The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Twenty-Two - Treachery In The Ranks

The rich have built the condominiums under the mountain and if a nuclear holocaust hit the area, they would then close the big door and seal everyone inside, until the air cleared on the surface again. The shelter would be like a five-star hotel on the surface and give the rich everything they have grown used to during their lives.

That was fascinating and he had asked the man if the shelter had animals or wildlife that would be protected. Of course the answer was yes and they had gardens for growing food, water filtration plants, and the whole shelter was a self-sufficient fortress. He could show him what was inside, but he will have to kill him afterwards.

That was the answer the patriot was expecting and he would thank him for his time and he returned to their shuttle. They would have to leave again the same way they entered earlier. That would bring them out at the chopper and perhaps they wouldn’t be alone.

As they traveled back to the entrance of the tunnel, they were still trying to figure how three ‘special ops’ agents could just vanish without a trace. Where were they and perhaps they had returned to the chopper? They could find the answer to their question shortly and now that they parked the shuttle near the building that contained the weapons of mass destruction, it is time to leave.

Climbing the steps of the cooling tower, the top was pushed aside and they climbed out. Replacing the metal grid again, they walked to the chopper and instead of finding the rest of their team, they only found the pilot. The sound of planes leaving or landing couldn’t be heard and that wasn’t normal. Where were all the passengers they saw through the glass earlier?

After questioning the pilot, he hadn’t heard from the other team members and he was surprised when only three of the six members of the team would return. He had watched everything taking place around him and no one left the cooling tower at any time during the past few hours. There is something else that he wanted to bring to their attention and it complicated things.

He was given the responsibility to monitor what was happening inside their terminals and he watched the men, women, and children as they appeared to pass out where they were walking. That is why they couldn’t be seen and the action was caught on camera by a reporter that was present. It was like many people had breathed in ‘chloroform’ and it knocked them out.

That was funny, because that is what the team used to eliminate their threat in the underground administrative building earlier. The men would be eager to hear what the pilot heard, as he waited patiently for their return and it was interesting how quickly news had spread to the media. They have no way of knowing that events had transpired unless it was the man the patriot spoke to near the entrance of the safe place for the ‘rich’ elite of society.

They were hoping that the rebellion against the dictator would continue to unfold in silence, but that wasn’t the case. The pilot had spent his time on the ground monitoring the media sources from inside the nation and the news on the television stations were repeating propaganda yet again to appease media sources around the world.

The news was reporting that the legislative branch of the government could finally agree on a new healthcare bill and after passing it, the bill was now in the hands of the Senate. They will also report that the President is relieving a man from his duties as the director of the FBI. Others would also be fired for their roles in opposing the president’s agenda.

The media is pushing all the lies of the tyranny, so others in the world are going to believe that nothing had changed and the nation was still operating as usual. Of course that wasn’t accurate and they were concealing the truth of the real agenda to push the illusion and charade to keep the markets strong.

The media were saying the usual things that unemployment had dropped to five percent, which was funny, since it was running at forty-three percent at the start of the year. Obviously, when you have 100 million unemployed and you then exterminate 200 million citizens from the population that peaked at 325 million, common sense lowers the unemployment levels of the men and women. It wasn’t rocket science.

Those topics were expected, but the report on the news that would surprise the pilot was the breaking news story that the former president and the Prime Minister of Canada were missing in the mountainous regions of Colorado. It appeared that the Prime Minister was invited to the former president’s home in the mountains and the chopper they were riding on had disappeared from the radar systems of the military.

There was only one way that the news of the former president and the man from north of the border would be announced so quickly and the pilot would be ordered to take off immediately. The man from the tunnel must have been suspicious of the patriot on the tram and he checked the building. He would find the men lying in a pool of blood and he reported it immediately to their dictator.

The President had ordered a full-scale military search and rescue mission, which would find the wreckage and search for survivors. It was a sad day in the history of the two nations, but they would do everything they can to find information to share with the world. It was ironic that the media reported the story, because both men were killed only hours earlier under Denver airport.

It was obvious that there was a leak or perhaps there was a mole hidden in their ranks that was acting as an informant to the dictator. That was seen as a serious situation and it hit too close to home to be a coincidence. There were only ten individuals that had knowledge concerning the operation, since they were issued new orders en-route to the plateau.

Those men and women would be the General, a six-member ‘special forces’ team, the pilot, the person that discovered the information, and the man or a woman that acted as the liaison that issued the order change to the pilot. That narrowed the suspect list dramatically and only seven of them knew that the former president and Prime Minister were dead.

Looking over their names carefully, there was Bill James, Martin Schezer, and they were with him to destroy the men under Denver. Then there was a man named Howard Appleby, and the two women. They were Lita Adabayo, and Carol Okafor, whom the General approved for their mission. His resume was impeccable that stood for liberty, freedom, and also for the constitution. He couldn’t hear about their deaths yet, since no communication was sent.

The pilot confirmed that it wasn’t him, since he maintained radio silence. It now shed new light on the events that had transpired earlier when members of the team merely vanished without a trace, including the two women. Was it possible that the women would be working for the dictator, since they are last-minute substitutions? Stranger things had happened and it would explain how the news was broadcast so quickly.

Since they were now on their way to their destination near the old house of evil and corruption, the team spent their time watching the news broadcasts. When the story appeared as breaking news that the search and rescue teams had found the wreckage and there were no survivors, the internet and twitter feeds exploded with sympathy around the world, except inside the nation of the United States. The internet was blocked earlier, including social media.

That removed all doubt and there was definitely treachery in the ranks. The tyrant, now that he feared a conspiracy to remove him from office, could go into panic mode and his phone would be calling his friends. They included a man in Russia that helped him win through fraud and manipulation.

He could also ask ‘Saudi Arabia’ for help, since he was a buddy of the king. Obviously, he had also asked for help from a body of men called the ‘United Nations’. He was quickly authorizing the organization to send troops into the U.S. and they were recognized by their blue helmets.

That would definitely complicate things on a major scale, but it did explain the aerial surveillance pictures of the military bases storing tanks, trucks, and artillery vehicles that had the ‘UN’ logo painted on them. The plan must have been created by the ‘democrat’ president of the nineties. Instead of the money going to improve the current military around the world through the budget, it was spent on new weapons that would be used against the people.

Everything is now coming into focus and the leaders of the nation had been complicit through treason against their own people. It explained what is seen by the people during the previous president’s administration, since it is really obvious that men and women in congress knelt in submission to his policies. Many citizens had also ignored the stories of corruption or bribes that added millions to their bank accounts in fraud.

During the previous administration, many of the media would report that a few leaders of the ‘GOP’ had received huge bribes to look the other way and approve massive spending deals, the ‘Iran’ deal, and they amounted to many millions going into their own pockets in treason against the nation. It meant that loyalty could be bought and paid for and that is no way to run a nation.

Unfortunately, the past was now written and couldn’t be changed or altered, but the present activities of brave and courageous men and women would try to rewrite the future for their loved ones and future generations to enjoy. The fact that many had sold their souls for thirty pieces of silver will be between them and God. Everyone has their free agency to choose good over evil and there would be repercussions when it came to their choices.

It was interesting that the young man would think of that on the chopper to the plateau, since it reminded him of something he had read earlier. He had read an article entitled choices and it was as true for them today, as the day it was written. He felt the other two men could benefit from it, so it is shared.

“It is often referred to as choices between right and wrong, good and evil, a choice to walk uprightly before God and those that enter our lives, or we are given the choice to dwell in the sewers and gutters of mankind. Everyone on the planet will have to decide their own destiny in life, which will lead to the path they choose to walk. For some, it is darkness - others, it is light.

We will all face many choices, as the sands in the hourglass gracefully fall into the lower chamber. They are moments we take advantage of each day, or we watch the moments disappear that can never be experienced again for us, regardless how hard we try to duplicate the circumstances.

We are the authors of our own lives and we often choose to live within the light of self-improvement, knowledge and wisdom, or we can throw lives we take for granted away through our choice to follow the world that dwells in a perpetual state of denial and sorrow. A world that exploits hatred, animosity, sorrow, pain, and where others want to dictate what others can do or say in a socialist or communist state of tyranny and oppression.

We will choose if we value life, or merely throw away the precious gift of life on the operating table that is found inside the slaughter mills of abortion. We will choose if we love our children or despise them, so they then grow in life to merely recreate the cycle that was kindled through the parent’s words, actions, and a perspective that could only be taught - since all children were born innocent and soak up information like tiny sponges of learning.

It was once said that if you train up a child in righteousness, love, empathy and forgiveness, when they are adults, they will not depart from that path in life. We must make the choice if we teach others to embrace the truth or if it means nothing that can be ignored and cast aside for lies and ignorance. That is what separates the informed from the uninformed, those that are leaders in life from those that merely follow the crowd as gullible soldiers of fate.

We will all have to choose the path we walk in life, whether we want to be in the public eye or if we live in seclusion, cut off from others that can push their world of negativity on those that are receptive to their ideals. We then make choices to live in a positive manner, opening our heart for someone to enter and fill each day with love, joy, and happiness. The choice that is made will often work out to enhance their lives, or it will end in failure, because it was seen that the two parties stopped communicating their true feelings.

We choose whom we support and whom we scorn around us, since there is no such thing as supporting evil and opposing it at the same time. We choose which option suits our purpose and we then live with the consequences of all the choices we make.

Our eternal salvation rests with each individual - no one else - because that is a personal decision that comes from a heart filled with light, or a heart that is filled with darkness and evil. We walk our own path and will we spend the limited number of hours we have helping others to learn the truth, or will the choices we make see others ridiculed and hurt through our actions? That will be the legacy of our time on the earth and will others perceive us as a friend, or will we leave a legacy where we were seen as the enemy of others?”

After hearing what was said, one of the agents remembered an article that he had read. It was written at a time when the former president had just won re-election and the similarities between the two were obvious to everyone in the nation that know right from wrong.

The article was appropriately called The pen is mightier than the sword. It would only take him a minute to pull it up on his laptop, since he had saved it in his files. Once he had it, he only had to read what it said and the others on the chopper would find it fascinating.

“For thousands of years, men have written many articles about tyranny or oppression that took many shapes and forms. The current state of affairs was no different and it is time to examine the problems that face North America. Everyone will eventually have to address the issues that are constantly faced by every man, woman, and child in the nation that swears allegiance to the flag, constitution, and their freedom to express their views on any topic.

No one should ever face censorship and other actions that ridicule or seek to suppress God-given rights to say what is on their mind in public. It could always lead to the end product of suppression and everyone that has studied the different systems know that censorship is a socialist or communist ideal.

Never before in the history of the nation have principals of wickedness and evil become so entrenched in everyone’s lives that their freedom, their rights that are enshrined in the Constitution, and their personal liberty come under attack. They didn’t originate through outside forces, but they were forced on the nation through domestic forces that are at war with righteousness and the other principals of truth that are upheld. They include honor, integrity, and a basic trait called honesty amongst the masses.

When the wicked amongst the people attack those that are trying each day to live a life that is based on a righteous and ‘Christian’ lifestyle, the time has arrived for them to stand up for morals, integrity, and their strong faith in the Son of God. Liberty is preserved and many would then ask how it would be accomplished. That is where the pen is mightier than the sharpest sword has entered the equation.

When communist, socialist, and oppressive forces try to destroy their right of the people to disagree with tyranny, articles must be written that informed their communities that evil and wickedness exist that are being used against them. Every individual that will ever walk the Earth will enter a world where they enjoy the right to worship the God of their choice and it is respected.

The people have their freedom to debate others, form opinions, and to hold things sacred in their lives. Those are inalienable rights that aren’t given by a government and they are given to everyone the moment they are born. When men declaring themselves as dictators attempt to take those rights from their citizens, perhaps ending in mass genocide, escalating crime, abominations in their actions will always manifest their agenda to others.

When lies and deceit are taught to children from birth, eternal truths would be lost or ignored, which leads to society becoming gullible to many aspects of misinformation and the lies they are told repeatedly by others. It is true to say that error is not truth and truth is never error, as seen in the eyes of many individuals that have chosen to believe illusion over reality.

When nations throw away righteous principals, their morals, and choose to bask in the deceptions and lies of others, they are eventually destroyed and it is said they reap what they have sown in wickedness. Everyone is blessed in life with common sense and the knowledge to distinguish truth from fiction, but sadly, for many, they seek fantasy and ignore the truths they should have accepted without questioning it.

When the people enjoy the fruits of freedom from oppression, many would eventually see those freedoms as oppression and that is when problems will arise in society. Complacency breeds selfishness and greed has led to nations falling under tyranny and dictatorships since the dawn of time itself. When it is shown that integrity is compromised, many can never obtain it again.

When nations that had once prided themselves on being free, having high and moral standards in education and knowledge start their descent into their own self worth or importance, they will then seek to suppress or control the lives of others. The greatest mandate of tyranny is silence of the masses and when the people don’t stand for freedom, they can’t suddenly turn back time to correct their mistakes. It is too late and freedom is lost.

The solution for the people is simple and instead of following like sheep to the slaughter, accepting the actions of others as set in stone, they work to be architects of their own destiny. That can be accomplished in many ways, but it starts and ends with ‘We the People’. Government works for the people and it isn’t the people working for the government.

There are ways to ensure that dictatorships are never formed and it starts in the belief that small government is the most effective. No individual that will represent the people should be paid and the most they receive would be their expenses to work for the people that is paid out during their term.

That could eliminate the millstones around the necks of the citizens, since the same laws enacted for the population would also apply for government employees. The longest term that everyone can serve would be eight years, putting them back into the private sector when the two terms expire. There is no excuse why men and women are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the men or women of a nation for thirty years or longer.

Since a ‘Latin term demos cratia’ or people rule applies to all free societies, treason against the people, where politicians push their own agenda, will see them dealt with harshly and without remorse. No one is above the law and it applies to everyone equally or it applies to no one. Wealth isn’t an excuse for many to exploit the laws for their own entitlement or benefit.

Taxes were a temporary act that was created to help governments rebuild a nation’s economy, reinstate the military, and protect the borders after there is a world war in 1945. They were never intended to be permanent and a drain on the citizen’s income.

Taxes aren’t for governments to abuse and they are known as sacred funds that the people donate each year to ensure that their freedom was protected - not abused. Everyone should pay a basic tax, whether they are rich or if they are poor, and the only exceptions are those needing help to survive.

Welfare was created as a safety net for those that lost their job, or they are experiencing difficulty in finding new employment. It isn’t and never should have become a free handout that could be abused. When citizens work for all the aid they receive, they retain their integrity and respect for themselves.

In every society, there will be those that are injured, they are disabled, and they can’t work. That is where premiums for healthcare enters an equation to benefit the people. If everyone pays monthly premiums based on income, it provides funding for a society to receive medical attention when it is needed. Competition is created, since doctors and hospitals then have to work to gain patients and provide the best service, since everyone receives their insurance card that is the same as auto insurance.

The backbone of any economy lies with the people and their ingenuity for creating opportunities that promote products, services, or the needs of those that could benefit from their talents. Endless regulations and restrictions put on companies destroys the economy and employment creation.

The only rule that applies will be the best person that is qualified receives the job. There are equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender, or status, race, age, or the religion they practice or embrace. That eliminates an atmosphere of incompetence, where those that can’t do the jobs are awarded with the job that is based on their gender, race, or age.

Another area that would be addressed is the judicial system. Judges would be bound by the constitution and not private interpretation or opinion that is accepted. Punishment fits the crime and the victims receive the sympathy of the courts - not the criminal that exposed them to sorrow and heart break. If the judge doesn’t want to abide by the constitution, they are disbarred and it leads to their removal from the bench.

Education is run by each state, creating a curriculum that suits the students needs in each individual state. Teachers are hired by the people that pay the taxes and they are put in the classrooms to teach the youth how to read, write, plus develop critical thinking techniques in math and science. They teach all the students real history, geography, biology, and reading comprehension, so they are prepared for life after the classroom.

If teachers alter the education standards to teach same-sex values, abortion, cater to minorities, or the teachings of other nations that are in violation of a culture that was handed down from generation to generation, the teacher has the option to repent of their actions or they are fired. A young mind isn’t the toy of immoral and corrupt adults to manipulate for their own agenda that is based on their own beliefs and selfishness.

Since journalists and the media plays a large role in what citizens would be exposed to, censorship and opinions expressed instead of the facts would be removed and dealt with harshly. The people have the right to hear the truth, not the twisted or a distorted version of someone basing an opinion on mere speculation they heard through gossip.

The media of the past would present the facts and citizens were educated to events that are important. No one has the slightest interest in knowing what a Hollywood star or celebrities do to flaunt their lifestyle. The people want the truth about issues that affect them personally, not trivial stories about what a person wore that day, or what they do to obtain attention. That is for tabloids to print as a vanity press, not national headlines through newspapers.

As time has passed, the people through their own ignorance had ignored all the basics that are mentioned above and they had allowed the tail to wag the dog mentality to escalate. Important decisions that affect others should never be made in life through ignorance. History often repeats itself because many people in society see things as a game and they don’t care about the outcome.

There are no excuses when men and women are then put in power without the citizens of a nation putting them through proper vetting processes. To do so blindly is encouraging tyranny. Citizens should always strive to research the truth, even if it means they are wrong.

Making decisions that are based on ignorance is why millions of innocent men and women were exterminated by dictators that had no respect for them or what they stood for. Choosing evil, knowing the person is evil, doesn’t in any way improve the lives or safety of the people.

When the survivors of the nation look back at history, will they see where the people fought to hand the children the same nation they were given, or a different scenario? Will they see a nation of sheep that displayed cowardice, merely following others in gullibility, where they would eventually kneel at the feet of tyranny in total submission?

To quote one famous and loved president of the past: ‘the loss of freedom is never more than one generation away.’ Once it was lost, future generations would then have to fight and die to obtain it again, since their parents didn’t care, and they want to think about their own selfishness above the needs and wants of others. Is it worth the risk, the answer obviously lies in the freedom of the pen that is mightier than the sword. The pen has the power to expose a lie and encourage the truth to be shared and embraced.”

As the men, including the pilot, listened to what was stated in the article, it was ironic that the words spoken were the same ideas that went through their minds many times. They wanted accountability in government and the words stated had seen the people put their security first over freedom, which would result in them losing both, when they threw caution to the wind and elected a man that was evil in so many ways.

They now had to fight and take the lives of others, because the people have refused to see reality over the fiction they embraced. Many have been killed; a dictator is obtaining wealth at the expense of others; and now patriots were forced to take up arms to fight for their freedom from oppression.

Obviously the people didn’t learn from the past and they repeated the same mistakes that were written into history from other nations. Talking to men he trusted in the chopper had reminded the pilot of something he had heard said by one of his friends that attended church each week.

The question was raised why do nations fall into captivity and bondage for many years, even when they supposedly knew right from wrong. He heard it said so nicely that he never forgot what was said. The friend started with the words that even a child knows the answer.

Throughout history, men like Caesar, Bonaparte, Hitler, Mussolini, and the other leaders of nations were chosen by the people. They dictated the agenda and then built large armies to serve them - not God. Since they put their own power ahead of the people, the result was the same, and their empires would crumble and be destroyed by others that refused to kneel to tyranny.

The true patriots of the nations would rise in rebellion against them and the men or women would call them out on their evil actions to enslave others to their values and the suppression of their rights. It led to the creation of an old adage that simply said: “I can’t hear what you are saying, because I see your actions and they are speaking too loudly.” When citizens listen to the actions of others, their words suddenly mean nothing, since they are hollow and lies.

His friend was very religious and he loved using examples from their bible to make his point. He started with stories from the old testament and there is a large army of ‘Philistines’ that were attacking and pillaging the neighboring towns and villages. God called a humble boy to go into battle against them and everyone knew that David slew Goliath, since he put the faith of God in his heart ahead of his own talents or courage.

When facing an army of darkness, the number of righteous men that would fight against them in righteousness doesn’t matter. An example of that was in the story of a small army praying for deliverance. They only have a fraction of men to go against an army of a million. They prayed and God’s response was to decrease their army and He would lead them into battle. All the glory then goes to God and not man’s efforts.

The army defeated the army of a million, because the creator of heaven and Earth was leading them to victory. When man denies God and puts his faith in his own talents and knowledge, he is destined to fail, but the righteous in life put their faith first and nothing can stop them from achieving their goals.

He then mentioned the prophet Elijah and it was decreed that he should be killed. A huge army surrounded the tower where he was staying and one of the servants was afraid of the approaching men. Elijah remained calm and it was instructed by God’s prophet that the servant should look out the window. He couldn’t believe his eyes and there was a ‘heavenly’ army standing above each man, having a sword of fire burning at their side.

Elijah said not his but God’s will would be done and every man would then be stricken with blindness, leaving them captive and led away. Their sight is then restored after Elijah escaped from their grasp. When man kneels and he prays for inspiration, he will receive guidance, knowledge, and inspiration to confront the situation that challenges him.

The men sitting around him didn’t know that the young man used that for his guide in life and he was still alive because he listened to the still, small voice of the spirit to guide his actions. All he could do was listen to the man flying the chopper and his story was reinforcing his belief that they will have victory granted over the forces of evil, because they aren’t alone. When he is smiling and listening to what is said, he had to agree with the pilot.

The pilot continued and he said something that caught their attention. For a nation to remove God from their every-day lives, it leads to foolish, evil, and corrupt individuals forcing their own stupidity, arrogance, and foolishness in society. The people will be blessed when they put God first, because they are under his protection, but when they cast God out of their midst, to embrace a man or woman that is evil, they will always suffer the wrath of God, since he allows everyone to make their own choices.

That was precisely what had happened in the last election and many people tried to say the man they elected is sent by God. Many then stated that he has been given the power over their lives as a new savior of the nation, but they totally ignored the fact the man was immoral, evil, perverted, and he pushed a satanic agenda for most of his life.

Even evangelicals were deceived and they ignore the fact that God doesn’t promote evil or accepts abomination. The people chose the man that was evil and they had paid the price, since millions were now killed. God allowed the people to choose evil over righteousness and they felt God’s wrath.

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