The Tombstone Express Conspiracy

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Chapter Twenty-Eight - A New Beginning

It was a new beginning and the people saw many changes from the days of the revolution. The new president was the same man that lost the election in the past and he showed why he should have won. He brought class, respect, and honor back into the office of president and the people rejoiced that they now had the freedom to make their own choices in life again.

With the passing of time, many entrepreneurs from north of the border had moved south of the border to help the citizens achieve their goals. There are new industries created and supported by the men and women that are trying their best to cope with their situation.

Skilled labor was encouraged from other nations and everyone is screened thoroughly. Companies were reopening, stores are thriving in sales, and the industries that had lobbied politicians didn’t exist, since the people had their choice of many medicines in the areas where the populations were killed. It saw doctors returning to the days when patients came first and prices would fall in line with what others could afford to pay, since they had the choice of a doctor again.

The new president was a man that honored his word and he proved why he was the choice of the people. He did what he said he would do and he could restore dignity to the office of president. The world leaders respected him in many ways, because he was fair, firm, and didn’t lie to achieve his goals. He had chosen a vice-president that supported the people and he too was one of the men that had endured the revolution in the complex of Utah.

Education in the schools had turned the clock back fifty years and children were now educated in skills they would actually use in their lives, without a liberal spin of lunacy and delusion forced on them. The constitution is taught to the children, so they have it memorized, as well as the pledge they took to swear allegiance to the flag.

Everyone was now striving to succeed in life, so their children would have a nation that was free from immorality, crime, perversion, and other evils the nation was forced to endure in the past. It was remarkable what the president would discover in the patents office that the government had hidden from all the people over the years.

Oil and gas were obsolete, since men were inspired to invent alternate fuels to run cars, heat their homes, and the cures of many diseases are discovered by doctors years earlier, but they weren’t put on the market because the men were adamant that they couldn’t exploit them in greed. Once they were now available on the market, it had a profound effect on not only North America, but the rest of the world. It made other governments and corporations angry, but the citizens came first.

For the young patriot that was instrumental in overcoming evil, he would receive the calling of secretary of state. He would now have two children in his life that he loved dearly and he worked with other nations to overcome hardships, so they could prosper. He loved Israel and a close bond would be formed with the nation against the other states that threatened it.

His adopted daughter Natalia would meet the young man that displayed his strong faith in God and she had married him. With her new grandchild born, that has made the child’s grandfather very happy. Since they had their choice when it came to a home to raise their children, the couple had chosen an area of Tennessee that provided not only mountains and valleys, but also areas of nature that could be enjoyed in serenity and peace.

For Diana and her husband, they moved back to their home in Arkansas, so they could enjoy their pool and the love of their dogs that meant the world to her. Her best friends in the world Joan and Paula would move into homes in the area so they could visit each other on a regular basis.

They would enjoy a day of sitting by the pool sun bathing, drinking coffee, and smoking some of their cigarettes, since many of the stores in the region had everything they could ever ask for in life. Everyone prospered and that is the way it should have been, before corruption and greed entered into the picture.

The people lived within the law and if someone committed a crime against someone else, they would be judged harshly. The laws were simple and they apply to everyone. Live in peace or don’t live at all. There are no exceptions granted and everyone had access to the whole nation for their enjoyment.

No citizen had to endure the evils that had once plagued the nation and that may change in the future, but for now, everyone is responsible for their own lives, free from regulations and having others dictate their lives. The people were free to worship God inside any church of their choosing.

The nation had again become the beacon of light and freedom that is was in years past and many wanted to move there to enjoy their lives. That was due to competent men and women that now represented the people and not their own pocketbooks and prosperity.

The internet now saw groups emerging that helped others succeed, instead of groups that would fight against their leaders. Friendships would again be enjoyed by many, instead of many endless attacks on others. The world was watching and taking notes. The nation is again the envy of the world and the goal was accomplished through love and compassion for others.

For the other young men that had fought on the side of freedom and liberty, they were the future leaders in the military, where the world would be aware that they were awakening a sleeping giant if they wanted to threaten people in any way again. Long gone were the days when the nation was the world’s police force and others would now have to solve their own problems.

The nation had lost many citizens due to the evil influence of tyrants and a dictator that was incompetent on many levels. They would continue to seek out those that represented their evil shadow government. Anyone that would embrace the globalist agenda wouldn’t be tolerated, since they were behind the crime, corruption, and all of the evils that constantly plagued mankind.

What the people didn’t realize is the men were sealed inside a mountain in the depths of the Earth next to Denver airport. That explained why no one is permitted inside unless they are part of the evil and diabolical group. It was suspected, but the giant door was shut and sealed with the destruction of the camp and home on the plateau.

Meetings were constantly taking place on a daily basis and the men that are inside continued to push their Satanic agenda on others and regain control of the nation. It would be achieved by them appealing to the greed, gullibility, a lie that appealed to the ignorance of future generations, and they influenced a world that rebelled against God and authority.

The men would be patient and wait for the people to listen to the voice of the prince of darkness once again, growing complacent in their lives. Then they could emerge again to corrupt the system and betray everyone that has sold their souls for thirty pieces of silver. It had taken 240 years for that to happen across the nation and their goal was to destroy society again within the next twenty years.

When the people turn from God and embrace their fantasies, their wicked and carnal desires, society suffers and the innocent will become the victims of a Godless and morally-corrupt society once again. It is known that many that enjoy prosperity grow complacent over time and that destroys nations. It will again be a question of will the people overcome their own worst enemy, or will their enemy overcome them? Only time will reveal the answer to the question.

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