The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Twenty-Three - Friends or Foe

The outcome was blunt and when people follow evil and support it, there is no one to blame except themselves when they are given the fruits of evil and death. The people have a choice and they can either walk uprightly before a merciful God that will protect them, or they can endure bondage to others.

It will then fall into the laps of those that will fight against evil to save not only them, but also the future generations that will be born. It felt like it was a never-ending cycle of stupidity shown by the people and in an age where a topic can be researched within seconds, there was no excuse for ignorance.

It was amazing how quickly the men arrived at their destination and when the chopper touched down in the middle of a small clearing, it was time for the patriots to travel to the mine that is at the bottom of the plateau. They are now on their own and the chopper would return to the complex in Utah. The pilot wished them luck and everything they needed was packed for the trip.

Slipping on the heavy backpacks that contained weapons, supplies, and the ammunition they would need to succeed on their mission, the three men are now ready to start their trek to the mine. It was the first time that the young man had carried a pack of that weight and he now empathized with soldiers that had to walk thirty miles in their full battle gear during exercises at many of the military bases across the nation. How they did it impressed him and he hoped he wouldn’t have to carry it very far.

His sense of humor kept everyone feeling loose through laughter and they needed strength of character to remain focused on their task at hand. All they are given is a compass and the coordinates of their destination. Dressed now in the battle fatigues that they put on while they traveled from Denver, it was known that they would help them blend in with the foliage surrounding them, but they would still be prone to the predators of the area.

The young man was terrified of snakes and he would now be walking in an area that was known for western diamondbacks, Massassaga, and the prairie rattlesnakes. The bad news is many other non-venomous snakes would often imitate rattlesnakes. He would also have to be alert for mountain lions, black bears, and badgers.

One of the men in the group had been to Colorado hiking in the mountains and he is told about the men and women that would be bitten by mosquitoes. The risk of contracting ‘West Nile disease’ is one of the risks. The other two problems when it came to their health are the ‘Hantavirus’ that was spread by rodents and ‘Rocky mountain spotted tick fever’ that is spread through a bite from the ticks that love to attach themselves to anything that moves.

That was just what he wanted to hear and if the wildlife didn’t get them, the possibility existed that the government would be waiting for their arrival. It’s still a mystery who had betrayed their cause, but they had the suspicions that treachery is in their ranks. Only time would answer their questions.

Watching the helicopter take off, they were now on their own until they are going to reach the mine. It would be nice to see the men and women that are putting their own lives in danger to fight against the tyranny of the man that didn’t care about anyone except himself. All the reports indicated that he has remained in the old house on the plateau and gaining access to the interior is going to be a challenge.

The men would then have to enter the ‘death’ camp and free all the citizens that were being held captive by the men that were probably imported from a nation in the middle east. That would be a challenge, since the camps have a private army living inside its perimeters, and they weren’t sure if the people support the tyranny or they oppose it.

They would have to cross that bridge when they encountered it and there is the immediate task at hand at the moment. They would follow the trail and it would be nice if they had transportation to the mine. Since they couldn’t see a car, horse and buggy, railway cart, or even a donkey, they would have their feet as their mode of transportation.

Before taking the first step, the young man led them in prayer and they are asking for safety on their journey from the wildlife that surrounds them. The possibility existed that they may encounter deer, moose, and that wouldn’t be too bad. If they leave the animals alone, the odds improve that the wildlife in the area would avoid them too.

Now that they were ready, they walked down the trail towards a valley that is in front of them. No one told them how far away the chopper would drop them and that question would be answered accordingly. As they walked, one of the men announced that their mission reminded him of a story that he was told by his father many years earlier.

His father served in Vietnam and he was in the same position they are now in. He had to carry all his gear on his back, but he also had to walk through a marsh and swamp that contained many dangers. He also had to watch for the enemy that could be hiding in tunnels they dug or behind trees.

They perfected the illusion of blending in perfectly with their surroundings and their men would often be under fire before they realized they were in an area that put them in danger. The war then ended and everyone rejoiced. The men however would have to relive the horror they experienced for the rest of their lives.

They also had to endure swamp rot, disease, mental issues, and it would be reported that up to twenty-two veterans could take their lives on a daily basis. Why… because the ‘VA’ hospitals wouldn’t help them. The government runs the hospitals and it was seen as a huge cash cow for the administration that is put in place to run it. No one cared if the veterans live or died. Many citizens pleaded with the government to at least put in a veteran’s hotline, but that too was ignored.

As the men walked cautiously through the mountain trails, remaining alert for anything that could catch their attention, the young man was thinking of the world around them and why the nation was now in the situation it is in. If the people had only retained their morals, integrity, a love for their God that hasn’t been shown through hypocrisy, it would have remained the beacon of hope for the rest of the world to emulate.

Sadly though, as many looked around them each day, things are happening that shouldn’t have existed in a Christian society, where many would profess to love God and be ‘saved’, but their actions screamed the opposite. There is abortion-on-demand, riots in the streets by men and women that attend their churches on Sunday, and they had now compromised their eternal principals to support a lying, criminal, egotistical, immoral, and corrupt dictator.

It was like a scene out of the ‘twilight zone’ where everyone is now living a life that was straight out of an alternate universe. Men and women were now blocking traffic on major expressways to protest their causes and they would then complain when they get run over by approaching traffic.

They would look foolish to block the path of ambulances, so they couldn’t rush patients to the hospitals, and he had to ask where the lunacy originated. Did they really lose empathy and compassion for others that they didn’t care any longer if the innocent perish due to their ignorance and selfishness?

He listened to many saying they wanted to kill others, or they wanted to tar and feather a group that didn’t agree with what they perceived as truth, but is in fact illusion and lies that were pushed by arrogant and evil men. Satan has always been the author of lies, half-truths, immorality, violence, but no one wanted to see or hear that they were following the master of darkness and an atmosphere of hatred, idolatry, racism, and bigotry.

It is often said that con-men and criminals can often lure the gullible, or the men and women that are weak-minded, into following a behavior that is both immoral and corrupt like sheep to the slaughter. The nation followed both to their own demise and now it was too late for them to stand against it. No one could now change the past, but with God’s help, the future could be rewritten.

The young patriot had heard the stories and one was very true. It said - first they came for the Jewish nation and I remained silent, because I wasn’t part of the Jewish community. Then they came for the black citizens and I would again remain silent, because I wasn’t black. Then they came for citizens that didn’t support the dictator and many remained silent. Now they have come to take me to the ‘death’ camps and there is no one left to speak out about it.

Silence breeds condonement and when someone refuses to speak up and it doesn’t help others to defeat the evils surrounding them, they are part of their own destruction. Everyone has a voice and common sense to use it. Will the people use that voice to denounce evil or will they agree with evil through a voice of silence?

The world had definitely slipped badly into arrogance, evil and perversion, but it wasn’t always like that. The young man had listened to what was said in 1968 on ‘Capital Hill’, when a man named ‘Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’ has taken center stage in Washington. He is going to announce ‘I have a dream’ and it was very powerful. His speech was spoken with boldness and it would contain a message that many agreed with.

His ‘dream’ was a world where everyone respects each other, regardless of their skin color, heritage, their gender or race. A world where the principals of hatred, ridicule, racism, and the condemnation of others no longer existed amongst communities that worked as one to make the nation stronger. Those that lived in society would live in peace and harmony with each other, so the goals they set could be obtained without discrimination.

The constitution was their guide through perilous times and as long as they upheld the writings of the men that had fought for freedom from oppression, everyone could live in harmony, and no one would be seen as above the laws of the nation. Unfortunately, there were many that follow the temptations of Satan and they saw themselves as being above the law.

Once the seeds of corruption were sown in every facet of society, from the ‘Oval Office’ of Washington to the municipal offices of power, it wasn’t long before the people were classified as rich, poor, middle class, elite or peasant. It was seen through the annals of time in many nations and once they label a race or group of people as being above the law, it wasn’t long before tyranny, dictatorships that are pushing the ideals of communism, socialism, and status emerge in societies that should have known better.

The people could then be tossed to and fro with dogma and the propaganda of liars and hypocrites, losing their focus on eternal principals. The churches could then teach principals of man on Sundays, so they would retain all their congregations, and many resemble what is known as a ‘rock’ concert’ or their ‘town-hall’ meeting, having a form of Godliness, but deny the truths of God.

Ministers don’t want to offend their congregations, so teachings the truth is avoided. It led to many believing that fiction was easier for society to accept, which would result in collection plates being filled each week. The days of a minister telling the truth was now in the past and it was replaced with topics that wouldn’t offend anyone, or call them to repentance.

When a government wants to rule a nation, the first thing they do is attack the school system, since lowering intelligence can start at a young age. They will absorb what they hear and it affects their attitude and perception of what is real or deception. The second aspect governments embrace is to get every citizen relying on either recreation of prescription drugs.

If you control the mind, you control the person and laws were passed that a parent couldn’t discipline their own child for any unruly actions. Destruction of family values was embraced and if parents refused to kneel to government intervention in their homes, the children would be taken from the parents.

That led to children acting on their freedom to act like spoiled brats and it had many participating in riots, violence, criminal activities, where they are free to do anything they want in society without consequence. Doctors then decided that the children need drugs to keep them under control and that has led to pharmaceutical companies reaping record profits. They had no regard for the destruction of the human race.

Perversion, immorality, evil, abomination, and corrupt attitudes would then be pushed on societies against the will of others, simply to appease others in the nation that wanted their own actions embraced without responsibility. It was a horrible cycle that society had entered and the people were to blame in every way imaginable. Evil activities were flaunted in public, groups would demand that others accept their own perversions, and many remained silent.

For parents that tried to raise their children to follow righteous virtues and honor, teaching them truth, and helping them succeed, many children would see how others are treated and women could drag men of honor down to the same level they embraced. Men would also corrupt women that wanted to be loved and accepted by others. Compromising their principals or dignity was very easy for many and they didn’t realize they were doing it.

The young man had watched everything unfolding around him and he felt that this was the latest battle against evil that he would be part of. He knew it is the last days and many prophecies had now come to pass around him.

The world was involved in many wars, rumours of wars, pestilence, crime, bloodshed, plus the riots and looting that are erupting in many communities. It is also going to lead to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods in areas that had never experienced them before, and scientists have unleashed diseases in many communities to kill millions of innocent men, women, and children.

The laws stated that those that push narcotics on others are criminals, but it obviously didn’t apply to a government that made billions off their importing of illegal drugs that would then be pushed on the citizens. The media merely ignored the stories of politicians being arrested for pushing drugs and it was now understood why the drug industry wasn’t shut down. No one wanted the responsibility of going against the government and their lucrative cash cow.

The government would then have to stand up against the gangs, drug lords, and companies that were padding their pockets to turn away in denial of fact. It was seen for many years and the government bureaucracy always attacked the law-abiding citizens, they released criminals on technicalities, judges are going to penalize the victims, but no one in government had ever targeted an industry that was responsible for the crime, death, and the needless suffering of the people. Of course, it was known that criminals can’t vote.

The members of the group shared many thoughts as they walked nervously down the trail, which helped to keep them focused and alert for dangers that could appear in front of them. Even as they talked quietly and continued the trek down the mountain, there was one thing that frightened them. There was nothing they could now do about it either and their lives are in danger.

The small group is now walking along a path to an area where the ultimate evil was now in residence and he wouldn’t go quietly into the night. The old man that declared himself as dictator would fight to keep ultimate control. It was known he craved the spotlight and he would say that he couldn’t stand it if he wasn’t in the news every day, where everything revolves around him.

He gained power over the masses, because many attacked others through a mentality of stupidity, their own selfishness, and a denial of truth. Many had thrown everything the nation believed into the gutters of obscurity, so it can have them embrace the lies of those in society that are evil, corrupt, and they exhibit the signs of con artists.

There were many that refused to accept reality over fiction and many paid the price of their delusion. The patriots would then be forced to seek shelter for their own survival in a nation that no longer resembled the past. Many of the traditions, cultures, and even their language was under constant attack by others that entered and expected the nation to change and suit them.

Now that the three men were standing on the crest of a small hill that could overlook the valley beneath them, they could see the plateau in the distance. It was eerie and dark, where many black clouds are now hovering above the plateau in a way that storm clouds move over their city and threaten the area with rain. It sent chills through their bodies, because the dark clouds couldn’t be seen in the sky above them when they were on the mountain.

They had followed the coordinates they were given and the mine shouldn’t be far from where they are standing. The entrance was marked by stones and they were found on both sides of the entrance. It should be easy to find and it meant they would have to climb down the side of the hill. Fortunately, there were no animals or snakes seen on their journey and that was appreciated.

As the men arrived at the bottom of the hill, they could see the entrance of the mine and they didn’t know if the men and women that opposed the tyrant are alive, or if they were found and killed. Would they be accepted when the three of them entered and announce ‘Hi, we are with the resistance. We were sent here to help’. The following few minutes could then reveal if the women and men are friends or a foe that they should fear.

There was only one way to find out. When the men had walked cautiously to the mine entrance that was concealed on the side of the mountain, there is evidence that the mine had once thrived in the region. It appeared that one of the companies that controlled the mines had installed a railway system and it was discontinued a century earlier, with the tracks moved to another location.

They could see the tire tracks of carts that had transported the supplies into the mine and that told them government troops may have noticed them. That could put them all in danger, because if they could see the tracks that weren’t hidden around them, they could be seen by others that are working in league with the dictator.

Standing at the entrance of the mine, the men were wondering why there is no one acting as a sentry near the opening of the mine. They should have the guard on duty to alert the others of danger, but everything was very quiet. If they were found earlier by government troops, they could be walking into a trap and they would be prepared.

The shaft of the mine was dark and they would have used their light sticks that only needed to be shaken to light their path ahead of them. Since there is the possibility of the unknown element facing them, they would use infrared lenses, which would prevent the greenish hue of the light from descending a tunnel that leads into the mine shafts. If the government forces discovered it earlier, it was possible that they could create an ambush situation that would put their lives in danger.

The young man leading the men into the mine hadn’t heard from the group since they had shared information about the area that is found in the journals and diaries of citizens that lived in the area previously. Since nothing would be heard since that time, chances wouldn’t be taken, and the men would take each step in silence. They would treat the situation like they had earlier, back at Denver airport.

It could keep their presence concealed from others, until they knew what is happening around them. With their guns in front of them, the men entered a shaft that would lead them down to the room where the others were located. At least the mine shaft wasn’t blocked in any way and the stone floor would conceal their footprints.

It felt eerie and the other two men could feel an evil presence surrounding them. It was something they had never felt before in life and they felt like a man named ‘Daniel’ that is forced to enter the lion’s den. It was too quiet for their liking and it felt like a tomb. They could only imagine what miners of the past must have felt, as they lost friends and family members to cave-ins that were also the sad reality of the mining community.

Many men had died over the years, through their actions to obtain precious ores that benefit them in life, but it wouldn’t stop others from walking in the same footsteps. Death in the mines was the risk the men assumed when they put material gain over their own safety. There weren’t limits in place when it came to obtaining wealth and prosperity through greed.

As the men continued to walk cautiously towards the room where they are to meet the patriots that were remaining out of sight of the government, they noticed that a light was shining in the distance. At least that gave them hope that they were still alive and they would be interested to hear what happened during the past few months. The light appeared to be a lantern that needed to be filled with oil, so someone had to be there in the last few days.

Unfortunately, they knew that their senses couldn’t betray them and there is a stench in the air that told them their worst suspicions could be reality. That would be confirmed when they approached the entrance to the room. Both of the special-forces officers almost threw up when they looked inside the room.

It was filled with the decomposing bodies of men and women and a stench that is now growing stronger with each step they took would be unbearable. The men would have to put on their gas masks to enter and the mask would be sufficient to filter the scent over their mouths. The men would know what it must have been like for the pioneers that encountered the ‘corpse’ flower.

Once the masks were in place and they entered the chamber, everyone that had fled from the tyranny surrounding them was dead and they had been cut to pieces. It appeared that the mutilation was done to speed up the process of decomposition and reduce their bodies to bones. It is a sight from their worst nightmare and it is obvious that the government ‘death’ squad had discovered the mine and entered.

Once the ‘death’ squads were in their chamber, the men had tried to defend themselves, but the attacking army is too much for them. Mercy or an aspect of compassion wasn’t displayed and the walls were filled with thousands of bullet holes. The invading army apparently killed the men, which had left all the women and daughters vulnerable.

What really sickened the men was the appearance of the women and there were no doubts that they would be raped, either before they died, or when it was noticed that they had collapsed from their wounds. What kind of an evil and perverted monster had the audacity to do that to women and young girls that were killed?

It was obvious that only one culture endorsed that kind of behavior and the men are known around the world for their attitudes towards women. If they are on the plateau as part of the ‘death’ camp, citizens they transported to the ‘death’ camp would also die in horrendous ways. The women and daughters would fight back, but the absence of enemy troops surprised them.

There was another thought going through the mind of the young man and it was obvious that the men would demand the women convert to their religion or die. How many were willing to compromise everything they believe in for the opportunity to remain alive? The second question he was asking himself is how many of the women would then marry the men after converting, so it can see them bear the children of evil and corrupt monsters?

At least drones weren’t transported to the mine that contained a deadly gas that was used in other parts of the nation and that was fortunate. There was one reality though that went through the minds of all three men. How could they infiltrate the old house now, when they were limited to three men?

The house on the plateau would be protected by legions of armed men and the mission wasn’t looking too promising any longer. It was now a situation for the men to let God direct their paths in righteousness. They were David going against Goliath, and perhaps the stories they told on the chopper were for their benefit to never give up hope or their faith in God to overcome any obstacle that is placed in their path.

As the young man stood in silence amongst the dead, he removed one of the cigarettes in his pocket and it was lit. It helped him focus on what they faced and he would have to pray for guidance in the mine. Walking around the chamber, he noticed the old journals lying on a table, and he wondered if the patriots that entered the mine had written anything they could use. There were no doubts that they had lived in the old mine for many months.

Since the diaries and journals were found earlier inside a rock crevice, was it possible that the patriots had written about their experience and then hid a record of their lives in the same rock crevice? They had nothing to lose and after searching the wall for the rocks that had concealed the old journals, one of the men discovered a rock that moved when he pushed on it. Calling to all the others, they were eager to see if the crevice was empty.

When the rocks were removed, there was a book hidden in the wall, and it appeared from the entries that they were written by the patriots. Something had frightened the patriots and they didn’t want their record being seen by a group that put their lives in danger. All the men could do is read what would be written and use it as a timeline to the events that had occurred.

Since they didn’t want to be disturbed, one of the men stood at the entrance to the room as a sentry and it allowed the other two men to look at the book. It was apparently written by the wife of a patriot and the first hundred pages were talking about how the government build the ‘death’ camp on top of the plateau. The entries also talked about a strange mist that appeared each time storm clouds appeared above them.

Continuing to turn the pages, the young man noticed that the woman wrote about a group that walked down the tunnel and they would be wearing black clothing. One of the women told them that they were ‘special forces’ and the group had arrived to help them survive until another group could arrive. The women were very convincing and everyone rejoiced at their arrival, except a woman that was writing in the journal.

She didn’t feel very comfortable in their presence and she always trusted an instinct to question others and their actions. She only gave her first name as Diana and she was in the mine with her husband. After talking to the agents that had arrived, he too didn’t feel comfortable around them, and he felt they were deliberately deceiving them.

When the women started talking about how they had supported one of the groups they belonged to on social media, warning bells sounded in her mind and she didn’t trust them. Something wasn’t right about them and they were very convincing to the others in their group. When they started discrediting men that had always fought for the constitution and kept their promises they made to the people, a small voice told Diana that she and her husband aren’t safe any longer.

She was writing this as a warning to the other group of ‘secret forces’ that would arrive to help them and they weren’t going to take her intuition lightly. She would ask her husband to accompany her into one of the mine shafts she heard about from the others that explored them and it was hoped that it could help them survive.

As the rest of the patriots slept that night, she and her husband slipped into the mine shaft that led from the room and it was the right decision. They had only walked a short distance when they heard the sound of machine guns. It sent shivers racing up and down her spine when women started screaming to the invaders that they didn’t want to die.

From the sound of the voices, a large group of men with foreign accents in the way they talked had arrived and they weren’t taking any prisoners. There were many blood-curdling screams breaking the silence and they could hear women pleading that the men wouldn’t rape them. It was heart-breaking and their cries fell on deaf ears. She had to hold her husband for strength and the couple knew that there was nothing they could do for their friends.

When everything went silent, they would hear the men boasting about how they had satisfied their urges with women that were dying under them and it had turned her stomach. Others then boasted how they have defiled children and they gave praise to their god. The two women with them in the chamber that said they were ‘special forces’ were helping them, by holding the women prisoner against their wishes.

They had blamed the women for refusing their demands to convert to their religion and when that happened, they had to kill them. The women that are in the chamber were mere objects that should be defiled and thrown away to praise their god. The men were gloating that the infidels were guilty of their crimes of adultery, when it was the men that defiled them against their will.

The couple remained in the mine until they were assured that the men had left and they wanted to know why ‘special forces’ personnel didn’t fight at all during the invasion of their enemies. They should have tried to protect them, but they actually helped the intruders destroy the lives of many patriots. That is something she would never forget and they had entered a pact with Satan.

The husband and wife decided that they had to know for themselves, since he had been in the military himself in his youth. The last entry in the book is what they saw and the young man decided to read it for the benefit of a man that is still standing near the entrance. He needed to know what happened, so they would understand the enemy they faced.

“I am writing this as a warning to anyone that arrives and everyone that is in the mines have been killed by an enemy that masqueraded as our friends. Don’t trust anyone, because ‘special forces’ aren’t what they say they are. It is with sadness and despair that I am forced to write this and then I will put this record in the wall where we found the records of Abigail and her sister.

After hearing the sound of gunshots and the painful screams of the women we had spent months with, everything went silent after the men boasted that they had defiled the women and their daughters. It made me sick, but I have to know what happened. After my husband and I returned to the chamber, it was like we had just walked into a horror movie, but things were real. I felt a dagger enter my heart in sadness, but there was nothing we could do.

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