The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Twenty One - The Mission Is Launched

Now that they were in flight, flares from the satellite in space are launched above the regions once it was dark. There was a three-hour delay from their complex from the west to the east coast. The flares would alert the patriots in the nation that the green light is given and their plan can go into operation.

It was straight forward and after launching their drones that were equipped with large canisters of chemical weapons, the mist would then be unleashed over all the secret armies and ‘death’ squads that were exposed in every state. The troops would then be mobilized and they would surround the camps and shoot anyone that appeared. The patriots and military were briefed earlier for their own safety and they would then unleash the antidote.

The patriots were told that they would have a window between the drones spraying the camps and when they could enter safely to ensure that everyone is eliminated. There could be no survivors in the operation and everyone was seen as expendable that represents the government and dictator.

Once it was confirmed that the camp’s are now silent and the risk to any of the patriots has been eliminated through an antidote sprayed on the area, the second group would then go in and burn all the bodies immediately. No one would be put at risk and ‘hazmat’ suits were required to protect them from all infection.

After it was reported that all the enemy ‘training’ camps were eliminated, it would then see the patriots direct their attention on the ‘death’ camps. There would be a challenge involved, because the guards in the towers wouldn’t be accommodating to the rebels that want to set everyone that is still alive free from the bondage that they had no control over.

It was a three-stage revolution and it was going to be fought as quietly as it could be. The terrorist and government secret armies would be removed first and that would be followed by the concentration camps being liberated. That would take place after the dictator was removed from office, and then phase three would commence across the nation.

Phase three was going to see the remaining patriots in the nation march in unison from the Pacific to the Atlantic Oceans, eliminating the stragglers, or those that knelt in submission to the dictator. It would replicate the famous march by Sherman’s army to the sea during the ‘Civil’ war that was fought in 1861 - 1865.

Knowing that Philadelphia had been bombed by ‘Russian’ missiles when it was learned that the tyrant threatened North Korea at the start of the problem, no one knew if the ‘Liberty’ Bell had survived. If it did survive their attack, it would be a symbol of truth and freedom for the nation to preserve and honor.

Reports that the ‘Statue of Liberty’ survived the attack on New York by the missiles would now have new meaning for a nation that will again be united under God, with their intact constitution that was created by inspired men. It is hoped that their new beginning would see unity against the forces of evil, since it was the immorality, perversion, and wickedness of others that would create the nation’s downfall over a shortened period of time.

That was the plan and it would only take one mistake to put everything the men wanted to accomplish in jeopardy. The government had spies lurking in many areas and then there are the citizens themselves that had succumbed to the temptations of Satan to live their lives in evil. They still existed inside all the states that weren’t targeted for the extermination order yet.

To complicate things, it would have to be confirmed that the dictator is still inside the house on the plateau with the former president. They wanted to be sure that their groups of parasites, locusts, and administrative traitors to the nation were either dead or they were inside the den of horrors. It wouldn’t be relevant to serve their agenda if he the dictator is visiting foreign dignitaries and their heads of state.

The General would be waiting for the secret code that told him everyone is still in the old house and then the ‘Stealth’ bombers would be deployed. Their job would be to destroy everything on the plateau, leaving nothing behind to influence others. Everything had to be destroyed completely. The resistance could have unfolded earlier, but complications arose with the dictator flying abroad to visit other nations.

The media had reported after the inauguration that the president would be invited to London, England. Instead of being gracious to accept the invite, he demanded that he would ride in the ‘golden’ buggy of the Queen along all the streets. He wanted to be treated like royalty and it would upset the citizens of Great Britain.

They knew what he had done in Scotland and respect wasn’t a choice they wanted to extend. The tyrant is seen for what he is and many were adamant that he shouldn’t receive any of the same blessings of competent leaders.

The people of the world had seen the ‘twitter’ comments and they believed the tyrant was a child inside a man’s body. He exhibited incompetence and a mentality that was unbecoming of the president of the free world. His attacks on others, his tantrums when others opposed him, and the constant mistakes were consistent from men and women suffering from ‘Alzheimer’s’. He was also displaying signs of dementia and schizophrenia.

That was seen when the president would walk out of a meeting to sign the new executive orders, forgetting why he was in the room to begin with. That led to him walking off the stage before he gave a speech on another occasion and the men around him had to bring him back to the stage to give a speech. It also led to him saying he was exhausted before he did anything, which has many attributing it to his advanced age.

As the men and women on the chopper discussed their mission to Colorado, they laughed at what they said. They were also receiving the messages that a plan to eliminate the terrorist cells, plus the private army of the ex-president in the nation, were taking place. That was welcomed news and if they could continue the operation under strict secrecy, it would give the people of their nation a fighting chance to reinstate the republic.

As the chopper approached the location where they would have to walk to the mine, new orders were issued over the military channel that they were to proceed to Denver. They had intercepted a message that revealed that the ex-president had flown to Denver to plan an attack personally against the nation and it’s citizens north of the border.

The Prime Minister of Canada was going to meet him at Denver airport for an important meeting that would expand the dictator’s territory. Hearing that, the young man knew that the Prime Minister is also a supporter of globalism and he had tried to push the nation into total socialism through his agenda of evil and bondage.

Is this a dream come true and they would be able to eliminate both tyrants at the same time? There would only be one problem that they would face in the airport. There would be many civilians walking freely between terminals for other parts of the world and they didn’t want them hurt at any costs. They are innocent, unaware that their revolution is raging around them and no one would want to create both a panic and an international incident.

This would require ingenuity on their part and they weren’t able to research the mission in advance. Fortunately, the blueprints of the airport were on the computer files, since the internet wasn’t available. Once the chopper would land at the airport, their small group would have to study everything in detail. They needed to have an idea how they are going to penetrate the area where the men would meet and it is obvious it wouldn’t be the airport itself.

As they studied the layout of the airport, they were able to see that many of the murals are depicting what is known as the ‘new-world order’ and was this merely a coincidence that the two men had decided to meet there? There was a mural of a man in a gas-mask that depicts the ‘apocalypse’ and there would be two women with a young girl lying in coffins.

Other women are holding their dead children, as a stream of toxic gas rises above the children. The tip of a sword is in a dead dove that represents peace. Another mural depicted the citizens of the world holding their flags in a way that they were united, where war, crime, and the atrocities of the world were no longer visible under one ruler that would control the world.

The plans for the airport were seen as irrelevant to the young man and he is interested in what was below the airport. Fortunately, an informant that had worked for the ‘FBI’ had drawn a diagram of what exists out of the sight of a curious population. It was also noticed that the airport was constructed in the shape of the ‘Nazi’ swastika that ‘Hitler’ used through the third Reich.

The diagram showed a storage facility of over a million square feet. He had drawn five buildings on the diagram and they would range 60′ to 120′ below the surface. Tunnels connect the buildings and they are going to range from 2 1/2 to 3 miles long. There is an underground transportation system that has been put in place for everyone to travel to the various buildings.

Two additional runways that are longer than the other runways are put into service if the above runways get damaged and they would be concealed from view shortly after construction of the airport. It was discovered that there are many cooling towers located around the airport and a secret railway is going to allow the members of the ‘new-world order’ to travel in secrecy to what is suspected to be their underground hotels of luxury.

The buildings were identified as an administrative building, the storage and materials building, their sleeping quarters, a weapon’s armory, and there was a building that couldn’t be identified. Was it a ‘level-four’ bio-hazard facility? Even the General wasn’t given any information concerning that building and it was classified as top-secret from the military brass.

If they entered the underground world, no one knew what they would find. After studying the plans in detail, it was noticed that they could enter one of the shafts that originated below a cooling tower and that would be their only access point. No one should be expecting the ‘special forces’ team to enter in the darkness and that would work in their favor.

The men and women would have to expect the unexpected and gas masks would be part of their equipment. All of their weapons would be fitted with a silencer, just in case they encountered security details. They would also have infrared binoculars for seeing in the dark.

Grenades wouldn’t be an option for them in the underground complex. The thought of attracting attention to themselves wouldn’t be seen as intelligent, and it would defeat their mission. They had to walk in silence through areas that would render them invisible to everyone above or around them.

Fortunately he was surrounded by a task force that were adept at keeping a situation under control, since they were trained for the mission they are now embarking on. Their destination would be building three, which was known as being top secret to everyone.

If the government was creating a toxin that could destroy all life, including animals, birds, and fish of the oceans, it had to be exposed, just as murals in the main lounge of the airport depict. It also made sense that if that building is classified for everyone, it could also be a secret control chamber that was used to direct the affairs of the ‘NWO’ against the world. That would be the perfect place to hold secret meetings.

After changing into their black outfits, the group was now prepared to put their lives on the line. The chopper had landed near a cooling tower and the team would have to wait for darkness to surround them. That would allow a team of specialists to leave the chopper and gain access to the stairs that led into the underground complex with their weapons.

As they waited, the young man contacted the General to find out the latest concerning his loved ones. He is told that they have recovered in the hospital, are awake, but they would still be under observation. They were showing no signs of memory loss and the headache they are feeling is considered normal under the circumstances. That was good news and at least they are safe.

Waiting for the darkness appeared to last an eternity, but once they couldn’t be seen leaving the chopper, the small group walked to the cooling tower in front of them and the bolts were unfastened. That was the only disadvantage of different time zones. Lifting off the grate, they could now climb down the stairs to the lower levels of the airport. The last person on the ladder by their cooling tower will pull the grate back in place.

Once they arrived on the concrete floor, everyone went to infrared goggles and they were able to see the area surrounding them. There is a long tunnel and cables running along the walls. There were lights on the ceiling, but the lights were turned off for some reason. All the group members could do was walk along the corridor and see where they would end up that night.

Walking for about twenty minutes, the group noticed that they were now in an area that appeared to be the hub of the underground installation. That was obvious by the overhead lighting that illuminated the area. There were many tunnels leading off in various directions and one tunnel contains the tracks of a railway line. The train wasn’t seen, but it was probably used as a shuttle.

At least they had arrived at their destination and building three was in front of them. It has glass doors and the absence of windows prevented them from seeing what went on inside the mysterious building. Feeling that they aren’t in danger for the time being, the young man suggested the front door would be the best way of entering.

Before they left the other tunnel, one of the ‘special forces’ men removed a pair of binoculars from his waist and looked for possible cameras or devices that could be triggered and set off an alarm. He didn’t want their presence to be revealed before they had an opportunity to investigate the area. They can always rig a bypass if the doors were alarmed, but the camera would show a small group walking towards the building on the monitors of security.

Fortunately, there are no wires, cameras, or other devices that would create a problem. Knowing that their presence could remain anonymous, everyone crept across the clearing to the front door of the building and it is locked. If they wanted to enter, they would have to use a magnet to move the bar that locked the door upwards. It was better than a key and once it clicked, there is another long corridor to walk down.

They weren’t taking chances and their guns were ready for action. Once the group arrived at another door, they noticed that it is rigged with an alarm. It was the only door they saw, so another team member removed a small pad to hack into the system and display the code. It took a few minutes and once it was known, the light changed from red to green. They had access and it was going to be known why they classified the building as top secret.

The lights had flickered and came on when the door opened and they have stood in silence. There were thousands of barrels of every known chemical weapon that was ever invented, including anthrax, Sarin, VX, cancer toxins, agent orange, plus other chemical weapons of mass destruction. If that ever entered the atmosphere, they could destroy the world’s population quickly.

There was nothing they could do about this building, except leave and see if they can locate the ex-president and his guest that is in the complex. They would have to walk down the other tunnel to their administrative building. It would have been nice if they have transportation, but since there wasn’t any available, they would have to walk the 2 - 3 miles down the tunnel.

The journey up the tunnel took them a half hour and arriving at a building in front of them, they could see why the small shuttle wasn’t available. The shuttle was parked in front of the building and there was another problem. A series of cameras were mounted on the rock walls that would be used to see any movement in the area. This would call for ingenuity again.

At least it appeared that the building and their security system received all the electricity from a main source or power outlet. That was the expertise of one of the ladies and as she studied the cables running from the cameras, she noticed that they probably ran on a continuous circuit.

The cameras would be displayed on one monitor and they would switch on thirty-second intervals. Once she tapped into the main camera that is focused on the front doors, she would run a tape backup, record five minutes of data, and she would leave the player running continuously. For someone watching the camera feeds, they wouldn’t know that the camera wasn’t working.

They would then walk through the front door after walking along the wall. It allowed them to remain invisible to the other cameras mounted above their heads. The only obstacle would be the shuttle driver that operated their tram. If he is still inside the shuttle that resembles the street cars in San Francisco, then he would have to be eliminated.

They were prepared with tranquilizer darts and once they are close enough, it appeared that the shuttle operator wasn’t in the shuttle. He was probably in the building taking a bathroom break or he may be in the cafeteria. That was to be seen and as they entered the front door of the building, they noticed the concierge sitting behind the desk. He had a book in front of him and that had kept his attention off the cameras outside the building.

Firing a tranquilizer dart in the direction of his arm, the man’s head would fall forward a moment later. The drug would keep him incapacitated for the next few hours and they could walk past him. Once they were at the desk to ensure that he was unconscious, the young man noticed the presence of two other monitors next to him that were hidden by the top of the desk.

They showed the driver of the shuttle sitting in the cafeteria with his coffee and a cigarette, but the other screen showed a room that was filled with men sitting around a large table. Many of them were recognized from both of the countries by the young man and everyone was connected to the environment agencies. Why would they be meeting in Denver and why is the environment important, unless they were going to unleash chemical weapons north of the border and on the remaining states?

That was a strong possibility and it would explain why they had invited the Prime Minister to a meeting in Denver. That is where they have stored many chemical weapons that could be loaded on a cargo plane and transported to a terrorist group that is north of the border. The sheer volume of deadly spores could devastate whole provinces and wipe out millions of innocent men and women very quickly.

There were no doubts any longer and everyone in the room would have to be eliminated. Storming the room and trying to shoot everyone would be an exercise in futility, since there were too many to target at the same time. The young man had another idea and he had used it earlier.

They would have to separate into two groups and as the first group waited patiently outside the room where the men are assembled, the second group is going to find the air-conditioning unit and shut it down. That would create a vacuum inside the room and his plan could be executed. Their air circulation had to stop for at least five minutes.

The two ladies and one of the ‘special forces’ men would shut down the air conditioning unit and the young man would remain with the other two at the door that led into the room. He had noticed that the stairwell behind the man on the desk led to the lower level, where all the electrical equipment is found.

They would keep in touch with the small microphones they have that could only be heard by the group members. It was the same system that is used for secret-service members. Once they gave the word that the system is off, they would roll some ‘chloroform’ grenades into the room. Since it is odorless and invisible, the men wouldn’t know what had hit them. The agents would then be able to exterminate the men at their leisure.

There were secret-service men around the walls and standing inside a room that contains the former president, so they weren’t taking chances. That was a normal scenario for any former presidents and their wives, but the question asked is where are their families? Are they staying at a hotel on the strip?

As the first group disappeared up the corridor, the second group moved to the door that led into the conference room. They could hear voices and they knew that the men were arguing about something. It was a regular shouting match, where the voices sounded angry and upset with what they heard. The dissent was obvious, but the important question to ask is where is the group that was going to shut down the air conditioning.

They were now gone for ten minutes and that should have been more than enough time for them to shut down the system. The remaining men faced a decision and should they search for them or complete their mission? There is no doubt that the mission came first and since the system was still on, it was obvious that they would have to chance it.

Perhaps if they doubled the grenades, it would compensate for the air being on in the room. It was filled with smoke from the men’s cigars and that may help the gas incapacitate them. It was worth a try and opening the door a few inches, six canisters were rolled into the room. All they could do is watch for a few minutes and see what happened with their gas masks in place.

As the first group were now gone for twenty minutes, without radio contact of any kind, the young man looked through the glass and noticed that all the men were now knocked out. The plan had worked and rushing into the room, everyone was shot and they wouldn’t be conspiring against the people again in their lifetime. They were seen as casualties of war that they had started.

One of the agents actually took pleasure in eliminating the president that is the cause of so much trouble for the past eight years. It would see him shoot the man at least three times in the head, so there were no doubts he was dead. It was shame that the Prime Minister was a casualty of the situation, but that couldn’t be helped, and he supported the same globalist agenda.

The question facing them now though is what happened to the first team. It was now half an hour that they went missing and they would have to search for them. It wasn’t normal for ‘special-ops’ teams to vanish into thin air and a scenario like that only meant one thing. Something had definitely happened and their lives would be in danger.

Knowing that they would have to retrace their steps to the main electrical room that is through the door of the reception area, the men walk cautiously through the door. At least the man behind the screens wasn’t a problem and he wasn’t going anywhere in the next few hours. The driver of the shuttle is still in the cafeteria enjoying his coffee and a cigar now.

With their guns ready, the men walked down the stairs to the large room in the lower level of the building and it was very quiet. They are surrounded by all the machinery that controlled the heat, air conditioning, and they also had a ventilation system in place that would recycle the air of the building after it is filtered for impurities.

They could see the whole room clearly and everything was there except the two ladies and the other team member. It didn’t make sense and how could a man and two women merely vanish into thin air? There were no signs that a struggle had taken place and even if they were ambushed, they had a radio to call for help. They only had to push the button on their wrist and they would broadcast what was said to the other group.

They had heard only silence and the mission was very important. At least it allowed them to dispose of the ex-president and everyone with him. It would create problems north of the border, but everyone hated him anyways. It was no great loss since the Prime Minister was pushing the same lunacy that their former president pushed on the nation and that was sorrow and destruction.

Since the men and women weren’t in the room, it was anyone’s guess what is going on and it was time to either explore the whole building or return to a chopper that would take them to the plateau. Since there are cameras at their reception desk, they would check out each room and see if their friends were being held hostage. It was the least they could do and they refused to leave a man or woman behind.

Climbing the stairs again, the man on the desk would be disposed of and it allowed them to run the cycle on the monitors. Every room was checked and there is no sign of the rest of their team. They have simply vanished into thin air. It didn’t make sense to any of them and at least a shuttle driver was still inside the cafeteria.

Lighting a cigarette, since it could help him think and plan their next move, the remaining members of the team knew that the driver has to be disposed of and he is merely collateral damage. They couldn’t take the chance that he could call the person that could set up an ambush situation for them. One of the men will volunteer to eliminate him and when he returned a few minutes later, he had removed the driver from the equation.

It created their next question and should they return the same way that they have entered the underground complex, or should they seek another way out? The young man gave it some thought and he felt inspired to drive the shuttle and see where it led them. If it led to a dead end, they could return and leave the same way they entered. The chopper wouldn’t leave without the team.

Walking outside, at least they didn’t have to worry about all the cameras in the area, since there is no one to monitor them. Climbing inside the shuttle, it wasn’t hard to drive, and they started up the track into the tunnel. They didn’t know what they would find, but it would be interesting to see where it led.

As the men rode on the shuttle up the tracks, they were surprised to see the huge door in front of them that was made of iron. It had to be six-feet thick, and it was estimated to be twenty feet in diameter. Why would the door like that exist under the airport?

Perhaps it is a door that could seal many of the people inside that belonged to the social elite. They had probably built a literal fortress under the ground for a disaster that included either chemical weapons or the nuclear explosion. They had heard of the rich building their bomb shelters under the mountains in many states and they were now seeing one up close and personal.

That had already happened and the rich wouldn’t care, since the explosives were used on the people of major cities, or what they called the peasants. It didn’t really explain why the door is still open in front of them however and perhaps that is where the president and a foreign guest would stay that night. There was only one way to know and the patriot would ask the guard.

They were curious and when the shuttle stopped, the young man walked up to the doors and he was met by a man carrying a machine gun. It was time to put his skills in motion and he would tell the man that they were working on the administrative building’s air-conditioning unit, since the ex-president has decided to entertain the Prime Minister of Canada.

They wanted to feel comfortable and he was curious to know what he was guarding, since he had obviously gone the wrong way. The man had looked at him and then answered his question. It is a shelter for the rich, or elite, and he was right. He had to guard the entrance to ensure that no peasants enter.

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