The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Twenty-Five - The Power of Inspiration

The legends concerning the red-haired Giants were now verified as true to the small group. The men and women must have been over ten-feet-tall, with flaming red hair that stood out, even packed on ice. They are encased in their tombs of ice and perhaps this was the answer to their prayers.

The legends of the giants talked about the strange mist that would suddenly surround the ancient warriors of the past and they vanished. Would a strange mist that was seen and spoken about by the pioneers on the plateau be like a mist that is going to originate around the giants, or were they different? The men would soon find out if they were in danger and perhaps their gas masks will come in handy to protect them.

Now that the small group was standing in front of the figures enclosed by a wall of ice, questions were asked and what had formed the ice that surrounds them for centuries? Were they still alive somehow or were they now statues to look at? Perhaps the meteor that struck the plateau was eventually covered by what is called a glacier of ice.

The cold would explain why they couldn’t escape, but the ancient warriors spoke about seeing the heat and the giants at the same time. That would be a contradiction and refute the theory they were discussing. Perhaps there were mysteries that weren’t meant to be solved in life and the strange mist is their concern at the moment.

As the young man stood in silence, he could tell that the others wondered if he had a plan forming inside his mind, and it appeared he was looking at the object frozen in the ice. Their questions were answered when he then walked to the area of the wall of ice that caught his attention. He wanted to examine a small sphere that appeared to be an object that is circular in shape.

When he asked for a small pick that he could use to chip away at the ice, it wasn’t a good idea to the others, but the young man trusted his instincts. If it was safe in his mind, they would stand in silence and watch what he did. The idea didn’t make sense, but perhaps he believed it was an important find.

The ice was breaking off into small chunks and it would allow him to dig a small crevice, so he could remove the object that had caught his attention. It may have been the same thing that the ancient warrior saw, just before a mist appeared that completely surrounded him. If the ice contained nitrogen gases, it would quickly replace the oxygen he is breathing and his body would then interpret the gas as air to breathe.

That would lead to the warrior’s lungs filling with liquid, he would appear pink-in-color, and he would suffocate very quickly. Since no one knew there could be an autopsy performed in that era of history, everyone would believe that the warriors perished through some supernatural means. They can only see what happened and hope for the best.

There was no rush and when he grew tired, one of the other men decided to help. The man was a rock climber as his hobby and he knew how to use their pick ax in a way that maximized the effect of breaking the ice. He didn’t see danger from removing his gas mask and it was handed to Diana to wear. She must have looked like an alien from another world with her flame-red hair in sight under a mask that looked peculiar on her face.

When the man finally reached the object, he noticed that the light mist had formed around the sphere. Now that the object was breaking free from an ice wall that had preserved it for perhaps a thousand years, everyone watched a strange phenomena occurring and it frightened them. The sphere had started to glow and a strange mist appeared around it.

As it slowly moved into the void that he created, it then started forming at his feet and moved upwards around his body. When it appeared that he can’t breathe, everyone knew that he was in trouble. Was the mist toxic and it has contained gases that would kill everyone in the chamber? They had to act in a manner now that could save his life, but they weren’t sure what to do.

Knowing that the power of inspiration is an important guide in his life, the young man prayed for revelation to save the man that was turning blue and it was obvious he couldn’t breathe. That is when he received the answer to his question and reaching down to grab a large piece of ice, he picked it up and put it in the man’s mouth. As it started to melt from the heat of his body, the man appeared to recover and he started to breathe normally again.

It is the strangest thing the others had ever seen and they didn’t understand what had just happened. When Diana asked him what happened and why the ice in his mouth had helped him breathe, the explanation made sense to them and it was something many forget as they grow older.

When a small child spends the first nine months of their existence inside an amniotic sac of their mother, they are breathing liquid that contains oxygen. It is the same principal as the ice and as it melted, it forced oxygen down his throat to his lungs in the liquid formed from the ice. The human body doesn’t forget how it survived before it is born into the world through the womb and it was this scenario that would see them succeed inside the house of evil.

Placing some ice inside his mouth, the young man chipped at the ice until the sphere was loosened and then once it was removed from the wall of ice, he placed it inside a plastic bag. It was then sealed inside his pack, so danger was averted and it would now be used against the forces of evil. Was this the gift of God himself to eliminate the evil presence of the tyrant, so repentance of the people would be accepted?

The strange sphere may react with the heat of the air and the temperature in the chamber had increased due to their efforts to dislodge it. The man that is digging it out was sweating profusely and his body temperature had risen to higher levels than the rest of the group. Everyone else was wearing the mask over their face and they weren’t affected by the mist.

Was that responsible for the sphere to react - no one knew, but it probably remained docile in the vacuum of space. It is very cold outside their Earth’s atmosphere like the wall of ice, but their body heat had reacted with it. That explanation was good enough for everyone to accept and now that they have the sphere, how would they use it against the evil dictator?

As it was handled with his gloves, the young man noticed that it is a form of meteorite that he hadn’t seen before in his studies of ‘Geology’. That was the study of rocks and earth mass. He had studied ‘Volcanology’ in depth in his youth and it is the study of magma, volcanoes, and how ‘tectonic’ plates shift and create earthquakes under the hardened crust of the Earth.

He knew Diana would find it fascinating, since she loved science fiction and mystery, so he told her that ‘Volcanology’ comes from the ‘Latin’ term ‘Vulcan’, who is the ancient Roman god of fire. It was a real word and they used the word in the movies to create a world where the ‘Star Trek’ movies could use as the home planet for ‘Mr. Spock’.

Now it made sense why the earlier legends talked about a huge crater that is created next to the area where the house was built. It was a ‘supernatural’ phenomena that created the plateau of death and since for every action that we will ever experience, many weren’t aware that it always has an equal-in-strength reaction.

Supernatural forces had cursed the house from its inception over a century earlier and it would take the same ‘supernatural phenomena’ to destroy evil that lurks on the plateau. It wouldn’t be easy and now that they have a new toy that can take the lives of others, just how would they use it against their forces of evil that called the old house their home? Weapons are always the toy that can defend life, but how would they get inside the old house?

Waiting for their friend to recover from his close encounter with death, the group had time to talk amongst themselves and they couldn’t explain what is happening around the world. It appeared that many had lost common sense, but more importantly, they didn’t recognize that they were now turning truth into error and error into the truth. Telling a lie three times doesn’t make it the truth, regardless what others believed.

Diana had a theory that made sense and she reminded everyone that there is a secret weapon that is located in Alaska. It is called ‘HAARP’ and there is no doubt that the weather weapon emits radio waves that can brainwash their low-information or gullible men and women to accept whatever they want to program into their minds while they sleep.

Many citizens believed democrats had used the weapon to influence how a person thinks back when the former president was elected, because so many men and women went against common sense and intelligence then too. What if the new president had help from the ‘shadow’ government to send out their radio waves on a mass scale?

It would explain how normal citizens could turn from everything they held sacred or believed in to embrace the immoral and perverted candidate when he kept using key words. He filled his rallies and he only had to tell many of the people how to act, how to think, what to do, and they submitted without questioning it in any manner.

The theory was fascinating and it would explain why families would turn against each other, churches and evangelicals would compromise what they ‘supposedly’ taught on Sunday, all so they could embrace an evil, vindictive, and perverted individual that stood for everything that their ‘bible’ screamed against. Everyone knew that God used evil men to pour out his wrath on the people, but there were many denouncing that to embrace the lies of others.

Thinking about the two women that went on the mission concerned all of the members of the group, since they were approved by the government, and it was now revealed that they were actually enemy agents. For the patriot, he now hoped that he would see them again, since they were the aggressors in a plot to kill his fiancé and new daughter.

It explained why they didn’t try to kill them in Denver. The women would hope that the plan would fail and the secret-service personnel would see the men as traitors and they would be killed before anyone in the room is hurt. It made sense now and the only question remaining is how did they leave and where are they now? Their theories made sense, but it was all speculation.

It still didn’t explain how totally reasonable and rational people could turn from everything they held special in their lives, but at least he now had their plan to exterminate the dictator and everyone that surrounded him in evil. If the plan unfolded like he had seen in his thoughts, phase three could be put into operation to eliminate outside forces that wanted to destroy everything that makes the nation special.

God often works in mysterious ways and the only problem they faced now is how do they gain access to the house of horrors that is the home of an evil and corrupt individual. They weren’t going to let them walk in unannounced, or would they? Another thought had just entered his mind and he had an idea.

As they walked down the tunnel, they noticed an opening in the rock and it is another entrance to the mine. The plateau is right beside them and it would be impossible for them to blow up the house with the explosives they had. It wasn’t built on top of a tunnel and there weren’t any trap doors to open. That would make his idea relevant, but they may call it lunacy that didn’t make a lick of sense.

Standing near the opening and discussing various scenarios, they wanted to know what the young man meant when he said he may be able to walk into a den of vipers openly. That defied logic on every level. They will have to put their intelligence and knowledge about the man in perspective. They were in agreement that they had to enter somehow, but perhaps he had inhaled some of the mist and it warped his perception.

The patriot wanted to put their minds at ease and show them that he wasn’t off his rocker, the lights were on, but no one was home, or he was now a few bricks short of a load. He wanted to ask a few questions and if they agreed to what he said, it would definitely make his idea relevant to the discussion. He would remind them of the actions of the tyrant and what he had done.

What has the world seen displayed through childish ‘tweets’, vindictiveness against others, his rants and anger displayed through his actions, and what is the world thinking when he has many accused since he took office? It would be obvious and he acted like a spoiled child that constantly craves a spotlight. The dictator is a man that is delusional, irrational, suffers from dementia and that could work in their favor.

Since he is a man that had his own ‘reality’ show, loves to be entertained, it is logical that he would welcome the opportunity to be the object of attention through the talents of others. There is a reason that the young man is dressed now the way he is and he would merely act like an ancient court jester that is entertaining the king. He would have everyone in attendance to watch and it would create the opportunity for him to unleash the power of the sphere.

The group had nothing to lose and they decided to support him, even if his plan was seen as pure lunacy. The dictator was the type of leader that would welcome others entertaining him, or making him the center of attention. That would sooth his massive ego and the young man would use all the tricks that are in his life until that point. Perhaps it was for this moment in time that the young man had spent countless hours becoming skilled in various ways.

He was a magician, a ventriloquist, an entertainer himself, so that would be working to his advantage. Everything has a reason for taking place and there were no doubts now why many that are called, but few are chosen. Was this patriot the one God had chosen to work through at that time and date. A life he had experienced was protected to help the nation return to its roots.

He could have been killed many times in the past and he wanted to give the others a few examples that are meant to build faith in their Heavenly Father. When he was only nineteen, he would be riding his bicycle in Hopkinsville, Kentucky and he was carrying groceries in his one arm. He needed to go left and he looked for oncoming traffic.

There was a car coming, but it was a mile up the road. He would ride down the street a few more feet and then he turned left. Looking down to his left, a car’s bumper was now against his foot and the car was doing sixty mph. Men and women would scream, because they believed he would get killed, but an unexpected event then took place.

The bicycle went across the full width of the car, he went across the lane, a curb, and between a pole and power line before coming to a stop. The car he saw had never touched him and it didn’t start breaking until after he saw it. It was a miracle and the car had passed directly through him and the bicycle at the time, but it never touched him. Joking about it later, he noticed that all of the eggs he was carrying were still intact and not one of them was broken.

There are many mysteries that man can’t explain in life, but there would be no doubts that the hand of God saved him for a greater mission when a time to stand and glorify God would come to pass. There was a second time in his life that the hand of God again intervened to save him from certain death and he was in a car this time.

The young patriot was now working in Canada and it was the middle of the winter season. He is driving an old ‘Pinto’ and they are known for exploding if they are hit from behind. Driving home from work, he would hit a patch of black ice and he couldn’t avert the skid. With the car heading backwards, the sight of trees in the rear-view mirror caught his attention.

Saying a prayer and giving control of the car to God, he closed his eyes for a moment and folded his arms, expecting the worst to occur. When the car is going to stop, without the explosion, he looked and he was fifty feet further down the road from the group of trees. His life was again preserved and the cars had stopped to see what happened and check on his health.

Looking at the car tracks in the snow and ice, the car went backwards and it was then pushed sideways by the hand of God. The tire tracks confirmed it and many were shaking their heads in disbelief, since it was repeated at least four times until he was clear of the trees. It defied logic, but everyone could see the tracks, which left them shaking their heads in amazement.

On his journey to Utah, God again intervened at least three times and there were now no doubts that he only had to follow the guidance and inspiration of God to accomplish any task that was asked of him. Since he knew what is at stake, the outfit and the revelation to appease the dictator’s thirst for some attention would succeed. He had to have faith, just like Daniel in a lion’s den.

The young man could think fast on his feet and if he failed that day, then it would make the resistance harder for others to restore the constitution and a freedom that many took for granted. Many must learn that freedom has to be constantly fought for every day or it merely ceases to exist. Bravery exists in the hearts of valiant men and women for a reason and they are leaders that a civilization looks to for protection and guidance.

The young man was willing to enter the viper pit of evil for one reason. It is to preserve the lives of the women and men that he loved and cared about, putting his own life in peril. It wasn’t merely voicing words to stand up to an administration of evil, but his words were backed up by actions on his part. He is what is called a Saturday’s warrior and like the warriors of the past, he knew that anything he is called to do would come to pass for God’s glory.

Many can talk a good game, which was seen all through the primaries and a constant barrage of rally’s to gain support, but when push comes to shove, a real leader would show those that support him that he was willing to stake every ounce of his reputation on doing what he said. It was called credibility and that separates the realists from the pretenders every time.

Now that the sun is starting to set once again in the west, casting shadows around the area of evil, it was time to put the plan into action. A final check of the ice in his bag was made and he didn’t know if he would return alive. A sign of strength is present and he had the support of those that were with him. Diana had tears in her eyes as she knew that she may never see her friend in that life again and she had to give him a hug or kiss for luck.

Shaking the hands of the other members of his team, it was known that the actions in the next few hours would tell the tale. If he returned with his head intact and without any obvious holes in his body, he had succeeded on what he called a quest of a lifetime. He had faith in God and he was now about to embark on a journey of faith that others wouldn’t be able to accomplish.

Waving to everyone a final time, it was time to leave the mine and walk to the crest of the plateau armed with only a spear and a sword. They wanted to watch his ascent up the slope and when he reached the top, the young man is reciting the 23rd Psalm from the ‘Old’ testament of the bible. It is fitting that it was written by another man that shared his name, which was David, and it made him feel like yet another David that would slay the giant Goliath.

The Psalm he recited was:

“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures

He leadeth me beside the still waters, He restoreth my soul

He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear

no evil, for thou art with me.

Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies

Thou anointest my head with oil, my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life

And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

Now that the young man was approaching the house of evil, he noticed an unusual scent surrounding him and it was caused by what many had called a ‘corpse’ flower. He was definitely walking through the valley of the shadow of death and the flower merely reinforced that thought in his mind. At least it wasn’t overpowering and as he approached the front door, alarms sounded in the area, and secret-service agents surrounded him within seconds.

They were demanding to know the reason behind his appearance and why he was trespassing on government property. After telling them that he is sent by the president’s good friend in Russia, since he had also entertained him at one time, which was a small lie, but he felt inspired to say it, the men walked him through the front door. He would have to wait until clearance is given to allow him to move any further.

When the dictator’s secretary appeared, accompanied by the man that is put in the position of overlooking government security, they wanted to know the answers to basic questions. Who was he, why is he there, why was he sent to entertain the president, and they wanted to know if the spear and sword were needed, since they would have to be confiscated as weapons.

The young man stood tall and calmly answered their questions, where he is also noticing the television on the wall. A breaking news story on all of their media stations of propaganda was saying that the two nations were mourning the loss of the two leaders and funeral arrangements were going to be made. The heads of state for many nations would be in attendance to lay the men to rest. It was tragic and after the investigation was completed, they blamed the chopper crash on human error.

That was interesting and they were lying through their teeth, but they didn’t want the world to know that both men were assassinated under the airport in Denver. Turning his attention again to the men in front of him, they have the answers they needed, and they would have him wait yet again while they are going to inform the president that he is there to entertain them.

The young man was counting on the man’s ego being what he knew it was, which would give him clearance to put his plan in action. Just to be safe, he prayed for inspiration and guidance now that he is inside the lion’s den. The men kept looking at him suspiciously and they didn’t take they eyes off him. It must have looked strange to see a man dressed like an ancient warrior, but it would all be for naught if the president declined his invitation.

When the secretary to the president returned, he told the young man that a performance that night would be accepted and for the president’s protection, secret-service agents would surround the perimeter of the ‘throne’ room. If it is noticed that he wanted to harm the president in any way, the men will be given orders to shoot him immediately. That was fine and the men escorted him to what they called the ‘throne’ room.

What an ego the man had and he really did see himself as their new king of the nation, not just its president. If the ‘king’ liked his performance, he has an interesting proposition in mind and the young man would then be hired to do his act at all his hotels around the world. All he had to do was swear loyalty to the new ‘king’ and swear his allegiance for the rest of his life.

That was interesting and he knew that the new president had given a royal family of Saudi Arabia billions in new weapons and that was done to add to his totals of hotels, resorts, golf courses, plus he had new hotels in Turkey, Indonesia, the Philippines, Buenos Aeries, which added to his wealth. That wasn’t all the ‘king’ wanted to tempt him with to sell his soul to Satan.

He would tempt the man with millions of dollars for his trouble, his plane to travel, plus all the women he could handle to make him happy. The offer is tempting, but it reminded the young man of the tempting of Satan, where he offered the Savior the world, its riches, and untold joy if he accepted their offer.

Now he understood how so many threw away their loyalty to the men and women they represented so easily. They are bribed with offers that are hard to turn down, leading them to kneel in slavery at his feet. Standing in silence for a moment, the young patriot told him that he would let him know what is decided after he finished her performance.

For the young man, the power of inspiration nullified the offers and he was a man of principal, integrity, honor, and nothing offered could make him see everything he believed in compromised for thirty pieces of silver. His eternal salvation meant more to him than to become another Judas. His mother gave him the name David - not Judas, and his plan remained his focus that night.

As he walked into the room, the young man can see a solid-gold throne and the dictator was seated on the throne with a crown of diamonds, gold, and an abundance of other precious stones adorning it. Since he is standing inside a building that exhibits pure evil and the power of Satan, men were constantly looking at him and whispering to each other.

It was at that moment that the words of the pilot flooded his memory, when he talked about how Elijah prayed for a heavenly army of men to stand over each man and strike them blind. Instead of blindness, the young man prayed that the tongues of each person would be confused that is reminiscent of the ‘tower of Babel’. The men and women he saw could talk and murmur against him, but their words wouldn’t be understood.

Now that he was standing in front of the evil and vindictive dictator, there was silence from the masses and he introduced himself to the ‘king’. That is so funny and it reminded him of when Moses stood in front of Pharaoh and he demanded that he should let his people go. The Pharaoh refused and then Moses had Aaron stretch for his staff. The young man didn’t have a staff, but he had his spear that he placed on the floor at his feet.

As everyone shook their head in disbelief, the spear turned into a cobra and the crowd erupted in applause. He could see the amazement in the face of an evil man, so he took the snake in his hands and turned it back into a spear. It gave him confidence that God is with him and he would do other tricks that he had often performed to amuse small children at parties.

He would tell jokes that had others laughing in amusement and when it has appeared in his mind that it was time to unleash the meteorite, he asked for a man or woman from the audience to assist him. A woman volunteered and it was the dictator’s daughter, since she demanded to be included in his actions that night. She was determined that she shouldn’t be left out and of course, it was accepted immediately.

She wanted to know what she had to do and the young man was more than accommodating. He wanted her to place a piece of ice in his mouth, so he is incapable of talking. That would reveal his talents as a ventriloquist, which was already one of his talents that he used to make children laugh. She was to remove the biggest piece she could find in his bag and it filled his mouth once he gave her the command to do it.

First though, he wanted her to remove the meteor sphere from the bag. She would then hold it firmly in her hands above her head and she is to hold onto it until the mist emitted totally filled the room. She could carry it around, so everyone could see it, and that would be part of the illusion he presents.

He would then speak to everyone through the meteor with the ice chunk in his mouth. It is a simple request and once she removed the meteor and put it on the floor in front of her, everyone noticed that the mist started to surround it. She then put the ice in his mouth, so he couldn’t speak, and it is raised into the air, so it could be seen by everyone in the room.

As the mist filled the room, they could hear a voice through the mist and it was the voice of the young man. He chastised them for their actions and that men and women inside the room are being judged according to their actions against God, the people, and the nation. They openly endorsed the slaughter of millions of men and women, their children, and they had openly mocked God. It was now time to accept the repercussions of their actions.

Once those words were said, the strange mist rose higher around everyone and they were gasping for air. The young man could hear the dictator telling everyone that it is all their fault and even at the end of his rule, he wouldn’t accept responsibility for his own actions. He tried to order his men to shoot the young man, but they had already perished inside the mysterious mist.

As he tried to stand and walk towards the young man, he heard the words ‘You’re Fired’ as he then collapsed on the floor in front of his throne. It was a moment the young man cherished and he had to continue putting some ice in his mouth, so he wouldn’t suffer the same fate as the whole corrupt and evil administration. The ‘king’ was dead, including his whole administration, and their evil reign of terror had come to an end.

Walking around the room, he noticed that the dead would include everyone that was bribed to support him, the president’s family, the vice-president, the speakers of both the House and Senate, and also everyone that had played an important part as traitors to the nation. They had received a punishment that was worthy of their lives and it would allow the citizens to live in freedom.

They could then vote for a new president that would support and honor the constitution. The new leader would overturn all the lunacy that is embraced, so the nation could move forward again. It was a new beginning and through the inspiration and glory of God, he could restore his blessings, instead of a wrath that he reserved for the wicked.

As the young patriot looked in the direction of the sphere, he noticed that it was now lying in a pool of ashes and the mist had also disappeared. There is no doubt in his mind now that it was preserved to come forth at that time to destroy evil and everyone that had knelt to the corruption and lies of Satan. It had served its purpose and now it was destroyed.

At least the immoral and corrupt man that many had embraced wouldn’t be a factor in the future generations of a nation any longer. He made his choice to follow Satan and he was judged and removed from the earth.

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