The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Twenty-Four - An Interesting Discovery

There were bodies scattered everywhere and it looked like the men that had entered the mine had also carried large knives. Bodies were cut to pieces and heads were removed from their necks, which made me vomit in disgust. The floor of the chamber and the walls were splattered with blood and there were large pools forming under the bodies of the victims. I couldn’t even tell what body part belonged to each person, since they were scattered everywhere.

The walls were pierced with the sight of hundreds of bullets and seeing the bodies of children broke my heart. They were so innocent and I had played a few games with them that day. I loved them dearly, but now they are dead. I wanted to know why the ‘special forces personnel’ didn’t fight for us and that question was answered as we walked around the room. How did they know a plan that we developed to protect ourselves during the night?

My husband and I could tell that the first victims were the men that had the guns next to them in secrecy, but looking around, all the weapons they were equipped with are missing. We could only imagine that the men reached for a gun that was taken earlier and they were sitting ducks in the arcade after it happened. That explained why none of the enemy forces were killed.

Their bodies weren’t seen and I believe they are the ones that led the others to the mine to destroy us. There was no other explanation and how could the men and women we trusted turn against their nation and the people that were fighting for freedom and liberty from a dark force that is pure evil?

The two women that came first were so convincing that they wanted us to be their friends, but they were also the ones that allowed their friends to put everyone here to death. I had overheard them talking after they arrived and I believe they were talking about another mission in Utah that they would see after they left here. The orders had come in from the ‘Pentagon’ and we were actually happy for them, but it was probably a ruse.

I also heard them talking about a man that they called Muhammad Akbar. I don’t know who he is or what part he played in the destruction of the patriots that were here, but they were praising him for some reason. They talked like he was a friend or family member and about how he had fulfilled his mission in another area of the nation to further their cause. That scared us and it was that night that all hell broke loose and we weren’t safe any longer.

We don’t have a choice now and we will enter the mine shaft again that has preserved our lives, hoping we aren’t found. The shaft of the mine leads to a stairwell and we don’t know where it leads, but the men that had walked into the shaft returned and told us what they found. We don’t know what lies in a tunnel that hasn’t been explored by us before, but anything will be better for us than staying here.

We have searched for any weapons that could benefit us and my husband is telling me that we have to hurry. We grabbed one of the carts for supplies and we will go deeper into the mine, in an effort to preserve our lives. When the terrorist troops come again for us, we will be prepared, and if we have to die preserving liberty and freedom, we will fight and die for the nation that I love and want to preserve for my children.

Again, I can’t stress enough that no one in this area can be trusted. Follow your instincts if you read this and don’t take anything for granted. There is a strong presence of pure evil and if our bodies are found in the future, know that we didn’t go down without a fight, and we will fight for freedom with a spirit that cannot be ignored.

I am asking for God to bless us in our pursuit of happiness and my husband is telling me now that it is time for me to end this record. You will know the tunnel we entered by looking directly across from the crevice in the wall that I have used to hide my record. Be weary of those that present themselves as a friend, because everyone is now dead through the deception of others.”

That was the last entry in the book and the men knew which tunnel to use now to see if the couple had survived. It appeared that the men that entered the chamber wouldn’t worry if anyone escaped their actions earlier, since it was known that they wouldn’t survive on the mountains for very long. They would have to endure the same hazards that were mentioned earlier, when it was time to walk along the trail to the mine.

After enjoying another cigarette, the young man felt that entering a tunnel that was used earlier by the couple was the right choice at the moment. The room where they were standing was too depressing and seeing the sight of a hundred dead and mutilated bodies wasn’t his idea of a fun evening. If there was a problem, at least they were ready for anything that appeared, and there wouldn’t be chances taken.

With their weapons locked and loaded, the three men walked cautiously to the tunnel that was indicated by the last entry of the journal and they would wear their infrared glasses again. The tunnel appeared to lead downwards in front of them and it had a dirt floor.

It removed the question about why all of the patriots had chosen that area for their lodgings, since it is the hub that led to the other tunnels the miners created many years earlier. The patriots could have taken any of the tunnels to preserve their lives, but obviously that choice was taken from them by an evil individual that had no remorse or empathy for others lives.

Listening for any foreign sounds, they knew that their voices may echo. It was decided ahead of time that they would remain silent unless the situation demanded communication. The tunnel was dark, musty, and they could see a strange moss growing on the walls. It was obvious the tunnel wasn’t used for a long time and miners would often create shafts to explore new ore deposits.

After walking in silence for the next hour, they arrived at an area where the stairs were located. It was more like a ladder leading upwards and there was time for them to explore where it led later that night. They had another goal at the moment and as they stood in silence for a moment, looking around for a clue to their next move, they noticed that two other tunnels led in opposite directions.

One tunnel would take them deeper under the mountain above them and it was obvious that the other tunnel would lead towards the plateau. After they looked at the dirt of both tunnels, one appeared to display a disruption, as if the person had used something to hide footsteps.

That led in the direction of the plateau and the dirt being disturbed could be seen as a deliberate decoy to a trained observer. It would often be a tactic to throw off their enemies, so the other tunnel was chosen for them to explore. If it was a wild-goose chase, they could double back and take the other one.

Walking for another hour, the men remained focused and alert for foreign sounds again. When they heard what sounded like a muffled sneeze, it was a sign that they had chosen the right tunnel. It sounded close and continuing to walk in the direction of the noise they heard, they could see boxes of food in front of them. They could also hear what sounded like water trickling onto a rock shelf.

With infrared vision, the young man noticed the outline of two people and they were armed and standing near the wall. They had obviously heard them walking up the tunnel and they were prepared to fight to the death. There has been deception displayed earlier and they weren’t going to fall for it twice.

When the young man called out to them and said they were there to help, it was met with skepticism. When he told them that he was going to lower his weapon and place it on the ground, a voice replied that he could walk to the water fall and show himself. The request was logical and doing what he was told, the young man walked towards the water that was running down a rock in front of him.

Since only the team could see what was going on, the young patriot asked if he could light the lantern on the wall, so they could see each other. That is going to be approved and the tunnel was now surrounded in light. It will be a moment that none of them would ever forget and there was a reason for it.

After he stopped and looked in the direction of the voice, he recognized the couple from pictures he had seen and he couldn’t contain the excitement that was building inside him. He called out and asked if it was Diana that is born in a Chicago suburb and moved to Arkansas with her husband Michael. The woman answered that he was right and after he removed his headgear, there was the light of the lantern on his face.

With screams of excitement, Diana told her husband that it was the young man that was her best friend. How he had found them was a miracle and she couldn’t wait to run over and give him a big hug and a kiss, since he loved it from his conversations with her. When the other two men walk into the area to enjoy the moment, it was obvious that they were all friends.

It was time for the other ‘special forces’ agent to guard the entrance to their small encampment now and it was time to ask many questions of each other. The young man wanted to know what they were doing there, since he heard they were still in Arkansas when he spoke to her previously, before they had lost the internet connection.

It appeared that she had followed her intuition and they had driven over to the state of Colorado to visit her other best friend Paula. When they heard a state of martial law was now in effect, they went to the mine where they had stored food, water, and other supplies. They took the train that was provided and they watched everything happening on the plateau.

They were saddened when the dictator built the concentration camp on the plateau next to the house and they could only watch when buses arrived with thousands of men, women, and children that would then be marched into the facility. The men that tried to put up a fight were shot instantly and that had stopped others from attempting the same thing.

They watched it for months and it wasn’t long after that and a young man is going to arrive during the night with his wife at his side. They were seen by a sentry walking along the railway tracks towards the station. They told their sentry that their car had run out of fuel on their journey to Denver Airport.

They had lots of information to share with them and it is fascinating when three individuals had arrived that wore a black outfit that resembled military apparel. They said that they were in the mine to help everyone, but that will be a lie. What they didn’t tell the patriots is they aren’t the allies of the group at all. They were actually wolves in sheep’s clothing and their act would be a play right off the stage of Broadway.

They would spend a few days with the group and when everyone wanted to sleep, it all changed. Fortunately, Diana and her husband would sneak into a tunnel that led to the staircase, and that is when they heard what had sounded like a whistle blowing. It was followed by screams, gun shots, and many tiny children in the room were crying.

It allowed them to see things through a new perspective and it would break her heart when they confronted the couple that had arrived earlier. There was no compassion and they shot the couple in cold blood. They had pleaded for their lives, but it was useless. After saying that the couple was lying and they weren’t really patriots, the woman named Lita would just shot them without provocation.

It was a slaughter and they killed all the men they saw first. Fortunately, it allowed the couple to escape into the tunnel and that is when they heard the screams of the women that were attacked, raped, and killed when they have refused to marry the men and be their slaves. It was the closest to death that the couple would ever endure in their lives and it terrified them.

After following the tunnel, they noticed the other tunnels at the ladder and Michael used his skills in the military to create the diversion. He used soles of his shoes to cover their tracks. It was done in an effort to deceive anyone that is following them.

The two women that were with a man were so smug in their actions and it didn’t make sense that they deceived many into believing their lies. That was now the past and they didn’t know what to do, other than store some supplies by the waterfall. That is where the cart came in handy to transport boxes that had cans of soup, stew, veggies, and various pastas.

When the young man asked what had happened to their dogs and why their friend wasn’t with them, Diana answered that Paula had remained behind to look after the dogs. She could take care of herself, but she wanted them to be on the train with other patriots. Her friend Joan would be with her and there combined talents of survival would now be shown.

Diana was worried about her and the dogs that meant the world to her. She would put her own life in danger, if it meant that her dogs and best friend in the world would be safe. Both ladies would be armed and dangerous, which was a joke that they wouldn’t back down to anyone that attacked them.

That was so noble and honorable that the young man had to give her a hug to show how much she was loved by her friend. Her hubby wasn’t really the huggable type and he just shook their hand. The young patriot would be so excited to see that they were both alive and he would do his best to keep the two of them that way.

When they asked why they were there, the answer was simple and they had the mission to fulfill that included exterminating not only the dictator, but all his administration too. The weeding out had begun and everyone that would be responsible for the nation turning into a dictatorship needed to be hanged and eliminated, since they are guilty of treason against the people.

The days of everyone ignoring the actions of others to accept the lies were now ending and if the people wanted a dictator, they were an enemy of their nation, and they would be forced to live in reality. No one is above the laws of the nation, even if they believe they are, and responsible government was now demanded. Those that didn’t want to accept it were probably the victims inside the ‘death’ camps, proving they lacked important wisdom.

The death of the dictator was phase two of the plan to take back the nation and he refused to accept defeat. The only obstacle they faced is getting into a house that was born in evil and was protected by the demons of hell itself. If they could get into the house, the young man had enough ‘C4’ in his pack for him to leave a huge crater on the plateau.

The explosive would destroy the house and everyone inside it very quickly, leaving nothing for anyone to use ever again. There was only one problem in the plan and if the house exploded into a million particles, it would alert the men in the concentration camp of death. They would then kill any hostages, plus the men would call for reinforcements, which would complicate things.

That was the risk they had to assume and the explosives were plan B. Right now, they would have to gain entry into the house, find the dictator, and then exterminate him in silence. If his best friend had any ideas, he was open now to hear them, since they had watched everything taking place for months. It is obvious that they had to think of something and the people rely on them.

Unfortunately, Diana didn’t have any ideas, but her husband volunteered to go with them on the mission to eliminate the dictator. There are only five of them now to take on hundreds, if not thousands of well-trained men that are living on the plateau, and the three men could use all the help they can get. It would be suggested that Diana would stay behind and control the switch that controls the ‘C4’ detonation.

Once the dictator is dead, the other patriot groups would then storm all the ‘death’ camps and destroy them. From the last communication they heard on the chopper, the patriots had eliminated most of the terrorist cells that are in the nation with the gas and that was one problem solved. Casualties were at the minimums, but that was expected when dealing with evil.

It was also known that the evil president had called for the reinforcements though from the ‘UN’ that would form a federal police force. When they had killed the former president and the Prime Minister of Canada, the president’s advisors probably started to squirm in their fortresses, knowing the people of the nation were coming for them now.

The leaders knew and understood that patriots would meet the resistance to the cause head on once the groups united as an army. Regardless of what the government believed they had accomplished by shutting down the company that produced ammunition and bullets, or where they purchased billions of a bullet called ‘hollow-point’ reserves, the patriots still have enough guns and ammunition to eliminate any army that dared to attack the mainland.

Every military veteran took an oath to defend the nation against enemies to the constitution and their nation, both foreign and domestic, and they were in the mood to dance on the graves of anyone that threatened their freedom. At the announcement of ‘green’ light, ‘weapons hot’ the armies would emerge to take back their nation and it will make ‘Sherman’s’ march to the sea look like a Sunday-school picnic in comparison.

The citizens would then be asked to join the rebellion or get out of the way of others fighting for their right to live in freedom and independence against tyranny. Push had now turned to shove and anyone that wasn’t on the side of freedom would be seen as being against it and they will be forced to accept the repercussions of their actions.

The trick now though was to gain access to the house safely, so they could complete phase two. They probably wouldn’t be able to walk up a road to the plateau and it would most likely end in tragedy. There had to be another way to approach the den of iniquity and perhaps it would be a good time for them all to kneel and ask God how to proceed.

He guided the young man in life and this was the greatest challenge he has faced now on his mission to save the nation. Kneeling in front of the pool of water that was created from the water running down the wall, and after they have joined hands, the young man poured out his heart for inspiration. When he felt that their prayers would be answered, it was then time to see where it led them.

Walking back to the entrance of the tunnel, they all stared at the stairs that led upwards and the young man wanted to see where it led. All they can do is climb the stairs and push the trap door open. He was hoping that it led into the house, but when he reached the top and tried the trap door, it opened, but it wasn’t the house they sought.

The trap door had opened inside a small building and after entering, he was surprised when he looked out through the window. He was standing inside a tool shed that was inside the ‘death’ camp. He could hear voices and they are definitely talking in ‘Arabic’. That meant the ‘Jihadist’ are running their camp and they believed they go straight to heaven if they are killed in battle.

At least he could do some surveillance while he was there and he saw two fences inside the camp. One was only a couple of feet high and the perimeter fence was at least fifty feet in height. There were guard turrets at the corners and two guard turrets were built in-between the guard towers on each side. It was going to be a challenge taking them out, but the trap door gave them an effective advantage, since it was inside the camp - not outside it.

Now that he knew how they could enter the ‘concentration’ camp of death, they would have to enter the other tunnel, which should take them to an evil house that would be protected by the forces of evil. If there was another step ladder that led upwards, he would plant the explosives with the detonator in Diana’s hands, which would effectively reduce the house to rubble.

As they walked along the tunnel, the young man noticed that it resembled his dream that he experienced earlier. When they entered a small chamber, a strange sight met them and there was a breastplate, swords, spears, and their appearance surprised him. It was armor of an ancient warrior. In his dream, the young man was commanded to put on the armor for God’s glory.

The others believed he was crazy for even suggesting it, but he had never doubted God’s power in the past or his inspiration, so he wouldn’t doubt his will now. As everyone watched, the young man put on the armor of a man that had lived centuries earlier. He needed help with the breast plate and he must have looked really silly in the outfit.

Picking up the spear, a sword that was placed in its holder, Diana had the pack that contained the explosives and she carried the guns he carried into the mine earlier. He didn’t know why he now looked like a ‘Mayan’ warrior, but the answers would always be revealed in God’s time, not man’s. He was hoping that answer would be revealed in time, but for now, he wanted their blessings to be enjoyed.

Walking further along the tunnel, they were right and another chamber is going to appear. The men were carrying the lantern that was lit earlier back at the water fall and once they entered and looked around, the chamber had frightened Diana.

The men were also startled by its appearance, because there are many men and women encased in ice. The legend was true and they have now seen the red-haired giants for themselves in person. For the young patriot, he would be amazed that the stories they were told or researched earlier were true, but many live in illusion and deny the facts for the fiction they are fed constantly by others that voice opinion - not facts.

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