had to be assigned to the Senators and their families, plus he was under surveillance during the night. There is a small camera installed in the rooms they were given and agents weren’t concerned when he is with the ladies in the next room. They would be concerned about the hallway that led to both rooms and once motion was detected, the agents watched closely.

They saw the chair he had put against the door and it was ingenious. If the sound didn’t awaken him when the chair moved, an agent would be ready to take the intruder out from a secret panel that is across from his door. That is going to protect his life and enable them to capture the intruder quickly. The camera would be activated inside the rooms at the first sign of motion.

The General received a copy of the tapes from the previous night and that is why his aide had them use those rooms during the night. The tape actually showed how his agents were killed earlier and history wouldn’t repeat itself. The man enjoyed watching the tape of the whole event and he will applaud a man that was thinking rationally to put the intruder in his room.

The agents would enter an hour later and take his body to a morgue for the full autopsy. Since the attack on a patriot had happened inside the complex, they wanted to know who he is, so others wouldn’t be put in danger. That is when they would learn something very useful that could benefit them.

They discovered that he is a hired assassin from the Middle East and their reports indicated that he had entered the nation a year earlier. His name was Muhammad Akbar and he was a member of the ‘Boko Haram’ organization. He was wanted in connection to various bombings, including the one that is going to kill many in Manchester, England only a few months earlier. How a man like that could exit and re-enter the nation again defied logic.

He had been under investigation for a long time, but he disappeared when a member of MI6 reported that the terrorist group had kidnapped many girls in Nigeria and converted them. If their information was accurate, he had one or even two wives that may have accompanied him to the States and they could be part of the group of women that would be kidnapped.

His whereabouts were unknown until he revealed himself that morning and he is flown into the nation under the orders of the former president. It would be arranged for him to receive a new name, plastic surgery was performed, a new identity is used to allow him to blend into the western nation, but he has a job at the complex due to the new president that was elected.

The General wanted to run an accurate background check of the employee, but he was assured by the Department of Justice and the ‘NSA’ that the man was vetted thoroughly and they found no red flags. He had the credentials to work in a ‘level-four’ facility. It allowed the man to remain under their radar until he exposed himself that morning and was killed.

What the dictator and his cronies didn’t realize is the fact that fingerprints can’t be changed or altered and that was leading to new information found to reveal his real identity. That revealed his name, his past, his prior crimes for the terrorist organizations, but they couldn’t confirm if he entered on his own or with others.

With the elimination of the two ‘special-forces’ officers, he was sent two of the top agents that had been cleared by the ‘Pentagon’. Looking at the resume of the two agents, their credentials looked too good to be true, but he was on a schedule and couldn’t check their past service in detail.

The young patriot’s job would be to keep an eye on them and he shouldn’t trust anyone. They hoped the plot would be revealed and explain why a man that represents evil would be placed in their complex, so men are dispatched to the room of Muhammad Akbar.

After his men went through his room, they discovered plans to plant some explosives in the ‘culture’ storage rooms. Once detonated, the diseases would then be released into the atmosphere, killing everyone that lived in the state. Unleashing that many diseases at the same time would devastate the people.

Many of the true conservatives that put God first and believe in freedom or the constitution would have been killed. That explained why the dictator had his ‘death’ squads avoid the remaining conservative states. He kept the worst destruction for those that opposed him and weren’t afraid to voice an opinion.

Thanks to the young man, the threat was discovered and neutralized. It was only part of the equation however and if his wives accompanied him, or they entered the complex earlier that year, when many new employees entered, it was possible that they are part of the mission to destroy them too. They will remain vigilant and only men that are authorized by the General would have clearance to enter the ‘culture’ storage rooms.

At least part of the security threat was addressed and it is hoped that others aren’t in danger any longer. It is possible that the women could have lived in another area and they could be brought into the facility through a ruse. That would put them all in danger, since no one would know that they are enemy agents that represent the government.

Now that the possibility was discussed, the General told him that he would accompany the team of military ‘special forces’ to Colorado. After they have rendezvoused with the patriot friends in the mines, he will be responsible for ending a reign of terror. The team would be efficient and end the reign of the dictator and everyone associated with him. There are no exceptions and then everyone will be put to death for treason against the constitution.

Now that the briefing had come to an end, the attack against all the terrorist ‘cells’ and militia that swore allegiance to the president will start the next day and the flares would be launched. He would have to prepare and a chopper is going to take them to a small area near the plateau of evil and the team then has to travel on foot to the mine. They couldn’t take the chance that someone on the plateau will see the chopper land.

As that is taking place, the patriot groups would have to infiltrate all of the ‘death’ camps and liberate anyone that was still alive. The mission is to save as many lives as they could, so they could rebuild the nation and restore the constitution as the supreme law of the land. An election will then be held for a new president to be elected that is a true constitutional conservative.

The man or woman would hold ‘Christian’ values sacred and unlike the evil and perverted system that men had created over the years, no one will have a chance to serve more than two terms, and no one will be paid to serve. There would be nothing at stake for corrupt corporations and lobbyists to bribe the men or women serving, since the people would be voting for a different and responsible government every eight years.

That is what they hoped would happen, but they have to eliminate a tyrant first to put those wheels in motion, and it wouldn’t be easy. He was living in a house that couldn’t be attacked directly and it would be interesting to see a plan that the young man created to gain access. Since he isn’t telling anyone until it actually happened, there could be no security leaks to disrupt it. That is probably why they made an attempt on his life the previous night.

Now that he had left the office of the General, the young man was thinking about the rest of the day and he would have to spend time on his knees now. The General had caught his attention when he said that the man may have an accomplice inside the complex that entered under false circumstances. It has him thinking and the only two women that entered were Brianna and Natalia.

The ladies didn’t disguise the fact that they were from Romania, which has created questions in his mind. Is it possible that they staged the whole scene back at the gas station for his benefit? What if they were brainwashed into a marriage with the assassin and he was entering the room to unite with them? He was well-aware of the term ‘taquiyya’ and how it is allowed under ‘Islam’ to lie and be something they aren’t to deceive their enemies.

When he drove them to the complex, they gained access to the storage area and they may have the explosives in their bags that were still in the car. The two ladies could leave the complex on the assumption that they want to grab their luggage and they would be allowed to re-enter again. There were many questions racing through his mind now and he would seek inspiration from a merciful God that he loved and trusted to guide his footsteps.

If the ladies were the wives of the assassin, it would break his heart, but he would then have to put the nation and the lives of millions of innocent men and women first. That is why he crossed the border to begin with and he has a duty to fight for, and restore the constitution, and the free republic first. If it means sacrificing his own happiness at that juncture of his life, it will hurt him deeply, but it was a sacrifice he had to make.

Now that he was alone inside the room of the two ladies again, since he is expecting that they were with the Senator’s wives preparing for the wedding, he dropped to his knees and poured out his heart to his ‘Heavenly Father.’ He wanted to know if he was doing the right thing by marrying Brianna, or if it should be avoided. As he prayed diligently for answers, he was surprised to hear a knock on the door.

It had taken him by surprise and when the door opened, there was a woman standing there with bad news. It appeared that the two ladies were now in the infirmary and they had an accident. They have entered a small change room to try on dresses they would wear and they would be struck by a blunt object that had left them unconscious.

No one saw anything and it appeared that the alarm on the exit door would be disconnected to allow access and an escape route again after they finished attacking the women. At least they were still alive and they were fortunate. It could have been worse.

If the Senator’s wives weren’t waiting outside the door, they wouldn’t have arrived in time to have them rushed to the infirmary. It was tragic and due to their injuries, they wouldn’t be able to hold the wedding now. The doctor has told everyone that they were lucky to be alive. Their health comes first and it broke her heart to have to tell him what happened.

As he listened to the Senator’s wife explain what happened, he blamed that on his own failure to anticipate that other dark forces were working against a group of conservatives that wouldn’t hesitate to destroy them. He could have insisted that they would never be left alone at any time, but he can’t change a past that was now written. He could only hope they weren’t seriously hurt.

Knowing that he would want to see them immediately, the woman escorted him to the infirmary. After he walked into the room, he felt a large lump that made it hard to contain his emotions in his throat. Both women that he loved dearly were lying on the beds and they were connected to ‘intravenous’ lines and many monitors. They both had a huge bump on their heads and that was something he could never forgive himself for.

He had promised them that no one would ever hurt those he loved and this had happened. He was powerless to protect them from harm and he felt the guilt building inside him that he had failed them. At least they are still alive and that was a blessing he thanked God for. Instead of it being the happiest day of his life, it was now a day that returned the emotions he felt earlier in his life when he lost his family.

With tears welling in his eyes, all he can do is pull up a chair and hold the hand of the woman that he loved with all his heart. The doctors told him as he arrived that the next 48 hours were crucial if they would survive, and the nurses would monitor them around the clock. They both suffered what they called a ‘concussion’ and it wasn’t known if either of them suffered damage to their memory. Only time would answer the question.

What the doctor’s said was understood and the young man would stay and keep them company for the rest of the day. It was noticed that the Senator’s wife from Texas wanted to remain in the room too, so she can hold one of Natalia’s hands for comfort, which was appreciated. Her husband was going to look after their two daughters for the rest of the day and he arranged for a security detail to stand outside the door.

They weren’t going to take chances any longer that someone could enter to finish the job of eliminating them. They didn’t know who was behind it, but no one would be allowed to enter under any circumstances. That is now the second attempt on their lives and there wouldn’t be a third opportunity given.

As the young man sat in the chair and looked into the face of the woman he loved, he remembered what happened in his life many years earlier, when he saw a scene unfolding in front of him that broke his heart. After agreeing to a divorce, he then gave permission for his ex-wife to take the small children out of his life. She was from a nation on the other side of the ocean and that is where her family lived.

When she told him that she wanted to live with her parents, he knew if he let them go, he would probably lose them forever. After kneeling in prayer, he felt it was the right decision and he authorized it. When he returned home from work that day, he entered and saw his daughter holding a sign that said: ‘Goodbye daddy’.

It was the hardest moment he had ever endured in his life and after holding the children and telling them how much he loved them, it was time for them to go to the airport. He wanted to hold them forever and never lose what he saw as love and gratitude in their eyes, but he couldn’t change what is to be, even if he wanted to.

The van was parked outside and walking them to the van’s door, he helped them climb inside. He tried to remain strong for them, so it would lessen the pain they were all feeling. When the van pulled away from the front of their home that he worked so hard to create for his family, he could see his young daughter waving at him through her tear-soaked eyes and it is more than he was able to bear.

After entering the house, he collapsed on the couch and cried for hours and hours. Everyone he loved were gone from his life and he blamed himself. If he could change things, he would have without hesitation, but relationships in life require a constant effort from everyone involved to grow and prosper.

As he cried on the couch, questions entered his mind and perhaps he didn’t try hard enough to work on bringing happiness into the home. Perhaps he is a failure, due to not being supportive enough each day. Had he failed, due to him trying to assume responsibilities that should have been handled by his ex wife now?

He actually believed that if he did the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and then worked full time, often coming home and spending time with the children, it wouldn’t have led to the divorce. He tried to show his wife respect, dignity in a way that she could appreciate his efforts, but it only created an atmosphere of resentment and anger, since she didn’t make an effort each day.

It would lead to many tears at the company where he worked for the first six months and he couldn’t be around small children for years after they left. It was just too painful for him to bear and he would often have to excuse his actions, especially when he had to leave situations that put him near others.

It would be a moment that brought back many of the painful memories he felt and now as he has sat at the bed of a woman that accepted him for who he is, he hoped and prayed she would get better. The possibility existed now that he could lose her too and a beautiful new daughter that he loved dearly.

No one knew why he would start crying uncontrollably when he sat next to her and no one asked. When the hours started to pass, he vowed that he will avenge their attack and find those responsible for their injuries. No one will walk free from the repercussions of their actions to hurt anyone else and that search wouldn’t end until he found them and made them pay dearly.

When the Senator’s and their wives came to visit him, they promised that it is a situation where they would remain with his loved ones until they recover from their injuries. They would never be alone and it created gratitude inside his heart for them. He now understood why many loved them dearly and the men and their wives were seen as pillars of strength to their communities.

As the hours continued to pass, he would enjoy brief naps in the chair and it was suggested that he should lie on one of the hospital beds to sleep, since the mission was going to be launched the next morning and he would meet a team of ‘special forces’ officers at the chopper. His loved ones would be safe and no one would put them in danger while he slept.

Their suggestion would be accepted and when he was awakened at five the next morning, the doctor’s told him that there was no change in the condition of the two ladies. They were stabilizing and that was a good sign. They were doing well and there was an excellent chance that they will survive. That has led to a smile and he had spent the night praying that they would recover.

Now that it was time for him to leave for Colorado, he kissed Brianna and her eyes flickered and then opened. She recognized him immediately and he felt her hand take his. She felt bad that the wedding didn’t take place and he assured them that he would marry her the moment he returned, so she would have to be completely recovered for their honeymoon.

When he said that, a voice broke the air beside him and Natalia shouted he wouldn’t be alone on his honeymoon. She was coming too and she wanted a lifetime of memories with her new dad. That was the nicest thing he would ever hear and after promising that it would be a lifetime of experiences that would build their bond in love and trust, he heard Brianna tell him that he is to be careful. Satan wants him to fail and his demons are against him.

Reassuring his beautiful girls that he was guided by the hand of God, they knew he would return. They felt his spirit and he wouldn’t fail. They wanted one thing in life and it was knowing that he wouldn’t let the nation and their republic disappear. It was known that faith can move mountains and he had the faith to accomplish the impossible.

After kissing his fiancé and then his beautiful daughter, he knew that they are counting on him and other patriots of the nation to succeed. They would be in good hands and the General promised that no one would get close to a room where they would be placed for their own protection. Armed guards in the complex would be posted and security would be tight.

After kissing both his fiancé and Natalia a second time, the young man was a little apprehensive that they would succeed. Fortunately, many of the men or women that supported the dictator were now deceased and it is known the men and women that still existed in the unaffected states would have what is called their freedom of choice to make their own decisions.

For two years, constitutional conservatives had fought hard to expose their tyrant for what he is, but many didn’t want to listen. They were brainwashed to believe that he was the answer to the problems the nation faced. Many are worshipping him like the second coming of the real Savior of the world, and that was heresy in the eyes of many.

Even the evangelicals were deceived to support evil, but they too showed a side that revealed their true colors, and they would never be trusted again for spiritual guidance. They have chosen to support evil, even if it was the lesser evil, and many of them had paid the price for being foolish and gullible with their lives.

When the tyrant was to take the highest office in the land, everyone knew a day of reckoning had arrived and he was put in the office for God to pour his wrath against the nation. Everyone would be forced to watch the dictator and he embarrassed the people and nation on the world stage, he sold weapons to the enemies of the people, and it was like the new boss was the old boss.

It wouldn’t be pretty and the people were then forced to watch him destroy everything that he touched. Before declaring his dictatorship, he bankrupted the nation, just like he had bankrupted companies he chose to be involved in on a daily basis, proving his incompetence. Many tried to warn others that it was going to end in tragedy, but only the true conservatives were listening.

Anyone with common sense or intelligence knew that the people are trying to eliminate the tyrant that wanted to enslave them. Now that it was time for the mission to begin, the young man walked out of the room. Walking with a man that was sent to take him to the chopper, he suddenly felt that he would have the strength to accomplish everything that he put his mind to. The girls he loved dearly believed in him and he wouldn’t let them down.

After arriving at the chopper that would take him and the ‘special forces’ to Colorado, the General was there to shake his hand and wish him luck on the journey into the depths of ‘hell’ itself. At the end of the mission, they would see one of two options fulfilled.

They would either succeed in eliminating their tyrannical dictator or they would still be under the iron-fist of a man that has shown no loyalty at all to the constitution and bill of rights that ruled them. The people had listened to the voice of Satan to put him there and now many wouldn’t have to worry in any manner any longer. The same man they had supported had exterminated them from the face of the planet in his ‘death’ camps.

Meeting the team that was assembled, the young man met the team leader, or the commander of the expedition that would work with him. They would be introduced to three ‘Green-beret’ military officers, plus they would also be introduced to two female officers that were added to the group only one day earlier. They were last-minute substitutes that the General was talking about earlier and he didn’t have an opportunity to go into their past.

Knowing there wasn’t anything he could do about it now, they climbed into the chopper and strapped themselves in place. The chopper was equipped for any situation, or if they encountered enemy aircraft, the chopper was capable of shooting them down with the latest defenses and weapons. They were in a chopper that can offer them protection and the team could now relax, since it is known that the journey will take them into unknown territory.

The flight was going to take at least a couple of hours and once they landed, their fate would then be in their own hands. They couldn’t call for help and it was being conducted through a total communication blackout. Everyone was hoping for the best, but there is also a plan B if they failed. The General was in touch with a military base that has ‘Stealth’ bombers armed and prepared.

As they sat on the chopper and looked around, they could hear an overhead door opening and the chopper would rise through the opening once they are given clearance. The complex is self-sufficient and well-camouflaged for the secret operation to be launched against their targets.

That would prevent satellite imaging from pinpointing their location. It has also been built to prevent anyone from penetrating the base by accident. That is why everything is underground. When people visit the area, they are there to hike, fish, or merely to enjoy the landscape surrounding them.

The last thing they would want to see is the building with dozens of danger signs posted on high fences. The General wants to preserve the environment for everyone to enjoy the scenery that surrounds them in the mountain range.

Hearing the engines escalate in power, the chopper started to rise and there were no doubts now that the group was on a mission that could cost them all their lives. They couldn’t turn back now, even if they wanted to, and they are going to succeed or fail. There are no middle areas to consider and they have to dispose of a man that wants to sell their nation to the highest bidder. If the mission fails, it is the end of life as everyone knows it forever.

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