The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Twenty-Six - A Daring Rescue

For the young patriot, the words would then appear in his mind that it was often said that it is better for one man to perish, than for the whole nation to dwindle in unbelief. That was now the case and righteous men are often told to slay wicked men, so others can benefit through their actions.

No one inside their world of turmoil should ever stand in silence and have their lives dictated to them by others. Only a foolish man would be willing to kneel in submission to tyranny while a brave man puts his life on the line for the purpose to defend the same person that doesn’t care from harm. Now that the tyrant was dead, it was now up to the people to walk the narrow path, or walk the same path yet again that led to oppression, death, and sorrow.

Before leaving the house, the young man wanted to check out every room, indoor garden, plus signs that played a part in the corruption and evil that is documented over the past century. His first stop was the garden, where they had a large altar erected for sacrifices to Satan. They also had the signs of a star and crescent moon hanging on the walls.

As he stood by the altar, tears streamed down his face, because this is their altar where the young girl was killed that he heard about in the journals. The girl’s death was now vindicated and he would ensure that the house wouldn’t see atrocities like that any longer in the future. It would have to be destroyed, with all the bad memories it had created over the years.

Checking out the rest of the rooms, the young man noticed that the dictator had installed a solid-gold bathroom, there were crystal chandeliers in almost every room, and material wealth was flaunted on every level. When he came to the door of the room that was used for meetings, he couldn’t believe what is in front of him.

There were trophies hanging on the walls of many animals that were facing extinction and he couldn’t believe that the dictator’s family had no respect at all for animals that would soon disappear through the selfishness of others. It was obviously that these creations of nature meant nothing to their sons that killed them for a trophy to hang on the wall. It saddened him and at least the other animals aren’t going to suffer the same fate any longer.

Moving to the last tower, he noticed that the room was nicely decorated in its décor and many pictures were hanging on the walls of the president and a host of teenaged girls in compromising positions. If the nation knew what is in that room, proving beyond all doubt how perverted and sadistic he was, it would have turned their stomachs and no one would have voted for him.

He was now seen as pure evil and the notches he made on the headboard is an indication of his perversion and total disregard for women. It showed he had raped at least a thousand young girls for his own selfishness while inside the house of evil, tying them up with chains, and they were probably from a ‘death’ camp that was built next to the house.

He could only imagine that he would give the women an option. They are either going to allow him to destroy their honor, or he would send them back to the ‘death’ camps, where they would then be burned alive in the furnace. It wasn’t the kind of choice any woman should be forced to make, but he loved the appearance of beautiful women and he had an abundance of them that he had ordered transported there daily.

The man was definitely perverted and mentally unstable to hold the office, but many knew about his immorality, his perversion, how he groped women in public, and no one cared. Many made excuses saying boys will be boys in total lunacy. It defied logic how so many could live their lives in delusion in that day and age.

Now that he was back in the front lobby of the house, he noticed steps that led downwards and his curiosity was quickened. What was concealed below the interior of the house and why were the steps made of marble? There was only one way to find out and as he arrived at the bottom of the staircase, the sight in front of him turned his blood cold.

The whole basement level of the house contained glass coffins with their headstones praising the men for their crimes against others. The men must have been buried in the unhallowed cemetery over the years and the owner that built the house merely moved the bodies and tombstones to the house. It could only be estimated that there were hundreds of the coffins in neat rows.

At the far end of the room was a large mural that depicted a man sitting on a throne of gold. Behind him was the world and many women crying for the children they were holding in their arms. The pentagram was engraved onto the marble tiles and the young man had seen enough.

As he was leaving, he heard a voice that said the battle may be lost, but as long as men harbor evil thoughts, are selfish, and value greed, the war for all the souls of man will never end. Others will rise to take the place of men that are slain, so a world of pestilence, sorrow, death, and blasphemy will live on and prosper in the hearts of others.

Hearing the words sent shivers rushing up and down his spine, because he knew that was the goal of the prince of darkness. He would continue and the war would be fought on every continent until man decided that temptings of Satan weren’t wanted any longer.

When they embraced righteousness in their daily lives, the power of Satan would no longer have meaning or power over others and true peace and joy would then be seen inside the perimeters of every nation. As long as many of the individuals could be bought, are gullible, they are ignorant of knowledge and wisdom, they would continue to follow others like innocent lambs to the slaughter.

As the patriot left the basement, he knew that the General had his ‘Stealth’ bombers ready and they would destroy everything on the plateau, including all the ‘death’ camps that were inside the nation’s boundaries. He couldn’t be more thankful for the total destruction of the house of horrors that he would see with his own eyes.

At least now he understood why no one wanted to speak about their duties inside the house through their renovations over the years. If the citizens that called the small town their home knew what the house contained, they would probably burn it to the ground, and hang everyone that lived inside it. There were no excuses available for what he saw and it explained why the original owner hired out-of-state men for the work he wanted done.

Now that phase two of the plan was completed, the young man disabled all the alarm systems and opened the front door. Only the darkness of the night surrounded him and the air chilled his bones. He could see the lights of their ‘concentration’ camp and the voices of the men echoed around him. That was his next goal and he understood that the others would be worried.

Walking down the embankment that led to the plateau, he retraced steps he had taken earlier. When he had arrived at the entrance to the mine, he would notice that no one was there. Where were the two men that accompanied him on the missions that day, but he also wanted to know what had happened to a couple that he loved dearly as friends?

They wouldn’t go wandering through the mines on their own and perhaps a patrol had left the plateau to walk around the area. That was possible, due to the fact he had arrived without a vehicle of any kind. Perhaps the group have sought cover, since they weren’t aware that he had succeeded on his quest.

Now that he was alone, he removed the flashlight from his pack that he left with the group, since he only carried the meteor to the old house in a plastic bag. At least all his toys were still inside the pack he took everywhere and he had access to his guns, ammo, and other items he collected on the journey.

Shining his light down the tunnel in front of him was dark and eerie. When he eventually arrived at the opening that had the red-haired giants encased in ice, nothing looked out of place in the chamber. The absence of blood was a good sign that they were still alive and they could be hiding anywhere.

Continuing his journey through the tunnel, he would arrive at the area they saw and he was able to change his clothes, which warmed his skin, since an old breastplate, helmet, cloth shorts, and shoes weren’t very warm. Now that he was ready to continue, he lit a cigarette, and walked to the ladder that had taken him into the shed of the ‘death’ camp earlier.

Looking up the ladder, he noticed that the trap door was open and that was strange. He was sure that he closed it when he returned to the tunnel, after he looked through the window at the camp. The group couldn’t climb the ladder and enter the camp without him - or would they? There is no explanation for them to put their lives into danger like that and then another idea entered his head. They would climb the ladder to the camp - if they were being forced.

If that is the case, he would have to climb the ladder again and see what is happening during his absence from his friends. Just the idea that they might be captured created emotions that made him angry. No one knew they were there and if the ‘Jihadist’ groups that were roaming the camp saw his friends, he didn’t want to see them hurt or tortured in any way.

There had to be a clue in the area that would confirm his worst suspicions, but he couldn’t go by footprints, since they stood at the bottom of the stairs earlier. Perhaps something was dropped, or left behind that would answer his question and he would have to look thoroughly around the area of the ladder. If nothing is there, perhaps something was dropped in the shed that would be helpful.

There was definitely nothing under the ladder and after his cigarette would be extinguished, he made sure that the silencer was attached to the barrel of his ‘Ak 47’, before he even attempted to climb the stairs. Before he could do anything else however, he noticed something strange on the soul of his boot.

He had put out the cigarette and that had moved the sand under him. There was a sticky substance on the bottom of his boot and it looked like blood. He knew that wasn’t good and removing a brush from his pack, he moved sand around, exposing a large blood pool that someone had covered to conceal it.

Everything now made sense and with a sentry on duty at the ladder, he was surprised and killed. That allowed men from the camp to descend the ladder and it wouldn’t be hard for them to walk up the tunnel to where the others in the patriot group were living.

Seeing them would then be reported, which is the reason the ladies would be dispatched to win their confidence. No one would look for the sentry that was probably disposed of in the furnace of the camp. As they were sleeping, the men could sneak through the tunnel and remove the weapons the men are keeping close to them. It then turned into a slaughter and explained why they heard whistles for the men to storm the room so quickly.

Diana and her husband must have heard them in the tunnel and they hid in the shadows until they had all entered the chamber and focused on the men and women that were lying on the ground in their sleeping bags. That could explain how they were able to enter the tunnel and escape. They were lucky that no one remained in the tunnel, or they would now be a casualty too.

With the ladder leading up to the small hut, if the group remained at their station that is near the entrance to the mine, either Lita or Carol could have climbed down the ladder again to surprise them from behind. They were the type of individuals that would take delight in the suffering of others and the ladies could have used any excuse or lie they devised at the time.

It would be risky, but the young patriot would have to enter the camp and see if he could rescue his friends from the clutches of terrorists that couldn’t care less if people died around them. He would have to use discernment and inspiration to guide his footsteps now and at least the darkness of the night is going to benefit him. Unfortunately, that would have its drawbacks too.

Being on the plateau earlier had shown him that any noise would echo and that was the last thing he wanted. It would bring out the whole army against him and he would be a sitting duck in the shooting gallery of the fair if he is exposed or attracted any attention whatsoever. Perhaps a clue would confirm that they are in the camp, which would make things easier.

As he reached the open door above the stairs, he noticed a small container and it belonged to Diana. It was a small vial of perfume that had been rolled towards the window and all his doubts were removed that they were now in the hands of the enemy. He was hoping that he wouldn’t see anything and it would allow him to search the tunnels, but he would now have to enter their camp and take his chances that they are still alive.

He needed a plan and as he walked to the window, everything around him appeared to be quiet. There were no patrols of men walking near him, which would allow him to leave the hut, but the guard towers continued to shine a light across the campus towards the high fences. Men on the towers were all snipers and they were told to shoot anyone that dared to cross the first wire.

This was an interesting situation and he would need guidance again for his next moves. Praying with diligence, the image of the man that was located in the nearest tower came into his mind. If he used the scope on his weapons, it would allow him to shoot the sniper and that would give him access to their barracks. It was worth a try and focusing on the head of the sniper, he pulled the trigger and the man fell backwards into the tower.

That was one down and he had to keep the element of surprise with him for the rest of his plan to unfold that would allow him to rescue his friends. That is easier said than done however, but he could leave the shed now. He knows that the man in the second tower could create a problem. He was looking the other way and he had to think of something that would bring him to the side of the tower and into the sights of his scope.

He had it and he would use bird calls, since the sound would echo, and the man would check it out. Using the call of a crow, which weren’t native to the area, he kept making the sound until it caught the man’s attention. When the sniper walked over to the other side of the tower, the trigger is pulled and he too collapsed inside the tower. He could only hope that it wouldn’t be a shift change or the bodies would be discovered very quickly.

With the men removed from the equation, it was time to creep along a wall that would take him to the door that took him inside the building. That could be a mistake, so he would have to use one of the exit doors. He could us one of his gadgets to pry open the door, but there was an alarm attached that will alert everyone that the door had opened. That would have to be addressed to disable the alarm. A gum wrapper would be used to keep the circuit intact.

Fortunately, he picked up the gum in New York and folding the wrapper to create what would be used as a circuit bypass, the wrapper is used before the door can open. His knife then clicked the locking mechanism and he crossed his fingers on both hands that when he has opened the door, his technique is going to work to his advantage.

At least the alarm didn’t sound on the door and that was a good thing, since he would have been surrounded by enemy agents very quickly if it sounded, especially if he had triggered an alarm on the main panel. Being on his own meant no mistake could be made, since the lives of his friends would now be in his hands.

Now that he checked the hall in front of him for motion through a spy-cam he carried that was like a small camera, he entered the building and closed a door he had used so it didn’t click again. Picking up the camera in their pawn shop had paid dividends and it is like God put everything he needed for their quest into his hands earlier.

He would have to trust his instincts again and listen to the still, small voice if he wanted to know the direction he would walk. He wanted to go towards his friends - not further away from them. Feeling that he was inspired to go to his left, the patriot crept along the corridor very cautiously.

As he walked, he remained alert for voices or footsteps. Hopefully it would remain vacant and he wouldn’t encounter anyone. That would be a dream for him however, because he had only taken a few steps when a man suddenly is standing in front of him. He is shot immediately and he would then drag him into a small room that the janitors used for cleaning the building.

It was fortunate, because it allowed him to put on a pair of coveralls over a shirt he is wearing and his pants. It also helped him to pull out the cart and it didn’t take long to mop up the blood of his victim. The garbage container on the cart would be used to hide his gun and his pack, so anyone seeing him is going to believe he worked there. He also slipped his ID tag around his neck.

As the young man thanked God for protecting him again, he pushed one of the cleaning carts down the hall until he heard voices coming from a room to his right. There were no doubts that they were female voices. When he then looked through the small window of their door, he saw two women that look familiar from the past, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen either of them before. Perhaps it was the social media where he knew them from.

It was obvious that the women were in distress, since their hands were tied behind them on a chair. The door was locked and he would have to pick the lock if he wanted to free them. It wasn’t hard and he had the tool in his bag. He would also have to make sure that no one was walking down the corridor at the same time he toyed with the lock.

As the lock clicked, he opened the door and pushed the cart inside. Both of the women were scared and yet they both had the courage of prize fighters. It was funny when they started cursing him out and as he smiled at many of their insults and derogatory remarks, he asked them to remain silent, so they could hear what he had to say. He told them that he was there to free them in a few minutes, but he wanted to know who they are.

The ladies told him that their names were Paula and Joan and they were at the ‘death’ camp because they made the mistake of believing a sheriff that is going to knock on their door. They were playing with the dogs they babysat for a friend and the sheriff had walked into the back yard of the home. They were startled by his appearance, but he would tell them that he is there for a special purpose.

He is there to tell them the area was being evacuated and since they weren’t armed in any way, they were suddenly surrounded by a small group of men that had guns. They were pushed onto a bus and they are now inside an eerie ‘death’ camp that they had heard about earlier. The men kept ogling them at the entrance of the camp and they were probably sizing them up for marriage.

They promised their friend Diana that they wouldn’t let anyone hurt any of the dogs and they felt bad that they had let her down. They had become great friends on a social media site before the internet went dark, but they had her phone number. Now that they said that, he remembered where he knew them from and he introduced himself. The ladies were happy to see him, but if the young man was going to help, it wasn’t possible to escape without weapons.

As they talked inside the room, he couldn’t untie them completely, because if he set them free, it would jeopardize his rescue efforts for his friend Diana and her husband Michael. If they can tell him anything that might help them find her, it would be appreciated. Judging from their expressions, the ladies weren’t surprised at all by that comment, which shocked him.

After thinking for a few minutes, the ladies remembered seeing them pass their door and there were two women walking behind them in black outfits. The ladies looked familiar, but they didn’t know where they were headed. It was at least a start and as he cut the cords on their hands half-way through, they were instructed to remain quiet until he returned.

Opening the door and pushing the janitor’s cart into the hallway again, they watched as two men walked past him and laughed. They could tell from the language that they were Russian and that only complicated things. When it was apparent that they didn’t suspect anything, he continued walking up the hall to the next series of doors. It must have been the ID tag he was wearing that enabled him to remain anonymous that night.

Looking through the glass, there was nothing that caught his attention, but he had to continue trying to find his friends. At least he knew what happened during his absence in the mine and his friends were surprised by traitors to a cause of freedom. There are now no doubts that the women climbed down a ladder for the purpose of checking the area for trespassers.

They just had to walk through the tunnel until they were behind them. That irritated him and there was no question now who they are. They were a pair of treasonous double agents that betrayed the nation and the cause of liberty and freedom. They were also responsible for attacking his girls in Utah. If he saw them again, he would make sure that they paid for their arrogance and it wouldn’t be pretty.

After turning the corner and walking a short distance up the hall, he heard angry voices coming from the room on the right and he recognized the voice he heard instantly. It was Diana and she wasn’t going to her death quietly. It was obvious that she knew who was in the room and from the accusations in the faces of the women, she was furious that they had shown their hypocrisy now. They yelled they supported the constitution, but they fought against it.

Standing outside the door, it appeared that it was the same women that are going to create many problems for his friend and her husband in the past. It was funny and she was an Irish/Italian gal that refused to back down. She is letting her red hair rival her temper and her husband remained quiet through the whole ordeal. She wasn’t the type anyone attacks or offends.

The women screamed that they had supported the candidate opposing their president, but when he left the race, they turned on him and the other men in the party that were fighting for conservative values. Since they had many of their connections, it wasn’t hard for them to trade loyalty for wealth and their new power over others.

They were screaming that the man they adored that also said he ran one of the nations new talk-radio shows didn’t attack anyone and he was merely an innocent bystander. Of course that was a lie, because the patriot had seen all the posts and many citizens demanded that he should remove them. He had refused and it created a hostile environment for everyone.

How ironic that the same women everyone hated on social media would be standing inside the room now as enemies of the nation. Perhaps they were a little mentally unstable themselves and they believed the lies they told. What made him laugh was the fiery exchange and when her husband called both of the women liars, he was sure they were going to shoot them immediately.

Pushing his cart to the door, the young man looked inside and he would be disappointed in what he saw. It is the two women that would accompany the team to the Denver Airport, but there were indications that the women were trying to play both sides against the middle for their own benefit. From what they said, they were talking out of both sides of their mouths, praising some statements, but then contradicting them at the same time.

That was something the young man didn’t tolerate and you are loyal to the nation or you aren’t. There is no room for hypocrisy, especially when it puts others in danger for their own benefit. The citizens either support the words of the founding fathers or they don’t. They can’t have it both ways, and he is going to solve the problem, once he is certain who is in the room.

Knowing that he could eliminate the traitors that had fooled him earlier, he wanted to make sure no one else was in the room with them that he wouldn’t expect. That would use creativity and he had his small snake spy-cam that is going to suit his needs. He had now used it to his benefit earlier and the tiny screen would answer his questions.

As long as no one walked down the hall, he would be able to slide his little camera under the door and see who is inside the room. It is a chance that he had to take and removing it from his bag, it would only take him a second to slide it under the door.

When the small monitor is in focus, he could see a woman standing by the far wall looking towards the door, a woman in front of Diana, plus he could see her husband. The agent that he knew is sitting at the back of the room.

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