The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Twenty-Seven - Escape From Hell

At least they hadn’t killed him and it explained why he couldn’t find them. When they went to turn off the air-conditioning unit, they surprised him, and they must have known of another exit from the complex. Now that he knew that only two hostiles were in the room, he couldn’t use a ‘chloroform’ bomb because it would knock out everyone.

He needed the three hostages alert to escape from the ‘death’ camp. This is going to be a challenge and he couldn’t rush into the room with guns blazing either, in case stray shots hit the hostages. Knowing he needs a distraction to get the enemy agents out of the room, a thought came into his mind. There is something in his pack that would create the diversion he needed.

He had smoke grenades and if he activated them outside the door, smoke is going to seep through the opening at the bottom of the door. It would create curiosity, especially if he yelled fire outside the door. The corridor would fill with smoke and that would limit their visibility. He would stand near the end of the hallway where he turned the corner and lying on his stomach, he could use the silencer on his weapon to dispose of them.

It was worth a try and that is what he would do. Removing two grenades in his bag, he then removed his weapon and pulled the pins. As the smoke left a small canister outside the door, the other one was put on the other side of the locked door to create the illusion he desired. He then rushed up the corridor.

Now that he was lying flat on his stomach with his gun aimed at their door, it didn’t take long for the door to open and the two women emerged. It would be strange that they are speaking Arabic and since the smoke was thick, he is going to have trouble focusing on his targets.

Closing his eyes and praying that he could receive a clear shot, he has fired at the first target and then at the second target rapidly. The women had fallen inside the corridor, but he wasn’t sure whether they were still alive, since his shots could have struck them anywhere. This is a moment he dreaded and he is going to walk up the corridor, without knowing if the women were armed.

As he approached the two women in the corridor of the ‘death’ camp, there was the sound of one of the women gasping for air and the other woman has been killed. Standing over them, there were no weapons seen, which would surprise him, and the look of hatred in the eyes of the woman had sent chills through his body.

He wanted to ask questions, but all she kept repeating when she recognized him was she should have killed the women in Utah. He would know what it was like to have those he loved murdered. When he asked why, she told him that the man he killed in Utah was her husband. The woman he had killed in the corridor was her sister and she hated him for what he had done.

When she was reminded that her husband had entered his room to kill him, she didn’t want to hear it, but she hoped that they would be killed in Denver. She hoped that the canisters would fail and the secret-service men that were in the room would shoot all three of them, which would be retribution for his actions. She loved her husband and sister and now he had killed them both.

Looking straight into his eyes, she then started yelling praise to her god for allowing her to die as a martyr to her faith. Gasping again for air, it was only another moment or two and she took her last breath. At least he understood why they did what they did and they were enemy agents. Both of the women had lived in Nigeria and it was obvious that they converted when threatened.

Knowing that he would have to act quickly, since the smoke could set off an alarm, which would attract attention, the young man rushed into the room and everyone was very happy to see him. Cutting their cords, he removed a couple of handguns from his bag for Michael and the agent to use. It would be a daring escape now from a camp that was designed for death and there is no time for hugs or kisses of gratitude.

Hearing that he had to rescue Joan and Paula from the other room too, they would then leave the same way he entered earlier. He knew that they weren’t prepared to take on the whole garrison of troops with a couple of weapons. If they escaped with their lives intact, he would be happy with that and then the group could devise a plan later to destroy the camp.

Leaving the room and retracing his steps back to the other room, his friend is going to be the sentry as he finished releasing the two women from bonds on their hands. With them cut halfway earlier, it only took a second to finish the job. Now that they were assembled and entered the corridor, there was a sound that he had hoped to avoid.

It was the sound of men rushing down the corridor from another area of the camp and that spelled trouble. The group would have to devise another way out of the camp and that wouldn’t be easy. That is when Michael had an idea and when they were walking him towards the interrogation room where they were held captive, he noticed that men, women and children were prisoners in another large room.

They were being forced to watch large coffins pushed into the incinerators that would turn them into dust. That had to be the worst torture anyone with an evil temperament could ever inflict on others. Only an evil individual was capable of making others watch helplessly, as they pushed large coffins that contained their loved ones into a furnace of roaring flames.

Knowing that the furnace had to be cleaned of soot and ashes of victims in the room, they had to have a door to remove the ash to spread on the plateau outside the camp. That could work in their favor and it was worth a try. They would follow Michael to the door he noticed earlier and see what is available. He was armed and being a former ‘Army Ranger’, he knew how to defend all the members of their group.

The ‘special-forces’ agent was a martial-arts and a demolition expert. If he wanted to destroy something, he had the expertise to accomplish his task. It was known that the young man still had the bag containing enough ‘C4’ for him to level the camp if he decided to do that.

As they approached the room that Michael had seen earlier, the young man had to unlock the door and once it opened, he was surprised to see hundreds of men, women, and children sitting on the floor. It is obvious that many of them are now undernourished and the sadistic monsters inside the camp have put them in the room and then waited for them to die.

That could escalate the anguish they felt, when many of their loved ones in the camp were placed in the coffins. Having the men and women then push a cart with the coffins into the furnace would be the ultimate injustice that they can suffer. Seeing the sadness in the eyes of the children broke his heart and they had to be saved from certain death too now.

The young man was now determined to get everyone out of the camp and it didn’t matter any longer how it was achieved. With Michael standing guard at the entrance to the room, he was handed a block of ‘C4’ and the detonator was inserted. If anyone approached the room, he was given orders to throw it in the direction of the invading men. The percussion blast could eliminate all the men very quickly, since they are approaching through a confined area.

As Michael watched the door, the young man disarmed the alarm before he unlocked the door. Pushing it open, he noticed the men in the towers and the weapons they have could kill many of the hostages, so they had to be taken out of the equation. He didn’t care if he had to hide his presence. He is now focused on one goal and that was to get everyone out alive.

Aiming his weapon, he fired and the first guard fell backwards. He would then have to leave the building to focus on the other tower and once a man inside is eliminated, the fence surrounding the camp wouldn’t make things easy. It had to be eliminated and wire cutters weren’t in his bag. It will only hold so many toys and wire cutters were an item he had overlooked.

He needed a diversion however to accomplish his plan and he is carrying grenades in his pack. He would need help however and three of the men in the room volunteered to execute his plan. They were veterans of the war in ‘Vietnam’ and they didn’t want their age to be a disadvantage. Even though they are in their sixties and early seventies, they would still fight to protect the nation that they loved and have fought for.

As they were briefed on their mission and handed the grenades, it would be up to them to create a diversion on the other side of the camp. Explosions in the camp would attract the men that are working for the government and the men would then see explosions taking place in other areas at the same time. Other veterans volunteered to search for weapons during the diversion and grenades would be sufficient to defend themselves.

The garrison of men in the camp would be focused on them and wouldn’t notice another explosion on that side of the camp. While that is taking place, a brick of ‘C4’ would be put inside one of the coffins, it would be pushed to the outside fence where it would be detonated. They hoped that an explosion at the perimeter fence would be big enough to let them leave the camp.

That is what they hoped for and then everyone could leave the camp for the road that has been created up to the plateau. They would be in plain sight for snipers and the men inside the camp to shoot them, but that was a chance the group had to take. They would have to have faith that God would spare them.

Diana knew where the entrance was to the mine and once they have arrived in the chamber where all her friends are killed, they will then have access to food, water, and the armory of weapons that are stored there. That is the goal to achieve, but they had to get off the plateau alive first.

Now that the ‘C4’ is inserted inside the coffin and it was carried to the area of the fence that would help them escape, the three veterans were handed the grenades to create a diversion. The other veterans that had volunteered for a mission to obtain weapons also left the area to scavenge whatever they could find that would help them.

All they could do now is wait outside the barracks. At least no one entered the room containing the large furnace and that was a miracle from God. If it happened and they noticed that the people were missing, it could render their diversion tactics irrelevant. When the first explosion took place and it would shake the ground below them, it was too late now to abort the mission.

That was followed by other explosions on the other side of the camp and it led to machine-guns being fired at the veterans. It appeared that grenades are thrown in the direction of the guard towers and they were also falling. There is a purpose for that and with men still in the towers, they could see clearly if the citizens were trying to leave the plateau. It was an awesome idea by one of the veterans to take them out.

When three more explosions took place, one of the veterans that went on a scavenger hunt rushed back to the location with his arms filled with many of the semi-auto guns. He looked strange with belts around his neck that would be used for ammunition. He had found their ammunition bunker and seeing a timer, he had set the explosive device to go off in ten minutes.

Knowing that they didn’t have time now to delay their explosion, the bomb inside the casket was rigged and the detonator plunger was compressed. The explosion knocked everyone off their feet, but it left a gaping hole in a fence that was used to prevent them from escaping.

If the bomb was set inside the ammunition bunker that contains many high explosives, the explosion would be huge, and they were now racing against a clock, giving them a window of only five-plus minutes now. That definitely destroys the ‘death’ camp and everyone in it.

They would have to rush now down the plateau and get to safety, since the percussion winds could kill anyone that is standing in front of it. Since many men were now armed with the guns that the veteran provided, anyone seen is shot and left behind, unless they weren’t part of their group. The women and all the children were led down the plateau by Diana, Joan, and Paula.

Once they reached the bottom of the plateau, they heard what sounded like a nuclear bomb exploding behind them. The smoke cloud was huge and the blast knocked everyone off their feet again, since the ground is shaking in a way that resembled an 8.9 earthquake on the ‘Richer’ scale. At least everyone is safe and they were rescued from the ‘death’ camp.

Women were crying, children were holding onto their parents, and even all the men were giving thanks to God for delivering them out of the clutches of evil men that want to exterminate them. They could only mourn the loss of a group of men, women and children that had perished in the furnace, but they were grateful that they could have another chance to repent of their sins.

Knowing that the chamber inside the mine was no place for the women and children, the men held their breath when they entered and moved all the food, water, and supplies to the other shafts that would suit their purpose. It would be funny when the patriots walked towards the end of the mine that contains the red-haired ‘giants’.

Looking out at the plateau, there was only a huge crater remaining and they noticed that the blast had destroyed both the house of evil and a ‘death’ camp that was designed to destroy life since it was created. The young man finally had the opportunity to relax and he didn’t want everyone thanking him for a part he played in their liberation from evil. That glory belonged to God only and he was merely a servant in his hands to participate in the resistance.

As the young man walked amongst the men and women that were saved in the daring escape from the concentration camp, there was one person that is recognized and it was Ginger. She had tried to hide amongst the others, but he would know her face anywhere.

Walking up to her, he only had one question and why did she abandon him from her life. She would answer that it was a combination of the drugs, plus she had chosen to listen to her sister that felt he wasn’t good enough for her. She was confused from popping ‘Xanax’ and the alcohol had distorted what she saw as a priority in her life. She felt bad for what she had done to him in the last year, but she now understood that she had made a mistake.

Unfortunately, it was now his turn and he wanted her to know that he has forgiven her. He had met another woman that he now loved dearly and that will lead to him spending the rest of his life with her. He wanted to thank a woman that rekindled hope and showed him what it was like to love again for the years they created many happy memories. If she needed anything in the years that followed, he would be happy to help her.

After giving her a hug, he walked away and it was time to alert the base in Utah that their mission was accomplished. The dictator was disposed of and also the traitors in their midst. He could now send a chopper to pick up their survivors and return him to Utah. He wants to check on the health of special ladies that made him happy.

When the chopper arrived, everyone was happy to climb aboard and it will be easier to live in a small town again, instead of mines, ‘death’ camps, and a situation where they couldn’t trust others around them. It was time to put the third phase of their operation into practice and it could take back their nation from tyranny.

As they rode inside the chopper, news stations were reporting the same old song and dance and how the nation was prospering. Unemployment was at a low that the nation hadn’t seen in generations, the dollar is strong against all the currencies of the world, and the economy was booming. They are forced to create news surrounding the government, because they weren’t hearing the lies and manipulated stories any longer to tell the world.

It was nice to see the media squirming in their seats to find something that would keep the world informed about the nation and they had no idea that a silent revolution was taking place. When citizens decide that they will live a life in freedom from oppression, the only obstacles they will encounter will be the obstacles they themselves create.

When the chopper landed at the complex in Utah, the celebrations that the dictator was dead were ongoing and everyone was ready to march across the nation they loved, so they could eliminate the rest of his followers. The men that are arriving from the ‘UN’ would discover why ‘Admiral Yamamoto’ had said that to attack the mainland United States is a suicide mission.

There is a gun behind every blade of grass and unlike the past, those guns were now in the hands of men and women that wouldn’t hesitate to fight and die to preserve freedom. It was now the spirit of 1776 repeated and there will be no excuses, no fence sitting, or denial allowed. The remaining citizens are given a choice to either live under the constitution or die as a traitor.

They were reminded bluntly that the wimps, cowards, and those that are all talk and no action were dead, having compromised liberty for security and it was known that they lost the battle. They wouldn’t have a chance any longer to fight against the principals that made their nation great, before politicians led the people into the gutters of evil, lies, perversion, immorality, and their trenches of corruption.

As the young man walked off the chopper, allowing the sick and elderly to receive medical aid first, he was excited to see two familiar faces looking in his direction. He didn’t have to say a word and they are now running towards him, with a love and appreciation in their faces that said welcome home.

As he reached out his arms, Brianna couldn’t wait to give him a hug and a kiss to welcome him back. Natalia had waited impatiently to do the same for her new dad and when it was her turn, he couldn’t contain his tears of joy. It was the greatest blessing of his life and the smile on his face is priceless.

This moment in time made his life worthwhile and knowing that he put the lives of others ahead of himself filled his heart with gratitude. He didn’t want to forget his best friend Diana and her husband and he wanted them to attend a wedding that wouldn’t wait any longer. Joan and Paula were happy for him and of course they were invited to attend too.

It is the first time that the three ladies had the opportunity to meet the men and their families that they had fought for and supported in the government. Meeting them in person reinforced their faith that they had made a decision that was right. When they were introduced to their wives and children, tears of joy were shed, because they restored their faith that the nation would be in good hands through them.

Unfortunately, the happy memories would be short-lived, because they are watching the General walking towards the young man. He has a new mission for him and he would lead the men into battle against men that had arrived in the nation from other countries that are communist or from the middle east. He wouldn’t be alone and the military were dispatched to help.

There is a shadow government involved that remained behind the scenes in hidden regions and his mission is to find them and expose them to the world. It is known that the men involved were behind everything that had happened and they wouldn’t take what happened lightly. They wouldn’t want to give a group of men power that they couldn’t control. They had one goal and that is world domination.

Exposing an evil organization wouldn’t be easy and the young man had his priorities. The first thing on the agenda was to marry his bride and then he is going to lead the armies of patriots across the nation from the ‘Pacific’ to the ‘Atlantic’ oceans. The time had arrived for the spirit of 1776 to be rekindled in the hearts of the citizens and they were fighting for their freedom.

Even though the dictator and the traitors in government were now dead, it didn’t mean that the spirit of evil had ended. There were still pockets of men and women that embraced the lies, hatred, vindictiveness, and corruption of the past and they would have to be exposed at the same time.

After breakfast was served the next morning for everyone, the citizens that were inside the complex would gather for a service that would pay homage to those that had given their lives for the nation. It was a full-military funeral for the men and women that gave their lives for the nation, and the flag was now at half mast.

Many tears were shed for loved ones that wouldn’t see the new dawn inside the nation and they were mourned. The General conducted the service and it was obvious from the way his voice cracked many times that he also felt the emotion that is shared by everyone in attendance. After the service ended, a press conference was called, and it was time to tell the nation what had now taken place.

Many couldn’t believe that the government was dissolved and it was now in the hands of four Senators that were running the nation until an election is going to be held. The citizens were told that the dictator and everyone that is involved with his tyranny were disposed of by the patriot forces through the secret coup. Unfortunately, over two-thirds of the citizens of the nation were exterminated by the dictator, before his reign of evil came to a close.

The leaders of the world were stunned that a small group of patriots could end tyranny and oppression, which caused them to rethink their own policies in the lives of their citizens. The enemies of the world were now identified in every way possible and ‘We the people’ wouldn’t tolerate treason any longer. The nation has laws to live under and there would be no exceptions.

As everyone contemplated the future of their nation, the young man could only focus on his bride and new daughter. He wanted to marry her more than anything else in his life and the nation wouldn’t cease to exist in the next few hours. After receiving permission from the General to enjoy the moment and relax from his previous actions, it would be granted with his blessing.

As everyone assembled in the large conference room, the young man stood in silence. When the wedding march started playing over the speakers on the walls, he turned to watch his bride walk towards him. She was wearing one of the gowns that she had tried on before she was attacked previously and it was gorgeous. Natalia wore a beautiful gown and so did Diana. The ladies in the wedding party looked absolutely beautiful and he felt his knees buckle.

When she arrived and stood next to him, his heart was pounding during the ceremony. He had never experienced such total happiness and joy before in his life and when he heard the words you are now husband and wife, tears in his eyes flowed without inhibitions or hesitation.

Now that it was time to kiss the bride, he lifted her veil and kissed her in a way that appeared to last forever. The days of being alone were over and he now had a wife and daughter that he would love and protect until the day he died. He would do everything in his power to bring happiness into their lives and show nothing but appreciation and respect for them.

After leaving the conference room, the couple would enjoy a quiet evening in their room and the honeymoon would have to wait. It was a moment that was enjoyed to the fullest and the men working at the complex were busy in the evening hours.

Now that they had restored communications, including the internet, having no fear that the dictator and his whole administration would receive the news of a revolution, every patriot group in the nation was told to leave the mines, tunnels, bomb shelters, and they were to go on the offensive against enemies of the nation that were still inside the perimeter borders.

The patriots were authorized to use deadly force against anyone wearing a ‘blue’ hat or that had ‘UN’ printed on their uniforms or clothing. The time had arrived to wipe out the enemy and armies of men and women are now on the march through every town, city, and county of the nation.

It was a moment that would have made the founding father’s proud of their actions, because as the flag of the nation was displayed with pride, they have marched in unison. The armies would meet resistance and patriots died, but they pressed forward to victory. For the families of the men and women that marched through the nation, they only had to decide where they want to live.

For the next month and a half, the armies walked through every state and it revealed that the corrupt government of the past had created many camps for terrorists and training men that wouldn’t hesitate to open fire on their citizens. The country was being run through the complex in Utah, so the military was provided for that are still serving on foreign soil.

Strong bonds were created, regardless of gender, race, color or creed and it created unity towards a common goal to restore the nation to its former glory. When the last shot was heard in the stillness of the night, victory was theirs. Sadly, millions had perished through the silent revolution, but the people put out a strong message that all enemies of the people would be dealt with in a harsh way, where evil or corruption would no longer be tolerated.

As the armies walked across the nation and their enemies were destroyed, a familiar sight greeted their eyes and they would see the destruction of bombs that had destroyed the major cities where many had called them home. They were now reduced to rubble, but the cities can be rebuilt. Many towns would resemble ghost towns of the west, but they too could become occupied again.

With factories sitting idle, stores and various shops closed to shoppers, the sight of eager men and women walking through the malls could appear again. Men and women would be hired by employers that would treat them fairly in their daily endeavors and it was time to rebuild the moral and ethical values of the past.

The people would be rewarded for their hard work and sacrifice and a two-party system was obsolete, ruled illegal under the constitution. The citizen’s would now vote for a new president that would uphold the laws and an oath they swore. No longer would the people tolerate fiction disguised as truth, or having their children taught topics that corrupted them.

The nation belonged to the people and it would be the people themselves in every state that would decree how they wanted to live each day. Crime, drug use, those smuggling drugs that were guilty of crimes were executed, since a courtroom would uphold the laws of the past, not the laws foolish men put in place to create confusion or pander to minorities.

The people were then asked to go to the voting booths and with an election of a new president that stood for honor and dignity, there would be major or significant changes inside the nation. The first order of business for the man that is elected as the new president, was to outlaw the government agencies. It also saw him overturn illegal executive orders of the past, the agency the people hated and is called the Federal Reserve is shut down.

Everyone in the nation would see a simple tax system created and that was going to be the same for everyone. Their government would now be back in the hands of the states, where the competent men and women were elected to run their states the way they were intended to be run.

The federal government would be responsible for securing the borders, the military, or securing treaties with other nations. The days of men living like kings were over. There were no more ‘freebies’ handed out to anyone and if a person was lazy and didn’t want to work, they would face the repercussions.

Everyone would work to help not only themselves, but their neighbors, so no one could elevate themselves above others in self worth. Men and women from other nations are encouraged to immigrate to a land of milk and honey, just as others had immigrated in the past to escape oppression and slavery.

Unfortunately, even though he knew they existed, the young patriot wasn’t able to find the shadow government or those that were involved with it. That was to be expected and they had either left the nation, or they disappeared in their underground fortresses that would protect them.

At least they would understand that if they showed their faces again, there is nowhere to run or hide, because they could be put to death immediately. It wasn’t the same nation that they have exploited for many years and there is a new sheriff in town that decreed it is a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people from now on.

The new laws that were passed would now apply to everyone or no one. It was also a government where men and women were elected with term limits and there were no exceptions. Since all the federal agencies were closed and would no longer function, education and caring for their citizens reverted to the states where the people lived. Ingenuity and knowledge was encouraged and rewarded, where no one would receive a free pass.

When it came to healthcare, it was put into the hands of the doctors that are qualified to practice their skills. Abortion isn’t healthcare and it was murder. With amniocentesis, Cesarean section, ultrasounds, plus many other tests for women, no woman will be in danger of losing her health through pregnancy and doctors saved lives - they didn’t destroy life.

Many areas of the nation now remained silent, and many companies would no longer be tolerated that had led to disease, pestilence, GMO’s, poisoning of the environment, or that threatened the health of others. The states control the land and the federal government only had the freedoms they are granted under the constitution.

The people would no longer have to settle for the lesser of two evils when it came to electing others to preside over them, since government service is now voluntary, with no government salaries or special exemptions and perks that had led to the downfall of the nation. It was understood by everyone that calls the nation their home that the best way forward is to go back in time, to a period when the nation was flourishing and crime was the exception.

The children would now be educated by teachers that wanted to share their stories of truth and how they had endured a holocaust that will be taught for others to learn from. They wanted to avoid the same mistakes that many had made and then paid the ultimate price for their ignorance of reality. History is important and there would be no substitute for the truth.

Now that the internet was restored and they reported that the president and his corrupted administration was dead, thanks to the patriots that had enough of men that put themselves above others, the world was shocked by the news. They had no idea that a revolution had taken place and it saw the people take action to destroy all the men and women that work against their interests.

Over 250 million men, women, and children were exterminated in what is reported as one of the worst genocides in history. It showed that when all the people are united as one, they can accomplish the impossible. All of the men and women that stood for freedom and the constitution have emerged from a vicious cycle of carnage and bloodshed victorious and God had protected the warriors in their fight against evil.

If other nations showed the same tenacity and courage, they too would be able to take back their nation from those that sought to destroy them. It was the awakening that many had prayed for and it showed that all things would be possible if they unite against those that seek to elevate themselves above them No one is a peasant any longer that needs to kneel in submission to the tyrannies or dictators of the world.

For the citizens that had escaped the carnage and bloodshed, they would be asked to live in the states that weren’t affected by the holocaust and death of many citizens. For those that are skilled with ranches, they would receive the cattle, sheep, and spoils of others that didn’t survive. The citizens would also have the freedom to live anywhere they chose in the nation, if they wanted to take advantage of deserted towns and villages.

For the citizens of Utah, Idaho, Texas, Maine, Alaska, life would continue as usual, since they weren’t affected by the government’s holocaust. For their patriot friends that risked their lives to remove the corrupt government, there were many that were welcomed into their communities. Many citizens want to remain where they lived, since they have access to everything they needed. That was the joy of having a whole nation to choose from.

Tourist destinations like Las Vegas, Florida, and the other locations that all the tourists loved to visit from around the world, they would see an increase in the number of tourists that would now fill out the documents to immigrate to the nation once again. Unlike the previous administrations, everyone had to be authorized to enter the nation and only one black mark on their record would see their application rejected.

The nation wanted God-fearing men and women that obey the laws, not the same individuals that wanted to bring their own cultures, traditions, religions, or oppression that they practiced in their own lives. The new immigrants will be asked to adapt to their new nation - the nation wouldn’t be asked to adapt to them. If they didn’t want to agree with the stipulations, they were rejected.

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